e.l.f., Lip Lacquer, Moisturizing, Shiny, Non-Sticky, Long Lasting, Provides Maximum Color, Glides On, Bubbles, 0.08 Fl Oz - Brian Onuonga Deals

e.l.f., Lip Lacquer, Moisturizing, Shiny, Non-Sticky, Long Lasting, Provides Maximum Color, Glides On, Bubbles, 0.08 Fl Oz

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e.l.f., Lip Lacquer, Moisturizing, Shiny, Non-Sticky, Long Lasting, Provides Maximum Color, Glides On, Bubbles, 0.08 Fl Oz

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as of May 3, 2024 9:50 pm


Product Dimensions1.6 x 1.6 x 11.51 inches; 0.32 ounces
Item model number29964
Manufacturere.l.f. Cosmetics
Country of OriginChina

  • Formulated with vitamin e to moisturize lips, providing maximum colour and brilliant shine
  • Perfect for wearing alone or layered over lipstick for a bold lip statement
  • Slim and lightweight design, convenient to use and carry
  • Available in 8 shades
  • SKIN-LOVING INGREDIENTS: All e.l.f. products are made from skin-loving ingredients you want, minus the toxins you don’t—all at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and leaping bunny certified.
  • Skin type: Normal

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro and Gokart Pro 2 - High-Speed Racing and Immersive Gaming Combo for Ages 14+, Up to 15.5 mph

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as of May 3, 2024 9:50 pm


Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎45 x 36 x 21 inches
Package Weight‎65.77 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎55.9 x 33.5 x 23.6 inches
Item Weight‎112.9 Pounds
Brand Name‎Segway
Warranty Description‎1 Year Limited Warranty
Model Name‎Transformers Electric GoKart Pro
Suggested Users‎Unisex-Adult
Number of Items‎1
Manufacturer‎Ninebot (Changzhou) Tech Co., Ltd.
Part Number‎N3M432
Model Year‎2021
Style‎‎Gokart Pro
Included Components‎Frame, Accessories
Size‎Extra Large

  • Upped The Game: The Gokart PRO comes with a top speed of 23 mph and 15.5 miles range within one single charge. Included Ninebot S MAX, you can easily assemble and detach the Gokart PRO and experience the fun of self-balancing scooter..Operating Temperature : 14–104°F (-10–40°C), Nominal Power : 120 W
  • Drift like a Pro: The Gokart PRO has an RR design, the rear engine and the rear-wheel-drive are set up like supercars. Equipped with 4,800W Max engine power and 96N max torque. This allows segway Gokart PRO to sprint from 0 to 23 mph within seconds.
  • Keep Your safe: The Ninebot Gokart PRO comes with a high-strength steel frame that can carry a payload of up to 220 lbs and max slope of 15°. Triple anti-collision protection and dual communication technology to increase the safety of the rider.
  • Fun for All Ages: The adjustable frame length and steering wheel height can accommodate riders from 4’5” to 6’3”. Gokart PRO features four driving modes. It's collapsible to fit into most vehicle trunks, allowing you to take it wherever you want to go!
  • Warranty: Download the Segway app to control four driving modes, adjust the drifting assistant level, control the light effect, and much more. Please refer to warranty information in the product details below and contact us if you have any problems.
  • The manual handbrake can be used when drifting and can also be used as an effective way of braking during emergencies.
  • 20,000-Mile Plus Professional Race Track Test

Champion Women's Sports Bra, Motion Control Zip High-impact Sports Bra, Wirefree Bra for Women

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as of May 3, 2024 9:50 pm


Product Dimensions4.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches; 4.48 ounces
Item model numberB1525
Date First AvailableApril 9, 2019

ZIPPED UP STYLE. This Wirefree Motion Control Bra with trendy front zipper offers maximum support and all-around comfort for all your high-intensity workouts. Innovative Motion Control cups feature targeted zones for support, stretch, and breathability, while Double Dry™ technology helps keep moisture away from the skin to further enhance your experience. Reinforced laminate side panels provide extra support and have a smoothing effect where you want it most. Front zip offers easy-on, easy-off changing. Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a run, this high-impact sports bra has your back and your front.

Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo: Activity Book With Funny Facts, Bathroom Jokes, Poop Puzzles, Sudoku & Much More. Perfect Gag Gift.

