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Shit I Can’t Remember: Password book, Password log book, Internet password organizer, Alphabetical password book,Password notebook, Password book keeper small 6” x 9”

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Prime Video

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as of May 3, 2024 4:52 pm

Amazon Prime Video

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as of May 3, 2024 4:52 pm

Shit I Can’t Remember: Password book, Password log book, Internet password organizer, Alphabetical password book,Password notebook, Password book keeper small 6” x 9”

$5.89  in stock
as of May 3, 2024 4:52 pm

Video Player for Android

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as of May 3, 2024 4:52 pm


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  1. I would like to preface that I’ve been using Amazon for over four years now, if not more. The Amazon Instant video library has grown exponentially and I use this probably more than Netflix or Hulu for my streaming purposes. I love watching shows via streaming because I dislike cable TV and the host of problems you get when it comes to $$$ and customer service.Anyways I just downloaded the new Amazon Underground (store app) for my Nexus 9 which wasn’t available until recently and I found that very odd at the time. Along with this Amazon underground app I was able to update my Amazon Video app that comes from their app store which. Amazon developers did an overhaul of the UI and it looks fantastic, it looks a lot like my Amazon Video app on the PS3/PS4 at home. I am very pleased that Amazon has widened their scope by allowing Android devices to download Amazon Prime movies/shows because before it was only a privilege to the Kindle Fire lineup and I was disappointed because I have a Nexus 9 🙁 Well move over disappointment and hello happy days! Amazon is doing a great job in listening to their customers, might have taken the long road to get here, but I think they had to promote their devices and give customers reasons to buy their device over a competitors. Amazon has made me an even more faithful customer to their video library and buying instant videos rather than hard copies of movies (which I’ll continue to buy anyways).The ease of using this app is great now on the Nexus 9, it no longer goes from the app to a web browser when watching a show, it actually just stays within the video app itself when watching and oh did I mention it already? YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR SHOWS/MOVIES WHETHER YOU OWN IT OR IT’S A PRIME VIDEO!!!!Amazon you rock!Regards,Happy Customer 🙂

  2. A much needed video player for Fire Tablet Kids Edition. Any personal videos you wish to load to a Fire Tablet must be viewed outside the Amazon Freetime app. This defeats the utility of the app by allowing your children out of the “safety” of the blue screen. Installing this app and loading it into Freetime allows your children to watch your personal videos within the Freetime app. Furthermore it’s available as part of Amazon’s app program and it’s made by Android. So it’s more likely to be compatible and stable with the Amazon OS.If you’ve got movies you want your kids to be able to access on their Fire Tablet, then add this app and viola. All the videos saved to your SD card will show up in the Freetime app

  3. I have used this app on my Samsung smart tv, my wii u and my Samsung galaxy phone.I love amazon prime, but the phone app is far superior to the other two i use. The app has all the standard features of other apps i use (netflix, hulu) and a few others i like.1) this version has an IMDB xray feature that allows you to see what actors and music is playing in the current scene. Super cool. The tv and wii u do not have this, too my knowledge.2) the phone has auto play for the next show in the series. The tv does v this sometimes. The wii u goes back to the episode menu each time.3) this version has skip forward 10 seconds as well as the skip backward 10 seconds fair available on the other apps.4) interface on the phone is more user friendly and has faster response times than the tv or wii.The only downside to my phone is that is has a poor WiFi connection sometimes, which is the fault of my phone and wifi router. So sometimes it disconnects and it has a poor resolution.I usually use my wii u if I’m in the livingroom because even on the small screen of the controllerpad it is able to maintain a decent wifi connection and has hd quality.The app on my tv is slow and glitchy. Though the layout and search features on all three versions is somewhat over complicated in comparison to other video streaming services (netflix and hulu, namely)I really do wish the 10 sec forward skip and imdb xray features were available on the other apps!

  4. This app was a freebie. On my iPhone 6s+ it works fine. It picked up all my movies and TV shows from Google play without any problem whatsoever. It also provided the set of Wish List movies with the option to add them for later purchase. The only initial problem was the orientation of the movie. I had to adjust the phone to vertical, and then scroll up to move the movie into place between the bottom and top of the screen. There was nothing to lock it into position, but other than that, it looked and sounded great. It’s an older app, so it looks like Google could stand to update it to add more functionality, but regardless, it works.

  5. Love that this comes with our Amazon Prime membership in Canada now! Only disappointing thing is that we are unable to use our Chromecast to cast it on our TV so we are limited to using it on our phones and tablets. Give us the ability to cast in the app and I’d give it 5 stars for sure.Update: The Prime Video app now has the ability to Chromecast! Thank you Amazon! And the content available just keeps getting better and better. My Amazon Prime membership is worth it just for the free shipping, but this is an incredibly valuable bonus that we take advantage of almost daily.

