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Audible: audiobooks, podcasts & audio stories

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Audible: audiobooks, podcasts & audio stories

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as of May 14, 2024 12:47 am

Audible for Fire TV

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as of May 14, 2024 12:47 am


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  1. Die App funktioniert gut, im Prinzip genau wie auf dem Smartphone etc. Was ich gut finde, ist der bessere Klang, somit macht das Hören mehr Spaß.Wenn ich ein Hörbuch auf dem Handy begonnen habe, kann ich an der selben Stelle über die App im TV weiterhören, das finde ich Klasse, somit muss man nicht ewig die richtige Stelle suchen. Ich bin zufrieden und kann die App ohne Einschränkung empfehlen.

  2. I don’t know when was the last time I had time to pick up a book and relax long enough to read more than the first page! I used to be a bookworm! With work, kids and household chores, that pleasure had gone away. This was until I started using Audible; now I can fold laundry, cook and drive while catching up on books I’d been wanting to read. I had had this idea in the past, but for some reason (can’t really say what it was) previous Apps that I used did not satisfy me. When I first gave Audible a try I thought “here we go again”, another attempt which was probably going to fail. To my surprise, this particular platform stuck! Perhaps it’s the connection to Amazon which is so used in my house or maybe it’s the monthly credit system that keeps me piling up the books. Don’t know, can’t exactly put my finger on it. Bottom line, I feel that I’ve received back a part of my life that I thought I had put on a shelf for good!

  3. I don’t usually buy audio books or lectures but by using this app I am able to listen either from my computer, my tv with the amazon fire stick or on my phone so it is GREAT. However, I paid for my auto book and wanted to download it to my computer. I finally managed to do it but figuring out how to get it from the app to my computer was a little challenging and not as user friendly as I would have liked. However, my guess is that most people do not necessarily feel the need to download and as long as they can just listen to their purchase, they are happy. Right now I am just buying my products as I go because I don’t use it that much. If I start to use it more often, I might consider the montly subscription for $14.99 but right now that’s just not worth it to me. The app is free and you can download your purchases to this app but they really want to get you for a subscription and then they offer you a few audios a month. I do like that when I restart, it goes right to where I left off. Very easy to use.

  4. I signed up for Audible because a book that I really wanted was coming out and my first two books with Audible were free, so thought I’ll just order that book, another and then quit. Five months later I’ve now listened to 38 books and can’t wait to get on to the next one. I have a library full of books waiting for me and I’m amazed I’ve found so many books I’m crazy to read. I love listening rather than reading because I can do other things around the house while I listen. I like having the people who wrote the book read it to me cause it gives more depth to the book. The ones read by actors are great too because they understand how to create characters with their voices. This has been my God send during the pandemic isolation. With prime membership, there are lots of additional podcasts and books available without cost. The best money I’ve spent in years!

  5. I was only looking for a streaming device to watch both my local football team and other games on FA player. It was this or Google Chromecast. Both were the same price because the firestick was on offer. I was advised by a mate to go for the Amazon option and how happy I am I took his advice. It’s a host of extras I didn’t expect. It has an internet browser so I can directly access both websites for to watch my local non league team and FA players website too. It comes with Alexa so I can save wear and tear on my fingers. It’s a host of free box sets and access to pay for if you want. I imagine the set up is straightforward for most people. Even I managed to do it with a little delay as I’m pretty slow with this sort of thing. RRP is £52 but offer seems to be available at £29.99 from various outlets. Got mine click and collect from Argos. Not bought a better piece of kit for as long as I can recall.

  6. I’m fairly certain this is one of those reviews that maybe one person in Nepal will read but not be able to understand. But, for my non-English speaking friend… Here’s my review of the audible app. I currently have over 400 titles in my audible library, I’ve been a client since before Amazon bought them. And every time I mow the lawn, wash the car, whatever. I use audible as often as You’re supposed to wash your hands. My wife works at a hospital, I’m often left home alone to get into things… Things… Sometimes I find myself just sitting on the couch, listening to a book with my headphones. After a while, even the world’s best Bose QuietComfort headphones still get a little tiresome. It dawned on me that maybe there’s an app that I can cast my audible from my phone to my fire TV. I was very surprised that there’s an app and I don’t even need to use my phone, it sinks with all my other devices which is fantastic. I can listen to my books and podcasts sitting in my living room when no one’s home and I don’t need to wear my headset. It’s really cool, definitely check it out and if you don’t like it just uninstall it. Have a nice life

  7. Es como escuchar un teatro con sonidos de fondo , variedad de voces , excelentes entonaciones . Recomendable al 100%

  8. I wouldn’t be able to stand slow and stupid drivers if I wasn’t able to be distracted by the vast amount of books I get to listen to. Even found some podcasts that are included in membership that helped me learn more about autism and other subjects. As a mother of an autistic son being able to learn as much as my can is not only helpful but when you hear that your not alone in the challenges you face, it’s comforting and feel hopeful that you can overcome those challenges and turn them into strengths.

