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Product Research 101: Find Winning Products to Sell on Amazon and Beyond

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Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear (Available in Plus Size), Multipacks

 in stock
as of May 9, 2024 11:47 pm


Item model numberWAE90087FL18
Date First AvailableMay 3, 2024
ManufacturerAmazon Essentials

We listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure our clothes are more comfortable, higher quality, and longer lasting—at affordable prices for the whole family.

Product Research 101: Find Winning Products to Sell on Amazon and Beyond

$6.99  in stock
as of May 9, 2024 11:47 pm

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    Its comfortable and good
    March 25, 2024 at 12:00 am


  2. In Russia, we do not have time for frivolous things like colorful underwear. We have bears to wrestle and snow to shovel! But if you insist on knowing about the Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear, I will tell you,In Mother Russia, we do not waste time with fancy colors and frivolous designs. Underwear is meant to be functional, not fashionable. These Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear may come in “happy colors,” but let me tell you, there is nothing happy about freezing your babushka off in the Siberian winter.Comfort? Nyet!:The softness of cotton means nothing when you are battling the elements in the frozen tundra. These briefs may claim to be comfortable, but I assure you, they offer little protection against the biting cold of the Russian winter. You want comfort? Try wrapping yourself in a bear skin – that is comfort.Style? Da, but who cares?:As for style, what does it matter? We wear layers upon layers of clothing to stay warm, not to make a fashion statement. These colorful briefs are like a babushka’s flower garden – unnecessary and distracting. Give me plain white cotton any day – it is practical, it is functional, and it is all I need to survive in this harsh Russian wilderness.If you are foolish enough to prioritize “happy colors” over practicality and survival, then by all means, go ahead and waste your rubles on these Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear. But remember, in Russia, we do not need happy colors to make us happy – we have vodka for that.

  3. I have been dealing with bv for a couple of years. My body is very picky about undies but I really needed new ones. I had “good” undies but I would still succumb to bv. Any undies that were unfavorable would produce symptoms by the end of the day. I needed new undies and had a lot of anxiety about getting some, but these are inexpensive and the material is what I was looking for so I thought I’d try them and then review them for other ladies who have bv concerns. I have had zero issues with these. When I got them I washed them as usual and did a 3-day bv treatment, just to be sure I could give a fair assessment I have worn these everyday for a month with zero issues. I have had no symptoms and have not needed to do a treatment one single time. This is the longest I’ve went without having to give myself a treatment in probably a year and a half. Yes, they are comfortable. I’m a chubette (2X) and there is plenty of leg room and they don’t cut into me or shift. They stay in place and give adequate coverage. I’m really happy that I tried these! They aren’t for date night, in other words they aren’t too pretty, the elastic is slightly discolored after washing but they are great for everyday use and I recommend to those with bv concerns who are on a budget.

  4. I prefer mostly/100% cotton underwear because of its breathability. I think I used to get cotton undies from one of the typical major underwear brands in the past. However, I was having a hard time finding what I wanted at a price that I was happy with in stores. I also didn’t really like the options available from usual major brands even online at the time I got these. Based on reviews, I decided to give these–from the Amazon brand–a try.I am happy to report that I am very pleased with these cotton underwear, and they came at a nice price as well. They are made of soft cotton and—while they are thin—they seem to hold up well without incurring tears/holes. They launder well, and this product has a large number of size/color options such that I’d think someone could find something they’re happy with. I’d highly recommend these and definitely would consider this product again should I need more in the future.

  5. I am a huge fan of the black multipack underwear and have bought multiple packages. There is an occasional problem with the elastic band separating but it is easy enough to trim. However, I recently ordered the Cool Colors/Warm Shades multipack and was shocked at how much different a large was. The black underwear comes in more of a bikini style, while the colored underwear is more a brief style. There is about an inch difference in waist line and “height” of the underwear. I would say the black underwear are true to size while the colored underwear are oversized.

  6. I got these when they were a deal I could not pass up. I’m trying them on for the first time. They feel very comfortable, smooth, and stretchy. They fit very well. They’re very smooth and appear almost seamless under tight spandex yoga pants. They appear to be durable, although time will tell. The colors are nice. The material feels perfect, not too thick and not too thin.

  7. These are good but not great. I like WM’s in-house brand of a similar design much better.I’m not sure if it’s just my particular body or if the design is prone to wedgies, but I get a lot. I think it may have something to do with the stretch or the leg holes being a little “off.” That said, I love that they do have a measure of stretch. It makes them so much better than just plain woven cotton.As size goes, I’m 5’4” and 112 lbs and medium fits me well (except for said wedgies), if that helps you.

  8. I’m super picky with my underwear. I returned about 3 other orders of underwear from other sellers for various reasons. I received them today and I love how thin they are. They have lining on the waist and leg openings which help them not ride up or wedge. But the lining is comfortable, not tight or itchy. They are simple yet cute and fit nicely on my body. I got the black, nude, white, and Grey bundle. Great prices also. If I could compare them to any other big name brand I would compare them to Calvin Klein bikini underwear (which is what I was trying to look for I mean something similar) but they are a quarter of the price. You won’t regret buying these. I’m 5’5 130 lbs and got a size small. They fit perfect.

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