Package Delivery Sign Delivery Instructions Sign 2 Pack Leave Packages in The Box Sign,Two For One : 1 Pcs Super Tough PVC+1 Pcs Self Adhesive Vinyl, Rust-Free, Weather-Proof YELLOW - Brian Onuonga Deals

Package Delivery Sign Delivery Instructions Sign 2 Pack Leave Packages in The Box Sign,Two For One : 1 Pcs Super Tough PVC+1 Pcs Self Adhesive Vinyl, Rust-Free, Weather-Proof YELLOW

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Please Deliver All Packages Here Arrows Delivery Sign for Delivery Driver - Delivery Instructions for My Packages from Amazon, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Indoor Outdoor Signs for Home, Office, Work, 8.5"x10"

$12.99  in stock
as of May 4, 2024 5:48 pm


Manufacturer‎Work House Signs
Brand‎Work House Signs
Item Weight‎7.8 ounces
Product Dimensions‎10 x 8.5 x 0.4 inches
Item model number‎1558
Material Type‎Aluminum, Plastic
Manufacturer Part Number‎1558

  • 📦 PACKAGE NOT DELIVERED: Make sure you get all your packages delivered in the correct place with this handy sign. Your driver will see this sign and know exactly where to deliver your packages without you having to give additional delivery instructions.
  • 📦 DURABLE SIGN: Don't be tricked by imitation plastic delivery signs; our heavy-duty aluminum composite sign can withstand rain, snow, and sleet. professional grade graphics ink makes it easy to read this sign.
  • 📦 DELIVERIES SIGN: This indoor or outdoor weather-proof truck delivery driver sign works as delivery instructions for any delivery driver. They should see your sign and deliver your packages to your designated area for deliveries.
  • 📦 PACKAGE DELIVERY SIGN: Delivery Instructions for my Amazon Driver, FedEx, DHL, UPS, & USPS telling them exactly where to deliver packages, with arrows pointing down. This sign measures 8.5 x 10" so your delivery person won't miss it!
  • 📦 PLACE PACKAGES HERE: Help your neighborhood delivery driver do their jobs and make both your lives easier. Our delivery instructions sign is easy to read and understand. Deliver our packages right here, not the front porch, back patio side door, etc. Let them know where it is safe for delivery.

SmartSign 7 x 10 inch “Please Leave Packages In The Box - Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS” Delivery Instructions Metal Sign, 40 mil Laminated Rustproof Aluminum, Multicolor

$10.95  in stock
as of May 4, 2024 5:48 pm


Item Weight‎0.176 ounces
Product Dimensions‎7 x 10 x 0.04 inches
Item model number‎EQ7Q
Material Type‎Aluminum
Pre-printed‎please leave packages in the box
Number of Items‎1
Size‎7" x 10"
Manufacturer Part Number‎EQ7Q

  • DURABLE ALUMINUM: 'Leave Packages In The Box' signs are made from heavy-duty 40 mil thick aluminum. Unlike steel signs, our aluminum signs do not rust. Signs easily last up to 7 years outside.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Signs have four 3/16 inch corner holes. Mount with screws, nails, tie-wraps or wires. Signs can also be attached with foam or double-sided velcro tape. Sign attachment accessories are not included.
  • LAMINATED PROTECTION: With lamination, graphics are protected from weather and abuse to preserve a fresh look. Graffiti can be cleaned off too. Clear UV laminate resists chemicals, UV rays, water, and abrasion.
  • MADE IN USA: All components are made in the USA and offer superior quality.
  • PACK CONTENTS: One 7 x 10 inch blue, orange, yellow, black and white aluminum sign.

