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NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss, Non-Sticky Lip Gloss – Praline (Deep Nude)

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CHI INFRA Silk Infusion, 6 Fl Oz

$15.78  in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:48 am


Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Product Dimensions2 x 2 x 1.5 inches; 5.29 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age18 months - 8 years
Item model numberCHI0306
Batteries1 A batteries required.
UPC633911630891 890739316318 707002045519
ManufacturerFarouk Systems Inc
Country of OriginChina

  • Rich leave-in treatment enriched with silk, wheat and soy proteins that will penetrate and help strengthen the hair
  • Provides incredible softness, manageability and shine without build up
  • Protects the hair against thermal styling and environment
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins
  • Specifically developed to work in conjunction with the CHI styling tool

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Multi-Use Concealer, 110, 1 Count (Packaging May Vary)

$7.48  in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:48 am


Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Product Dimensions5.63 x 1.88 x 0.8 inches; 0.21 ounces
Item model numberYAU07522
ManufacturerMaybelline New York
Country of OriginUSA

  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: America's Number 1 Concealer; Erase the look of dark circles, correct the appearance of redness and brighten the look of dull skin. Can be used in multiple shades to contour and highlight.
  • Anti-Aging Concealer: Turn back time with this anti-aging under eye treatment concealer infused with Haloxyl; Say bye bye to the look of fine lines, blemishes, redness, and dark circles, and hello to a radiant, well rested, refreshed looking eye area
  • Best Face Forward: Maybelline has sheer, medium, and full coverage foundation in liquid and powder foundation formulas, and a range of concealers, face primers, contour, highlighter, and pressed and setting powder to help you create a perfect canvas
  • Create any look with Maybelline; foundation, BB creams, concealers, and setting powders for the perfect canvas, eye shadows, mascara, brow pencils, and eyeliners for any eye look and lip products, from showstopping lipstick to plumping lip gloss

MISSWHO Cotton High Waisted Soft Womens Underwear Breathable Panties, Multipack

$14.99  in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:48 am


Package Dimensions7.44 x 7.36 x 2.01 inches; 9.91 ounces
Date First AvailableMarch 20, 2022

St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzer Mousse Foam, Original Fake Tan, Streak-Free Finish, Develops in 4-8 hours, Vegan, Natural & Cruelty Free, 8 fl oz

$41.80  in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:48 am


Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Product Dimensions6 x 5 x 4 inches; 8.64 ounces
Item model number100013088
UPC022548237618 709102223996 721865104244 885310469545 885790489118 703215080088
ManufacturerSt. Tropez
Country of OriginUSA

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss, Non-Sticky Lip Gloss - Praline (Deep Nude)

$5.07  in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:48 am


Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Item model numberBLG16
ManufacturerNYX Professional Makeup
Country of OriginUSA

  • Butter Gloss: Buttery soft and silky smooth, our decadent Butter Gloss is available in a wide variety of sumptuous shades; Each glossy color delivers sheer to medium coverage that melts onto your lips
  • Kissable Lips: Our best selling Butter Gloss goes on smooth and creamy and is never sticky, leaving your lips soft, supple and kissable; Try all of our delicious shades, from Angel Food Cake to Tiramisu
  • Lip Products for the Perfect Pout: Doll your lips in creamy, long lasting perfection; Try our complete line of lip makeup including liquid lipstick, lip gloss, lip cream, lip liner and butter gloss
  • Cruelty Free Cosmetics: We believe animals belong in our arms, not in a lab; All of our makeup is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty free brand; We don't test any of our products on animals
  • Discover NYX Professional Makeup: Try all of our professional makeup products today from eyeshadow, eyeliner, and false lashes to liquid lipstick, lip gloss, primer, concealer, setting sprays and eyebrow makeup


