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Amazon Echo Pop | Full sound compact smart speaker with Alexa | Midnight Teal

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Amazon Echo Pop | Full sound compact smart speaker with Alexa | Midnight Teal

$39.99  in stock
as of May 14, 2024 9:53 pm

  • ECHO POP – This compact smart speaker with Alexa features full sound that's great for bedrooms and small spaces. Small enough to blend in and mighty enough to stand out.
  • CONTROL MUSIC WITH YOUR VOICE – Ask Alexa to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts from your favorite providers like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM and more. Connect via Bluetooth to stream throughout your space.
  • MAKE ANY SPACE A SMART SPACE – Easily control compatible smart home devices like smart plugs or smart lights with your voice or the Alexa App.
  • LIFE JUST GOT EASIER – Have Alexa set timers, check the weather, read the news, re-order paper towels, make calls, answer questions, and more.
  • ALEXA HAS SKILLS – With tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa can help you do more or do less - like playing relaxing sounds and testing your music knowledge.
  • ABOUT THE LIGHT BAR – Alexa doesn’t begin listening until your device hears you say “Alexa” and the light bar turns blue.
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic off button.
  • DESIGNED FOR SUSTAINABILITY – This device’s fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled yarn and aluminum is made from 80% recycled aluminum. The device packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • PREMIUM ALEXA FEATURES – Use this device with subscriptions like Amazon Music, Audible, Alexa Emergency Assist, Amazon Kids+, and Hey Disney!. Subscription purchase required.

Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Charcoal

 in stock
as of May 14, 2024 9:53 pm

  • PREMIUM SOUND – Rich, detailed sound that automatically adapts to any room. Supports lossless HD audio available on select streaming services such as Amazon Music HD.
  • VOICE CONTROL YOUR MUSIC – Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more. HD requires a compatible music streaming service.
  • SMART HOME HUB – Built-in hub to voice control compatible lights, locks, and sensors. Easily set up compatible Zigbee and Matter devices or select Ring Smart Lighting solar lights and bulbs.
  • ALEXA IS READY TO HELP – Set timers, reminders, and alarms. Alexa answers questions like "Alexa, what time is it?"
  • START YOUR ROUTINES WITH MOTION – Turn on compatible lights, play your Flash Briefing, or turn on the coffee maker when you walk into the room.
  • FILL YOUR HOME WITH SOUND – With multi-room music, play synchronized music across Echo devices in different rooms. You can also pair your Echo with compatible Fire TV devices to feel scenes come to life with home theater audio, or extend wifi coverage with a compatible eero network so you can say goodbye to drop-offs and buffering.
  • CONNECT WITH OTHERS HANDS-FREE – Call friends and family who have the Alexa app or an Echo device. Instantly drop in on other rooms or announce to the whole house that dinner's ready.
  • PRIVACY CONTROLS – Designed to protect your privacy – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls including a mic off button.

JBL Go 3: Portable Speaker with Bluetooth, Builtin Battery, Waterproof and Dustproof Feature Gray JBLGO3GRYAM

 in stock
as of May 14, 2024 9:53 pm


Recommended Uses For ProductFor Smartphones or Tablets
Compatible DevicesTablet, Smartphone
Mounting TypeTabletop
Controller TypeButton
Surround Sound Channel Configuration4.2
Battery Life5 Hours
Included ComponentsJBL Go 3, Type C USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Safety Sheet
Product Dimensions1.57"D x 3.39"W x 2.72"H
Speaker Maximum Output Power4.2 Watts
Item Weight0.46 Pounds
Is Waterprooftrue
Charging Time5 Hours
Number of Items1
Control MethodTouch
Wireless Communication TechnologyBluetooth
Speaker Size6.5 Inches
Power SourceBattery Powered
Signal-to-Noise Ratio85 dB
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Number of Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Connectivity ProtocolBluetooth
Item Weight7.4 ounces
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberJBLGO3GRYAM
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Best Sellers Rank#1,305 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #53 in Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableOctober 18, 2020