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as of May 3, 2024 9:50 pm

Carhatt Mens Knit Cuffed Beanie

 in stock
as of May 3, 2024 9:50 pm


Date First AvailableApril 30, 2024


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  1. This is my 2nd purchase of this hat, however, I will tell you why at the end of my review, since this this is supposed to be a review for the item itself and not necessarily just about why I purchased the hat.This Hat would actually be a great warm winter Hat for those SD, ND, MN, WI, NY, PA, etc Type winters.As a Man, this is a great winter Hat that fits great and as expected. It actually exceeded my expectations, especially for the fit and wear & tear you will put it through, as it is a Carhartt. Carhartt means, it was made to be USED and not just worn. Any man will know the difference between wearing something and actually using it.I have about a Medium size to slightly medium-large sized head. Medium because of the shape and size of my head is Medium like anyone else with a medium sized head. However, the large part is because the vertical length of my head is slightly longer. Kind of like your shoe size may really be a size 10, however because you may have wide feet you have to get a size 11 just to accommodate the width, if a size 10W isn’t available.If you’re looking for a Medium sized hat with a little bit of length to it, then this would be the hat to get.Realistically, the hat is slightly a little bigger because of the length and its new. However for a Man, it’s always good to purchase a hat that is slightly bigger than what you presumably need, because you never know what your going to be stuck doing, like a lot of shoveling or out scraping cars when it’s ice cold out and you need that extra part/length of the hat to cuff and cover your ears really well to keep them warm and protected.If you put this hat on all the way w/o cuffing it, and wear/pull it all the way down until there is no more to material to pull down, it will reach to about the base of the head/neck, with still a little slack left over.In terms of long term use and durability, this is also another reason why I love this hat. As it does have slightly a little extra slack to it. Depending on your purpose, occupation or whatever the heck you’ll be doing that you’ll be wearing this hat, it can be adjusted in many different positions.You’ll also more than likely you’ll end up putting it in the wash. When you wash this hat, I highly recommend washing it only with other winter type articles of clothing, or maybe a small load of shirts or sweaters at most. Yes, you could wash it with just a regular full load of laundry or anything else, but I don’t recommend it if you want this hat to last a long time. Like anything else in this life, If you take care of it, it will take care of you. The best way to dry it would either be to throw it in the dryer for 5 minutes at the most and let it hang dry. However, if you want to dry it in the dryer all the way, put it on very light heat for about 10 to 15 minutes, or just let the dryer run on air dry with no heat for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you drive too much, that will get more worn Out and used then if you were wearing and using it yourself, which means it won’t last long.This is my 2nd year purchasing this exact hat, as I still have the 1st hat from last year. Except this time/year, I purchased 2 more from Amazon.The 1st hat was purchased at a retail location. Then I found it online at Amazon for a fraction of the price. I was hesitant at 1st, because the price on Amazon was substantially lower. However, when I received these from Amazon, upon further examination, it was the same exact one that I purchased at retail.I purchased additonally hats because I have a habit of losing them. When you find a product or item that works well, especially a winter hat, it’s a good idea to purchase a few extra ones.If you lose the only one that you have or if you’ve really got some really good use out of the one that you have had for a long time and you know it’s more than likely it’s time for you to throw it out, you know it’s going to be close to impossible to find another one again that works exactly like the one that you had and grown accustom to that you know that works. We all know that all good things come to an end it don’t last forever. Then before you know it, your stuck having to go from store to store (site-to-site) to try to find a hat that fits or is comfortable, especially in the middle of winter when you just lost your hat. To top it off, you can no longer find that same exact hat. I’ve been through that before and it sucks.So in closing this is a very good hat, because of the good comfortable fit, durability, longevity and that It will take good care of you; and especially for the price. You can’t beat the price for the brand that you’re getting which also makes it easier to buy extra hats.If you’re going to buy extra hats, I recommend buying at least 2 or 3 extra or total of 3 or 4 hats. 1 hat for obvious reasons; an extra 1 at home in case you lose 1, 1 extra one for in your car under your seat in case you forget your hat or lose it while you’re out and abou, that way you have an extra one in the car when you need it. Also, 1 hat left at work. The extra hats in the car or at work also serve a great purpose for helping somebody else out that may not have a hat that clearly needs one.