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  1. I have ultra fair skin. My skin tone falls somewhere between Snow White and translucent. I can go outside in the sun for 15 minutes and get a burn. I’ve even been told I glow in the dark.With that said, St. Tropez is the first self tanner that ever looked like a REAL natural tan on me. Like most everyone else I have tried everything and always looked silly waiting for my newest mistake to wear off. I worked in a tanning salon years ago, and even then the color I got from tanning beds looked fake on me. People always asked if it was a bottled tan, and that was my actual skin color!I don’t smell anything when applying this. After any self tanner has been on for many hours it starts to product a scent. It’s the exact same smell with all brands, because it’s the chemicals developing. The only difference is what fake perfumey smell each brand tries to mask it with. St. Tropez doesn’t give it any smell, so it isn’t until MANY hours later, after the tan has developed (and when you should be in washing off the bronzer) that there is a smell.In the last 2 years using this product, I have never had an issue with streaking, and I am not sure how you can. As long as the bronze mousse applied is covering your skin, than the area gets tanned evenly. The bronze mousse color itself will look streaky sometimes while applying, but that’s what you wash off once your tan has developed. Don’t plan on putting this stuff on and going out shopping for the day. It’s something you will want to put on before bed at night so you can wake up, hop in the shower to wash off the bronzer and come out with a phenomenal brown tan.* * * * My steps for the perfect St. Tropez tan for those with ridiculously fair skin: * * * *1) Shower: At night, an hour or so before going to bed take a shower. Get a rag and some serious exfoliating scrub. The best are sugar or salt scrubs (this  Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub, Coconut Lime  is my favorite). They are coarse, but by taking the time to do this step the self tanner lasts a lot longer and doesn’t get patchy after a few days as your skin naturally exfoliates. Be sure to get around the ankles, knees and elbows well.2) Dry off well: Once out of the shower, dry off. Put on some PJ’s or a robe and go do something for 15 minutes so your skin can start to fully get dry from the shower. This is a good time to do that last minute things. Check your Facebook, let the dogs out one last time, figure out what your wearing tomorrow, etc.3) Application: Before starting with the self tanner, take a dab of some kind of lotion and apply a small amount to your elbows, knees and hands. This will help keep the tanner from over saturating this skin and keep everything looking natural. Assuming you also purchased a  St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Tan Applicator Mitt , apply 3 or so pumps of the mousse to the mitt and begin applying to your legs. Once you have covered them, us what little bit is absorbed into the mitt to rub onto your feet. You don’t need to be able to see the bronze mousse on them, trust me the tanner is there. Be sure to get between your toes and all the way to bottom sides of your feet.Next pump more mousse on the mitt and apply to torso and arms. Last I apply to the neck and use whats left still absorbed into the mitt on my face. By the time you have finished your upper half, your lower half will be dry. Next wash your hands with soap an water (even using the mitt you’ll probably still get a little on your hands) and dry them well. But then before rinsing off the mitt, rub the backs of your hands and wrists with the mitt to apply a super light coat of the tanner to them. Just like the feet you wont see it there, but it will develop and blend nicely.Drying: By the time you have touched up your hands, the rest of you will be sufficiently dry to put on something to wear to bed. If it’s a hot night, make sure to have a fan or air condition on so you don’t sweat your tan off all night.The perfect tan: The next morning you will wake up and the bronzer will probably make you look all dirty. Your face will look a mess and you will probably smell. I call this “going to bed with mud on”. The bronzer will most likely look patchy or streaky, but not to worry just hop in the shower. You will see a bunch of brown going down the drain. Get out and pat skin dry. You will discover under all that messy brozer has developed the most gorgeous brown (not orange) tan. You will go in looking a mess and come out a tanned goddess (looking about 5 lbs thinner I might add, since tanned skin looks toner.)After 3 or 4 days, repeat the process with the exfoliating scrub again. Your tan may look patchy after you exfoliate well, but you will be applying a fresh tan on top of it, so it won’t be a problem.TIP: On days where you want to give your tan a little boost in color, or you’ve waited too long between applications and your starting to get a little variation in your skins tan because of the skin naturally exfoliating, use some  St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse 4oz . It’s goof proof and can make a perfect tan look even more phenomenal.With St.Tropes, now even us with pasty white skin can have a beautiful natural looking tan. 😉

