How to Use Amazon Prime Music: Everything You Need to Know to be an Amazon Music Pro, Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out Of Amazon Prime Membership - Brian Onuonga Deals

How to Use Amazon Prime Music: Everything You Need to Know to be an Amazon Music Pro, Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out Of Amazon Prime Membership

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Amazon Music for Android

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The Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics

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Spotify Music

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Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind

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How to Use Amazon Prime Music: Everything You Need to Know to be an Amazon Music Pro, Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out Of Amazon Prime Membership

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  1. Apple look out. I love this app and find no use for my iPod anymore why would I ? I still believe in buying CD’s, I like to read the liner notes and have a tangible item, not just be forced to download it from iTunes. My whole iTunes library is all of my CD’s apple iCloud won’t let me back up my CD’s only music I buy from them and I refuse to conform or be forced by Apple to do so it is so wrong and a big business mistake for them. I believe and support buying cd’s not digital downloads.Finally a very smart solution. A genius move on Amazon’s part I downloaded this app, upgraded for $24.99 a year for 250,000 songs and another application that moved my music from iTunes in minutes. I have 3 – samsung note 3 and a galaxy 5, a kindle and a samsung tab it uploaded all my cd’s from iTunes in minutes (I have comcast). I put my phone in a holster, in the car and play through the built in blue tooth or can just listen anywhere I go.Another thing Amazon does is when you buy a cd from them they automatically upload it. I am glad to see they are helping to keep music cd’s alive and not just offer some digital download, all though they offer both digital and hard copies of cd’s I think they are just so ahead of the game and if people were educated caught on, this would topple iPod sales. You don’t even need to have one anymore this app makes it all seem like it was a big waste of money and the only game in town, now it collects dust in the drawer. My anger at iCloud not allowing my cd’s drove me away. Don’t get me wrong I work on a MAC but for music Amazon is the MAC DADDY.Kudos to Amazon such a fine genius job.So sick of Apple and every time the computer crashed I lost all my cd’s in iTunes because iCloud would not allow me to save my own cd’s and had to start all over again.Amazon has is and always will be extremely advanced. Dropbox, iCloud have nothing on this app.It is clunky once and a while and slow but for the most part streams seamlessly. Also great on my Kindle HDX and all my other devices way to go Amazon !

  2. I am really thrilled with Amazon Music. I started with the app for PC so I could enjoy my Amazon Prime Music benefits on my computer, but then added Amazon Music to my Galaxy Note and Kindle Fire. I am really sold on this, and here’s why:Being a Prime member, I can add a wide variety of music to my cloud storage for free, which is exactly what I did. Hundreds of songs – FREE! Not only that, but I also organized all of the music on my computer and set up playlists, which I realize is something that other software can do, but no other software gives you all of the advantages of Amazon Music with Prime Music.I’ve purchased quite a bit of music from Amazon over the years and all of the music was available within Amazon Music. How convenient! I now no longer have to cart around CDs when I travel – I just fire up the Amazon Prime app and can access the music I’ve purchased, plus all of the free Prime Music I can handle. There is a wide enough variety there to satisfy even my eclectic tastes.If you have existing audio on your devices, you can add it to the app and organize it into playlists as well. The one thing I’ve not been able to do, however, is combine both locally-stored music with music stored in the cloud. I’m not sure it’s possible to do so. Even with that drawback, however, I find this app immensely useful.I noticed some other people are complaining about how difficult/clunky it is to use. To be honest, I thought it was really straightforward and easy to use. One complaint that I saw says you can’t use your newly-purchased music unless you download everything again… I bought some new music yesterday and I downloaded just the new music. It was very simple to figure out and download. Perhaps the complainers had an older version of the app?If you are a Prime member and love music, I think you’ll like this app. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  3. The Amazon Music app has become my app of choice for accessing the library of music on my phone and also music in my Amazon cloud storage. What I love about this app is it also provides access to TONS of Prime music, which is free to those with Prime accounts. I love the stations and playlists. I use them when working out or when I’m out for a bike ride. I select a station or playlist, and I’m on my way. Amazon selects a very nice collection of music to keep me company. The stations gear musical selections around the sensibility of the artist chosen. So the Jimi Hendrix station, for example, plays artists who are in the same general musical family as Hendrix. Amazon also tosses in a few Hendrix pieces too. There are hundreds–possibly thousands–of stations and playlists to choose fromMy only criticism relates to getting a feel for how the app works. It took me a little while to figure out how to access the library on my phone and how to flip between my device music and my cloud music. Be careful of this! If you’ve saved your music to your phone and want to listen to it on your phone, be sure you’ve selected Device! If not, it’ll go to the cloud to stream. You’ll eat up data doing that. I’ve made this mistake a few times.Very much recommended!

