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Amazon Basics Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes, Fragrance Free, 126 Count (3 Packs of 42) Packaging May Vary

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Amazon Basics 2-Ply Toilet Paper, Equivalent to 129 regular rolls, Unscented, 10500 Count, 350 sheet (Pack of 30), White

$21.43  in stock
as of May 12, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions13.5 x 22.9 x 8 inches; 10.45 Pounds
Item model number421193
Date First AvailableFebruary 19, 2022 Services, LLC
Country of OriginUSA

  • 10,500 sheets of 2-ply toilet paper (350 sheets per roll)
  • Each roll has 4.3 times more sheets than a regular roll (based on regular rolls with 80 sheets)
  • Soft, strong and septic-safe
  • Perfect for high-traffic bathrooms and families
  • If you like Angel Soft, you'll love Amazon Basics toilet paper

Amazon Basics Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Fresh Scent, Sanitizes, Cleans, Disinfects & Deodorizes, 255 Count (3 Packs of 85)

$9.59  in stock
as of May 12, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions12.75 x 4.25 x 8.28 inches; 4.6 Pounds
Item model number89-225LFL851J
Date First AvailableDecember 20, 2018 Services LLC.
Country of OriginUSA

  • Includes two 85-count canisters of Lemon Scent & one 85-count canister of Fresh Scent for 255 disinfecting wipes in total.
  • Kills the virus (4,8) that causes COVID-19
  • Kills cold & flu virus*(4), kills (5) Escherichia coli (E. coli), kills (5) Salmonella enterica (Salmonella)
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds
  • Thick wipes for tough messes; great for clean up or touch up cleaning.
  • Use on washable hard, nonporous surfaces: tubs, showers, telephones, stovetops (7), doorknobs, kitchen countertops, sinks, exterior toilet bowl surfaces, toys (3), non-wooden outdoor patio furniture. Do not use on unpainted wood, natural marble or brass

Amazon Basics Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes, Fragrance Free, 126 Count (3 Packs of 42) Packaging May Vary

$4.00  in stock
as of May 12, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions6.63 x 4.13 x 3.5 inches; 1.39 Pounds
Material FeatureBiodegradable Warning
Date First AvailableDecember 21, 2021 Services LLC.
Country of OriginUSA

  • Includes 3 packs of 42 flushable wipes, 126 total wipes
  • Previously Solimo Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes, Fragrance Free
  • 100% biodegradable wipes when disposed of in the toilet, are made with plant-based fibers and plastic-free
  • Flushable wipes made with Advanced Flushable Technology means you can feel confident flushing one wipe at a time
  • No added dyes
  • Packaging made with at least 25% Post Consumer Recycled Material

Amazon Basics Clear Sheet Protectors for 3 Ring Binder, 8.5 x 11 Inch,Polypropylene, 100-Pack

$10.06  in stock
as of May 12, 2024 5:47 am


Brand‎Amazon Basics
Item Weight‎0.206 ounces
Product Dimensions‎11 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches
Item model number‎CL100
Material Type‎Polypropylene (PP)
Size‎100 - Pack
Sheet Size‎Letter
Manufacturer Part Number‎CL100

  • Clear sheet protectors (100-pack) for organizing, storing, and protecting 8.5 x 11-inch sheets of paper
  • Made of acid-free, PVC-free polypropylene (0.05 mm thick) for durable, lasting document protection
  • Top-load pocket for easy sheet insert and removal
  • Pre-punched holes down the side for adding to any standard 3-ring binder
  • Ideal for work presentations and proposals, school reports, and more
  • Product Dimensions: 11.18 x 9.25 inches (LxW)

Amazon Basics Woodcased #2 Pencils, Pre-sharpened, HB Lead Bulk Box, 150 Count, Yellow