  2. I am a makeup snob. I have stupidly high standards for cosmetic performance, and drugstore brands have let me down every single time I’ve given them a shot. So when I graduated from Covergirl to Sephora after college, I never looked back. My kit is full of Dior and YSL foundation, Armani concealer, Benefit brighteners, etc.I say this in order to grab the attention of my fellow makeup snobs: If you would never even consider Maybelline, this review is for you.Bloggers have raved about this product for a while, but I never bothered to check it out until a close friend and fellow product snob suggested it. Here are my findings:1. It applies like the Armani Maestro Eraser liquid undereye concealer. This is very very essential, for those of us who hate the 5th hour cakiness of cream concealers but also hate the weak coverage and creasing of most liquid attempts. This eraser goes on with the Maestro’s same thin liquid texture, without sinking into lines at all, and without losing opacity as you blend.2. It is at least 50% more opaque than the Maestro. I was pretty stunned. Anything that can go on with that consistency but have noticeably better coverage is doubletake worthy imo.3. The sponge applicator is better than you think. Firstly, it’s antimicrobial, so you don’t have to worry about the hygiene aspect. Secondly, its ability to blend the product is outstanding. I typically skip clumsy applicators like that, but with this, I do 80% of my application with that sponge tip, and then just finish with a good concealer brush to set it and blend out the edges.4. It doubles as a highlighter. Every time I use this, I find myself seduced into just continuing the line of application from under my eyes out onto my cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge. A nice blending brush/sponge later, and there’s this flawless highlight landscape to finish up, without settling badly into pores or caking up.5. It sets beautifully with MUFE Micro HD powder and Shiseido translucent powder. It buffs out nicely, without chipping off into the brush.6. It looks good without primer, which combined with its compact design and integrated applicator makes it an ideal purse dweller.7. It worked on my thin but minimally wrinkled undereye area, and on my 60yo mother’s more aged eye area. It’s rare that I find a product that looks great on both our skin types, and I was impressed at how well it brightened her problem skin without caking or exacerbating the age marks.8. It is lighter than you think, but cheap enough to test out different shades.9. It lasts so much longer than you’d expect. I tested it on bare skin during a work-from-home day, just to see how the wear was, and was delighted to find it still working fairly well by the time I went to wash it off that night. I wore it again with a full face for a date night, and it looked flawless when I went to wash it off later.There are times when you don’t want the totally opaque, nearly airbrushed look… but there are definitely times when you do. This eraser is now my official go-to product to pair with my Dior Airflash foundation, for those totally flawless skin look occasions. I could not recommend it higher, at very least as an experiment for the snobs among you.

  3. Perfecto para el cabello, no lo deja grasoso y tiene un olor muy agradable. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

  4. Produto super bem embalado, sensacional.Entrega dentro do prazo.Com certeza voltarei a comprar

  5. La tela es hermosa, suave, el modelo es perfecto, llegan hasta arriba y para personas de talle largo es perfecto. El color muy bien y en general la calidad de la prenda Super bien.

  6. Reply
    Ximena Díaz de la Serna Gonzalez
    December 1, 2023 at 12:00 am

    Una maravilla, muy cómodos y de acuerdo a la talla que eres. Los recomiendo.

  7. I’ve been using NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss in the Angel Food Cake shade, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. The true mauve color is beautiful and versatile, suitable for a range of skin tones and occasions.The texture is what stands out the most. Unlike many lip glosses that can feel sticky or heavy, this butter gloss lives up to its name with a smooth, buttery application. It feels comfortable on the lips, and I can wear it for hours without any discomfort.The gloss provides a lovely shine without being overly glossy, striking the perfect balance for those who want a noticeable yet understated look.It’s easy to apply, with a wand that allows for precise and even application. The size of the gloss is also convenient for carrying in a purse or a makeup bag.The gloss is fairly long-lasting for a non-sticky formula, though it does require reapplication after eating or drinking.The reason for giving it four stars is the need for frequent reapplication to maintain the color intensity.Overall, the NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake is a fantastic product for anyone looking for a non-sticky, comfortable, and beautifully colored lip gloss. It’s a great addition to any makeup collection for everyday wear or special occasions.

  8. I got the medium to dark. The color is really nice. Easy to apply with purchased mitt. Only downfall, it stinks just like all the rest. I wish someone made one with less stink.

