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Amazon Fresh, Elbow Macaroni, 16 Oz

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Amazon Fresh - Toaster Pastries Variety Pack (Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry), 12ct

$3.03  in stock
as of May 8, 2024 7:04 pm


Product Dimensions3.5 x 2.88 x 5.5 inches; 1.54 Pounds
UPC195515011006 Services LLC.
Country of OriginUSA

  • WHAT'S INSIDE: Toaster Pastry variety pack including 4 strawberry, 4 blueberry, and 4 cherry
  • WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: These toaster pastries are an excellent source of 6 vitamins and minerals
  • ALSO CONTAINS: Milk, Soy, Wheat
  • HIGH QUALITY, LOW PRICES: Amazon Fresh brand products are all about high-quality food that fits every budget, every day.
  • ONLY FROM AMAZON: Look for the Amazon Fresh label to find great deals on a wide selection of grocery essentials.

Snack Pack Chocolate and Vanilla Flavored Pudding Cups Family Pack, 12 Count Pudding Cups

$2.78  in stock
as of May 8, 2024 7:04 pm


Product Dimensions2.6 x 8.25 x 11.15 inches; 2.44 Pounds
ManufacturerConAgra Foods Sales, Inc.
Country of OriginUSA

  • Six 12 ct packs of Snack Pack Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding Cups
  • Chocolate and vanilla pudding with delectable creaminess that everybody can love and enjoy
  • This vanilla chocolate pudding snack is made with real nonfat milk and no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup
  • Snack pudding cups that are perfect for packing in a lunch or enjoying as an after-dinner treat or dessert
  • Try adding ingredients such as cookie bits, candy and fruit to the chocolate pudding cups to make exciting seasonal and holiday treats that the whole family can enjoy

Amazon Fresh, Creamy Peanut Butter, 16 Oz (Previously Happy Belly, Packaging May Vary)

$2.40  in stock
as of May 8, 2024 7:04 pm


Product Dimensions4.86 x 2.94 x 4.86 inches; 1.06 Pounds
UPC842379152535 Services LLC.
Country of OriginUSA

  • WHAT’S INSIDE: One 16-ounce jar of Creamy Peanut Butter
  • NEW LOOK: Your favorite Happy Belly products are now part of the Amazon Fresh family! Packaging may vary, but the product and quality you love are exactly the same.
  • HIGH QUALITY, LOW PRICES: Amazon Fresh brand products are all about high-quality food that fits every budget, every day.
  • ONLY FROM AMAZON: Look for the Amazon Fresh label to find great deals on a wide selection of grocery essentials.
  • CONTAINS: Peanuts

Designer Wellness Protein Smoothie, Real Fruit, 12g Protein, Low Carb, Zero Added Sugar, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Variety Pack, 12 Count

$33.99  in stock
as of May 8, 2024 7:04 pm


Product Dimensions7.2 x 8.3 x 6.75 inches; 3.64 Pounds
ManufacturerDesigner Protein, LLC
Country of OriginUSA

  • 2X PROTEIN VS SUGAR: Low carb, 12g whey protein isolate and naturally sweetened with real fruit blends
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Creamy & delicious yogurt-like taste & texture; on occasion, there may be some variability in texture – to learn more, please visit our Q&A section.
  • HEALTHY ON-TH-GO OPTION: You can leave your protein powder at home and sugar loaded drinks behind with this healthy fruit & protein smoothie pouch for adults, kids, and all occasions; no refrigeration is needed
  • BALANCED NUTRIENTS: Includes mct oil (healthy fats) for balanced nutrition and quick-burning sustained energy
  • HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Gluten-free, soy-free, and non-gmo ingredients
  • CLEAN NUTRITION: Zero added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors or colors
  • A PERFECT PROTEIN SNACK: A smooth consistency that tastes great; a perfect alternative to ready-to-drink protein drinks and protein bars
  • PALEO & KETO DIET FRIENDLY: Designer Smoothies are made with paleo-friendly pure whey protein isolate free of gluten, hormones, & antibiotics; plus mct oil to help support a ketogenic lifestyle

Amazon Fresh, Elbow Macaroni, 16 Oz

$1.50  in stock
as of May 8, 2024 7:04 pm


Package Dimensions7.36 x 4.88 x 2.01 inches; 1 Pounds
UPC195515032506 Services, Inc.

