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  1. hesitated after reading so many poor reviews but went for it. It works perfectly (in UK) and myself and my 8 year old can now text – and call – almost free of charge. I say almost as you have to buy or earn credits after an initial 10 free ones. At about 1p each, and a text costing 1, and 2 per minute for calls, I’m okay with that. You also get a free credit on every text received, so if it’s 121 comms and you always answer you might conceivably never need to buy any credits. So now the kindle is an emergency phone/SMS device all be it limited to when on wi-fi. This is all I wanted so am very happy. Found no trace of malware if any sort

  2. This review is about the FREE Alexa App. This is the *essential companion* to Amazon’s cloud-based Alexa voice control personality and helps you setup the many Alexa enabled devices and customize settings for your voice control experience with the Alexa personality. Almost all the functions of this app are available via web browser at If you don’t have a smart device Amazon has you covered!The Alexa App will NOT put Alexa voice control on your Android, IOS or Fire Tablet smart device. It will not install on your Fire TV. It is a setup, control and list access tool (shopping/todo, etc.) for the Alexa stuff that needs be done without voice. You can do most of these functions at with your Amazon login. Such is the power of the cloud.I’ve lived with my Original Echo and the Alexa App (originally Echo App) since February 2015. So much has changed it is time to rewrite the original review this May 2016. There is a lot to the Alexa App and Alexa so this is fairly long for those who want lots of detail.Alexa provides an excellent voice control experience and access to a plethora of information, home control, music, audio books and a lot more. I wonder how I lived without it sometimes! When I got my Amazon Echo device it was the only place I could talk with her. Now she has expanded her homes to include FireTV (with latest Firmware and voice remote), Echo Dot, Echo Tap and Echo Classic. This Alexa App helps you setup and control Alexa’s functions in all these devices.NOTE: With any cloud service there is a possibility of compromise and exposure of logins. I strongly recommend NOT using passwords you use elsewhere in accounts you share with Alexa (or any cloud service).The top things *I* use my Alexa for with my Echo Classic, Echo Dot, and Fire TV are:+ Flash briefing: Sources and headlines Customized with the Alexa App+ Amazon Music: I listen to my Library AND Prime Music+ Internet Radio: Setup my iHeart Radio and Tunein Accounts+ Home control: Setup/Name devices and groups with Alexa App+Timers and Alarms: when cooking or a reminder to empty the drier+ Ask Questions and Often get helpful answers+ To Do/Shopping Lists: Alexa App give me access on-the-go when Internet is availableI REALLY like when something I already own keeps getting better over time. The Alexa App gets upgraded regularly to support the ever increasing devices and capabilities of Alexa’s services. Since I first got my Echo in early 2015 (when the Alexa App was called the “Echo App”) Amazon has constantly been improving Alexa and her capabilities. The Alexa App has kept up with those improvements.INITIAL SETUP:The Alexa App will walk you through the initial setup of the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Tap devices. This is mostly the process of getting these connected to the internet via your WiFi connection. Other initial setup items include location, a destination, usually a work location, for traffic reports, link accounts for supported online services (Google calendar, Pandora. Tunein, Philips Hue, WeMo, etc.). This is just the beginning as there is a plethora of command and control in the Alexa App.SMART HOME CONTROL:Alexa can control a plethora of devices for home control either using “skills” (think plugins for Alexa) or native home control. Setting these up usually involves setting up a login to your account with the device maker. For example, when I setup my Philips Hue I had to put my Philips Hue login into the Alexa App so Echo could discover and control those devices. Same for my Wemo and TP-Link home control switches.Besides the home control services I use there are many more like Wink and Smart Things and even a sprinkler system (to mention only a few) that are also supported. Integration with IFTTT (IF This Then That) can be setup with the Alexa App. This ties Alexa’s capability into that service to provide complex control of smart home devices. For example, when Wemo connected washer in the basement shuts off, trigger Alexa to provide an alert that the laundry is ready for the drier!AUDIO STREAMING:The Alexa App can customize your online music experience with a bunch of services: Amazon Music/Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Tunein, (books: Audible and Kindle). With the Now Playing function you can control what’s playing, how loud, start, stop skip and go-back directly from the app. With each service you can link your account and get the controls you would get from Alexa voice control/searches and more.Audio Book services include Audible and Kindle books. I have not used Audible. Alexa can read your Kindle books out loud. I am pretty darn pleased with the quality. With my collection I have to be careful to say the title exactly correctly when speaking to Alexa, so I usually use the Alexa App to search my Kindle library to get the book I want read to me playing. Quality is great and it’s Totally cool!THINGS TO TRY/HELP & FEEDBACK:Things to try is a great “cheat sheet” of fun things to do. It’s nicely organized by type of action. The help and feedback section has manuals for all the Alexa enabled devices and contact and feedback options. You can also see all the legal agreements associated with using Alexa based services. Things to try has been the most useful to me of these sections.SKILLS:Skills are like extensions or plugins for Alexa. With the Alexa App you can add, remove, enable, disable and mange skills for Alexa. There are a lot of them: over 1000 as of May 2016! Once installed, activated and setup they are accessed via voice by “Alexa ask “. I don’t usually use skills much but think they are a very cool capabilitySETTINGS:The settings section of the Alexa App will let you mange the settings of all your Alexa enabled device and setup new ones. This is also where you can do voice training to tune the understanding for your voice/accent. I found going through this exercise noticeably improved Alexa’s accuracy.With the Alexa App can review your history and see your commands AND hear the audio too! You can get what played and more. This can be very useful when Alexa does not understand you – you can review what Alexa thought you said! It’s also very helpful to me when I got asked one thing but got another I liked and want to know how to get it again. Finally you can remove your history one command at a time. I’d like to be able to clear it all at once.There are a growing number of other settings for things like your traffic destination or accounts like for Google calendar or voice purchasing. I don’t use voice purchasing: it’s outside my comfort zone.CONCLUSIONS:The Alexa App has grown greatly in capability since its release and when I installed it in early February 2015. All indications are that both the Alexa App and Alexa’s capabilities will continue to grow. I am thrilled by the way Alexa’s capabilities have grown over time and how the Echo I purchased has become more and more capable with new abilities and a growing ecosystem of skills (plugins).When I first got my Echo is was an entertaining curiosity but it has grown into an integral part of my home from telling me the news, playing internet radio, answering questions, turning my lights on and off, and playing my music. Through all of this the Alexa App (formery called the Echo App) has been the “command and control” companion to Alexa who has expanded from my Echo Classic to be available in my Fire TV Classic and new Echo Dot.I’m giving it a solid 5 stars because the Alexa App is a great companion tool to my Alexa enabled devices and like Alexa herself it too keeps getting better over time.Hope this helps someone!

