Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie Bottoms, Travel Friendly No-Rub Touch Free Application for Sensitive Skin, from The Maker of Boogie Wipes, Over 200 Sprays per Bottle, 1.7 oz - Brian Onuonga Deals

Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie Bottoms, Travel Friendly No-Rub Touch Free Application for Sensitive Skin, from The Maker of Boogie Wipes, Over 200 Sprays per Bottle, 1.7 oz

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Baby Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie Bottoms, No-Rub Touch Free Application for Sensitive Skin, Over 200 Sprays per Bottle, 1.7 oz, Pack of 3

$25.47  in stock
as of May 5, 2024 3:48 am


Package Dimensions6.14 x 5.03 x 2.44 inches; 10.23 ounces
Date First AvailableOctober 7, 2020
ManufacturerEleeo Brands

  • REVOLUTIONARY DIAPER-RASH CREAM: Boogie Bottoms No-Rub Diaper Rash Spray is a professional-grade, soothing diaper rash cream in a SPRAY form.
  • HELPS TREAT & PREVENT DIAPER RASH: Zinc oxide touchless spray provides a therapeutic effect and forms a protective barrier to seal out wetness, help maintain skin's moisture balance, protect sensitive or chafed skin and speed healing.
  • TOUCHLESS CARE: Its touch-free application is easy-to-use with one hand and stays where it’s sprayed without running or caking. Touchless spray reduces the potential for cross-contamination during use without mess, inconvenience or painful application if skin is already irritated.
  • ADVANCED INGREDIENTS: Concentrated 25% Microfine Zinc Oxide covers a greater surface area with smaller particles that fit into skin crevices to soothe irritation. 20% Dimethicone creates a translucent, thin, breathable barrier that helps bond the zinc oxide to the skin and helps prevent irritation from moisture and friction. Free of fragrances, dyes and parabens.
  • EFFICIENT SPRAY BOTTLE: Over 200 sprays per bottle and yields less waste than traditional tube or jarred diaper rash creams. Its spray format saves time, reduces mess and is convenient to use on-the-go.

Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie Bottoms, Travel Friendly No-Rub Touch Free Application for Sensitive Skin, from The Maker of Boogie Wipes, Over 200 Sprays per Bottle, 1.7 oz

 in stock
as of May 5, 2024 3:48 am


Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Package Dimensions6.06 x 2.44 x 1.65 inches; 1.7 ounces
Item model number433420
Date First AvailableJune 12, 2018
ManufacturerEleeo Brands
Country of OriginUSA

  • Paraben Free
  • Dye Free
  • Soothing, effective barrier for baby's skin
  • Stays where it's sprayed without running or caking

Baby Wipes Unscented & Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie, 3 Packs of 30 (90 Total Wipes), 1.7 oz 1 Diaper Rash Spray

$20.39  in stock
as of May 5, 2024 3:48 am


Product Dimensions7.3 x 1.9 x 11.4 inches; 1.21 Pounds
ManufacturerEleeo Brands

  • PRODUCT ESSENTIALS FOR BABIES: This Boogie brand bundle contains everything you need for your little one. Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes are made with natural saline to help clean and dissolve snot and boogers, while Boogie Bottoms no-rub diaper rash spray is a creamy soothing diaper rash cream that you spray - no mess!
  • GENTLE SALINE WIPES FOR STUFFY NOSES: Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes are wet wipes made with natural saline, which is gentle on skin, helps clean and dissolve snot and boogers, and wipes away dirt and germs. They’re gentle enough to be used on noses, faces, fingers and toes whenever cleaning is necessary.
  • REVOLUTIONARY DIAPER-RASH CREAM: Boogie Bottoms no-rub diaper rash spray is a professional-grade, soothing diaper rash cream in a SPRAY form. It contains 25% zinc oxide to help treat and prevent diaper rash,and is loved by moms and recommended by pediatricians. Contains over 200 sprays per bottle.
  • SAFE AND GENTLE PRODUCTS: From our natural saline products that help gently clean and dissolve boogers and snot, to our soothing diaper rash cream that you can spray -- we keep the tiniest bodies and booties covered with great products that you and your baby will love.
  • WITH LOVE, FROM BOOGIE: The Boogie brand was invented by Moms for Moms with the hope of making parenting easier (and cleaner!) for everyone. We hope you love this Boogie brand bundle as much as we do!