Sicol Plus Package Delivery Signs (02 pack) Package Delivery Stickers size 10 x 7 Inches Over Lamination Delivery Signs for Packages

 in stock
as of May 4, 2024 5:48 pm


Manufacturer‎SICOL PLUS
Item Weight‎1.44 ounces
Product Dimensions‎7 x 10 x 0.1 inches
Item model number‎SICOL-PDS2000001
Material Type‎Vinyl, Polyvinyl Chloride
Size‎10 X 7 Inches (Sticker/Decals)
Manufacturer Part Number‎SICOL-PDS2000001

  • OPTIMAL SIGNAGE: Package delivery box sign comes to your rescue to efficiently convey delivery instruction for all delivery companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS and Amazon. This deliveries sign will ensure that your packages are placed in your delivery box.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Leave Packages Here Sign Stickers are made with high quality PVC Vinyl with heavy-duty adhesive backing that makes these USPS signs waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistant.
  • HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: Package delivery sign from SICOL Plus can be installed very easily. Simply, make sure the surface you want to apply the package sign on is clean. Align the delivery door sign to make sure its horizontal, peel off the sticker from the deliver sign and stick it.
  • EASILY VISIBLE: Delivery sign packages are manufactured with a unique design that combines eye-catching graphics and attractive font colors that make sure your deliver here sign is clearly visible even from far away. Our Package delivery stickers are digitally printed for extra durability.
  • PACK CONTENTS: Two 7 x 10 inches package drop sign which is exactly the right size to so that the door sign is not only easily visible but doesn’t take up too much space either.

Package Delivery Sign Delivery Instructions Sign 2 Pack Leave Packages in The Box Sign,Two For One : 1 Pcs Super Tough PVC+1 Pcs Self Adhesive Vinyl, Rust-Free, Weather-Proof YELLOW

 in stock
as of May 4, 2024 5:48 pm


Item Weight‎2.57 ounces
Product Dimensions‎10 x 7 x 0.1 inches
Material Type‎pvc
Size‎10 x 7 inch
Manufacturer Part Number‎RD-3LP01-2US

  • ✅PACKAGE DELIVERY SIGN : Made from 4 mil thick vinyl decal sticker and super tough PVC material, 2 for 1, and will stay good as new even after many years of indoor or outdoor use.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY AND ULTRA DURABLE : Package delivery sticker sign with sleek design and convenient size. the size of this sign is 7 x 10 Inches.2 pack leave packages in the box sign ,two for one : 1 Pcs super tough PVC+1 Pcs self adhesive vinyl , rust-free, weather-proof .
  • ✅VIBRANT COLORS AND BOLD FONTS : Delivery Instructions for Amazon, FedEx, DHL, Ups, USPS Sign, these eye-catching place packages in box signs with strong fonts and contrasting colors to ensure that they are easily visible and attract attention.
  • ✅PERFECT SOLUTION : Our delivery instructions sign are carefully designed to look sleek, authoritative, and easy to read.Simply peel the back and stick them on any surface flat or curved. another PVC signs have 4 pre-drilled holes and can be easily mounted on every surface .
  • ✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY : If you are not satisfied with our product we will refund 100% of your purchase . ideal for both home & yard use and for professional businesses. eGift Card

 in stock
as of May 4, 2024 5:48 pm


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  1. As fast as Brett Lee. :-)Good Product and immediate delivery. Nice gift to show birthday wish and love towards your best friend.

  2. The best way to gift someone to give what they really is in need of.

  3. Very first service.

  4. Easy to transfer

  5. The size and details are great. The issue I have is with it adhering to my dropbox. The decal continues to come loose. I don’t know if it’s due to the cold weather or what…?

  6. Looks great, perfect size, great graphics, but poor adhesive. Started peeling almost immediately. Would be ideal for indoor use only, but does not handle temperature fluctuations with being outside very well at all.

  7. My mailbox is out on the street side of the house in an unsheltered location. Fine for bills inside the box. Causes soggy packages when it rains. With this sign I no longer have that problem..My one complaint is that I need to drill my own holes for the mounting hardware.

  8. I’ve had package thief’s recently so I got a lock box to combat that and these go great on that box to let the drivers know where to store packages. It’s nice and visible so it’s hard to miss and things are safe