  9. Reply
    Todd and Danielle Weaver
    February 29, 2024 at 12:00 am

    I’ve heard about this self tanner a lot. I’ve been self tanning for almost 10 years now and this hasn’t been my favorite. It didn’t give me much color

  10. I’ve always used this on my hair before drying and after drying.

  11. Reply
    Todd and Danielle Weaver
    March 6, 2024 at 12:00 am

    I bought this in hopes that it wouldn’t streak. You have to put it on very carefully especially around your joint areas. Your wrists, your elbows, your heels, in between your fingers and toes. Your neck, your ears, your knees, etc. BUT, the smell is very very nice and so is the color once it develops. It is not clear, so you can actually see where you are putting it. I suggest putting it on with a fabric glove. I had my daughter do it for me, because I could not do it on my own back. There were a little streaks, because you have to let it dry THOROUGHLY before getting dressed. If you sleep in it and you sweat, it will definitely get on your sheets, but for the most part this is the only one I have tried that actually leaves you Tam looking and not Orange.

  12. I like the way you just put a little bit in your hands and put it on the outside of your hair and it’s a gorgeous shine and gives your hair a healthier look!

  13. Lo usé sobre los labios al natural y me dejó una apariencia fresca y natural, para nada pegajoso. Lo recomiendo.

  14. If you have very dry hair, this product is fabulous. I rub it on slightly damp here after shampoo and then still add whatever gel I like to use to style my hair. It is great.

  15. OMGOSH, I took a chance on this & I researched & read reviews on several brands before I made my choice & EXTREMELY happy I made the right one. I have been using the high-end expensive brand & although I liked it I wasn’t in love with it & was tired of spending $36.00 for a small tube. WELL, I have to say that this is FAR superior in, light weight, color, blend ability, moisturizing & soo natural looking than what I’ve been using for years PLUS at 1/4 of the price❗️I am using #110, it covers perfectly without looking like I’m using coverup & since I have very delicate under eye skin, (I’m 78), I bought the ALBEAUT concealer brush through Amazon & this combination is perfect. Since I’m so pleased with this product I’ve decided to purchase 3 more tubes & STILL I am at less then what 1 of my old product costed. I have NOT been compensated in ANY way for this review…I am a “call it like I see it person”‼️

  16. First off, I am autoimmune afflicted so I can react to many lippy products i.e; tiny lip blisters, burning etc., no matter the cost or claim of hypoallergenic etc. This product I can wear! I recommend a lip liner, it does get a little bleed after a while without. I’m a picky lip girl, they gotta look perfect! But I used it several times Friday night and NO REACTION! Highly moisturizing, great glossy look, pretty shade, especially if you are going OUT. BUY IT GIRL. 💖💯🥰🍷🔥

  17. I bought these before I went in for surgery & I’m so glad I did. These are very comfortable, the high band covered my tummy and did not press into my incision sites. They covered my backside very well and don’t ride up the valley like some undies do. I am very pleased with my purchase. If you want full coverage these are a great buy just make sure you get the right size.

  18. This is super popular on tiktok, and for good reason! I purchased it and im so happy that I actually found a concealer with my correct shade! it looks very natural, and even if you put a lot it blends SUPER well. I will say, when you use this, you can’t really do the makeup method where you apply your concealer on all the spots on your face that you want to cover and THEN go in and blend, because the product dries relatively quickly. But I know some people really like that in a concealer! This is best blended out with a fluffy concealer brush or a beauty blender. I will say that although I like the packaging, it’s super annoying to have to keep twisting the top to get the product out because sometimes im sitting there and twisting for what feels like eternity. it should be dispensed more quickly. but I definitely recommend the product! it’ doesn’t feel moisturizing at all, but it’s not dry either. it’s also very light weight as well

  19. I love the feel or them. So soft and breathable. The colors are super cute, but It has no stretch around the legs. The fit elsewhere is great and gives good coverage. I would love to buy some that didn’t have the lace around the leg holes. Even though at times they dig in a little too deep, once losing some of my jiggle from having my fifth child, wearing these gives me confidence and a secure feeling! I’ll definitely be buying more just for the confidence boost!

  20. Love this product. Works nicely and smells good an fresh

  21. Leaves hair silky smooth

  22. These were recommended by a teenage student, and she wasn’t wrong! I wear them on top of matte lip stains, and they soften strong colors beautifully. I lost the dark pink in my car and will have to order another set because I loved that one! Only complaint is it transfers EVERYWHERE and is difficult to scrub off coffee mugs, etc.