  9. I have used on my android phones an app called Smart Audiobook Player for a few years. It is excellent. You can adjust sound, playlists, car mode, adjust playing speed plus a lot more and it works. It remembers where you are in your book.. As far as I can tell its written by and individual or small company and they have done a great job. They have a free version that works just great and a 4.99 version that they give you a few frills that makes it worth buying.In contrast I just started buying a few audible books and using the audible app. What an amazing difference. It has few to no features other than see your books and play them. After a few days of listening to a book it comes with the added feature of not remembering where you are at in the book. On a long drive, where I do all my listening it’s a big deal to need to pause the book for a minute or so and then restart it, without it rolling back 30 minutes in the book. It boggles my mind that a company like amazon/audible with their billions of dollars can’t write an app that can’t hold a candle to one written by an individual/small shop.I would not recommend using the audible app to anyone as it is buggy and little to no features.oh… also .. not so much the apps fault as audibles.. they make it really hard to look for books that are free with your membership level and exclude paid for books from the search.. Well face it their website and app are really basic in their functionality. I find myself very frustrated there also.

  10. I love Audible! I got it and wireless headphones to help me get to sleep at night. I don’t have to worry about it interfering with REM sleep, or having to search far to find where I quit hearing it because I set the built in time off timer. I got an external speaker for my tablet and sometimes listen to it on the road. I listen to it on the treadmill, or doing menial ordinary tasks. If I use up all of my credits, there are free books available. I take this opportunity, (as intended, I imagine) to explore different genres, or different authors than I normally would. You, of course, could stick to your everyday type of listens. As an adult, I do not have near the time I used to have to dedicate to book reading, but I can and do multi task. I love it! Why not just watch or listen to a movie? I do sometimes, but books, you know describe everything that is going on. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stop your activity to go visually check on what is going on. It works like a charm to get my brain off of the issues of the day and help me drift of to sleep. Much more safe than sleeping pills. (I would think. I don’t have any personal experience with them). I recommend it to lots of people who have trouble turning off their thoughts and getting to sleep at the end of the day.

  11. Ich habe das Audible für meine Leseratte geholt und was soll ich sagen Sie ist total begeistert , von mir 10 Sterne , einfach zu bedienen und ruck zuck installiert

  12. Hätte nicht gedacht das nach dem versagen von Microsoft Store noch ein Funktionierender Store kommt aber Amazon hat es Geschaftt

  13. comes in handy having it on the fire stick so i dont have to keep having head phones on , and another plus its not draining my phone battery 🙂 app is easy enough to use, would be great if it was cheaper though

  14. Ich wollte audible ausprobieren und habe am pc den Vertrag geschlossen. Leider sind meine Lautsprecher nicht der Hit, weshalb ich das Hörbuch mittels Fire-TV über den Fernseher laufen lassen wolle … mit Dolby ist der Klang dann doch besser, dachte ich. Beim Wünschen blieb es aber. Ich hatte audible schon bei meinen apps…war also schnell gefunden … angeklickt. Nichts. Es erscheint sofort ein Balken, auf dem mir mitgeteilt wird, ich hätte keine Berechtigung…seltsam, im Hintergrund erkenne ich eindeutig das von mir gebuchte Buch. Mehrmals versucht…jedes Mal das selbe Ergebnis. Auch der rund um die Uhr – Online-service kann mir nicht weiterhelfen. Ich hab die app entfernt und neu geladen…schon geht es. Der Ton ist glasklar. Ich habe ein Hörbuch … Dracula auf 8 CD’s verglichen…(meine CD’s sind schon uralt). Die Qualität von audible ist hervorragend und ich finde es toll, dass es auch alte Hörbücher runterzuladen gibt, die man sonst nicht mehr kriegt.

  15. Audible has allowed me to get back into reading. Because I don’t have much physical down time, I stopped reading for years. Now, I can listen to books while I am doing other activities throughout my day!

  16. good app, enjoy using it.

  17. Perfect fo when I need a change. I can listen to whatever my heart desires when I am tied of listening to music or watching a streaming service. Any subject/genre. Recommend to those who get headaches fom reading.

  18. I use this app daily and absolutely love it

  19. Really enjoy the app

  20. Reply
    gustavo Inacio ferreira assis
    May 1, 2024 at 12:00 am

    I have been using Audible for almost a decade now. This app has allowed me to increasee the number of books I read exponentially and for that I am glad. The only reason I did not gave five stars is because I wish Amazon, therefore audible would focus simply in providing the best service possible instead of being caught up on the whole liberal mindset, fight for equality, fight agaisnt racism, or trying to subconsciously tell me whcih politician is good or bad. It is really frustated to open my open and have to see books about topics or people that I would never in my life look up too – I am a costumer of Audible becuase of the Service the company provides, I dont need the company trying to influence me when it comes to my political, social or culture belifes by “recommending” books related to these topics.I hope you understand that your role is as a service company, not as a propaganda tool and social experiment.

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