Pain in The Butt MAX Diaper Rash Cream, 3oz, 40% Zinc Oxide, 3-Pack, Natural Ingredients, Petrolatum Free, Soothing, Rapid Relief and Protection for Baby

$25.60  in stock
as of May 5, 2024 3:48 am


Package Dimensions6.14 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches; 10.55 ounces
Date First AvailableOctober 9, 2020
ManufacturerTiny Human Supply Co

  • MAX STRENGTH: Formulated with 40% non-nano zinc oxide, Pain in the Butt is the strongest protection against diaper rash available on the market.
  • WORKS ON CONTACT: Immediately protects skin from diaper rash and begins to heal painful symptoms on contact.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Enriched with premium plant-based extracts to soothe and repair delicate baby skin on contact. Free from petrolatum, mineral oil, Parabens, phthalates, dyes and other toxic chemicals.
  • MADE IN USA: Proudly made paying fair wages in the USA where strict quality and regulatory standards mean you can trust our premium products to be safe, effective and socially responsible.

The Honest Company Baby Diaper Rash Cream Spray | Moisturizing + Calming Zinc Oxide | Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Cruelty Free | 2 fl oz

$10.02  in stock
as of May 5, 2024 3:48 am


Product Dimensions1.31 x 1.31 x 5.5 inches; 3.2 ounces
ManufacturerThe Honest Company
Country of OriginUSA

  • Take diaper duty off your hands with our touch-free Sprayable Diaper Rash Cream; Help soothe irritation, calm redness, + relieve discomfort due to diaper rash (at home or on-the-go!) with our no-mess + ultra-gentle spray!
  • Rapid relief zinc oxide, physician-tested formula helps treat + prevent diaper rash, seal out wetness, protect chafed skin, and helps to form a protective skin barrier
  • Cleanse + dry your baby's skin before liberally spraying the affected area
  • Dermatologist + Physician Tested; Cruelty Free; Made in the USA; Hypoallergenic
  • Made without: silicones, parabens, lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances


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  1. Excelente ! Practico de buen tamaño ideal para la pañalera y lo mejor sin embarrarte de crema 🥴

  2. I like to use these for my grandchildren. Works better than tissues

  3. I was skeptical whether the spray would be thick enough to use as diaper cream but it definitely is! no mess!!

  4. This butt spray was a bonus and not what I purchased for but omg it’s a life changer. I have twins so diaper changes are chaos but they think me spraying their butt is funny so they don’t wiggle as much. Please make sure when you use it they are free of moisture or it will CAUSE a rash, not prevent.

  5. My daughter used to get diaper rashes a lot and when we would apply cream it would hurt her. She gets excited about this spray. 10/10 would recommend

  6. I bought this just to get the diaper rash spray, and it did not come with the spray, even though the picture, description and sticker on the package says it comes with the spray! Very disappointed! If my husband didn’t open the wipes I would have definitely returned the package!

  7. This product was the the smallest bottle and wipes i have ever seen! I thought it was toy doll stuff when i opened the box! Way to much money for what i got!

  8. I tried this cream for 3 days on my babys buttom, I didn’t see it be any better than the purple desitin nor the purple aquaphor. Its nice and thick and no fragrance. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again, i mean i would if i couldn’t find desitin.

  9. So it’s great that it’s a diaper Rash Cream in a spray. That’s less messy to use, the only problem is it’s hard to get the stuff to come out. You have to hold it upright but that’s not the best angle to spray a babys bottom. Often times I’m compressing the nozzle over and over again and nothing comes out.

  10. I am a 36-year nurse veteran. We have used tens of products for skin irritations throughout my four decades in practice, but nothing beats zinc oxide. Yet, zinc oxide is messy. I was flabbergasted when I discovered The Honest Company Baby Diaper Rash Cream Spray zinc oxide. It is easy to apply. No mess. It works faster than Mother Nature and any product I have used professionally. I only wish it would spray upside down. Other than this little technical issue, it is a wonder. Thank you for marketing your zinc oxide spray. It can be used for many skin issues besides diaper rash and can resolve/heal conditions overnight. Great for toddlers and teenagers in the summertime who hate white noses and ears. 😉

  11. Love using the wipes on my littles. I have used them on my nose to test and they’re soft and work great. So easy on the nose which helps during runny nose seasons. The spray is a savor! Works great!! Don’t have to use very often but when I do I don’t even have to use it for a long time

  12. It is super easy to travel with. No mess when applying. Quick to use as my baby had decided that being a wrestler while getting a diaper change. He is busy and I need to work fast and I have found that this product is a life saver for that. I have it on subscription now to receive it every couple of weeks. You do need to shake the bottle just 2-3 times before every use as the liquid separates but that takes just a second to do.