  23. Es super ligero en la piel pero me cubre todo literal todo , marcas de acne , ojeras y me deja la piel super lisa. Muy fácil de difuminar con brocha o esponja, super buen producto

  24. First time tanner over here. Had no idea what I was doing (watched a few TikTok’s, sugar scrubbed down and said a little prayer). 100% recommend using a brush with it. Goes on really even, dries quick and matte and smells lovely. I left mine on for 5hrs and slept that night in white sheets with zero transfer! Very impressed and can’t wait to top up in the coming weeks! 🙌🏻

  25. If you are new to self tanning, you might give this less stars but honestly, this stuff is my go to. I absolutely love it. It works perfectly gives you the perfect amount of bronze plenty of room for error as it is a moose just make sure your exfoliated, shaved and smooth before you use it, and you should have no problems! I use this with a microfiber mitt that’s super soft and everything just glides on perfectly gives you a great tan last a few weeks. I’ve been using Saint Tropez brand forever and it’s just 100% the way to go. I’m using this Tanner for my wedding in June as well

  26. Love St Tropez Tanning. I have used TanPhysics for. Years, but and after several days of scrubbing, exfoliating and washing areas with a Magic Eraser Scrubber I can normally even the tan areas o, in time to use it again! Definitely need a 2nd pair of hands and eyes to apply the Tan Physics.The St Tropez goes an easier, is so much easier to even out the “corners”, because I do use lotion on elbows, ankles, wrists and feet. I applied both products the same way,I wasn’t really looking at the cost factor on the products, I only was looking for a product that worked well and applied easily, also that looks natural and I didn’t have to spend the day applying the product.Another factor is St Tropez does not have parabens, Silicone and other ingredients that have broken me out when I have tried other Products.I definitely will continue using St Tropez, with only a bit of Sun still need the natural Vitamin D! Also, don’t forget the Sunscreen for healthy skin, the Skin Cancer Rate has continued to rise. Another reason to get your Summertime glow from a well rated Tanning Product without the added ingredients.

  27. It’s a little lighter in reality than what appears on the Amazon website. However, I love it. I’m going to order two similar colors until I get the one that is just right. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to wear this one as it feels really good going on. It is close to my complexion so it looks very natural but better than my actual lips.

  28. Really great product! Great texture, great coverage, great sponge applicator and great price!

  29. I’m super impressed!! It’s so natural looking and it fades so naturally. I was afraid it was going to be too dark for me, but once I showered my legs were too light then I had thought, so I will layer up next round! It does have a strong tanner smell but I think I’m the only one that notices? Overall incredible. I will up date with pictures next time

  30. I have deep set eyes. My dark circles are mostly from a shadow that’s cast, so they are always there no matter what. With that said, this is the best thing I’ve been able to find that looks natural and covers enough to make me look awake. The value is great considering I’ve tried big name brands and they haven’t done anything but exasperate the problem, or make it look so white that it draws attention to my dark circles. I feel like this product has rewound the clock a little for me and made me look a bit more youthful (I’m 32). I use it UNDER my foundation. I tried using it over my foundation but it looks much better imo if you place it under your eyes (or where ever else you want to correct) and set it with setting spray (without blending). Then in a few minutes, use a wet beauty blender and blend it out. Then set it again and then a few minutes later, put your foundation on top. This works great for me and I will continue to buy it until this method no longer supports my skin type.

  31. I applied the lip gloss a few hours ago to test it out. I haven’t eaten nor drunk anything and it’s still feels like I just applied it.The color is slightly lighter than the pictures but it’s still accurate enough using the models.I’ll purchase again and other colors too. It’s feels very moisturizing.

  32. Five stars for the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Multi-Use Concealer! This product is a true miracle worker. As someone who struggles with dark circles, I’ve tried countless concealers, but none compare to this gem. It effortlessly covers up my dark circles while simultaneously treating them, thanks to its unique formula enriched with goji berry and Haloxyl. The result? Brighter, smoother under-eyes that make me look well-rested even on my busiest days. The applicator is genius, making application a breeze. Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes – this concealer is a game-changer!