  3. I originally wrote that ….’…This should be easy peasy, but trying to get the app and the echo dot to work has been a time consuming, frustrating process that has still not yielded consistent results…’. This is definitely still true. This device needs to come with GOOD instructions, and right now those are just not provided. I am in IT and was really frustrated trying to get it all set up and working. We got our devices around Christmas 2016.That said, after many hours researching and prompt replies from Amazon help, I got our devices working, and I figured out how the devices work together in conjunction with the (necessary) Alexa app on your phone and your home wifi. We just have the basic set up right now; no home management or security devices. We have 3 echo dot’s (2nd gen) and are using them successfully in our 1300 sq ft home in 3 different rooms.If you have more than one device you can change the names of the devices on the amazon site. Note that each device actually has a unique assigned code and you can see that on each of the device boxes when they arrive. To keep track of multiple devices, I would suggest that you hang on to the boxes and put a note on each box as to the unique name you have assigned to it and where in your house it’s located.Setup:I thought the set up was not an intuitive process, and you are doing it without any good instructions…so it kind of sucks. Hopefully the below tips will help you!You have to start with a good modem, good router, good internet access (we have cox). Then you have to have a have a smartphone with a data package that is hooked to your home wifi. Phone has to have the Amazon Alexa app downloaded from your app store. Bonus if you have Amazon Prime because you will have access to a lot of free content there (music etc) but don’t think the prime account is required.The dot devices will use the Alexa app and the wifi connection on your phone to hook to your home wifi. You cannot, it seems, make a direct connect from the dot to the wifi/router. At one point during the process the Alexa app turns off the phone’s wifi for a time which kind of threw me off as I thought something was going wrong, but just keep moving forward and follow the Alexa app directions and it all works out in the end. If you have more than one dot, each dot has to be set up individually.A note that during the process I did discover that my modem was having problems and kept dropping internet signal, especially after I added all these devices. All of a sudden, especially at night, the Alexa app on the phone couldn’t find an internet connection even though my phone wifi indicated that it was connected, and then the dot devices weren’t operating correctly. It seems that if the Alexa app loses it’s connection to wifi (via your phone) the dot devices may not work right. Got a new modem and only one problem since. I should add that I also have a Galaxy S7 phone which has apparently had problems with the Alexa application.What you can do…lots!All 3 of our dots are able to use any of the skills enabled on the Alexa app. I have timers, shopping lists, to do lists, google calendar, alarms, Pandora, local NPR stream, can search for local movie times, get news flashes, weather anywhere in the world, play some games …and there are lots more ‘skills’ that can be added. It’s actually really cool, and I find the ability to give a voice command to search for information a time saver, even if (at this point) the info you can search for is limited…it’s not like using Google, but does alot.Amazon sends new info, updates etc via daily email. So far they have been very prompt replying to support questions. They offer little games you can play for Amazon gift cards and the like which adds some extra fun into it.The speaker on the Echo dot is good for music or sleep sounds in a smallish area. We have the Dot in the living room set to play thru our big home theater speaker system, so that dot, and only that dot, has a ‘paired Bluetooth link’ to the receiver. Once the initial pair is set up for the dot device, you just need to make sure the receiver is set to Bluetooth and ask Alexa to link to the receiver. Once linked, all responses from that dot device will be through the speakers. So once linked, just ask the dot to open Pandora, or play an artist or album. If you want it unlinked from the speakers, just give it a verbal command. We actually choose to leave that living room dot device linked to the speakers most of the time and it works great for us. We have rarely ever have more than one of our dots pick up a command. It only happened once, and we just had music playing in 2 rooms, which was easily corrected.A few minor quirks we have encountered:1. if we are playing sleep sounds (rain, ocean, thunderstorms etc) the device sometimes has trouble hearing commands. Same happens if I have a fan running in the bedroom. It sometimes has trouble hearing commands.2. It is unable to pick up on Google Calendar notifications and automatically give me a verbal reminder. It can give you your calendar for the day and it can add to the calendar3. Sometimes it has a little trouble understanding my shopping list item or task list item4. Once an item is added to calendar, shopping list or to do list it has to be removed manually. ie; go to Alexa app and remove it from the shopping or task list, or go to calendar and remove from the calendar using phone or computer.