  13. I have a child with very sensitive skin due to a medical condition. This cream was the only way to stay on top of diaper rashes when she was an infant. If their skin is still a little wet from wipes, the cream will slide off, so make sure you apply to dry skin.

  14. Love this stuff ended up buying three more after it did better then butt paste, desitin, triple paste, petroleum and more. Tried everything and the rubbing stuff on every diaper change seemed to hurt my baby so I was really happy to find a spray form. The rash has almost completely healed in just 4 days of using this stuff despite it being red and raw. This stuff works !

  15. Facilita mucho la aplicacion, ya que con 1 o 2 roseadas se crea una capa uniforme, lo recomiendo mucho ya que no te ensucies las manos y facilita mucho la aplicacion, ya que en ocaciones los bebes se mueven mucho, o en mi caso mi bebe no se dejaba poner por que estaba rozado y le ardia cuando le colocabas con la mano, pero con este spray se soluciona ese problema. aunque la formula solo te sirve para eliminar rozaduras leves, si tienes problemas con razaduras severas sera mejor utilizar una pomada especial para eso.

  16. Dealing with a “wiggle worm” ? When your baby squirms and rolls on the changing table, you can be the speediest “off with the old / on with the new” including the diaper and clean bottom protection ever! A key tip is using Baby Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie Bottoms. No more juggling the baby while you are trying to get the top off of the diaper rash protection tube, or getting more ointment on your hands than on the wiggling baby’s bottom! This Boogie Bottoms spray quickly covers the diaper rash potential area with a thin layer of real protection that works against soaked or “full” diapers. Regular diaper changes and Baby Diaper Rash Cream Spray by Boogie Bottoms won’t change the kiddie wiggle and roll factor, but your baby will be full of giggles and laughter instead of blistered bottom wailing. You might want to check out the other items from the Boogie brand also! Lots has changed and improved since the 80’s and we grandparent caregivers CAN learn new tricks! 😉

  17. Easy to use on the go and it prevents diaper rash.

  18. If I am being honest, this stuff works amazingly. My 1.5 year old had the worst diaper rash she’s ever had to date and this stuff worked faster than Boudreaux’s Butt Past! I noticed the difference in an hour, applied more and in the morning it is almost completely gone. The only downside is my nozzle broke. If you’re looking for a sign to get this, please do. It will be a life saver as spray bottle and with how great it works!

  19. I keep one in my diaper bag for travel. It is way less messy than alternatives I’ve used in a tube.

  20. I like the mess free part of this product. Good for everyday use, but not if diaper rash is bad. I would use something stronger if there is a bad diaper rash.

  21. I love it’s easy to clean off because to put it’s so messy. Really wanted to like this product but so messy to put on especially when your baby likes to move.

  22. This must be the holy grail of diaper rash cream! It’s truly mind blowing how great it works!First of all it actually stays on the skin in between diaper changes (like all creams are supposed to do but nothing I’ve ever tried stays put like this stuff)!! I was shocked to see how little of the product had transferred to the inside of the actual diaper. It’s incredibly thick cream so I’d recommend one of those little diaper cream spatula/ spreader things. It does spread easy enough alone though. I don’t think it has any scent to it, I haven’t noticed any smell at all from it.And even better, you only have to use a fraction of the amount of cream to cover the entire rash area. I guarantee a tube of this would last at least 3-4 times longer than say, a tube of desitin, butt paste, or balmex.It also completely healed my daughter’s diaper rash after only two applications (which lasted all day, through many diaper changes, and yes I use wipes but the cream still stays on!) I only reapplied the cream after changing a dirty diaper. When changing a wet diaper, I was able to wipe her off without disturbing the cream very much. And since no wetness can penetrate the layer of cream, I know I’m still keeping her clean. (I’d also recommend this brand’s diaper change cleaning spray. It seriously gets baby’s little butt extra clean after a dirty diaper & also can help remove the cream easier.)Side note: my baby girl has very sensitive, dry skin (just as I do) and she’s is also prone to eczema breakouts. For example, if she poops her diaper while she’s sitting in her car seat, and I still have a ten minute drive home before I can change her, she will already have a diaper rash and it will continue to get worse throughout the rest of the day. Thank goodness I’ve got the solution for that problem now!This product is a godsend & I can’t recommend enough!!

  23. I dont know why the texture is like this, it’s very watery, i read somewhere in the review that I need to knead it first but I’ve been kneading it but it’s still sooo watery and Im confused on how to use it. I don’t like that cause i usually need this butt cream when changing my wiggly son so I need to be able to get it quick and with one hand. This isn’t for me.

