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Guns & Roses: Greatest Hits

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Guns & Roses: Greatest Hits

 in stock
as of May 3, 2024 7:50 pm

NOTE: The label side of the CD has lines which are part of the design.The cover on the disc makes the disc to appear damaged but it is not damaged.

Maxell – 648220, Premium Quality Noise free Surface Playback Recordable CDs 700Mb Storage – 2x to 48x, Write Speed with 80 minutes - Blank CDs, CD Storage & Reusable Spindle Case Holder - 5 Pack

 in stock
as of May 3, 2024 7:50 pm


Write Speed52x
Recording Capacity80 minutes
Unit Count1.00 Count
Product Dimensions5.25 x 8 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight0.16 ounces
Country of OriginUSA
Item model number648220
Best Sellers Rank#4 in Blank CD-R Discs
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableSeptember 1, 2010

  • Record on computer CD writers, playback on any CD Drive or player
  • Supports write speeds up to 48x
  • 700MB of data storage
  • Great for check-out stand placement
  • Great for check-out stand placement

100 Singalong Songs For Kids

 in stock
as of May 3, 2024 7:50 pm

100 Singalong Songs For Kids [Audio CD] Cedarmont Kids.

Calming Songbirds - Nature Sounds Recording of Bird Calls - For Meditation, Relaxation and Creating a Soothing Atmosphere - Nature's Perfect White Noise -

$13.95  in stock
as of May 3, 2024 7:50 pm

Relax and De-stress To The Soothing Sound Of Morning Songbirds
Feel tense after a long, stressful day and looking to create a calm environment at home? Need some nature sounds for your meditation practice?
Relax to soothing nature sounds with the Calming Songbirds CD.
Authentic recording of morning birds singing: your passport to NATURAL relaxation
The ONLY nature CDs created by a certified music therapist specializing in the use of sound to help reduce anxiety and stress.
This premium-quality CD drowns out external noise as it slowly, gently relaxes you. You'll feel peace and calm wash over you.
Your CD provides:
- 60 uninterrupted minutes of bird calls without distracting sounds or music
- Professional recording quality for crisp, clean audio sound
- Protective CD packaging, with a beautiful cover photo
- 6-month guarantee: If you don't love this relaxing CD, return it within 6 months for a full refund of your purchase price
- PLUS - A percentage of profits are donated to Lucy’s Love Bus, a non-profit organization that provides FREE music therapy services to pediatric cancer patients in New England.
What WON'T You Get? Distractions!
Your Songbird CD has no jarring background noises. No annoying loops. No distracting music. Nothing but the sound of morning songbirds. It is a professional, high quality CD made in the USA and it will work in all CD players, guaranteed
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If you love the sound of bird calls - or if you simply crave peace and calm - order this CD right away. Plus, stock up for friends and family who have trouble relaxing or sleeping.
Can't wait for your CD to arrive? Download it now!

Nature Sounds with Music Deep Sleep Music, Relaxation, Music for Healing, Music with Nature

$12.98  in stock
as of May 3, 2024 7:50 pm

NATURE SOUNDS WITH MUSIC is a digitally mastered CD containing over one hour of crisp clear nature sounds paired together with the beautiful music of pianist/composer Bradley Joseph. It creates a relaxing atmosphere for sleep, yoga, the workplace, dinner time, morning coffee, driving, and for other special times in our life. Designed for deep sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Professional pianist/composer Bradley Joseph performed with multi-platinum artists Yanni for over a decade. His brilliant arrangements bring to life this incredible collection.


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  1. This CD definitely deserves a 5 star rating. The music pieces chosen for the CD delivers the promises to enhance meditation and relaxation. I have also fallen into a restful sleep when just looking to relax with the music.I feel that nature sounds and sounds of water running are naturally soothing when your body is stressed.I was a little unsure when I look at the CD if I should purchase; however, I am glad I did. For the amount of times I have played this to relax, I have received my purchase value in return 10 times over.Also, since the CD delivers what it promises, don’t listen to this and drive.