  4. I must begin by saying I am your avid music junkie! If one could be persecuted for excessive music enjoyment I’d be infamous by now.I began using Spotify per word of mouth when I was overheard verbally destroying Pandora. I paid for whatever Pandora markets their non free service as. It was a waste of hope and money. After a few skips (mind you these skips are more than a free Pandora user) I ran into the same skip limit as if I didn’t shell out whatever little clams to avoid hearing ads and having limited skips. The tirade was volatile and entertaining to those in ear shot. Nearing the end Spotify was introduced to my ears and based off what I heard I thought GREAT!, and I gave it a shot!GREAT; because now I have the ability to control my own playlists and skips freely, no fuss or gimmicks (this is with Premium, after the fail of Pandora free and paid services, I figured I’d start from the top with Spotify and see if slopes or avalanches downhill) and to me that was BLISS! With a wide variety of music I cannot live without daily ranging from Acoustic UK Pop Bands, to Old School Hip Hop KINGS such as KRS-One, Audio Two, and the legendary Wu-Tang Clan to our Modern Day (I Guess This Is What We Call) Rap Music, to my rock band faves like AFi and Blink 182, to Beyonce and Katy Perry for the softer Pop Music feel for the kids ears and Reggae and 60’s & 70’s KINGS and Queens of Soul Music, I can go on but by now you must get that the variety of music is in ample abundance and I LOVE THAT! I even have French rappers and singers songs, Idk what they are saying but the music holds my attention. That’s what made Spotify so GREAT to me I have exactly 20 Playlists with over 1700 songs, and I created all the playlists to my liking and ALL available offline for my enjoyment anywhere. I can skip endlessy, I can jump to another playlist whenever I feel the desire and that’s how music should be enjoyed! So why the Ehh?…Ehh; with all the above praise that I will not recant, in fact I can ad more to it, there is a bummer to Spotify. Unbeknownst to me, the songs added to the playlists actually take up external device memory. Being that at that time I had the app installed on both my iPod and iPhone I never paid attention to it. But after tossing the Pod I noticed with my iPhone that Spotify was using up 4.5 GBs of the allotted 6.3 GBs. There weren’t enough photos, games, and apps to remove to clear up space. My resolve was to purchase a tablet I know that has external storage per MicroSD cards. I ended up with the Kindle Fire HDX 8 8 GB and purchased the 32 GB MicroSD card. My plan was to download Spotify move it to the MicroSD and never have to worry about external storage and Spotify clashing again. To my greatest disappointment and I mean grave disappointment at this point, it turned out that SPOTIFY CANNOT BE MOVED TO MY 32 GB MicroSD card! It was infuriating to be casual at the least ok.Resentment; Spotify sound to good to be true and in a twisted way it is! If you cannot afford Premium the app is useless, and that’s just based off the experiences I’ve read over on reviews from Mobile App users. If you do have Premium you have to then be weary of external memory being eaten up. If I only knew Spotify unlike let’s say Netflix, cannot be moved to the MicroSD card from my HDX 8 I probably would’ve gotten a bigger Kindle (external memory wise). What really makes that little pinch feel like a shark bite is that after Amazon’s preinstalled entities we consumers of the HDX 8 8 GB start off with a mere 5.3 GB!So how does one cope with the ups and downs of Spotify and external memory clashes? You grab your headphones, scroll your favorite Playlists you created, skip and scroll through your music freely, and be thankful! Why? Because it could always be worse.. (coughs) Pandora (coughs). In writing this review I see where some of my own actions not necessarily mistakes, may have lead to adverse feelings towards Spotify. But I do have to say this it is a superb application. I have it on my iPhone for on the go, for the home depends on where at home, it can be either the XBOX, the Smart TV, and now the HDX 8. You can’t really beat or put a price on that, Spotify however did and it’s only $12.99/month. What’s that the cost of one album in stores nowadays? Yea I’ll pass and will continue to pass the word on about Spotify. Hope you found this helpful, you will enjoy Spotify and the monthly cost is a nonfactor, Premium is the ONLY way to really get a full grasp on the application and it’s features. If you claim to love music you NEED Spotify Premium you can’t go wrong.