  33. Very comfortable undies, I got them in the earlier part of my pregnancy and they still fit into the third trimester. The lace is in a weird area and can sometimes dig into your legs but not always. I love the cotton, they don’t make me itch. Very soft.

  34. Finally a pair of underwear that does not roll down or is too tight around the waist, or lace that itches. I cannot believe how comfortable they are. With age I have picked up a few pounds and for the first time I have a pair of underwear that I am not pulling on throughout the day or having to just take them off due to the discomfort. I definitely would highly recommend purchasing these briefs and will be buying again. Worth every penny.

  35. St. Tropez self-tanner is simply phenomenal! It delivers a natural-looking tan that rivals a day at the beach, without any streaks or orange tones. The application is effortless, and the results are consistently stunning. I’ve tried numerous self-tanners, but none compare to the flawless finish and long-lasting color of St. Tropez. It’s my secret weapon for a sun-kissed glow all year round.

  36. These underwear are perfect after c section. It is my third time and these are the best I’ve found. I ordered a second pack. They are supportive but not too restrictive.

  37. This item is made to protect hair from damage due to heat from dryers, curling irons, or flat irons. I use it to also add additional ‘oils’ to my hair in the evening. I do like it, and will continue to use. This seller is excellent.

  38. These are my favorite gloss as I rarely use actual lipsticks. I found cinnamon roll was a perfect shade of nude for melanin skin and needed a new one. However, the cinnamon roll I had was a different shade from the cinnamon roll I was shipped this time around. I ordered again and used the number “BLG42” that’s on the bottom of the tube instead and got the right shade this time around which is actually labeled as Salty Coco. I also got Praline. They are all beautiful shades

  39. Since you only use pea size in palm of hand , size perfect. Quality is excellent. You get way more for price it smells just as clean and fresh as all of chi products! Perfect!

  40. Feels good and light on the skin. I’m afraid it creases a bit under the eyes. And I accidentally got a shade lighter but that’s okay I’m able to mix it with a darker foundation to match my shade and I also use it on its own to highlight. I would recommend, one of the best drugstore concealers.

  41. The material feels great next to try body. It’s the perfect fit that holds me in. Well made and beautiful quality. Thank you

  42. She loves this stuff better price then in stores to so a win win in my book made wife happy and saved money lol

  43. They fit perfectly after laundered then worn but after 2nd laundry cycle they did not retain their shape. The elastic band seemed twisted. It was sort of like a worn out t-shirt collar. The seat of pants had a tendency to creep up while standing.Aside from that they feel buttery soft.Tip: Use cold water machine wash or wash by hand and dry flat or hang.

  44. Cor 122, cobertura leve. É pequeno mas a esponjinha aplicadora mede bem o produto, então deve durar bastante.Fora da promoção eu não compraria, é um bom corretivo, nada excepcional.Entrega super rápida!

  45. I used to use the product when I was a teenager and only used drugstore makeup. It was decent back then. It made a huge comeback which was shocking (went viral on Tik Tok). I decided to buy it again and love it. Covers well. Applies smooth. I recommend this product.

  46. Order was not delivered. It was not left in my mailbox. I would like you to replace it please. I did receive my other order which included 6 pairs and I love them. That is why I would like this one replaced please

  47. This Butter Gloss from Nyx is such a great lip gloss! The Sugar High shade is a gorgeous neutral brown. It has a nice shine and applies nicely. The small doe foot wand makes it really easy to apply and gets the gloss into the corners of your mouth. It’s not sticky at all, which I think is the best thing about this gloss. I’m definitely going to be getting more shades of this gloss!

  48. Meilleur mousse bronzante que j’ai utilisé depuis longtempsJe l’ai recommandé si vous ne voulez pas d’un bronzage trop foncéTrès belle couleur naturelle.

  49. I only wished they came in larger sizes. The colors are gorgeous and the taste is actually appealing. I love the coverage. Always recommend this gloss!

  50. I will wear this because it’s still a gorgeous color….however I was expecting the color to be more of a red, like the first picture shows than a burgundy. A warning to future shoppers, please refer to the arm swatch picture to get an idea of what the true color will be. Color aside the gloss is great and smells good too. Will be buying again but will try another color next time 😉

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