  2. I bought this because I suffer from insomnia and I am always looking for something that may help. I often listen to nature sounds available on the internet, and with those I do some visualization also, I can sometimes relax and go to sleep, I thought I’d try this with the music and see how I liked it. It is very pleasant, calming, and not too loud. My problem though, sometimes when the music stops and the nature sounds are still playing, the stopping of the music wakes me back up or makes me too alert again. I know that is just me b/c of the sleep issues I have. I like white noise for sleep too and if that cuts off, I wake up. The product is very pleasant and I do recommend it.

  3. It’s only been a few nights, but those few nights have produced sleep; deep, restful sleep. Which is a huge difference from tossing and turning, listening to outside noise of cars and dogs. I will say that when the piano key hits on the second or third track it’s a little startling at first, but you’re right back to relaxing in seconds. The nature sounds are realistic and extremely calming. I would definitely recommend.

  4. This CD is great. My kids love to fall asleep to relaxation music. We’ve been using Youtube but the sound isn’t quite loud enough for them to hear so I thought I would buy a CD to use in their little stereo. I read the reviews and everyone had good things to say so I bought the CD. They love it. We put it in the CD player and put it on repeat so it loops until I go turn it off. It is a good mix of nature sounds and instrumental. Soft piano music paired with some wind instruments. It really is so nice. Our favorite is Track 4. The CD is just over an hour long. Perfect timing for them falling asleep. Every once in a while if they are really amped up I’ll put it on during the day too and just brings a feeling of calm over the whole house. I highly recommend it!

  5. If you value your data and think you are save using CD’s and DVD’s as backup medium, you are not. These mediums are not that safe. I’ve lost unreplaceable photos and music tracks when the discs could not be read a year or so later. Hard discs are much more reliable, but even here you need to write you data onto several devices.This particular package of 5 discs, failed to verify two of the five and I’m not holding my breath on the survival time of the other three.

  6. Buono prodotto per far imparare l inglese ai piccoli giocando

  7. Very good price for a product not easy to find in store anymore, I’m very happy with my purchase!

  8. We have the album named “sleepy time” on our Amazon music, and play it every night. It helps drown out my husband’s snoring, which is awesome. Hearing my husband tell Alexa to “play sleepy time” nightly is a funny plus lol.

  9. The protective CD packaging does have a beautiful cover photo . . . but I was hoping for a more durable case rather than just a heavy paper envelope-type cover. Additionally, since this is a continuous 60-minute disc there are no tracks so if you put it in a multi-disc player on random play, you’ll be stuck with listening to the entire hour of bird songs before another disc plays.

  10. Reply
    Master's Program ECU Student.
    March 10, 2022 at 12:00 am

    Best I’ve ever heard, I can sleep much better now. No bangy guitar music, either.

  11. GNR tiene uno de los mejores albumes en la historia del Rock (Appetite For Destruction), el cual no debe faltan en mi colección; sin embargo los otros albumes de ellos no me han convencido del todo, es por eso que me decidí a comprar esta recopilación para tener las mejores canciones de los otros albumes.Recomiendo este vinil, tiene un sonido impecable y la presentación es muy bonita 🙂

  12. Reply
    It was at the correct door I live in a duplex with neighbors it is 2 houses with a shared wall
    July 25, 2022 at 12:00 am

    They’re good quality but they repeat a bit on certain songs when I play it on my CD playerI don’t know if it’s because the CD’s got dusty or what but they’re good quality and worth the money!