  4. This software package proved to be the perfect answer to solving all of my issues with downloading software to enhance my Fire TV Stick. I had no issues with installation and it has greatly helped with the ease of installation of 3rd party software on my Fire TV Stick and took the headache and misery out of sideloading. You can enter a URL which directly points to a file, or you can use the built-in web browser to download files from websites.The Fire TV remote is supported by the built-in browser , so a mouse and keyboard isn’t required. This application is very user friendly, simple to use and very easy to navigate. It offers numerous enhancements that work quite well.This factual description is directly from them:What’s new in version 1.1.1Version 1.1.1- New built-in Web Browser w/ support for file downloads and Fire TV remote navigation.- Improved file downloading and file handling.- New “Help” section.- New setting to auto-load web pages in browser.- New setting to enable/disable JavaScript in browser.Version 1.1.0- New “Files” section allows you to open and delete downloaded files.- New setting to select where downloaded files are stored.- New setting to enable/disable auto-install of downloaded APKs. Within the software they do ask if you want to make a donation but they don’t force you to do that at all. The package is fully functional whether you donate or not. If you are interested in expanding the functionality of your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and want to do so with little trouble, this is the plug-in for you. I highly recommend it and give it 5 stars.

  5. I got this app specifically to install Kodi on my FireStick.It worked like a charm.You can run Kodi or almost any other Android app on the FireStick because at it’s core, the FireStick is just Android version 5.1.1 with a remote control friendly UI overlay.The tough part is getting the Android apps you want to install onto the FireStick if they aren’t available on Amazaon’s app store and specifically approved for the FirstStick. But if you can get the APK file onto your FireStick, you can install just about anything. That’s where this app comes in. It will let you download any file (as long as you have a working download link to that file) which you can then run and install.(Note: You cannot just put the Google Play or Amazon app URL into this downloder app. You have to have a specific download URL that will let you download the APK file itself, not the full webpage where the app is advertised)It’s not made to be pretty with a fancy user interface. It’s just a step up from command line processing. But it’s effective.The end result is that this let me install Kodi on my FireStick so I can easily stream my home videos from me computer right to my TV.If you want to learn how to do this, go a quick Google search for “install Kodi on FireStick:. All of the first couple examples eventually lead you back to an article on this app and include the download links. Note: It’s VERY useful to have the FireTV Remote Control app on your phone to do that as that will let you use your phone’s keyboard to type in the download link. MUCH easier than trying to use the on screen keyboard to do a URL.