  • JBL pro sound delivers surprisingly big audio and punchy bass from go 3’s ultra-compact size.
  • JBL go 3’s ultra-portable design goes great with the latest styles, and its design make it look as great as it sounds.
  • JBL go 3 is ip67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere.
  • Wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • JBL go 3 gives you up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge.
  • Included components: JBL Go 3, Type C USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Safety Sheet
  • Output wattage: 4.2 watts
  • Power source type: Battery-Powered


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  1. The Echo 4 is actually beyond my expectations. It is physically fairly heavy, the quality of manufacture and finish is good. There is a standard screw thread tripod socket on the bottom of the Echo 4 and the power cable is about 2 metres long. I have two Echo 4’s which I easily paired using the Alexa app on my iPhone into a stereo group with left and right channels. I was also able to choose several streaming programs, including Amazon Music (default) and Apple Music. You can also use TuneIn, Spotify and Deezer. The amount of bass is very impressive and a bit heavy out of the box but you can adjust the bass, treble and midrange using the app or by asking Alexa. The communication ring light on the base of each unit is easily visible, it’s very ‘Gort’ in operation, especially in a darkened room. I had seen in some influencer reviews complaints about putting the ring on the bottom but it works well in this location. Alexa, hears my voice even over fairly loud music about 90% of the time and when the music is playing at low levels all of the time.

  2. It kills me to only give 3 stars for this product because I love the entire Echo/Alexa series but this Echo 4 is just nothing special compared to the other ones and can never hear me when I call it. Sometimes I call it 7-9 times before giving up and asking Google Nest or another Echo device. The ring light on the bottom is a poor design choice as well. There’s just nothing new or exciting (besides colour) about Generation 4. Yes she’s a bit quicker but sometimes that’s a negative because she closes out before you get a chance to say anything/finish your question. Too much hassle to send back but will be last Amazon smart device until they come up with something new/exciting.I can’t even find any use or even mention of the zigbee hub. The one thing I love which is probably unimportant to most is the indoor temperature feature. Love knowing the temperature in my room by asking. This is extremely hard of hearing and never wakes up when I ask it to, yet wakes up when its dead quiet. Very strange experience this purchase. Hopefully Amazon can release a fix (OTA) for the hearing issue as its a major issue and walking to control the echo 4 defeats its purpose.Update- no firmware updates have fixed anything yet, I love my echoes but I wish I had of bought another one with a screen as I find those ones 1000 times more useful. A Red ball is cool looking but that’s about it. Having a screen has spoiled me.

  3. I love the design, the size and feel. The sound is adequate for my night music needs.The voice recognition is poor, making me repeat Alexa often. Whisper mode works well, so I don’t understand why it does not wake when I say Alexa normal voice often.It lost my Sengle smart light just after a month of working perfectly…also a mystery why. Now it will not recognize the light at all. I will have to talk to the nice amazon techies soon.