  • WHAT'S INSIDE: One 16-ounce box of Elbow Macaroni
  • WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: This Elbow Macaroni cooks to "Al Dente" in just 9 minutes.
  • ALSO CONTAINS: Wheat, Egg
  • HIGH QUALITY, LOW PRICES: Amazon Fresh brand products are all about high-quality food that fits every budget, every day.
  • ONLY FROM AMAZON: Look for the Amazon Fresh label to find great deals on a wide selection of grocery essentials.


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  1. I’m not really a smoothie liker to begin with but I’ve been looking for various ways to supplement a meal throughout the day and started looking into powders/premade, etc.I read the reviews extensively so I knew these would be hit or miss. I took the gamble and It’s 100% a miss.When they arrived I put a couple in the fridge, thinking regardless, they would probably taste better cold. Considering the reviews that mentioned this being “chunky” I squished the bag all up for a solid minute.As soon as I popped the top off and started squeezing, I knew I had made a terrible mistake. I had to wipe away the initial amount that came out of the opening because it looked like tan, curdled, goopy wood glue?I absolutely did not want to go any further but I was invested. I squeezed a bit more out ( this was slightly more smoothie-ish looking now ) and gave it a lick. Yes, a lick. Not a drink. You can’t drink this. If you cut the top off, and squeezed it into a glass, it would be like using the cheese packet from Velveeta Shells & Cheese ( which I would legit rather drink) It’s super thick, it’s grainy – Mixed Berry flavor = rotten bananas and what I imagine a dead worm would taste like.Don’t waste your money unless you are some sort of pervert with an old fruit fetish.I’m going to give the rest away on one of my local neighborhood facebook pages with a fair warning and pray that hate crimes are not committed against me.

  2. I started going to the gym late at night and needed something to give me energy but not too much that I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. These lil pouches do just that! I drink one at home and by the time I get to the gym, I can feel the energy and motivation kicking in! I understand other reviews stating they’re chunky, but I’m pretty sure the seller stated those are fruit chunks inside the pouches. They taste fine to me, so I’m not bothered by it. The taste is a bit off, I will say, they don’t taste exactly how I thought they would and they may even be an acquired taste. I got the one with pineapple in it because I love the mixed berry flavor that comes with it. I DESPISE pineapple but, surprisingly, these smoothies were tolerable for me. Then again, I’ll eat almost anything and not complain. So if you’re sensitive to textures or tastes, this may not be the best purchase for you. If you’re looking for some quick, healthy energy without all the calories, this is it!

  3. I really wanted to Love these as they would be a great way to bump my protein up for surgery recovery and just generalThe first one was great and I was so pleased in taste and texture. The rest have been lumpy- I tolerate them bc I’m not one to waste money but it’s not a pleasurable experience. I did just buy an individual one at a local store and it was WAY less clumpy- would love to hear back from company whether this in normal or a fluke.

  4. I like the convenience of these when I want more protein but don’t want to eat something. At first, I wasn’t real crazy about the flavors, but they’ve grown on me. One of them tasted like MCT oil, but if you squish the pouch a lot before ingesting it will help. They are somewhat chunky even after squishing the pouch – I think it depends on the flavor. If there is pineapple in it you can rest assured there are going to be chunks. I store mine the refrigerator. I don’t think they would be very good at room temperature. I continue to buy these because they’re super convenient and the taste is good to me.

  5. First time ordering these noodles and they were so good for our Mac and cheese.

  6. I recently tried the Amazon Fresh Creamy Peanut Butter in the 16 oz size, which was previously branded as Happy Belly with potential packaging variations. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the product’s quality. The creamy texture is perfect for spreading on toast or incorporating into various recipes. The peanut flavor is rich and authentic, and I appreciate the absence of unnecessary additives. The packaging may vary, but the product inside remains consistently delicious. The convenience of ordering through Amazon Fresh ensures a hassle-free shopping experience, making it a convenient choice for those who value both quality and convenience in their pantry staples.

