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Cradle Cap Brush and Comb, Cradle Cap Brush Safe Baby’s Scalp Brush with Soft Rubber Bristles, Help Gently Massage Care Scalp

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Mustela Baby Cradle Cap Bundle - Natural Baby Shampoo & Cradle Cap Cream - with Natural Avocado - 2 Piece Set

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as of May 4, 2024 2:52 am


Product Dimensions1.77 x 10 x 6 inches; 9.12 ounces
Item model numbermhadf-138
Country of OriginFrance

Cradle Cap Brush and Comb, Cradle Cap Brush Safe Baby's Scalp Brush with Soft Rubber Bristles, Help Gently Massage Care Scalp

$5.99  in stock
as of May 4, 2024 2:52 am


Package Dimensions7.87 x 5 x 1.18 inches; 2.4 ounces
Date First AvailableFebruary 8, 2022
ManufacturerMR LION
Country of OriginChina

  • The package includes : we provide you with 2 pieces 3-in-1 design baby cradle cap brushes and 2 pieces silicone cradle cap can frequently wash and change the brushes to keep them clean
  • Perfect for removing cradle cap : This cradle cap brush combs can easily remove the baby's cradle cap. This cradle cap brush comb works better when used with baby oil. It is conducive to the growth of baby's hair.
  • Safe and gentle scalp care : Silicone cradle cap brush are gentle, soft and skin-friendly. The dense comb teeth are suitable for cleaning smaller cradle cap flakes, the loose comb teeth are suitable for handling larger flakes.
  • 3-In-1 design : this cradle cap brush and comb consists of 3 different parts with different functions. The rubber brush can gently massage the baby's head and loosens tough flakes. the toothed comb gently removes cradle cap flakes.


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  1. Two of my kids have persistent cradle cap and I’ve loved the frida tools but they don’t hold up very long so I thought I’d try these.They’re sturdy and well made, but don’t scrub or comb out the flakes nearly as well as the Frida

  2. Lo compre para mi sobrino que padecia de costra natal. A los pocos dias estaba notablemente mejorando (en menos de 3 dias) es un producto efectivo y altamente recomendado. Mi sobrino tiene 5 meses y tenia miedo que fuera a causarle algun malestar en su piel, pero no fue asi, el shampoo es pediatrico y especificamente para el cuidado del cuero cabelludo del bebé

  3. I love that I can carry one in my diaper bag and another leave at home for bath time.The soft scrubber is easy to hold and use on baby. It also suction cups.The brush with both fine and bit wide bristles is also easy to hold while brushing my baby’s hair.

  4. Hace su función perfectamente

  5. I bought these to help comb out my sons cradle cap, and man do they work wonders! I love that they have multiple different textures to comb with, and the handle makes it easier to hold while combing. If you’re using these for cradle cap, I would put a wet cloth on babys head to sit for a few minutes before trying to comb. It just makes it loosen up better and easier. I’ve since used these combs for combing my toddlers hair and getting stuck dirt out from his scalp.

  6. My baby started to get mild cradle cap around 3 months. I was hoping it would clear up on its own but it didn’t. It started to get worse and I realized I needed to get something as the flakes were big. I wanted a product that’s essentially non-toxic, this brand is known to use good ingredients for their products. After about 3-4 uses you could clearly tell his scalp was much, much better! Definitely leave the shampoo on for 2+ mins as instructed. I would recommend the cradle cap 3 step brush system from Baby Frida as well. Now his scalp is 99.9% clear after about a month of using this shampoo and lotion. I really don’t notice any scent which is great as I avoid fragrances completely unless it’s essential oils.*My baby currently gets a bath every other to every few days. If the scalp is bad you may want to use this daily until it’s better.

  7. I’ve used this set with Happy Cap shampoo and it has gotten rid of my daughter’s scalp buildup that comes and goes! Only 2 washes/scrubs and it was gone.

  8. I never leave product reviews but this deserve one. My little one didn’t have really bad cradle cap, but his head just smelled bad. I ordered this in hopes it would work. And boy did it! One application of just the shampoo his head is already smelling better! If in doubt, buy it!

  9. So my 1 yr old had cradle cap and honestly I didn’t use the comb. I just used the silicone pad and it came off pretty easily. It helped after adding a cradle cap shampoo but it works fine without it and they’re super durable. My kid chews on them all the time and they still last:)

  10. Took a long time for me to find a shampoo for my scalp. So far this has worked very well. Love the cream that comes with it.

  11. This comb did wonders for my 3 month olds dry scalp. I put coconut oil in his hair and combed it not expecting to get out much of the dry skin but it got soooo much of his dry skin off. (Picture of the dry skin removed)

  12. My baby’s scalp was peeling, not sure if it was to the point of cradle cap. But this made a significant difference on the first use. My baby’s upper forehead was also flaky so on the second time I put some lotion and shampoo on his forehead. Significantly improved the dryness as well. This was the first product I tried for his scalp and I’m so glad it worked immediately. Will be recommending this to everyone!The lotion is sticky/weird. You definitely need to wash it out the next day, but that’s exactly what the instructions say to do anyway.

  13. This works better than I thought it would. Our pediatrician said to use baby oil on my son’s scalp with a brush while in the bath and more came up than I expected.

  14. I wanted to realllly love this product, but unfortunately, we just did not see a difference in my baby’s cradle cap. Like at all. And we have used it for over a month! Right after shampooing his scalp, it’s so dry and scaly, and the only thing that actually moisturizes and softens it is coconut oil! The lotion doesn’t do much and seems to dry it out more. I will not buy this product again.

  15. I love using this product for my baby. I started using it to remove the scalp dandruff that my baby had . I use it when I give him baths and to comb his hair right after . It had 3 sides to use . Comes in handy .

  16. Worked within 2 uses!! Noticeable difference I was amazed

  17. So happy I bought this lifted so much of the cradle cap. Works great on my baby’s curly hair, usually use it with some olive oil to help lift the wash out the little flakes with shampoo and conditioner and comb through again with olive or coconut oil after wash.

  18. These are really good when baby had dry scalp. Works really good. Gets rid of all the dry skin on the head.

  19. I bathe my son nightly and he’s never had any skin irritation with Mustela. My only criticismOf this set is I wish they were both pumps-It’s hard to squeeze the bottle while juggling baby !

  20. We used both the cream and the shampoo ONE time. My sons cradle cap is completely gone. His hair did come out with it, but that was unfortunately inevitable. I had tried multiple other cradle cap cream/shampoo/spray sets and absolutely nothing worked until I tried this. Love this brand!

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