  4. This is an honest review and comparison of the new 4th Generation Echo (not Dot) vs. the 2nd Generation Echo Plus (the last Echo Plus that was launched with the 3td Generation Echo).I actually purchased two 4th Gen Echoes to create a Home Theater Group with the FireTV Stick 4k latest variant. I’ll include notes about that as well.Sound Quality Pros: I really enjoy music from different genres and I like to tinker with equalizer settings so that I get the fullest sound out of even a cheap speaker. I also like when a speaker(s) can pull double duty as a surround sound system for my television as well. That’s what attracted me to the new Echoes.Regarding music streaming from Amazon Music HD, I must say the sound is really smooth and crisp. I adjusted the equalizer settings for the individual devices in the Alexa app to boost the mid most, followed closely by the treble and a moderate bass setting (if they are paired in a stereo pair or Home Theater, adjusting one device automatically adjusts the other). I have my Echoes placed about 12 feet away in front of my primary seating spot on the sofa and the are spaced about 8 feet apart flanking the television. They are situated about 4 feet off the ground on book shelves. This positioning has been perfect for the accoustics in my 15×18 living room with tall ceilings. The speakers really fill up the space. And I am most impressed with how the sound bounces off of the walls and truly feel as if it surrounds me and immerses my eardrums into it.This holds even more true for when I watch a movie with the Dolby Atmos setting on. I can hear the channels fairly well and it really seems like I own my own private movie theater in my living room. There’s been times that there’s a sound affect so specific to one channel and reproduced so clearly that I’ve actually muted the show thinking that I was hearing some noise from outside or in the hallway of my apartment building.These two devices together get pretty loud without any noticeable distortion. Now I haven’t played much bass heavy music but I do love action and sci-fi movies that are sound effect laden and peppered with bass booming explosions etc. The new 4th Gen Echoes keep up very nicely.In contrast, though I thought I really loved the Echo Plus 2nd Gen, I now find that I really can’t enjoy music or movies as much on it. I think that this is because the main speaker fires downward and the rest of the sound is omni directional. This sounds good on paper but in practice, at least for my uses, that type of speaker just seems muffled and really a waste of sound waves. Let me explain. How often to you place the Echo device in the center of a room to benefit from an omni-directional speaker? Most people don’t have floor outlets under their coffee tables so it sits on an end table or bookshelf. It’s usual home in a bedroom is on the end table. Even in a kitchen, unless placed on the island, the Echo rests with it’s back to a wall. So, why then, would you want (let’s say) 40% of the sound waves to be directed to a big slab with no ears to appreciate it?The directional sound setup of the new Echo 4th Gen is ideal, really, for it’s positioning in most homes. Sound is really diminished if you are behind it or immediately to it’s side but comes barrelling at your ear drums when you are any angle in front of it. It’s louder, more clear, and much more advanced when it comes to being able to utilize Dolby Atmos playback. I definitely choose the 4th gen over the 2nd Gen Plus any day. I almost feel bad for unloading the Plus onto my parents when I bought the 4th Gen. I’ll upgrade them this Christmas. Lol.The omni-directional speaker would be a benefit if it were placed in the center of a patio for a gathering or party, but again, where’s your outlets? Not in the middle of the concrete or deck floor. So chances are, even on the patio, it will be placed backing up to an exterior wall. So the myth of the omni-directional speaker advantage is busted in my book.Voice Recognition:At first, I felt there was a noticeable difference with the Plus having the upper hand when I comes to summoning Alexa. However, I believe there have been some fairly large software updates recently that included fine tuning adjustments to the mics on the 4th Gen devices. They now clearly pick up my questions or commands from across the room and quickly cancel out the other Echo Dot I have on the far side open floor plan nearest the kitchen. Before, with the Plus, it was a toss up as to which one would respond because I firmly believe the best mics are still on the Echo Dot 3rd Gen with clock variant. Hands down. If only the echo show 5 in my bedroom would be even half as good, I’d be happy ( that unit is by far the worst with just 2 lack luster mics vs the 4 on the Dot and Plus).Alexa is also quicker to respond on the 4th Gen too. Now that’s a combination of the 450-ish gbps internet speed I am fortunate enough to have but I understand it’s also due to a better processor and improved software.And let me just say one thing… I don’t know anyone who buys their smart home devices with Zigbee compatibility being the #1 consideration. Who cares? I have bought the best reviewed for the price smart bulbs, TV, and plugs etc not giving a thought to Zigbee because the latest generation smart devices don’t require a hub.All of my smart home devices work just fine by enabling the skill on the Alexa app with that of the manufacturer’s chosen app and linking the accounts. The biggest issue I have is trying to remember what I named each lamp and group to turn on and off the lights. First world problems, I know.For what it’s worth, the big 3 smart home apps which seems to be used by these el cheapo devices are Kasa, Govee, and Smart Life. I have devices on all three and the Alexa integration is