  7. As someone dedicated to my fitness journey, finding convenient and delicious sources of protein can be a challenge. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Designer Wellness Protein Smoothies. Packed with 12g of protein, low in carbs, and boasting zero added sugar, these smoothies have become a staple in my daily routine.A Nutritional Powerhouse: With 12g of protein per serving, these smoothies have helped me stay on top of my daily protein goals. This protein content keeps me feeling fuller for longer, reducing cravings and aiding in muscle recovery after workouts. Plus, the fact that there’s no added sugar is a huge win for health-conscious individuals like myself.Deliciously Refreshing: Let’s be honest, protein powders can sometimes taste chalky or artificial. But Designer Wellness Smoothies are a delightful exception! They come in a variety of real fruit flavors, and I’ve been particularly enjoying the Tropical Fruit and Mixed Berry options. The taste is genuinely refreshing and satisfying, making it a treat I actually look forward to incorporating into my day.Convenience on the Go: One of the things I appreciate most about these smoothies is their portability. No need to worry about lugging around bulky containers or keeping them refrigerated. The individual pouches are perfect for tossing in my gym bag or backpack, ensuring I have a convenient protein source even when I’m on the go. This has been a game-changer for my busy schedule, allowing me to fuel my body without sacrificing convenience.

  8. Reply
    February 19, 2024 at 12:00 am

    I cant tell you how happy i am with the flavor of these amazon fresh pop tarts. Im so entirely glad i didnt listen to the bad reviews, because im not ultra picky or made of cane sugar. My husband and i have blood pressure issues and i camt be eating a tone of white sugar. These taste like pop tarts from the early 2000’s when they where made right. That name brand sorely tumbled downhill over the past decade and i got physically ill from pop tart bites because of the sugar. I dont normally eat sugar a lot, but had the craving for pop tarts. I ordered this verity box for my family, and a cherry box for my husband. Even he says it tastes tons better than the nasty lard and artificial sugars of the name brand. I am so happy with the texture and fruit flavor of these and i will continue to order these once a month for my family. Very well done, please never change them. They werent hard, or too soft, and the fruit filling had substance and a really lovely flavor. I eat one, then freeze the other for later!

  9. Amazon Brand, Happy Belly Creamy Peanut Butter has become a staple in my household. My dogs absolutely adore it, and it has quickly become their favorite treat.What sets Happy Belly Peanut Butter apart is its creamy texture and rich flavor, which my dogs find irresistible. Whether spread on a treat or given as a spoonful, they gobble it up eagerly every time.Beyond its taste, I appreciate the quality and value that Happy Belly Peanut Butter offers. It’s made with simple, wholesome ingredients, without any unnecessary additives or preservatives. Plus, the convenient packaging ensures freshness and easy storage.As a pet owner, it brings me joy to see my dogs enjoy their treats, and Happy Belly Peanut Butter never fails to put a wag in their tails. It’s a product I can trust, and one that I’ll continue to purchase for my furry companions.In summary, Amazon Brand, Happy Belly Creamy Peanut Butter earns a well-deserved 5-star rating in my book. Not only is it a delicious and nutritious treat for humans, but it also brings immense joy to my dogs’ lives. If you’re looking for a high-quality peanut butter that your furry friends will love, look no further than Happy Belly.

  10. Really like this product it’s a great value a lot cheaper than the namebrand. The only thing is it wasn’t really packed that well when it came they were all little macaroni in the bottom with my Amazon order.

  11. I’m liking this product overall but something happened to several packs in this shipment, they are blown up & SOUR!!Trying to get help to return those that are spoiled.

  12. I take them to work with my lunch. They tase great! They are well worth the price.

  13. I like the flavor and price – but wasn’t prepared for the big gooey chunks in my mouth when I got beyond the top layer! Not crunchy – but soggy hunks of peanuts (I hope it’s peanuts) and not just a few – but I lot. I went back and checked the reviews and saw that other customers experienced this also. If the product desccription or label said something about it not being purely creamy, the unexpected smooshy lumps in my mouth might not have grossed me out. Anyway – I like both crunchy and smooth peanut butter – but not so much the hunks of soggy lumps.

  14. It has been a while since I’ve had pop tarts, because honestly, the taste of them has just kind of dwindled downhill since my childhood.Again, I was influenced by somebody on the Internet and the thing that intrigued me most about these were the fact that the packaging actually says what the flavor is on the outside. so I thought I would give them a shot and I’m glad I did because they were really pretty good.I believe these are gonna be my go to pop tarts for when I want more pop tarts. I don’t eat very many pop tarts. If you have picky kids they might like these or if you’re a picky kid you definitely might like these. I don’t know maybe you won’t but maybe you’ll give them a try like I did.

  15. As others have stated the texture is something to get used to. I really enjoyed the flavor but it was a bit like “cottage cheese + yogurt” texture with the small chunks.Edit: My original review was 3 stars because there was an issue processing/shipping and I only ever received half of my order. Only one box of 6 pouches was delivered & not a total of 12 pouches as the listed specifies.After bringing that to the attention of the company they offered a refund for this error promptly which was greatly appreciated.