  2. My sons and I have had Segway S machines since Christmas and we’ve really enjoyed them. We considered getting the Go Kart kit for them but when I saw this I waited until Segway Ninebot released this to the pubic.The box it came in was all beat up, and some of the Styrofoam was broken, but the actual go kart was in perfect shape. It pretty much comes assembled fully. You just have to spend about 15 to 20 minutes putting the little pieces together and then plug it in for a full charge.I was skeptical about how well this is built until I got it. This thing is SOLID! The pedals are well-made, the frame feels very sturdy, steering assembly is solid, the speaker is a nice piece of equipment, the handbrake works incredibly well and I never feel any instability at any speed. A couple of people have ridden this that well-exceed 220 lbs and they were able to achieve the top speed. I did buy a compatible speedometer from eBay which costs like $40 to $50 at the time. Not sure what it is now. That is my only real complaint. They should have included a speedometer.So, all I have to say is WOW! This is nothing but pure fun. The acceleration is phenomenal. Much better than the standard gas combustion go karts you use on fun park tracks. It really puts you back in your seat like you are driving a Lamborghini (which I have driven) but it tops out at 23 mph. So basically you are at full speed in about 1 to 1.5 seconds.This thing is VERY low to the ground, but you do have enough clearance to avoid smashing the front on most entryways to driveways and sidewalks. You need to be really careful and use the flag it comes with. Cars are going to have a very hard time seeing you around any objects. I would be very apprehensive letting any child drive this on any public road in any neighborhood because of that reason alone. Try not to be too cool for helmets and extra pads for your knees and elbows. You never know when you have to make a really sharp emergency turn to avoid something and flip this over even though it would be hard to do (it is possible though).Because you’re so low, and obviously you are wide open to the outside, the 23 mph top speed is going to feel much faster than 23 mph in a car. That is what Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain at Disney World achieves for speed even though it seems much faster. This will satisfy a lot of thrill seekers.The steering is pretty sweet once you get used to it. At first it seems very jerky but it isn’t meant to be precise at slow speeds without power steering. After a while you’ll realize that it performs nicely at high speeds and rounding corners at high speeds is great once you get the hang of it. I have NOT been able to drift in this go kart because the roads in my neighborhood need to be paved. It’s impossible to drift. I need to find a place where the surface is smooth enough and then I’ll report back on it.The speaker really is a neat aspect of this. It is rechargeable but one thing to note is that it does take a while to recharge. It synchronizes with the pedals so that when you push the gas it revs up like a race engine. It is done almost perfectly. As you accelerate the sound becomes far-more aggressive. Not using this leaves you with a silent ride which isn’t nearly as much fun. You can also synch your iPhone to it and play your music instead, but I’d rather use the engine sounds. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it did not come with English instructions. Just Chinese – I don’t know if that is something they forgot to put in there, or they just counted on people figuring it out. It wasn’t hard and the Segway app picked it up right away.The lighting effects are cool but the green headlight on this is basically useless in terms of illuminating what is in front of you. I imagine they did not put real headlights on this because they don’t want people driving at night in this. I imagine you can find external, battery operated lights to mount on both sides if you wanted to. I might try that down the road, but for now I’ll keep the night rides to a minimum.This comes with a knee-bar if you want to take the Ninebot S-Max out of it and use it like the Segway S models (hoverboard style). It’s better than what comes with the S, but it does not come with the full extension bar that you steer with your hands like purchasing the Ninebot S-Max separately gives you. I imagine that Ninebot will eventually offer this as an accessory but as of today they do not.This was a impulse purchase, but it is so much fun. The only issue is that there aren’t many places around to ride it. Even in my neighborhood, people park on the side of the road during the day and it gets hard to see cars coming. We’re going to find other places to take this to. This is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something really fun and aren’t worried about the cost.

  3. This thing is RAD!! It’s got it all except…. I love the look, the durability, the app, control, drifting, it’s clean, easy to transport and store! It’s a SAGWAY so it’s very reliable!! Two things I don’t like so much one was an easy fix. The seat doesn’t fit a normal size adult. So I took off the two black pads and we all fit perfectly comfy!! Only took about 15 mins to remove the extra clean! The other thing I don’t like that I can’t seem to fix is it only goes 23 mph?? It feels fast at first and is great for kids but if you say it’s for adults too it should do at least 35? That would be sooooooo much more fun for adults!! Hopefully they come out with an adult mode in the future? If they do I’ll hunt this down and change it!!! I LOVE THAT ITS ALSO A NINEBOT MAX S! I have a LOOMO it’s nice to be able to take the max s off the kart and let my friends ride along with me while I’m on LOOMO!! I paid 1800 for mine with all the accessories so I feel like that was a good deal. Thanks Segway for so many awesome products through the years!