  6. I’m not certain what everyone was expecting. The description of this app is pretty much straightforward. It’s a video player. Nothing more. What’s more, it’s for playing non-DRM videos like the ones you download online and save. Or ones captured by the video feature on your phone/tablet. Or the MP4’s you ripped of DVDs. I have a number of videos like this. I save them on a micro SD card, and this app plays them fluidly, without any lag or glitches. This app is for playing locally stored videos.That said, if you do have a NAS or cloud where you store your videos, this app should play those as well. Provided you have a decent broadband connection. So far, my only complaint is that I have to clear the on screen display over each video because the default timeout is so long.

  7. The media could not be loaded.  ✍️ DESCRIPCIÓNAmazon Prime Video es un servicio de Amazon para ver contenido audiovisual, como series y películas, en streaming y con suscripción de pago.Amazon Prime es una suscripción de Amazon por la que, por pagar una cuota anual o mensual, se puede acceder a servicios exclusivos. Algunos de estos servicios aplican a la tienda Amazon, como los envíos gratis o acceso exclusivo a ofertas especiales.Por otro lado, Amazon Prime también te da acceso a la plataforma de contenidos audiovisuales, que es Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Fotos…En resumen, Amazon Prime Video es uno de los servicios exclusivos a los que accedes al tener la suscripción Prime de Amazon. Es una plataforma de streaming al más puro estilo Netflix o HBO, con contenidos exclusivos en formato serie, documental, película o programa💴 PRECIOAmazon tiene una cuota anual de 36 euros al año o 4,99 euros al mes, si la cuota es mensual.Es una de las plataformas con un más precio competitivo. Dispones de un periodo de prueba gratis que dura 30 días. Lo puedes cancelar fácilmente en cualquier momento antes de que termine el periodo de prueba y 30 días son más que suficientes para que te hagas una idea de las ventajas de las que puedes disfrutar.📖 ESPECIFICACIONES- 4K Ultra HD- Puedes tener la cuenta activa en todos los dispositivos que desees, peros sólo podrás ver series y películas de manera simultánea en hasta 3 dispositivos.📺 COMPATIBILIDADTelevisores: todos los televisores inteligentes Ultra HD de Sony, Samsung, Phillips, Visio, Sharp, Hisense y Vestel, fabricados a partir del 2015 pueden reproducir contenidos en 4K sin problemas.Consolas de videojuegos con soporte 4K: en esta sección las consolas Xbox One S, Xbox One X y la PlayStation 4 Pro admiten la transmisión en 4K.Fire TV 4K Stick: este dispositivo de Amazon hará posible que los televisores 4K que no sean un smart TV puedan transmitir programas y películas en dicha resolución. También hay otros decodificadores compatibles con Amazon, tal es el caso del Google Chromecast Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick Plus, Roku Ultra, Apple TV 4K y NVIDIA Shield TV…Móviles y tabletas: Desde tu smartphone o tableta Android deberá admitir la resolución en 4K para que puedas tener acceso a esta. Un dato importante es que la app de Amazon Prime Vídeo para iOS no es compatible con el 4K.🟢 PROS* Excelente contenido original y colección de espectáculos de otras fuentes.* 4K, HDR y capacidades sin conexión.* Le permite alquilar o comprar películas y programas de televisión.* Interfaz intuitiva y muy agradable.* Precio mucho más económico que otras plataformas.* Posibilidad de acceder a un catálogo de estrenos en alquiler🔴 CONTRAS* En ocasiones resulta complicado buscar contenido, entre tanta variedad…9️⃣ VALORACIÓNAmazon Prime Video ofrece una creciente biblioteca de contenido original de calidad y una buena colección de películas y programas de TV populares para transmitir.Los suscriptores también tienen la opción de descargar contenido sin conexión e incluso ver títulos 4K.Amazon Prime contiene un impresionante catálogo de programas de televisión y películas disponibles para alquilar o comprar.Tiene un precio de suscripción que conseguirá hacer que ahorres bastante, convirtiéndola en un producto mucho más beneficioso que otras plataformas, especialmente si compras en Amazon, ya que que además incluye envíos gratuitos de tus pedidos en Amazon, acceso a Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Fotos y mucho más.Amazon cuenta además con la ventaja de X-Ray, una herramienta muy útil que te permite acceder a información sobre los actores, antecedentes y más información sobre la serie o película de la base de datos de IMDb cada vez que lo desees.Cuenta con un catálogo de películas y series de televisión de contenido exclusivo que no se puede encontrar en plataformas rivales, además de tener acceso de estrenos de series de terceros.Tiene un gran catálogo de series documentales y mucho contenido exclusivo de reportajes sobre personas famosas del mundo deportivo.Recientemente añadieron la posibilidad de poder disfrutar de contenido de estreno, en alquiler. Es un contenido comercial que no es de su propiedad y que ofrecen la posibilidad de acceder a él en modo de alquiler, mucho antes de que esté disponible gratuito. El alquiler por 24h tiene un precio sobre 4,99/3,99. La compra de una película entre 11,99 y 13,99 €. Algunas de las películas son actuales, pero hay muchas otras que ya tienen su tiempo y aparecen como compra/alquiler.👍 CONCLUSIÓNDe todas las plataformas que probé, es la que más utilidad le estamos dando, junto con los niños encuentran mucho entretenimiento del que le gusta en su catálogo.Por el precio que tiene y lo mucho que ofrece, comparándola con otras plataformas, considero que es un regalo.🥇MUY RECOMENDABLE.