$16.41  in stock
as of May 12, 2024 5:47 am


Brand‎Amazon Basics
Item Weight‎1.96 pounds
Product Dimensions‎7.4 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches
Item model number‎PHB-150
Closure‎Not relevant for this product
Grip Type‎Contoured
Pencil Lead Degree Hardness‎HB
Material Type‎Wood
Number of Items‎1
Size‎150 Count (Pack of 1)
Point Type‎Medium
Ink Color‎Yellow
Manufacturer Part Number‎PHB-150

  • Wood-cased pencils (150-count) for writing, drawing, or sketching; ideal for home, office, or classroom
  • #2 HB medium-soft lead for strength, smooth writing, and versatile use
  • Top eraser for easily removing unwanted marks; smudge-free and latex-free
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches (LxWxH)


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  1. At the end of the school year, I always buy a pack of pencils to replenish my depleted stock. (I teach 7th and 8th grade English). Last year, I bought 144 golf pencils for about $8. It was a great investment, because a lot of times, I have kids who ALWAYS forget a pencil. They aren’t the ones who necessarily need a pencil, because more often than not, they would lose the pencil again before they made a mistake. However, despite having 144 of them, I ran out in late April, with about two months still left in the school year. I will buy another pack of those golf pencils for the students who perpetually borrow a pencil, but I quickly learned that every so often, I had a student who really needed a pencil, but wasn’t someone who made a habit of bringing nothing to class. Likewise, these were students were the ones who didn’t need it for a few periods, but truly needed a new pencil for them to keep for weeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any “real” pencils, and when I saw these AmazonBasic pencils on sale (96 for about $6 – regularly they’re less than $8), I knew I needed these as well.I’m actually really picky about my own personal pencils. I have a favorite brand, and I have a favorite brand of erasers to put on them. Nevertheless, I was really excited to try out these pencils because although they didn’t have the price tag of a Dixon-Ticonderoga, they still worked really well.QUALITY:These are just your every day, basic pencils, but that’s how I like mine. I hate pencils with that plastic film with a design printed on them. With “cute” pencils, you aren’t paying for the pencil, you’re paying for whatever logo is on it (like Frozen or Star Wars). When you sharpen those ones for the first time, the film splits and then the cute design ends up peeling off. However, these AmazonBasics pencils were easy to sharpen, and they were nice to write with. Sometimes, pencils are prone to have the graphite split so there is a strange press on the paper, resulting in “double” writing. I wrote for a bit with the pencil and even as it dulled, it still wrote nicely. You can note a small letter I wrote to test it; it is the third image.ERASER:Another thing I hate about cheap pencils is the garbage erasers. As a teacher, I write most things in pen, but I always do my grade book in pencil. If a student turns in something late, I need to erase the previous grade to change it, and I can’t stand having left over marks from a bad eraser. Now, as I mentioned, I have one specific brand of erasers which are honestly God’s gift to humanity, and I always slap one of those bad boys on my pencils, but this really wasn’t bad as far as erasers go. I mean, it was still obvious that I made a mistake, but I also press into the paper like I’m trying to cut a hole into the table underneath. I write DARK. I have many students who press lightly. As well, if I were drawing, I would draw lighter. In the third picture attached to this review, there are two instances of erasing. The first is over “film” in fourth line in the first paragraph. The other is the second paragraph, titled “Eraser test.” As I mentioned, I write so dark that it’s difficult to erase to the point where it doesn’t appear that there was a mistake at all, but I also think your average person wouldn’t mind. I can clearly make out what is written over the erased bits, and no annoying parts of the eraser were left behind (like a giant pink smudge… Ugh, I hate that the most).SMUDGE TEST:Speaking of smudges, I don’t frequently smudge my pencil work because I’m right handed. However, I have left handed students who turn in work that is barely legible because they drag their hand throughout their writing constantly. Thinking of them, I wanted to test out how badly the graphite smudged on a hand. The results are the fourth picture. Now, this wasn’t just me carefully dragging my hand over the paper; I really pressed, TRYING to smudge the words. And yeah, I did smudge it a bit, and yeah, I did get some graphite on my hand. However, this is NOTHING compared to some of the other pencils I’ve seen. As you can see from my hand, it was minor, considering I was literally pressing hard on the paper, trying to get the graphite on my hand.OVERALL:The bottom line is that a 12 pack of any type of pencils can go for over $2. In fact, a lot of times the “cute” pencils are the most expensive, but they’re the worst as far as quality. If looks aren’t a thing you care about, but do care about quality, these are the best deal. A 96 pack of Ticonderoga pencils can range from $14-$20 (depending on packaging and color and where you’re buying them). I always use Ticonderogas as the standard for the perfect pencil because I used them throughout my childhood; my mother was literally born in Ticonderoga, NY. However, the AmazonBasics are the best bang for your buck. Are they cute? Is your kid going to be inspired by the cool Frozen or Star Wars logo? No. Because this is a standard, BASIC pencil. They’re just yellow. But to be honest, those “cool looking” pencils always lack quality compared to something like this. The simplicity is what makes these pencils so great; they’re just pencils. They know their function, and they get the job done. These are definitely going to be my “good” pencils from now on, especially to give out to kids who really are responsible with their supplies.