seemless. Except the darn ceiling fan speed control. Still haven’t completely figured that one out entirely.Setting up the devices and Grouping:Both the Echo Plus and 4th Gens are very easy to set up initially. The Alexa app, though not entirely user friendly regarding the UI, does all the work and guides you through the process fairly quickly. The oddball thing that’s a bit more challenging is knowing what the difference is between a stereo pair, a home theater and a speaker group.First, a stereo pair must be two identical models (I believe an Echo Sub woofer can be added as the one off) and the pairing is only for music streaming. Only one Echo will respond at a time when you are conversationally interacting with Alexa.In a Home Theater grouping, one or more Echo devices of the same model can be joined with a FireTV device such as the Stick 4k. A sub can also be added. The crummy part at first, is that you can’t include your existing sound bar into this Home Theater Group. Amazon devices only, folks. So you must choose which you want to listen to.Now, I’m not horribly disappointed because the sound quality of the two 4th Gens on each side of the TV is really great so the sound bar isn’t needed but I hate the thought of the wasted money sitting 32 inches wide in front of me producing no sound at all.IF, you have a smart TV like a Vizio, there is a way to activate the sound bar and have the Amazon Home Theater working at the same time. And here it is: the sound bar must be hooked up to an optical cable and the audio setting on the TV must be set to PCM not automatic. Auto defaults to whatever device you are streaming on ie a FireTV Stick. Then, while playing your FireTV Stick, choose the Home Theater as your audio source on the Fire TV menu. So in essence, the TV thinks it must send sound to the sound bar only while the Stick thinks it should be using the Home Theater. Through whatever glitch, I now have all three speakers working in tandem. BUT ONLY while using the FireTV device. It does not work if I am using the smart TV streaming apps from the Vizio home screen. Which I don’t do anymore except for a couple things that are not found on the Amazon App store.FYI, I don’t believe that the Fire Edition Insignia and Toshiba televisions sold here and at Best Buy have the capability to set up the Home Theater function with the Alexa app.Finally, a speaker group is the best way to get unlike models to sync with each other to play music. However, there’s a catch… You must ask for that group’s every time at the end of your request to play music etc.Meaning, with the stereo pair and home theater, music and movies are automatically played through those selected speakers by means of the Alexa app. You would simply make the standard request for Alexa to play a song or album with no extra added specification. But remember, you’re limited to only pairing the same models together for this to work like that.Now, with a speaker group, you can include your Echoes, Dots, Shows, Spots, Inputs, FireTVs, Tablets etc etc into that group and have them all going at the same time through out your home, so long as you name this all-Echo inclusive group something like “Every where” or “all speakers” or “whole house”. Be creative 🙂 “Echo Symphonic Orchestra”, “Live from the Love Shack”, or “on all decks of the Enterprise” (you can even call your individual room groupings for lights and sounds things like ” the Bridge” -Living Room, “Ship’s Galley” -Kitchen, “Ten Forward” – dining or rec room, “Shuttle Bay Two”-garage, ” Engineering”-utility room/basement, and “Captain’s Quarters”-master bedroom, “Risa” -backyard patio). Lol. Alexa groups can be named whatever you want! I digress though….The point is you have to tell Alexa to play music AND include the name of the speaker group everytime or else music will just play from the device you speak into. Ex: “Alexa play the song Starships on all decks of the Enterprise” or (boring) “Alexa, play Mr. Robot-o, everywhere” or “Play a lullaby in the dirty diaper factory (nursry)”. Get it?! I can sense your mind is starting to ignite like a solid rocket booster, now.I really hope this helps someone. I know it’s been a learning curve for me. And not always a lot of fun. Just wait til you first start exploring how to build your own custom routines or then decide to relocate devices into different rooms as you upgrade with new ones. It can be a labor of love…or regret.Bottom line, if you are looking to upgrade but aren’t entirely sure, try out the new Echo 4th Gen (especially in a pair for a Home Theater) and decide within 30 days if you really like them. Definitely explore the Alexa app and routines. And commit to replacing at least one bulb in each room with a color changing LED smart bulb to experience the fun you can have with this device. Also, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what many people say is a drawback about being a directional speaker is really a benefit for most user’s needs, including yours.Some people will find fault in anything and some will find that they can’t have everything to their exact liking. There’s not a perfect smart speaker out there, so figure out what you must have features are, your nice to haves, and your deal breakers are and make the choice.Regardless, enjoy these little glimpses of the future. Heck, they’re even spherical shaped just like what the future devices and ships looked like in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Space Balls or a Borg scout ship, even. You gotta think that’s at least a nice nod for sci-fi fans everywhere. Or if you are a devotee of mod design or simply a believer in form following function, then this ball of joy is sure to please. So, enjoy your new Echo; It’s outta this world!-Picard, out. Hailing frequencies closed.