  6. Todo, menos configurarlo para conectar al router, aunque fui bien atendido por su servicio de atención al cliente, no estaban preparados para ayudar a conectar, entiendo que no pueden saber de todo trabajarían en la NASA, pero una información básica como hay que ponerse en contacto con tu operador de telefonía para abrir ciertos números de puertos del router que vienen configurados por defecto en posición cerrado por temas de seguridad, y que hay que funcionar a 2,4 GHz y no en 5 como funciona todos los routers de Fibra óptica, es una información básica que debería tener el técnico para guiarte en la instalación, el mío aunque fue un 10 en su atención, no me pudo ayudar, por qué no sabía está información básica, lo reportó por qué me encanta Amazon, la rapidez, la atención y me gusta aportar para que todos seamos más eficientes y más felices y menos devoluciones para Vds. por falta información básica y técnica, a mí me instaron a devolver el producto porque podría estar defectuoso al no poder el técnico solucionar el problema, yo cabezón me busque la vida entre Google y amigos y lo conseguí funciona bien y estoy muy contento, gracias

  7. It works-ish. You can call and text, but you have to watch TONS of ads. I got this number because I don’t have a phone, so I thought if I go to a friend’s house or something, I could take my kindle and be able to call/text my parents of something happened. WRONG. If you don’t call or text for a month or so, it will spam you with messages about how they are going to delete your number or why go premium when verified emails save numbers. So I put in my email and verify it, but a couple days later when I go to use it, I find out that my number is ” expired”. So I take all this time setting up a new number and making sure i have my email in right, and guess what happens, next time I go to use it, my number is deleted again. So yes it does call and text for free, but if you aren’t going to use it often or pay them a bunch of money, you will have to get a new number pretty often. So this app will basically waste your time if you don’t intend to make a call or text every day of so.

  8. All the things I said before are true. The app works, the price for the “No Add’s” version is high, to high unless you are using a fire tablet as a primary texting device. The App gets more of a “PIA” the longer you use it. Dire warnings that unless you text or call someone in the next “X number of hours” you will lose your number ! If This was after 6 months of more I could see it… But the way This App works it’s like blackmail to keep your phone number… It became such a pain that I removed the app. This is why I made This edit and dropped my rating from 3 stars to 1Star. I think the “Free” label is false advertising, Free Trial would be closer. If these folks came up with a tiered cost system it could be a workable texting app. But with the $14+ a month price just to use the app without adds or use it or lose it threats, it’s not worth it for my use. Why they don’t see that a $20 a year for 250 texts a month or something like that would give them a larger user base and how hard is it to count texts? Software! They have to have This for billing and management anyway. Look elsewhere if you are just looking for an app to send a text to share a story you found reading the Washington Post with a friend.This App works. It gave me a way to send Text messages from my “Fire Tablet” I wanted to be able to share some news articles without having to use email. I have not used the phone call function. What I don’t like is the amount of “Please upgrade!” Messages… I know they have to pay for the service they provide and make at least some profit from the effort. I normally do buy the “no adds” version of any app I use. But the price these guys want is more than what I really use is worth. If you needed the phone call function and if it worked as good as the text function… The the price could be worth it. The only reason I used this app was I didn’t want to add Google’s play store to my fire, if not for that I would have just used my Google Voice account.

  9. Turns out the one streaming app that I wanted to see on my smart TV which uses the Fire TV platform is Vudu which isn’t an app that’s included with this platform. It advertises over 3000+ apps included. No mention of vidu. I needed to turn to Google to figure out how to get Vudu added to the apps. It includes many steps in order to do this and does take up some time to get Vudu. For some reason Amazon won’t come to an arrangement to allow Vudu to be one of the default apps or even include it as a download option like the 3000 other choices. Instead, it can be done if the consumer figures out how. Fortunately this Downloader app was at no charge even though it appears as a purchase and you mustt handle it that way,As a purchase for $0. If I had known there were this many hoops to jump through I may have purchased a different TV that uses a different platform. I used it to download the Vudu app so I can stream my movies stored with Vudu. Can’t think of another app that I would need this to download. Once I added Vudu the platform works fine and I can watch whatever I want to. It would be better if the instructions for using the app were made easier or showed up somewhere! So far I’m satisfied with Fire TV and after the one-time setup is over. So overall I’m satisfied with all aspects of my purchases; The TV which includes the Fire VTV platform and now has all the apps I want on it. The Downloader app needs some improvement thought.