  2. Buena calidad, excelentes acabados.

  3. Es justo lo que buscaba de buena calidad y a buen precio

  4. I recently purchased the Amazon Basics Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes, Fragrance-Free, in the 336-count bulk pack (8 packs of 42), and overall, I’m quite pleased with the product.The convenience of having a flushable option for adult toilet wipes is a game-changer. The packaging is efficient, with each pack containing 42 wipes, making it easy to keep them handy in multiple bathrooms or for on-the-go use. The resealable design ensures that the wipes stay moist and fresh, even after repeated use.The fragrance-free aspect is a significant positive for those with sensitivities or those who prefer a neutral, clean feel. The wipes themselves are sturdy and large enough to get the job done effectively without tearing or causing any discomfort.The flushability feature works well with standard plumbing, and I haven’t encountered any issues with clogs or plumbing concerns after regular use. This is a crucial aspect, and it’s great to find a product that lives up to its flushable claim.The quantity provided in the 336-count pack makes it a cost-effective choice, offering good value for the price. The wipes are reasonably priced, especially when compared to similar products on the market.While the packaging is functional, it would be nice if the individual packs were slightly more compact for even easier storage in smaller spaces. Additionally, a slight improvement in the resealable adhesive could enhance the overall user experience.In summary, the Amazon Basics Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes are a convenient and effective addition to the bathroom routine. The fragrance-free formula, coupled with the flushable design and reasonable pricing, makes them a reliable choice for those looking for a quality alternative to traditional toilet paper. Overall, a four-star rating for meeting expectations and providing a practical solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

  5. I have a mixed opinion about them. On the positive side, I love the fact that these pencils come pre-sharpened. It saves me the time and effort of sharpening them before use. Additionally, the price for the amount of pencils you get is very affordable.However, one downside I noticed is that the eraser does not work effectively. It tends to smudge and leave faint traces behind when erasing. While it’s not a deal-breaker for me, I do wish the eraser was more efficient.Overall, if you can overlook the eraser issue or don’t heavily rely on erasing, these pencils are a great choice due to their convenience and budget-friendly pricing.

  6. I recently purchased the Amazon Basics Woodcased #2 Pencils for my kids’ school supplies, and I have to say, they are fantastic! This bulk box of pre-sharpened pencils has been a lifesaver for keeping my kids stocked up on writing utensils for their schoolwork.First and foremost, the quality of these pencils is excellent. The HB lead provides a smooth and consistent writing experience, making it easy for my kids to complete their assignments neatly and accurately. Plus, the pre-sharpened tips save time and hassle, ensuring that they can start writing right away without having to search for a sharpener.The bulk box of 150 pencils is incredibly convenient, providing more than enough pencils to last my kids throughout the school year. It’s also great for keeping extras on hand for when they inevitably misplace or break a pencil.I appreciate the classic yellow design of the pencils, which is not only timeless but also easy to spot in their pencil cases or desks. The hexagonal shape of the pencils provides a comfortable grip for writing, reducing hand fatigue during long writing sessions.Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Amazon Basics Woodcased #2 Pencils. They are a reliable and cost-effective option for school supplies, and I highly recommend them to any parent looking to stock up on pencils for their kids’ schoolwork.