  5. Replaced my decade old alarm clock with this and couldn’t be happier. She hears me from the hallway. She is like having a personal assistant, which is super helpful for me while recovering from a concussion I got a month ago. I can turn music on/off, volume up/down, set verbal reminders and alarms. With buying a smart plug I can turn my A/C on/off verbally or through the app. I can ask her questions, she’s very responsive and hasn’t gotten confused by my voice or wording yet. I dont know how I got through the last month without one. I think my Ma needs one for Christmas, dont know what youre missing til you have one.

  6. This was my first smart speaker purchase. Initially, I only wanted a portable Bluetooth speaker to move between my office and garage. I didn’t find anything with decent sound for under $100, so I started looking at smart speakers compatible with Amazon and Google. Per the many reviews I read, both the Amazon Echo and the Google Nest have good sound, but the Echo has better sound than the Nest. The Echo also has a 3.5mm jack while the Nest does not, so I chose the Echo. I wanted that jack as a way to connect my Walkman and listen to my playlists instead of using Bluetooth and draining Walkman battery.My Echo arrived a few days ago and here is my review. Other smart speaker brands like Sonos, Bose, and Sony were way too expensive for my application and many were not fully compatible with all of the Alexa and Google features. That was a surprise. Plus, they were still mono speakers like the Echo and Nest.Amazon immediately sent a link so I could start the setup process before receiving the Echo. That also gave me time to download and take a good look at the Alexa app on my Android phone. This initial setup process only took a few minutes. When the Echo arrived, I read the documentation, then plugged it in and finished the setup process using the app. There are a lot of possible settings, but many didn’t apply to me because I am not using any smart devices. This process also was easy.I plugged my Walkman into the 3.5 mm jack and didn’t hear any audio. Later, I figured out that the jack can be configured as an output to another speaker or as an input from devices like my Walkman and the default is as an output. Problem solved.The buttons on top of the Echo are clearly marked and are raised, so they are easy to identify and operate. The Echo has some weight to it that makes it stable when placed on my desk or workbench. It is light enough to make it portable. The Echo is not considered as a portable device because it must be plugged in, so I added a power supply ($15 on Amazon) in my garage and now I do consider it portable. The ring at the bottom turns blue when Alexa is connected. There is a button to turn the microphone off if desired. The sound is pretty decent; not Hi-Fi but certainly good enough for my purposes and better than the portable Bluetooth speakers I initially looked at. The Bluetooth connection between the Echo and my Walkman took less than a minute to create. That’s great because my Walkman has had issues trying to connect to external speakers in the past. The Echo also recognized a Bluetooth signal from other devices in my house, but I didn’t need to connect any of them.I had not planned to use the Echo as a smart device, but found it so easy and convenient that I am using it fairly often for weather forecasts, to find out what channel a game is on, for current news, and other things. It’s fun and Alexa answers almost immediately. Some reviewers complained that they have to repeat requests or speak loudly to get a response from their Echo. I have not had any issues at all, even with Amazon Music playing and the volume up.The best thing is that Amazon was selling the Echo for half price when I purchased it. I neglected to choose a color so my order defaulted to blue. It’s a soft blue and I like it. The only thing I don’t like, and other reviews have commented on this, is that regardless of the Echo color the power supply and cable are white. They should be same color as the Echo.So far, I am thrilled with my purchase. Easy to setup, easy to use, responsive, sounds good, portable, and looks good. I can operate the Echo either directly through the speaker and buttons or through the Alexa app on my phone. Both work well. I started with my phone during setup, but now only use the speaker.Update: Amazon replaced my Echo with a new one. The hum problem is now resolved. It is just as responsive and sounds just as good as the original echo that I returned had has no issues. Now that I have spent some time with the Echo I am glad I chose it over the Google Nest.