  16. I was pleasantly surprised with the creamy texture, flavor and quality of the Happy Belly peanut butter. It’s a bit oilier than my usual brand but mixes easily. Great texture and spreads easily. Sugar content a little higher but improves the flavor.

  17. Great value for the money

  18. Nothing superior about these they are just standard noodles. They do the job.

  19. I was leery about these, but I’ve only had one dud when it comes to Amazon branded products, so I gave it a shot. I am pleasantly surprised! These toaster pastries are VERY good! They are different than the name brand, but a good kind of different! They taste less chemically and processed and more “real.” I actually like that the pastry is a bit thicker with a bit less filling. The frosting is yummy (beware—very sweet). They toasted up fine, no issues there. A home run for you, Amazon!! I’ll never buy the supermarket version again, as long as these are available! Can’t beat the price too!

  20. Great product , flavor and cooks well . I was pleasantly surprised 😁

  21. They seem to be a bit bigger than the name brand ones. They taste great and they have more filling. The price is great and I buy them often. They don’t have a variety of flavors but the strawberry and blueberry are my favorite so I don’t mind buying the same ones over and over again. I definitely recommend them and I will definitely purchase them again. The box is always in good condition as well and they don’t arrive all broken in pieces or anything like that. Great product!!!

  22. Reasonably priced, lots of filling. Very good

  23. I tried the other snack pack flavors and this has the superior taste. I know it’s just simple chocolate and vanilla, But compared to what they’ve done to the butterscotch and what they’ve done to the tapioca pudding..This one is consistently good. I haven’t been disappointed with this one yet. Rather unfortunate that I have with the other flavors.

  24. I thought I had peanut butter in my pantry. Oops none. I did not feel like going back out shopping. The price was fantastic and delivered fairly quickly. I will be purchasing more. Excellent flavor, smooth and yummy. Surpassed my expectations especially for a MN snack.

  25. I recently had to search for a new Creamy Peanut Butter brand when the brand I have purchased for 40 years suddenly turned into a runny, oily mess. After doing some taste testing and spreadability testing among a few brands, I settled on this Amazon Fresh Creamy Peanut Butter.Everything about this delicious Creamy Peanut Butter exceeded my expectations! A bold peanut taste. A thick, creamy consistency that is easy to spread. No oil separation, no need to stir. Fabulous for everything from your traditional PB & Jelly Sandwich to use as an ingredient in cooking and baking. A great value, too.I highly recommend this delicious Creamy Peanut Butter.

  26. Good enough taste, arrived undamaged. Seemed to be a little less fresh than the same product I’ve bought elsewhere.

  27. Amazon Fresh, Elbow Macaroni is great for pasta salads. It is quick and easy to cook. It doesn’t stick (just add a dash of olive oil while cooking) and isn’t starchy like some other brands. A great value, I would purchase this elbow macaroni again. Five stars from me.

  28. They taste fine when they are warm, I may even say better than the pop tarts we all know and love, but cold, even after cooling off from the toaster they taste…chalky. They also seem thicker than other kinds of pop tarts, but than again, it’s not as if I have compared them side by side. To be perfectly honest I would kind of prefer these to the standard, the only reason I gave them 3 stars is because my kids don’t seem to like them very much, and honestly I pretty much only buy pop tarts for them.

  29. As I said delicious and good value

  30. I no longer buy in the stores, this larger pack is perfect and a great price! I have to hide it, because my husband will finish it in 2 days! He knows I hide the good stuff!

  31. This is cute. My grandson loved it.

  32. I’ve had all if these before so I knew what I was buying.Items came damaged because they put them in the same box with 3 six-packs of soda and the pop tarts were beat up pretty badly 😭.

  33. They are so good I ate the whole box in 2 days. I thought I had self control but I met my match.

  34. Tastes great, cost less than store, more convenient than driving to the store.

  35. Good peanut butter. Smooth and tasty. A good value. Great for kids with jelly.

  36. For generic they taste really good. I think the blueberry were the best. The brand pop tarts better step up their game because these are taking over my shopping cart.

  37. The peanut butter has good texture and taste for the price.

  38. for handicapped daughter. The only thing is I would have liked ALL chocolate

  39. I bought it for my son. When the package arrive there is no damage area, texture is good, my son liked to taste, quality is good and very convenient.

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