  9. We already had a SmartSign made because delivery people kept putting our deliveries in front of a side door that we never use. Packages would lay there for days and we wouldn’t know it. Rain Snow Sleet Sun, would destroy whatever we bought. THAT sign had detailed instructions about NOT putting packages at that door and please deliver to the Gate, which is the Main entrance into the house, and gets used all the time. It’s literally 12 feet away from the side door with a big shrub in between, so you can’t see the side door. All delivery people ever looked at were the symbols for the various delivery companies and they would completely ignore the instructions.The problem is, we live on a big corner lot with access on three sides of our house. So deliveries could literally be delivered anywhere on the property. This situation always has us running around trying to find what side of the house the packages were delivered to. We have had multiple huge packages placed on the front porch which also has a gate and 12 stairs and the instructions to deliver to the gate confused the delivery person because we have TWO gates….smh, we have had packages delivered right out in our front yard, we have had packages delivered under an overflowing gutter, because we were having a downpour and inside that soaking wet package was a $700 dollar guitar I ordered,…there’s a you tube video online of that unboxing…SO, with Christmas coming and knowing we will be getting a LOT more deliveries, and knowing the good quality of the useless convoluted sign that we bought previously, that seemed to baffleevery-single-delivery-person,…We bought a much simpler version this time, that simply says, “DELIVERIES” and put it right next to the Gate. God I hope this works. I am too old for the constant Easter egg hunt trying to find my packages before they are ruined.Good quality sign. Buy it.Just be careful what instructions you put on it.

  10. To guide the delivery guys where to put my deliveries and boxes.

  11. I got this sign to put on my deck box for packages. It is sturdy, made of good material, has handled the weather. It has been hot/cold these past few months. I used the adhesive sign instead of the screw one. It isn’t budging. The adhesive is very strong. I don’t have to leave special directions any more. The delivery people leave the packages in my deck box now.

  12. The signs are of good quality and easy to see and read. They were what I had hoped for.

  13. Great product. Sturdy aluminum sign. Decent size. Clear print. Arrived on time

  14. I was surprised at how thick and sturdy this sign is. I expected it to be a thin, flimsy plastic that might be easily bent. Specific and easy to see & read, weather resistant. A good purchase.

  15. Sign was right size. Colors are vibrant and easy to read. Easy to hang on most surfaces. Would recommend this product.

  16. Brighter then others

  17. This is Perfect, exactly what I needed. It came with one sticker and one hard sign you can hang. Super happy with it for the price. I did have to add some heavy duty double stick tape to the sticker but I think it’s more what I was sticking it on, which was essentially a plastic deck box with grooves. Since then no issues.

  18. Love these & working out well. You get 2

  19. Study aluminum sign, covers all shipping carriers. There was no adhesive included; using Command Strips.

  20. I put this on my box next to my door and now don’t have packages sitting on my front door for all to see. 99% of the time it works.

  21. Does the job and it seems to have worked as all packages are now delivered correctly

  22. I love the sign. It’s well made and very noticable. Easy to install. I slapped it up with 3M double stick tape. HOWEVER, what did the Amazon driver do the very next day, after I installed the sign? Set the packages on top of my chairs instead of where I put the sign. Like I said, walking up the steps, you can’t miss it…. aparently the drivers just don’t care. Oh well, I tried.

  23. We have a dog that likes to chew packages so we fixed this. Labels look great, good size and and good quality and dog can’t chew packages.

  24. This sign is not a cheap garbage item it is thick padded and heavy duty not plastic junk the drivers still pay absolutely nattention to it

  25. My dogs kept eating all my packages. Now my packages are safe in a gated area with this wonderful sign. It’s a nice size and good quality.