  7. C’est parfait le son super !

  8. There are things I like and dislike about this speaker…Pros…- It’s loud. It boosts things like an ipad or phone by a lot. Where you would have your tablet on full to hear, you only need like 30-40% volume or this.- Durable as hell. I’ve dropped it and bounced it accidentally a bunch of times now and it’s still in great condition.- Good small size. Packs a punch for the smaller size.- Cool design with the weave design and the rubber stand and protectors on it.- Easy to charge while playingCons…- The base is strong! Not everyone is wanting to listen to base that shakes the walls. If there was a way to somewhat re-balance the bass it would be better.- Strong looped cord for hanging… is WAY too short. It barely fits over most hooks and if you have a wall hook to hang it on, it will sit awkwardly. Another inch of cord and it would be great.- I use it a lot. The battery is good, but not for all day play. I find it needs charging more often that I would expect.As for the price… at $49.99 it’s decent. On sale it’s a much better deal (Duh) for the power and playibility.Overall I’d give it an 8/10… but that also includes the price I paid during a massive price drop.

  9. Llego en tiempo justo, se escucha muy bien trae buen volumen para su tamaño, la batería siento que le dura poco para lo poco que la uso, la pedí negra y me llego verde pero bonito color

  10. Let me tell you, the JBL Go 3 Eco is absolutely phenomenal! It’s not just any small speaker – it’s the best I’ve ever had! I mean, just look at it – sleek as anything! And it’s so light, you won’t even notice it in your pocket. But when you turn it on, whoa! The sound is just perfect for outdoor hangs. It’s not too loud to annoy people, but trust me, it’s loud enough for your own personal jam session. Size and design? Oh, they’re on point! This speaker rocks!

  11. Reply
    Bryson McCheeseburger
    April 1, 2024 at 12:00 am

    The build quality and volume is fantastic even outside but the battery could give you some problems if you need max volume (around 4 or 4 and a half hours).Perfect Bluetooth connection; it can reach Around 10 to 15 mts in indoor environments (with thick walls 1 to 2 meters less).The sound, for obvious reasons, lacks of bass but if you want to hear podcasts or do not care so much about sound quality gives you a good enough performance.One drawback that you might find is the standing position. Besides the bottom side, there are no other anti-slip rubber to place the speaker, therefore it might not stand easily or even can fall down if you want to use it in a different standing position. Not to mention that the sound might get worse.Overall I am happy with the purchase.

  12. As others have expressed, I’m surprised by the quality of sound coming out of this little gem. For the price, you couldn’t possibly beat it. It’s portable, holds a charge, is easy to charge (uses the same charger as my laptop & phone), easy to use. It’s also cute and the little carry loop is a thoughtful addition that makes it easy to grab & carry from room to room. Really love it.

  13. Amei. Qualidade é ótima.

  14. Awesome little speaker. It gets LOUD. Perfect for what I wanted. Have had it for a while and battery life is still great. Quick charging

  15. I haven’t felt compelled to write a review in a while, that changed with this speaker! So to start, I was looking for a small speaker that I could take biking, camping, or to the beach. I wanted to good sound quality, and do to the nature of the places / activities I didn’t want to spend a lot either (knowing it could get a tad beaten up). I started with the Skullcandy Ounce XT, honestly it was what I expected, not the best sound (but adequate), but what made it worse was it just felt cheap in the hand, and what was worse is the mechanism that created the bass was a very flimsy feeling vibrating “subwoofer” which was on the bottom of the unit. The placement was awful as depending on what you set it down on it would be muffled, and or damaged! All that said this JBL Go 3 has none of those issues! The sound quality is hands down amazing, it’s heavy in the hand giving it a sense of durability and honestly it just seems like so much more thought went into the design as to what it was made for! As for the battery life, it’s not great, but for the power and sound quality you get in such a small package it makes sense. Overall I am blown away by this purchase!