  10. I never wanted one of these for a number of reasons but with the experiences from other AI assistants which occasionally joined in a conversation within the same room and added ridiculous facts related to one word used by someone in the room. This led us to try using words that sounder like a request for information on them, only to find they seemed to be continually listening in. Pure coincidence really and not anything like the theories going around about secret millionaires controlling our minds (I am sorry if you believe those theories and/or that the World is flat).After the first few days my Wife and I found it invaluable for music, information, shopping lists and even a few really bad jokes. My Wife does have a few problems whit it not fully understanding what she is asking like “Alexa time twenty five minutes” where the Alexa replies “The time is 14:30”. I am not sure what happens there but it is usually very accurate.The use of the Alexa to make video calls is fantastic during these total shutdowns where we can keep in touch with other family members who we have not been able to see for over a year now. Only one type of call is not as good as it could be because there are children at one end of the call who seem to need the TV on loudly in the same room as the Alexa. The Alexa seems to work on the Half Duplex system of communication where a Full Duplex system of sharing the same channel would be better as the background noise can cause the Alexa to decide that the conversation is ongoing from the noisy end and the quieter end gets blocked momentarily. This makes it seem like it stutters and makes full communication less clear than it should be for the cost of the machines. Perhaps Amazon could look at that for future roll-out of software updates.Overall I find the day-to-day use is way higher than I expected and the house now rings with music and it is a lot clearer than Digital radio stations and much better at playing with a lot of Base (personal choice) than many phones on bluetooth through our older music system. Wouldn’t be without it now.

  11. I love this app! I was never able to text my friends or family, but now i can! I don’t know why some people are saying you have to use credits and.stuff to call and text. But the app clearly tells you that if you are in USA or canada, calling and texting is free, without using credits. Credits are for if you are doing international calls, like to a different country. Plus, you can get free credits by just watching a short ad. But overall this app is a great totally free substitute to something like can also send pictures and stuff which is great. The app isn’t perfect of course. Also the app says there are ads. But from what i have seen, the ads don’t even work, which is great. But just like i said, the app is freee, which means it will obviously not be as good as real messaging systems. Also they give you a free phone number, which is awesome, you can even choose the one you want out of five phone numbers they show you. Plus you can have up to 5 phone numbers. Overall great app.

  12. ✅ Facile et rapide à installer et à prendre en main.✅ Alexa fait partie du quotidien, musiques, météo, renseignements, questions, minuteurs, gestions des appareils connectés, etc..✅ Application top niveau pour la domotique à la maison ! À chaque pièce, son écho Dot ou son écho show. Zéro problème de qualité de connexion, facilité d’utilisation et d’appairage de divers produits connectés.✅ Cette application est bien pratique. Certes, elle demeure cependant moins performante qu’une vraie télécommande le serait. Mais c’est déjà vraiment très bien !✅ Conjuguer avec l’enceinte, possibilité d’écouter es abonnements de musiques, prises, caméras, lumières et télévision et de nombreux Skills de disponibles pour vous amusez, apprendre Alexa peut raconter des blagues ou histoires pour enfants et autres. Vous donne l’heure et éteint ou allume la lumière suffit de lui demander⛔️Cependant, on peut noter également un manque de fonctionnalités qui pourtant seraient bien utiles tels que le mode sombre, la désactivation des animations, etc.⛔️L’application trop lente pour être agréable, qui fait le minimum. ✅ Mais qui le fait bien !⛔️ De plus je trouve ça dommage de ne pas pouvoir mettre d’alarme sur une paire stéréo dans une chambre. Uniquement possible de mettre une alarme sur un écho dot. Pourquoi ne pas pouvoir configurer 2 échos Dot en 1 pour automatiquement les faire fonctionner ensemble.✅ Bref, une application qui m’a conquis , qui reste perfectible comme toute autre application.Satisfait, elle a répondu à mes attentes !

  13. My all time go to for downloading fire stick add ons. It’s so easy to use. And always find what I’m looking for with a successful download 9 out of ten times. Only time I ever have an issue with a download is if the URL for it that I found is an outdated one all I got to do is make sure I find the up to date URL or code. But that’s something on my end not downloader

  14. I love the content. But the voice and the words don’t always think and you have to back out of the app and come back in and rewatch the ads and I purchased peacock premium I don’t know why I’m still stuck with ads. I thought it was getting away from the ads. Also the app glitches where you’ll be in the middle watching something and it just throws you out of what you’re watching and back to the main screen where you choose what you want to watch and if you hit continue watching it will not pick up where you were watching if it threw you out. The other thing is there’s no information on if I buy these Amazon coins can I use them to pay for my peacock TV because it’s through Amazon and I’m watching it on my Fire TV. There’s absolutely no information on this at all I have gone to the coin part and I’m going to the peacock app and it tells me I can get 20% off coins but it doesn’t say that I can pay for my peacock every month with the coins which is what I want to do because I don’t game.