  8. The movies selection is great both old and new . My only complaint is that even though the subtitles help understand a foreign program; it would help to have an option to change audio languages to your choice like Netflix does. I’ve seen updates with Audio but not selecting languages. I get tired of reading subtitles and missing the movie.Also Prime is charging for many shows I once saw for free. I can’t believe just because I saw a movie or a documentary that I should be charged to see it again or pay for a subscription. Even though I do pay for subscriptions I get annoyed and switch channels. I think Prime video should offer more free shows/movies/documentaries that are interesting like Bible, archaeology and history. As prime members they should offer us more free programs.

  9. I am still going thru all of Amazon Video. There are a lot of things to view and I am finding series and products that I did not even know existed. I am very happy with Amazon Video. For the price it is well worth it. The only thing that I dislike is when a Series or Movie is being lent to Amazon for a short period time. It seems that a lot of the series are there just long enough for you to get to the last season then you have to buy to see the rest. This is something I do not like at all. So I really screen what I am watching to see if I will be able to see all season’s or a movie without buy another app.

  10. Excelente Programa, têm muitos filmes e séries, opções que se renovam pois está sempre atualizando, chegando conteúdo novo! Dá pra assistir na TV, no PC ou no celular pelo aplicativo! Pago Prime então sai por preço ótimo já que tenhos outras mil ofertas e frete grátis. Recomendo!

  11. There’s a brightness icon you can tap for adjusting brightness AND screen gesture a-la VLC for doing the same. Why is this necessary? Accidentally turning the brightness slider all the way down resulted in my kindle locking itself and the screen being black upon unlocking with no way to regain normal brightness.No controls for repeat, subtitles, playlist, etc. And why does the program need access to your GPS location?

  12. This had me on the phone over 12 hours in one week. I admit having a handicap. A brain injury. All subscribing and installing creates a fear factor before I start. And, NO not all “help”is helpful. Be prepared to be hung up on. Transferred to invisible people . Wait forever and repeat “Please slow down a zillion times”. I love the actual choices on Prime and the way it’s made my little world bigger in some ways. In others I feel like a abused client/consumer. I do have the names of every digital tech supervisor I talked with once I knew there were such positions. Most were knowledgeable professionals willing to help me. It’s unfortunate it was necessary to be passed to several “nexts”. as problems went unsolved for some time.I do believe they had patience with my fog and need for very frequent repetition. Frustrating for all and I’m grateful for their perseverance.I think I understand it for now and will enjoy choices. Thank you for providing them. I too could have hung up anytime.

  13. Amazon Prime Video offers a growing library of quality original content and a decent collection of movies and TV shows to stream. On top of that, Amazon hosts an impressive catalog of TV shows and movies available for rent or purchase.A large, diverse content offering is Prime Video’s biggest benefit, with classic and current movies, popular TV series, Prime original content, and more filling out an expansive library. The user interface is great for finding content related to your interests, with categories dedicated to networks, genres, and recommendations. One unique feature of Amazon Prime Video is that its library contains both content included with Prime and content you’ll have to purchase or rent separately. This means it’s easy to find and pay for content not included with your subscription while keeping all your content in one place.

  14. I was trying to find the RightNow Video App for my android tablet. Can’t find it. This is t it.

  15. come da descrizione

  16. I’ve used several different devices to watch Prime Videos on. Started out with my phone, then bought a Fire Tablet 10 (my favorite). I was given a Chomebook 15 and it lets me watch things on my TV via an HDMI cable. I have limited internet (hotspot via my phone). The app on my Chromebook sometimes hangs up or not all the features work as they do on my other devices. It’s a great product just not going to recommend it for the ChromeOS Products.The interface has improved for deleting movies I’ve watched. I wish I wasn’t limited to how many I can download or when they expire.I enjoy not having to store all the Tapes & DVD Media any longer. I wish it allowed me to keep a list of my Favorite shows so I could watch them again without all the searching and scrolling.The search function works okay but I’m getting where I don’t remember things like I did 40years ago when Betamax was a thing.