  16. As a seasoned audiophile constantly on the quest for sonic perfection, I recently had the privilege of immersing myself in the transcendent realm of the Echo Pop Speaker. Allow me to articulate the sheer brilliance encapsulated within this audio masterpiece.At first glance, the Echo Pop exudes an aura of elegance, with its minimalist design and impeccable craftsmanship. Its sleek contours and premium finishes seamlessly integrate into any living space, epitomizing a harmonious fusion of form and function.Yet, it’s upon pressing play that the true magic unfolds. The Echo Pop unleashes an auditory symphony that transcends the boundaries of conventional sound reproduction. With unparalleled clarity and precision, every note resonates with breathtaking authenticity, captivating the soul and igniting a profound connection to the music.What sets the Echo Pop apart is its ability to deliver a truly immersive listening experience. Equipped with advanced audio technologies, including custom-tuned drivers and precision-engineered enclosures, it effortlessly navigates the intricate nuances of each composition, unveiling layers of detail previously obscured.Whether you’re delving into the intricate melodies of classical orchestras or surrendering to the pulsating rhythms of contemporary beats, the Echo Pop adapts with unparalleled versatility, ensuring an enthralling encounter with every genre and musical preference.Furthermore, the Echo Pop’s dynamic range is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From the gentle whisper of a violin to the thunderous roar of a bass drum, it effortlessly traverses the entire spectrum of frequencies, delivering a sonic experience that transcends mere listening and evolves into a visceral journey through the essence of sound.But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Echo Pop is its ability to evoke emotion. Beyond its technical prowess lies an intangible quality—a soulful resonance that stirs the heart and awakens the senses. Each listening session becomes a transformative experience, imbued with the power to uplift, inspire, and transport you to realms unknown.In conclusion, the Echo Pop Speaker stands as a testament to the pursuit of sonic perfection. With its captivating design, unparalleled performance, and soul-stirring resonance, it transcends the realm of mere audio equipment to become a gateway to musical enlightenment. Embrace the journey, and let the symphony of life unfold before you.