  15. This app works great to install other Android apps onto your Firestick (Sideloading). This allows you to really unlock the power of your Firestick to use things like Mullvad VPN or other apps not generally available in the Firestick Appstore.

  16. not difficult to use

  17. Peacock offers a lot of my favorite show on Firestick, but their software/app sucks! Takes forever to load, many times difficult to close and I haven’t found an option to update, if there is an update. Mobile app isn’t much better and confusing information if you want to update to ad-free premium. Very finicky app, but I tolerate because of tv shows.

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    socorro gonzalez-lianez
    February 24, 2024 at 12:00 am

    For app developers

  19. I’ve been using this app for a long time and it is the perfect app if you have a fire tablet But sometimes its a bit glitchy though

  20. Reply
    Danilo Augusto Mota
    March 6, 2024 at 12:00 am

    Muito bom aplicativo

  21. I got Peacock because if love island so please don’t stop making them! So far getting it has lead me to finding a lot of other shows I love!

  22. Its good but there are some disadvantages. Good things: free, calling is pretty good, texting is pretty good, is not ” banned”, and it honestly is pretty much the best way to communicate with someone else on a fire tablet. Bad: ads, will log u out if u don’t use it within like 3 weeks, kinda laggy but its ok, u can’t get company texts or like logging in to something with codes without having to pay, sometimes it won’t receive pictures from other people. But other than that it is pretty good for a fire tablet.👍

  23. I am probably going to cancel after my subject is up. I love the shows they have, but ther app is ridiculous. It constantly crashes, and even completely restarts my roku stick several times when I’m watching. My other apps don’t have this issue, just peacock. Am really getting sick of it.

  24. I liked and enjoyed Alexa until i changed wifi and could not download a new alexa app to put wifi on. Without the app the echo dot is useless.


  26. That I need permission

  27. The network is good I like there programs

  28. I prank texted my mom because she didn’t know I got this and I don’t have a number because I have a tablet so I texted her I know where you live and she’s so scared right now I almost burster out laughing😭😭 would recommend to prank people if you don’t have a number you can make one

  29. Love this app

  30. LOVE the programming! Hate the APP. Will have to cancel when my subscription is up. So sad….

  31. I’ve been using this app for ages on different devices, and man, I really wish I could give it a better rating. But these days, the battery drain and overheating issues are just killing it for me. Whenever I’ve got the app open, my battery just tanks – like, I’m talking 10-20% gone in a matter of seconds. And it’s not just one device; all of them are feeling the heat, literally! They get so hot, it’s uncomfortable to hold them.And as if that wasn’t enough, every time I finish a call or close a text chat, bam! An ad video pops up. And don’t even get me started on the calls themselves – they drop like flies, almost every time, within just a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Plus, the app hits me up about a confirmation code text, but won’t let me see it unless I cough up some serious cash. And half the time, when a call comes in, it doesn’t even ring, or it just vibrates once, no matter how loud I’ve got the volume cranked up. It’s beyond frustrating

  32. This app is good for kids but it keeps on removing my account

  33. What does it take to drive you BACK to cable? Download this app! Sure, you can find all sorts of older series on the APP, and that’s great. You can find WWE events (Raw, Smackdown, and PPV’s) on this app.. and that’s awesome. But if you want to watch weekly shows, plan on being behind at least a week. At Least! For WWE Raw, plan on that being a MONTH behind. So you can rewatch the build up to WM40.. 3 weeks AFTER WM40 was aired.. but you can watch WM40 anytime. On any programming, the lag and distortion are crazy, the app almost constantly freezes and kicks you out to the main page on a fire stick, fire cube, or a Toshiba Fire TV.. Frankly, I get it just to watch the main PPV’s for WWE, and the almost over-night I’ll unsubscribe. The merger with WWE makes it so any true wresting fan either has to bypass the US restriction on WWE Network (use a VPN), or go back to paying for 300 channels of trash on your local provider to watch one weekly show. Seriously folks, this app has great content, but don’t expect anything live other than NBA and PGA, and don’t expect anything you find that ran before to be consistent, the lags and crashes make it pointless to try enjoying it. Avoid at all costs!

  34. Good streaming service. Don’t really like ads though

  35. facil de usar y basico!

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