  13. It helps to calm the mind.

  14. 3.5-4 Stars:The CDs come in a well kept condition. However, I would suggested to buy the case as well since after I burned it, I didn’t know where to put it. Also, you only get 1 chance to burn into it so you cannot delete the file afterward, so if you want to burned a video, do get the DVD-R (I was told, will try and see). Also, if you have a more recent MacBook, there might not be a CD player to burn onto, so do DL a superdrive software to burn onto before you buy it cause if you buy it and don’t have such a software, you might not be able to burn it.So yes I have used up 5 CDs cause the burning onto the CD didn’t work for me cause it slow down on some part even though it say there was still room/storage on it. DVD-R to try is what I am toldMusic – CDVideo- DVD

  15. The music is so relaxing. Easy to help meditate and sleep.

  16. i haven’t heard birdsong for yonks – this makes up for it somewhat – still prefer the real thing but it’s a start, who knows? maybe they’ll hear it and start chirping

  17. Enjoying this CD as it reminds me of being in the trees and forests. So relaxing.

  18. Oops on the purchase there are many other options with a better price and more blank cds….

  19. Other than chirping birds there are no “nature” sounds other than rain & crashing waves. It is relaxing but I would have liked some rain forest sounds of rain and nature vs crashing waves. There is also some nice piano music on the CD.The other issue is the jewel case was totally broken but luckily the CD was fine.

  20. Livraison tres rapide je recommande ce vendeur

  21. The item itself is wonderful. The music and songs are upbeat and catchy. The kids love singing along to them and even have their favorites. But the item was delivered to the wrong address. Thankfully a kind neighbor brought it over. But the clincher is, just a week before I ordered new house numbers from Amazon that are clearly displayed and in plain sight.An $8 item, no big deal. But what about future orders? Can I count on them to get delivered?

  22. My grandaughter loves this cd she plays it over and over she is 8 years old

  23. Disc #2 and #3 are good ,,,, Love the songs … giving to Grandkids.However… Disk #1 is defective and will not play.otherwise would have gotten 5 stars.

  24. Now I can store more valueable information.

  25. We put it in on our longer rides and she stays entertained the whole way!

  26. We play this cd for our parakeets. They love to interact with the various bird voices, and often become quite animated in their responses. I find it stimulating for them – it keeps them alert. They look forward to the voices, cocking their heads, listening for them when I approach their cage. Thank you for making this delightful product.

  27. This is an awesome cd collection. All the songs are sung by children, which make this relatable TO children. It’s a combination of nursery rhymes, patriotic and religious songs. For the price, I really got my moneys worth.

  28. Great lineup of songs.

  29. Child enjoys listening to the songs.

  30. I found the Calming Songbirds CD to be exceptional in clarity and with the various different bird species’ songs. I can imagine myself sitting under a tree in the woods in a moment of calm meditation.

  31. The package was packed well, no damage on v and it was shipped fast

  32. Awesome!

  33. Used this to burn songs onto the cd to listen to in my car and worked great

  34. Reply
    Darlene Virtue Smith
    March 23, 2024 at 12:00 am

    Cute uplifting songs for baby to enjoy

  35. I bought this to keep my parakeets entertained. They love it! Wonderful sounds.

  36. I love listening to birds singing. I keep it on most of the day, it’s great even to have as background sounds to your daily life even while watching tv. Very calming and uplifting.

  37. Works like a cd

  38. It is very calming.

  39. Love guns n roses and this vinyl is a great compilation for who doesn’t want to purchase all their great albums. Product itself is good and came in perfect condition!

  40. I’ve been searching for the perfect songbird CD to play out in my back yard. (My dog scares off the real birds). Finally found the perfect source. ❤️🕊

  41. A great CD with great hits! Enjoyed it.

  42. I like it put I don’t like it the back of the cd cause was rack

  43. I bought this cd as a reminder for children of God’s care for His creation as stated in Matthew 6:25, “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

  44. Girl loves the songs

  45. Still rocking in my late 60,s and they covered sympathy for the devil, rolling stones song, and it kicks @ss, wow.

  46. Seems to play ok

  47. Great records! Very good quality! Packaged very well!

  48. I love it. It is a right one for my AT-LP60XBT, and as a collection

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