  26. This Amazon shift card is a great option for gifts. I have never had any issues with it arriving within minutes and you can personalize it for the receiver with the look of the card and the message they receive. I am aware that some people frown on gift cards and consider them to be the ‘lazy’ gift giving option, but I must respectfully disagree. There are no concerns with the delivery being timely as it gets sent directly to the recipient’s phone number that you provide, and arrives within moments of the giver making the transaction. The recipient is usually thrilled to be able to select exactly what they want for the happy occasion, rather than relying on the gift giver to select something for them that they may not have preferred. I gave this card to my daughter for her birthday, and she was very excited to receive it. I didn’t have to worry about mailing a package and it possibly being mis-delivered to the neighbor two blocks away and never turning back up, or the package being dropped accidentally in a mud puddle and ran over by the garbage truck prior to showing up on her doorstep in questionable state, I also was able to give her directly the full amount of the money for her gift, rather than having to subtract an exorbitant amount of the allotment for shipping.When debating internally on whether or not a gift card is the right choice, I always flash back to the memory of a young relative receiving a hand made colorful vest, from a relative for her birthday. The article of clothing was well made, had obviously cost some money to construct from the quality of the fabrics and had undoubtedly taken considerable time to make as it was sewn out of numerous multi colored fabrics with strategic tufts of the same colourful fabric springing out all over the front and back of the vest. 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The incident taught me a valuable lesson, that even the best intended gift givers will occasionally make a terrible gift giving choice. I have never felt that I was particularly great at picking out gifts anyway, so the odds aren’t in my favor of a terrible choice being a one time event! So, I usually choose to eliminate the potential of turning a gift for someone I love on their happy occasion into a torturous memory where they pretend to love it, but in reality are secretly looking up spells online at night, in the hopes they will find one that results in the spontaneous combustion of an object. They finally locate the one for the job, but the cost is the sale of one’s soul….after a 2 hour debate with themselves, which is decided by opening the closet and seeing the gift once more, they decide it’s definitely worth the cost if it means no one will ever see them wearing the object! At the holidays everyone is perplexed by Mandy’s strange behavior, refusing to eat anything and speaking in a deep, guttural tone. We note that her huge black eyes follow you everywhere…weird, really thought the they used to be green, must be some creepy new teenage thing with colored contacts or something. Quite the obsession she has with that new knife collection of hers…Seriously, I have yet to have a single person be upset over receiving this gift card, in fact I generally receive much thanks and happy smiles. It’s the perfect go to for any event. However, if you consider yourself to be a dangerous risk taker on birthdays – by all means go ahead and send your nephew that pink bunny rabbit pajama ensemble and insist on getting the 1st photo from his mom so you can post it to facebook. Just don’t be shocked when you receive a call two weeks later from your nephew’s mom to tell you that there was a freak accident resulting in a fire in their backyard after your gift arrived, thankfully the house was saved, but the pink bunny pajamas were sadly lost. Maybe she will send you a photo of your little nephew’s soot streaked face, since he told her that he had tried so very hard to rescue his gift from you that he loved so much! I’ll go ahead and stick to this gift card, as it seems to carry much less chance of tragic accidents occurring upon it’s arrival…

  27. Recieved in a timely fashion has weathered multiple storms very well. Just wish delivery drivers would look at it

  28. These stickers have stayed clean and stuck onto my delivery box. It has survived all the weather and rain without peeling

  29. This sign has helped tremendously, looks professional and allows us to have our packages put on a pallet far away from where our front door is. Worth the money

  30. This is very visible and was really easy to install. Seems like it will withstand weather.

  31. Easy to clean, looks nice, exactly what I needed. I hope that it will last a long time

  32. The adhesive one is attached to a 30 gallon outdoor deck bin. It withstand the weather elements. I’ve had it for a month now and has not peeled off nor has it faded.

  33. Great product gets the job done product smaller than I had thought but that’s my mistake for not reading description

  34. Sign is great easy to see from road

  35. The Amazon eGift card is a versatile and convenient gifting option that provides recipients with the freedom to choose from millions of products available on the Amazon platform.One of the key advantages of the Amazon eGift card is its flexibility. With a wide range of denominations available, senders can choose the perfect amount to suit any occasion or budget. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or special celebration, an Amazon eGift card allows recipients to pick out exactly what they want or need.The process of sending and receiving an Amazon eGift card is incredibly simple and convenient. Senders can customize the card with a personalized message and choose from a variety of design options to match the occasion. Once purchased, the eGift card is delivered instantly via email, making it an ideal last-minute gift option.Recipients can easily redeem their Amazon eGift card by applying the code at checkout on the Amazon website or app. The balance is automatically applied to their account, ready to be used towards any eligible purchase, including products from third-party sellers and digital content such as eBooks and music.Another advantage of the Amazon eGift card is its versatility. It can be used to shop for a wide range of products across various categories, including electronics, apparel, home goods, and more. Additionally, the card never expires, so recipients can take their time deciding how to use their balance without worrying about expiration dates.Overall, the Amazon eGift card offers a convenient and flexible gifting solution for any occasion. With its ease of use, customization options, and vast selection of products, it’s a gift that’s sure to be appreciated by recipients of all ages and interests.

  36. such good quality

  37. The sticker you didn’t know you needed 😂

  38. It’s peeling from the sun so we had to glue it down

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