  24. This is another product that I am so grateful for.Use this and put lanolin afterwards if you need extra barrier and your baby is allergic to petroleum like mine is!Petroleum is in almost every other diaper cream. For my son, it causes rash and he breaks out in red bumps (contact dermatitis) all over his body. I found out by using diaper creams preventatively and when I used Aquaphor on his cheeks (just use lanolin if needed now). I had tried 3 different creams and petroleum is what was in common and definitely the culprit.The corn starch ingredient helps keep tight areas around the legs dry too. I really like the spray bottle!It does stain fabric but I’m still giving 5 stars because it’s great for us otherwise and stained sheets aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

  25. Super thick, works great, one of the only creams that actually will prevent diaper rash on my kiddos! A little hard to squeeze outta the tube at the end, but taking the cap off helps!

  26. Bought this for my baby and it works and easy to carry around

  27. So I wasn’t expecting this to be a pasty spray. It deff comes out thick which is great. I love that it is so much quicker with a wiggly baby than having to squeeze the cream on a spatula and then apply. I’m gonna start gifting this instead of paste

  28. Way more expensive than other diaper creams, but the spray feature makes it so worth it! My little one had a diaper rash so bad that it was bleeding, & other creams only irritated it more when I had to rub them on. This spray helped heal his rash quickly & relieve his pain. I can’t recommend this enough!

  29. This works better than anything else we’ve tried. Plus the size is super convenient for the diaper bag. Thank you!!!

  30. Feel like this soothes and reduces redness fast. Love the spray, easy to use.

  31. If you have ever wrestled a diaper onto a wiggly toddler, you know that every second counts. This is so much more convenient than traditional butt paste, and seems to clear up diaper rash just as well.I like to buy these for baby shower gifts, because they’re so convenient. I tell all of my friends to buy this product for their kids

  32. This is a good cream. I don’t use it as the everyday cream as it is very thick and harder to get on. It is best for when a diaper rash or redness shows. It covers so well and makes a great barrier. I find that it goes on a little easier if you use a layer of vaseline first. The two work well together.

  33. Have been suing this for 3 years ! get the best deal for this 3 pack on amazon. Rash always clears up quickly and no more cream on the hands or using awkward devices to spread it on your child , tis 1,2,3 spray and done !

  34. Putting on diaper rash cream is messy. The spray solves that problem seamlessly.The spray works and doesn’t irritate my daughter’s bum. It also doesn’t leave a greasy film that is hard to get off and it doesn’t stink.

  35. I had a lot of sweating going on. No one could figure it out. Then I started having skin issues. Desitin the well known brand had nothing on this! I sweat under my bra a lot even though I barely have anything. And I was freaking miserable. No rash or anything just burning. Doctor couldn’t figure it out. After other failed solutions I decided okay let me try zinc oxide again but maybe another brand. This is it! It even stopped some sweat and the irritation is almost gone.

  36. My baby does not have diaper rashes often but when he has this is my go to diaper rash solution. It is easy to apply, no sticky fingers or awful spatula. Quick spray easy and efficient.

  37. I love the spray option. You need to shake and it is a little runny but you rub it in and it’s minimal mess left on hands.

  38. This is a MUST for your diaper bag and on the go ! I also use it if my little one has a little diaper rash.. I spray before wiping and it helps it glide.

  39. I wanted to try this as an alternative for travel, and the day it arrived we ironically had one of the very few diaper rashes our LO has because of a small GI bug causing a lot of stool over the past few days. This worked very well and seemed to resolve the diaper rash within 24 hours with notable improvement over the first 1-2 hours. LO doesn’t seem to notice or recoil when spraying, but it does take 2-3 sprays to have the area saturated on our 4 month old.Overall a pretty good product, only -1 due to the lack of control when spraying and needing multiple sprays to saturate. Texture is A+ though and I wish all others could be this consistency and have the same staying power.

  40. My little one was struggling with bad diaper rashes until my friend recommended this product. It really does work quick and it’s great for maintaining the skin if it begins to look red. And can we talk about the convenience of the spray?! I get it’s pricey, but I feel its worth it.

  41. Our baby had sensitive skin and needed zinc oxide with every diaper change for a while. That got so messy and tedious with products like Desitin (which works great; just messy!). Finding this was so very convenient. It has a high zinc oxide content so you’re not compromising on protection for your baby even as you’re getting the convenience of a spray application (perfect for on-the-go diaper changes).

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