  17. The Amazon Echo Pop was my first experience with an Alexa device, and I could kick myself for not buying 2 of these at the sale price of just under $23. At that price, these little smart speakers are well worth it. However, at the list price, you might do better to spend another $10 and go for the Echo Dot. Better still, if you can pick up an Echo Gen4 as certified refurbished, then that is quite a good deal at around $50.Prior to purchasing the Echo Pop, I installed the Alexa App on my iPhone, and during order time, I did the pre-configuration. Upon arrival, the setup was a breeze, and in a matter of just a few minutes I was greeted by a pleasant sounding female voice. The audio quality of this little speaker was amazing. I asked it a few questions, then said “Alexa, play Peaceful Current Radio.” It was a truly Hi-Fidelity experience, even though it was monophonic. On that station, a great deal of the music is solo acoustic, so stereo , 3D, or surround sound isn’t necessary to hear the clear and faithful reproduction of a piano, guitar, or cello. The bass from this speaker isn’t going to rattle the walls, but the little speaker was able to fill my master bedroom with beautiful music, that sounded like the instruments were in the same room.That should cover the good points about this smart device. I rarely give any product 5 stars, but if I could give it a rating of 4.5 I would, primarily because of what it can do at such a low sell price. There are some issues that you might want to consider if you are looking for a good Echo Device. It is far from perfect. Its smarts are at the low end, and a good Wi-Fi connection is needed if you want a fast response. It can’t function as a hub, so if you want to control various smart devices in your home, you will likely need an Echo Gen4 or better. It doesn’t have a 3.5 mm audio jack, so if you want to connect to headphones or external speakers, you will need to use Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection can be tricky, but once you pair with speakers, it quickly disconnects and reconnects by just turning off the speakers and turning them back on. I also found out that after doing this several times, it began to experience streaming problems, and I had to unplug it and plug it back in to fix the problem.Bluetooth streaming seems to suffer a bit in fidelity. I paired it with some Logitech Bluetooth computer speakers, and even though it produced stereo sound, the frequency response was not as good, and the stereo separation was weak. Some of this was likely due to the Logitech speakers. They aren’t exactly the best computer speakers and I am not too fond of the passive radiator design that gives the base an unnatural sound.I tried a separate GT Bluetooth to 3.5 mm adaptor, which I connected to my retro audio system, and the sound quality was a little better, but I had to crank the volume knob up pretty high. When I connected the Bluetooth adaptor to wired headphones it sounded pretty good, so using Bluetooth headphones seems a good alternative listening method.One other issue is with the alarm level. I can’t seem to set it to a level that will override the music, and alert me that it’s time to take medications or walk the dog. It usually takes me awhile to realize that it is sounding a wake-up. It is loud enough when not playing music, but too low of a level when music is playing.Overall, it is a very good device, and its small size makes it easy to place in an out of the way location, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. It has great sounding audio that can fill a small room, but not quite good enough to fill a large family or living room. It really shines at playing relaxing music such as from an Internet radio station such as “Peaceful Current Radio,” or other similar music stations. However, for Rock- and Roll or party music, you will likely want something with a little more punch.Update:I just had to do a follow up to my previous review. I caught a sell and picked up another Echo Pop for just under $20. That means I acquired 2 of these for around $45 with tax. They make a great stereo pair. Two speakers are better than one. You get double the sound. This means a great improvement in the base response. With 2 drivers pushing the air, they do a better job. I just tweak the bass response 2 notches, and the treble 1 notch, and these rival the audio quality of my much larger and more expensive JBL studio monitor bookshelf speakers with a 100 watt per channel amplifier pushing them. Of course they can’t match the power, but 2 of these in a stereo pair can do a pretty good job in my 13 by 13 master bedroom with vaulted ceiling. I’m considering adding an Echo Sub hidden away under my bed.Alexa does a much better job at finding my favorite Internet radio stations as well. Siri keeps telling me she can’t find that in my Apple music library.I have a database of URLs to over 9000 radio stations. Alexa easily finds most of my favorites such as:Peaceful current RadioNew Standard WNYCIPR Studio 1KTUX FMKSRY FMWJIB FMCafé Del Mar RadioAmericana Boogey RadioAloha JoeQuiet Village RadioWSBZ FMSmooth Jazz 101WABE ClassicalJust ask Alexa to play any of these, and get ready for a treat.

  18. At $19 sale price when I got it, you can’t lose. Nice, stylish, compact speaker with punchy audio that carries out what Alexa speaker does well: music, radio, digital assistant thing. It’s currently seating behind my monitor (pictured).

  19. Alexa speakers are a great addition to any household! She’s very helpful and this is a great value for the money! The connection process was easy and the quality and sound of this speaker is excellent!

  20. Loved its compact size, and sound, especially regarding its size. Gets plenty loud for a standard room. Can’t comment on its playtime, but it seems to last quite some time. Best Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever bought for the money. Great Value!

  21. We had a larger JBL speaker and it was great but it stopped working so I purchased this one. Need to say the quality is AMAZING! It’s so small and portable but it has such great sound quality. Definitely recommend!!

  22. I ordered one for myself and for a friend’s birthday. The design is so cute. It’s not too big or heavy. Fits easily in your hand. The sound quality is very good. I replaced my 2nd generation with this one. It is a nice step up. It was easy to set up. I received an email about setting up. I followed the directions. When I opened my package it was almost ready to go. I opened the app and it recognized it. Let me name it and boom done. It took less than 5 minutes. My friend who has never owned an echo product loves it! She was having too much with Alexa. I may have to order another one for the garage. The rest of the rooms in the house have one. 😆 The drop in function is one of my favorite things about the echo products. It’s like an intercom without the expense. Absolutely LOVE this new addition to our family.

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