  4. The title is no lie, since I impulse bought mine with Biden Bucks last year, two of my family and friends have wanted one so they got theirs through me. We all have the pro model. This thing is so fun to take out on our roads and just drift and spin like crazy. I’m 6ft 190 and with it fully extended its a little tight and my knees definitely touch the steering wheel, but its really not a huge deal. Ill go over pros and cons.Pros:Super Fun, 23mph feels MUCH faster especially with the crazy acceleration these have. If the tires are fresh, the turning is very responsive and you can make a turn on a dime. There’s 4 speed modes if you have little kids or someone who is just learning.(But i never use anything but the fastest) There’s a companion app where you change the modes, lights, and other settings. There’s a drift slider where you can pick between understeer and full on drifting.Its just a Go kart kit on top of the Segway S Max, it also comes with the Knee bar so if you want to use it as a commuter, you can just take the S Max out of the back and put on the knee bar and boom, instant urban transport.There’s potential upgradability in the future! If Segway/Ninebot comes out with a S Max+ or Pro or whatever they call it, you can just swap it into the go kart frame and have a whole new go kart!The build quality is amazing, there’s rubber bumpers on the front and sides, a strong frame and adjustable length, the Allen wrench for adjusting it comes on the kart itself in a little slot on the side.Cons:The other review about the tires being bad, is partially true. depending on how you use it and what road surface its on, the tires can wear really fast. The review said in under 2 weeks they were already getting a torn up tire. They must have been going HARD to shred the tires like that. If you don’t drift they should last a long time. If you only go crazy with the drifting all the time, the tires wear very fast. And its true they aren’t sold on Ninebot’s website(almost nothing is available on their site), but they are on Aliexpress, which is where i have been getting mine, the rear ones are about $53 each at the time of writing this, pretty pricey for how fast they wear out. The front ones are about $48 each. The shipping time is quite longIf you drift a lot, the battery really isn’t all that great. It runs out super fast if you drift hard and weigh closer to the weight limit of the kart. Its because when drifting there’s so much resistance to the motor. If you just cruise, the battery actually is pretty decent. We have had ours for over a year and i’ve noticed a little bit of battery degradation but not a whole lot.There seems to be QC issues with the hand brake, the welds on mine were a little wonky and caused it not contact the tire. I contacted support and they asked for a ton of info including pics. Support was helpful, but I ended up solving the issue myself by bending it into place.All in all, this is an amazing toy, Everyone we drive by stares at us, they always say it looks so fun. Some have stopped me in the middle of the street wanting to know what these are and where to get them. If you have the extra spending money, its SO worth it!

  5. I used to have to wear a bra under my sports bra and no longer now! A must have!

  6. There is nothing “champion” about this sports bra. In fact, “Big Loser” would be a more accurate description. I wanted to like it and I suppose if was a size 2, that might happen. But us girls with larger measurements on top (38 D) will not be happy with this sports bra.To begin, the measurements are not accurate. I recently lost 100 lbs, so I am very well aware of my measurements. A 38 D should have fit nicely. I ordered a 38 D and 38 DD just so I could compare sizes and find the most comfortable one. There is SO much bulky fabric in the making of this bra, it is very uncomfortable. The band size was so small, it didn’t even come around to the front of my chest. The cups were a bit large, and left extra fabric across the nipple area. So, I ordered a 42 C and 42 D (which I haven’t worn since before my weight loss) figuring maybe they just run small and the larger band size would allow for a better fitting cup. Nope. The band was still too small and took a good 5 minutes to zip it up. I don’t have 5 minutes to wrestlle with a bra every day. If you do, this might be the one for you! Furthermore, the cups were comically huge. I’m thinking this would fit someone well who was a 34 E. Blessings to you, if this is you.So, like I said,poorly constructed, lack of attention to actual sizing (is Champion made in China?) and so much fabric you could easily make two bras of out the one (think your mother’s bra in the 1959’s). Nice price though. Maybe it will fit perfectly for someone else, but it definitely was not for me.