  7. When you need to use a lot of sheet protectors, e.g. when making trip photo journals, these are an excellent choice and less expensive than shopping at Staples for this product.

  8. Great pencils quick delivery. Bought this for my kid’s teacher. They come pre sharpened which make it convenient for the kids.

  9. My initial impression was that these protectors might not hold up well. I was off target. They’ve held up well even with multiple sheets of paper in and out of them with lots of use. Even ones holding lots of sheets have intact seems. What I thought were sturdier page protectors split at the seems with less content/use.Will buy again, but it might be a while since they come in 100 packs and last so well.

  10. Amazon Basics 2-Ply Toilet Paper is a budget-friendly option that offers decent quality at a great price. With 30 rolls included (5 packs of 6), it’s a convenient bulk purchase that ensures you won’t run out of toilet paper anytime soon.While it may not have all the bells and whistles of luxury toilet paper brands, it gets the job done effectively. The 2-ply construction provides adequate strength and absorbency for everyday use. Plus, the rolls are equivalent to 129 regular rolls, making it a cost-effective choice for households of any size.I appreciate the simplicity of this toilet paper. It’s not overly soft or thick, but it’s also not rough or flimsy. It strikes a nice balance between affordability and quality, making it suitable for those who prioritize practicality and value.Overall, if you’re looking for a no-frills toilet paper that won’t break the bank, Amazon Basics 2-Ply Toilet Paper is worth considering. It’s a solid option for stocking up on essentials without sacrificing quality or spending a fortune.

  11. Title: Affordable and Reliable: Amazon Basics Toilet Paper ReviewAmazon Basics 2-Ply Toilet Paper offers both savings and quality in one convenient package. Here’s a simple breakdown:Value: With 30 rolls (5 Packs of 6), this bundle provides excellent value for money. It’s equivalent to 129 regular rolls, ensuring you have an ample supply for your household without breaking the bank.Quality: Despite its affordable price, the toilet paper doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s soft, absorbent, and strong enough for everyday use, offering a comfortable experience with each use.Convenience: The packaging is simple and easy to store, making it convenient to keep your bathroom stocked with toilet paper without taking up too much space. Plus, with 30 rolls in one purchase, you won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.Overall, Amazon Basics 2-Ply Toilet Paper delivers on both savings and quality, making it a reliable choice for any household.

  12. The Amazon Basics Woodcased #2 Pencils are fantastic! They arrived pre-sharpened, ready to use. The HB lead is perfect for both writing and sketching, and it’s impressively break-resistant. They’re comfortable to hold and erase cleanly, making them great for any writing task. Plus, the price for a 30-pack is unbeatable. Highly recommended for their quality and affordability!

  13. I used to buy Charmin. I can’t stand cheap toilet paper. There’s nothing worse than your hand going though the paper lol. When you cheap out on toilet paper you just end up using a lot more each time so you have to buy it more often. Which doesn’t save you money. After my husband passed away and becoming a single mom in needed to find any way I would to save money. After reading the reviews for this tissue I decided to give it a try. That was a year ago and I haven’t regretted it since. It’s good toilet paper. You don’t have to use a lot at once. It doesn’t leave little pieces behind. It was decently soft though. The price is good. When I got the first roll out of my last order I knew right away something was different. For some reason it’s a lot rougher now. It reminds me more of a toilet paper you would find in a hospital. I don’t know what they changed but I don’t like the change. I hate when you start buying a product because it’s a decent product then they go and change something about it. Probably something that made it cheaper to make but the price isn’t any cheaper. It’s still decent paper but it’s a lot rougher.

  14. I got these for the classroom and they worked great. They’re affordable. I’m not a fan of the scents but they’re not that bad. I feel like wipes dry out my hands so I like to use gloves. Overall, I found these wipes to be a good deal.