  17. I installed this app a few weeks ago and thought I would wait a bit and see how well it works. It’s been three weeks and I have not had any problems at all. It found all of my video files and allowed me to choose how I wanted to list them. It plays all the different types of video files I am currently using and has never lagged, skipped, or refused to play a movie.It was so easy to set up and use that I installed it on the Fire tablets I had bought for my Grandkids and I have seven of them. They love to download their favorite TicTok, YouTube and Facebook videos and this app adds them to their playlists and they can watch them whenever they want. I do however kind of miss them coming to me and saying “Grandad, I can’t find my video.”Give it a try and if you find it’s not your cup of tea, then get rid of it. I betting you’ll like it.

  18. Nothing much to say other than, WELL DONE Amazon for spending your budget on movie quality effects, a great screenplay and NOT on big-budget-draining established movie stars for sakes of having their names in this. You’ve casted excellent actors, mostly unknown faces because they fit, they are very good actors and that’s all that matters. We don’t care if it’s got a famous actor in it – we want it to be a good story, feel like quality and have GOOD ACTING.It’s actually crappy having well known actors in fantasies sometimes because they keep reminding you they appeared in 10 other movies too and it’s hard to disassociate them enough.Spend less on big budget actors (find unknowns that are great – there will be hundreds of thousands) and keep spending it on good directors and a story/screenplay with reduced flaws and plotholes.Rings of Power is certainly quality stuff – it’s crazy because most of us sign up to Prime and Netflix to catch up on all the stuff we’ve not seen before!! that last thing we expect is for these massive huge budget movies and series to come out for free. It almost feels wrong in a way because surely, given you’re pretty much creating these like a movie studio, I see no reason why these can’t be treated like Cinema Releases or “Early viewing” releases or rentals. It’s crazy that we get them for free really if you look at the bigger picture.Don’t go bust over it – it makes no sense that this series cost $580 million to make and you give it away for free to people who are already subscribed because they wanted to see other things or simply catch up on the countless number of movies and series they missed over the last 10 years.Anyway, great stuff.Thank goodness you changed the interface too – the last one was terrible.. we simply need categories.. not “Because you watched this” “Because you liked that” or all that garbage.

  19. Tengo Amazon prime video como extra de lo que realmente uso, que son los envíos, pero sigue siendo una buena plataforma de streaming, sobretodo si te interesa el anime

  20. Não é caro e tem conteúdo de qualidade. Só estou esperando pela segunda temporada de Carnival Row. Amazon, por favor, acaba com o meu suplício e manda logo essa bendita temporada. Enfim, pode não ter a mesma quantidade de séries e filmes como a concorrente principal, mas a qualidade do que tem é inegável. Amooooooooo

  21. Its not that good it just shows what you have in your camera roll

  22. Hi like this game! ThanksYou should try the other oneI amazing in all honesty though so that the people don’t want the game

  23. This app didn’t work for Youtube at all

  24. Perfecta cumple todas las expectativas

  25. Oltre i film si può fare acquisti senza pagare il trasporto che vuol dire tanto ! E le consegne veloci

  26. Adding a “kinda” button to Amazon Prime Video could offer several benefits: 1. Fine-tuning Recommendations: Users often encounter content that they only partially enjoy. By allowing them to express that sentiment with a “kinda” button, Amazon Prime Video could gather more nuanced data on user preferences. This data could then be used to refine recommendations, ensuring that users are presented with content that aligns more closely with their tastes. 2. Enhanced Personalization: With more detailed feedback from users, the platform could personalize content recommendations even further. Users may appreciate having a more tailored selection of movies and shows that better match their preferences, leading to increased satisfaction with the service. 3. Improved Engagement: Allowing users to express nuanced opinions about content could increase engagement with the platform. Users may feel more invested in providing feedback if they have the option to express a sentiment that falls between liking and disliking a particular title. 4. Data Insights: The data collected from the “kinda” button could provide valuable insights into viewer preferences and behaviors. This data could be leveraged not only to improve recommendations but also to inform content acquisition and production decisions.Overall, implementing a “kinda” button on Amazon Prime Video could lead to a more personalized and satisfying user experience, while also providing valuable data for the platform to enhance its content offerings.

  27. I find Prime Video lacking in the ability to remove a movie or show I have tried and found I didn’t like it, but it stays in my continue watching list cluttering up the list. I have selected the thumbs down and yet the video stays there.Very poorly designed

  28. Since the overlords at Amazon won’t allow any negative reviews on their products, ill try this.Everything I say is the opposite!I love Amazon, I love the ads, I love paying monthly if wanted to remove them, but I don’t cuz I love them.Amazon doesn’t make enough so they needed to find a way to separate you from even more $$. But the ads are great, I’ll never get rid of prime.

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