  7. I usually buy lululemon zip up sports bras but because they are so expensive I tried this sports bra. It’s not good quality – zip is very light and the band underneath cups is uncomfortable. I ended up buying another lululemon bra.

  8. This is the only sports bra I found that works…at least for someone who is middle aged, overweight, has had a couple of nursed children, and wears a D cup…or bigger. The ladies aren’t so perky anymore. I normally only wear underwire bras…because anything else the ladies try to escape out from under. Sports bras are no exception. Normally when I wear sports bras, if the ladies aren’t trying to escape underneath, they are trying to escape straight through and roll over the edge of the too tight band to nestle back in their comfy place near my waistband….which is not only extremely unsightly and unflattering, it is also quite uncomfortable with the band rolling and squeezing up and under the ladies….probably trying to escape the suffocating heat or keep from drowning in pools of sweat…which said rolled bra is at that point conveniently making a synthetic water retaining pool to collect! And the worst part is that most don’t have zippers…and if they do they don’t stay zipped, freeing your people at the most inopportune times…which means trying to get one on (or off…especially when hot and sweaty after a workout) over your head without a zipper…(and the aforementioned pool of collected body tears) is more exercise than the workout you put it on for in the first place.None of that is true for this bra. It is easy to get on…and off, it’s comfortable. Like comfortable enough to wear through my 2 hour workout and even in general. It feels secure. My ladies aren’t going anywhere and better yet they don’t feel like they are trying to. I also happen to like that I don’t have a uni-boob when I’m wearing it….it’s actually flattering. I don’t even look elsewhere for sports bras anymore. Champion is now officially my ladies personal champion!

  9. The media could not be loaded.  Updated Review: I bought this gokart pro four months ago in August. Originally I was had trouble syncing up the bluetooth and setting it up. It was locked and I didn’t know it then. After figuring out how to use it, we have not stopped riding it. I’m 190 lbs and it accelerates and maintains top speed just the same as my 55lb kid. The spin outs and drifting is what this makes the go-kart extremely fun. Its rated for 14yrs old, but my 7yr rides out like a pro. The three different speed modes that restricts makes it fun for all inexperienced and advanced riders. I would highly recommend this Gokart. Its a bit pricey, but just like all techs you get what you pay for and its very worth it. I’m actually looking to buy another one thats used, just so I can ride the same time with my boy.

  10. Es exacto el color a la imagen, el cierre es pequeño y espero que dure, es el único detalle porque no se transparenta y tiene copas preformadas muy prácticas.

  11. I love the support this bra gives! I gave up under wire and have had a difficult time finding a bra that supports! I got a 40 DD (actual chest measurement is 38″, I have no idea why we do it this way but that means I get a 40″ band). My boobs aren’t particularly perky, lots of boob above the nip. So I have some sagging. For vanity purposes this does not bother me. But the under boob gets so hot and sweaty from the lack of air flow. HOWEVER, this bra locks my boobies up high so there is no sagging. I wear it to work as a nurse in a busy procedural area and then to PT in the evenings and am comfortable all day! Boobies high, airflow all around! Now, it is pretty snug. I definitely needed the little clasp that holds the sides of the zipper together in order to get it zipped. And the first time I wore it, I forgot to push the little flap of fabric over that covers/cushions the bottom of the zipper- so it rubbed a bit until I figured out what I had done. I am definitely going to be buying this in other colors. It is for sure my work bra and workout bra. I wash it on cold and hang to dry in the evening and it’s dry by morning. Looks brand new and I’ve worn it every day for 2 weeks and washed it a few times.

  12. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I recently purchased the Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie, and it has quickly become my go-to accessory for chilly days. The quality of this beanie is exceptional – it’s made with a durable knit fabric that not only keeps me warm but also stands up to daily wear and tear.The cuffed design provides a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring that the beanie stays in place even during brisk winds. The Carhartt logo adds a touch of style without being overly flashy.What sets this beanie apart is its versatility. Whether I’m heading out for a morning jog, going camping, or just running errands, it’s the perfect companion. The warmth it provides without sacrificing style makes it a must-have in my winter wardrobe.Carhartt’s reputation for crafting rugged and reliable gear is clearly evident in this beanie. I highly recommend the Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie to anyone in need of a durable, comfortable, and stylish cold-weather accessory. It’s a true winner!