  15. Typically buy Ticonderoga for my son as requested by his school. However, he loses a pencil nearly every day. In 5th grade, his teacher would send him on a pencil treasure hunt every day to find a pencil. He managed somehow to find one each day. Anyway, 150 pencils, 178 days of school. A fraction of what I was paying for the others. They come sharpened. Sharpen easily, write nice. Some cheaper pencils sharpen bad and break. Not these. Great deal for the price. Hope these last us at least 1 school year.

  16. The product is great but the packaging is too delicate. By the time 8 or 10 were used, the wrapping began to tear. I was very careful but the adhesive part was not large enough to cover where it was supposed to – plus the torn edges – to avoid some drying out of the pads. This will not stop me from reordering – I’ll just have some scotch tape ready.

  17. Great quality and price. Easy to use and convenient for papers you need to protect that isn’t laminated.

  18. I asked my child’s teacher what she needed in the class half way through the year. She told me if she could pick one thing it would be pencils. This is an awesome bulk pack of pencils! Great price, they work just as well as Ticonderoga ones do! Long lasting as long as your little do not lose it. Erases just fine unlike other generic brands.

  19. Nice thickness, weight. Great value.

  20. I was searching for a more budget friendly toilet paper than the kind I normally purchase and ran across this. I was a little nervous that the quality wouldn’t be great and I would regret it,but I was pleasantly surprised.Overall, it was slightly less soft that the brand I normally buy, but with the money I would save with this brand, I feel it’s worth it. It’s not thin and will not rip or tear like some cheaper brands, so no worries there. I will buy again!

  21. I was not impressed with some other wipes that we had used. These are great, and while they are two of the lemon and the other ‘clean scent’ they are great. They have some detergent in them as well as the disinfectant. They have enough moisture and detergent to help dissolve solids and enough disinfectant to work. I used a UV light to check and the results were fantastic.

  22. I decided to try these because Sam’s Club decided to stop selling them Amazing Members Mark wipes. They are good, but are small compared to Sam’s and they are way more expensive for the amount you get. They do smell good and don’t leave any residue behind. It is a bound that i don’t have to deal with crazy crows at Sam’s club.

  23. Finally have all my recipes in one place with these clear protectors. They make my life easier in finding a recipe and keeping it in sight without have part of the ingredients on paper. Great price. Great product!

  24. I am surprised that they smell just as good as the Clorox brand. I like the fact that it comes in a four pack. So far they continue to have the wetness and scent after every use. Hopefully the other packs won’t dry out before I can use them. I feel that you have to use these everyday and several times a day so they don’t go to waste. I use them in my husband’s room because he is bed bound. I use them on the pillows, table, and bed to keep them fresh.

  25. These are the best flushable wipes. There’s no scent at all, which is a plus, they stay hydrated for long periods of time, and they get the job done without tearing. You can spend more and get scents, more moistness, a better package, but they all do the same job and end up in the same place. I’m not a huge fan of these packages, they don’t always open perfectly and hardly ever close perfectly. Sometimes the wipes can get stuck in and it’s hard to get out, but overall it’s hard to beat what these offer.

  26. We’ve tried other wipes but they tend to leave streaks on our counters. I also don’t like how harsh the chemicals can be on your hands. These do the job, smell great, and leave no streaks!

  27. Very effective,smells real good and the price is right.1st time purchasing and will purchase again as soon as im out.

  28. My go to cleaning wipes. Nice scent. Good thickness. Large quantity and sufficient liquid so they don’t dry out and last a long time.

  29. These are great value for the money. They are durable, thick, and help keep my binder organized. They protect my papers from getting wrinkled and don’t stick together when trying to put a piece of paper in them.

  30. Very nice TP!! Good value. Nice absorbancy without leaving remnants on your privates. Soft, but strong enough not to poke through the paper when using. Have tested a whole package – each roll lasts quite long for one person– and I haven’t had one issue with rash or itching (can’t say that about some other papers- a couple uses and the itching will drive you nuts!) I WILL reorder this for both bathrooms.