  5. Whatever your music taste, Amazon music will most probably have it or try out tryout Amazon music Unlimited

  6. Boa variedade. Muitas músicas. Satisfeito.

  7. Adoro questa app, mi permette di ascoltare Playlist infinite. L’unica pecca per me è il non poter pagare l’abbonamento annuale, sarebbe più comodo… Oppure mettere la scelta mensile o annuale

  8. それなりに無料でも使えます。

  9. With every update, my opinion goes up and down. Sometimes the updates are good, other times not so much. Regarding this latest update, why is alphabetical sort not the default? Why do you make it the default with one update, remove it with the next, add it it back next time, and now you’ve removed it again? When adding a song to a playlist, there’s not even an option to sort, so I have to search through a random list just because I haven’t listened to that particular playlist in a few days.Also, if I’ve downloaded this app from Amazon, and only update from Amazon, why can’t I purchase songs from the app? This makes no sense.

  10. Meu tablet fire não quer instalar mas e um ótimo aplicativo para músicas

  11. This has great podcasts I use to fall asleep and for working and you want to bump the mood up a bit.

  12. I want to have this, it says I own it, but I’ve been paying for it?

  13. This is overall an amazing app

  14. Spotify has all the songs that I’m thinking of, and + its better than Amazon music because you can have a lot of songs on your playlist and Amazon music you can only have like 60 songs on your playlist. I would suggest if your looking for a app to listen to music spotify is the app 👍😽

  15. I absolutely love this app it’s just so good and I don’t have any problems with it as usual 5/5 💅💋😍

  16. Spotify is an excellent app, but I have one problem; Spotify’s new update is absolutely ridiculous, there should be no reason why I have a limit for how many times I can view lyrics each month. Music is an amazing experience, but not every singer has a clear singing voice. I know exactly what you’re thinking, why don’t you use a different app, the answer to that is I enjoy how spotify playlists’ are set up. Spotify premium is also a ridiculous concept, I know you need to make money, but then again, I don’t think you equally pay artists, also ads ruin my experience. I don’t want to hear an ad about McDonald’s juicy burgers after crying my eyes out to Come by Adrianne Lenker. If you can’t completely remove ads, at least let me have 1 hour of time without ads (you could give me ten ads afterwards, as long as you give me an hour of music, I wouldn’t mind it) I know you and your staff probably aren’t going to see this, but I shall post my opinion anyway.

  17. They have a great selection of a lot of different types of songs. The podcasts and audio books are also really great. I wish I could get rid of the album covers, but other then that this really is a great app.

  18. I’ve used Spotify for years but the Kindle version has kept me sane during a recent move and loss of internet. Being able to download music and podcasts has been great.

  19. Spotify is a great app! The music library is very deep. The UI is friendly, and the sound Is good.

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