  13. Soft, non-itchy material and very warm. Colour true to product image. Not so long that it’s octopus shaped. Not so short that it looks like a condom lol perfect all around. Would buy more if they weren’t so pricey. Also not a fan that the brand is so prominent on the hat. Seems a bit forcibly trendy…

  14. I work outside in northern Canada and this hat has kept me warm in -40 Celsius weather. The quality is very durable and it fits nice and snug (with stretch).It is easy to wash (either hand wash or in the washing machine).The colour is very pretty and adds a bit of pop to my winter outfits.

  15. Love this color, goes on smooth, not at all sticky. Quick delivery. Happy with my purchase.

  16. Really happy with this! Feels quality – thick material, soft, very warm, and looks great!AND it does not hurt my ears! Many beanies end up hurting my ears after an hour or two – I think they press my ears against my head too hard. But this is one of the few that doesn’t.

  17. This lip gloss is sparkly and it goes well with any skin type I would call that nude. So if you’re looking for some sparkle on your lips it’s a little sticky but overall it’s pretty on your lips that’s why I purchased it. Give it a try I’m sure you like it.

  18. I love them, not only to do sports but as an everyday bra! I wear to go grocery shopping, to clean the house etc They fit and support so well , no longer have shoulder pains , neck pain or back pain

  19. Great pay of and even better price. Looks great as a topper or on its own!

  20. Nice and warm. Most comfortable hat I ever put on my head. Keeps my ears nice and warm.I will be ordering more for next winter in different colors. Price was right and quality excellent.I highly recommend.

  21. Cathart always stands with quality and durability

  22. Love this! Perfect for everyday! Not sticky. Has shine and a tint of a color. I’m going to order 4 more just to make sure I have it. Get it!

  23. Smooth and shiny. Goes on easy. Had to apply 2/3 coats to get it even. Great for price.

  24. I don’t know if this is legit Carhartt or knock off as my other touques by then from Marks work warehouse fit a bit tighter, but I love this one it’s so stretchy! I’m buying a couple more.

  25. Shinny, crysatl clear, no color, smelled like normal lip gloss, size was perfect for price

  26. El material y el diseño es muy bueno, pero no así el cálculo de las tallas. Mi pedido fue de dos tallas mayores a la mía y, pese a eso, me quedó muy ajustado, muy difícil, incluso, de cerrarlo. Es una lástima. En este momento no está disponible, pero esperaré a que haya en existencia para pedir una talla aún más grande, porque el producto es muy bueno.

  27. I bought this solely based on the price, thinking I wouldn’t love it but since it was inexpensive, I wouldn’t really care. I am shocked by how much I love it. It’s hydrating, not sticky or thick at all, the color payoff is incredible, and it lasts much longer than I expected. My favorite lip product in years!

  28. The Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie is an essential accessory for my husband. We have a small farm, and this provides both warmth and visibility during cold outdoor activities. As someone who values safety and practicality, this beanie has exceeded my expectations in both regards.First and foremost, the beanie’s knit construction offers superior warmth and comfort, making it perfect for chilly mornings and cold weather conditions on the farm. The cuffed design ensures a snug and secure fit, keeping my husband’s head and ears protected from the elements while he tends to the animals or works around the property.What sets this beanie apart is its high-visibility feature, which is crucial for safety, especially in rural areas where hunting or shooting may occur. The bright color and bold Carhartt logo ensure that my husband remains visible to neighbors and hunters alike, reducing the risk of accidents or misunderstandings during outdoor activities.Furthermore, the durable construction of the Carhartt beanie means it can withstand the rigors of farm work, holding up well to daily wear and tear. Whether my husband is feeding livestock, mending fences, or performing other tasks around the farm, this beanie provides reliable warmth and visibility throughout the day.Overall, the Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie is a practical and indispensable accessory for farm life. Its combination of warmth, visibility, and durability makes it the perfect choice for anyone working outdoors, ensuring both comfort and safety in any weather conditions.

  29. Très belle couleur et matériel assez épais de bonne qualité

  30. I liked it, it’s a nice gloss with a good color

  31. it’s cute, glossy, and not unbearably sticky. i like how you can layer it differently depending on what you’re going for — if you want it thicker, you can put more on and it’ll be stickier for sure but it stays for longer like that. product came with the safety seal and everything

  32. Gives a nice shine and tint color. Not sticky or messy at all.

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