  31. Unfortunately my health dictates a lot of needs & uses for good, durable & flushable wipes. I have previously been purchasing another brand from Amazon. I decided to give the Amazon brand a try since it’s almost 1/3 of the price of my previous purchases. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of these wipes! No regrets! They are a bit smaller but I feel they are more heavy duty. My only criticism is the seal & resealing of the package is lacking. Be prepared to keep the open package in a zip lock bag, in my opinion. Works for me at a great price. I purchased the unscented, so I was definitely pleased with that. They were durable but also soft at the same time. A+++

  32. These disinfectant wipes are great in comparison to the name brands. They smell nice, especially the lemon scent. Each wipe is wet and thick. Great price and good quality!

  33. I’ve been getting food recipes online and printing them out to use them, but they always seem to get food on them, discolor or because of liquids, the words run.These are able to protect the pages so they can be used in the future. Keeping these in a 3 ring binder has made it easier to organize my recipe collection.

  34. Started using this while pregnant and have not stopped since! I used the bathroom 100 times the day I went to give birth and even though I had my peri bottle this wipes literally kept me clean and fresh! Even if I use a peri bottle I would still use this and it has never failed me. The smell is subtle and it is durable enough as it does not rip unless you use excessive force. Very soft and not overly wet. I’m not inlove with the packaging but I don’t mind it, haven’t had any issues. Overall 10/10 for me. Very affordable as well.

  35. Very shiny coating and they seem to be durable….they do wrinkle easily

  36. Sharp, and durable to use! Loved it for my child

  37. The amazon select products I have used have been very comparable to the big brands, these wipes work very well and are cheper to buy. The smell is also very good. I will buy more

  38. I have been buying these pencils in bulk for years! I love that they come pre-sharpened, saves me so much time! My students also appreciate always having sharpened pencils available! Great quality!

  39. The Amazon Basics Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes have become a staple in my bathroom arsenal. These wipes offer a quick and effective way to feel fresh and clean, without the hassle of traditional toilet paper.The flushable design eliminates the need for wasteful and unsightly disposal methods. The biodegradable material breaks down quickly in water, providing peace of mind that I’m not harming the environment with every flush.The fragrance-free formula is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive individuals. I appreciate that these wipes are free from harsh chemicals and additives, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience with each use.Whether I’m at home or on the go, these wipes are incredibly convenient to have on hand. The resealable packaging keeps them moist and ready for use, while the compact size makes them easy to stash in my purse or travel bag whenever I need them.The Amazon Basics Flushable Adult Toilet Wipes offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for personal hygiene.

  40. These wipes work very well and have a pleasant frsgrance but not smelly.The are worth the price and i will order again.

  41. Durable, perfect fit, easy to insert paper, and clear not foggy. I bought them for my schooling and I use them so much in actually needing more

  42. While the price is lower than brand name TP, this 2-Ply Amazon Basics Toilet Paper is also a lower quality by a vast margin.In comparison to Charmin, Angel Soft, Scott, etc:The rolls are about 1/4 inch narrower. Each sheet is about 1/4 inch shorter. The 2-ply is almost completely without texture of any kind, which makes the 2-ply sheets slide apart during use. Each of those “ply” thickness is a few microns thinner than the national brands.What this all adds up to is…Thinner, smaller toilet paper that falls apart while using it. If you usually use 4-6 sheets per wipe, you will need to double or triple that with Amazon Basics TP – just to avoid push-through (fingers in the mess) or separation of the 2-ply layers. It’s also likely you will require 3-4 rounds of wiping to be clean, compared to the name-brand tissue.Value is there, if you just want to ball it up without caring for how much you need to use per wipe. But overall, you definitely do not get what you paid for.I can imagine the most positive reviewers might be comparing it to the cheap 1-ply Scott TP used in many public restroom stalls. As a lifelong Angel Soft/Charmin user? Amazon Basics TP is not worth the “savings”.

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