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TERRO Liquid Ant Killer ll T200, 2 oz

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TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations

$13.04  in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions1.2 x 6.6 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight4.3 ounces
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numberT300B
Best Sellers Rank#1 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #1 in Pest Control Baits & Lures
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Attracts & Kills – Kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don't – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more

TERRO T901-6 Ant Killer Plus Multi-Purpose Insect Control for Outdoors - Kills Fire Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, and Other Crawling Insects - 3lb

 in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions9 x 5 x 12 inches
Item Weight3.1 pounds
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numberT901-6
Best Sellers Rank#50 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #1 in Insect & Pest Repellent Spray Concentrates
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Say Goodbye to Bugs - Kills ants, fire ants, roaches, fleas, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, mites, palmetto bugs, silverfish, sow bugs, and more
  • Works Fast - The powerful granules kill listed insect pests within 24 hours of contact while also providing residual repellency
  • Keep Insects Out – For outdoor use only, apply the granules as band treatment around house foundations and on lawns, or as a spot treatment on ant hills
  • Easy to Apply - The resealable shaker bag design allows for convenient application, there's no chemical spreader or broadcaster required

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer ll T200, 2 oz

 in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions5.5 x 4.7 x 1 inches
Item Weight2 ounces
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numberT200-12
Best Sellers Rank#76 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #12 in Pest Repellents
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Bait Stations Gravity Display 2 ounce no drips or mess
  • Ants carry bait back to the nest where it destroys the entire colony
  • Active Ingredients: Borax

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 with Comfort Wand, Controls Ants, Roaches, and Spiders, 1.1 gal.

 in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:47 am


Product Dimensions8.95 x 12 x 4.88 inches
Item Weight11.7 ounces
ManufacturerThe Scotts Company LLC
Country of OriginUSA
Item model number0220910
Batteries2 AA batteries required.
Best Sellers Rank#16 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #2 in Insect & Pest Repellent Sprays
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 is a bug killer spray that kills the toughest home invading insects, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, scorpions, earwigs, silverfish, and periodical cicadas (as listed)
  • Provides a long-lasting bug barrier of up to 12 month protection (against ants, roaches, and spiders indoors on non-porous surfaces)
  • Apply this pesticide anytime as a preventative treatment or after you see evidence of insect activity
  • Use this pest control spray with confidence indoors (kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows) and outdoors (perimeter of foundations, patios and decks, garages) wherever insects are a recurring problem
  • The easy-to-use continuous spray Comfort Wand helps you control insects easily and accurately without any bending, pumping, or hand-fatigue

Spectracide Fire Ant Shield Mound Destroyer Granules, 3.5-Pound

 in stock
as of May 10, 2024 5:47 am

  • MOUND DESTROYER: Use outdoors directly on fire ant mounds – starts to kill in minutes.
  • KILLS THE QUEEN AND COLONY: Kills the fire ant queen and colony in 24 hours – limits the formation of new mounds in treated areas.
  • DEEP-REACHING FORMULA: Made with exclusive Accelerator II technology to speed the release of active ingredient into the mound.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply in morning or evening hours when fire ants are closer to the surface.


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  1. It works!

  2. Eu tinha uma quantidade absurda de uma formiguinha que chamam de formiga quente, que pica que é uma chaticie só. Não podia fazer nada no quintal que terminava sempre picada por todos lados. Não sei se é por acaso (quero acreditar que não!) mas, desde que comecei pôr umas gotinhas, de tanto em tanto, em algumas áreas estratégicas, a quantidade de formigas diminuiu muito! Tenho posto, por exemplo, numa folha seca, num canto que não pegsaae chuva.

  3. I moved into a new home only to find that as soon as I started using the kitchen I was inundated with ants. I used this product once, leaving small amounts on top of my kitchen counter and allowed the ants to congregate and eat the product (this was hard as I just wanted to spray them). The next morning I cleaned up the sticky half-dried fluid and I have not seen another ant since. Good stuff

  4. I bought Spectracide Ant Mound Destroyer b/c this summer I’ve had anthills all over my yard. I don’t mind insects until they attack me, then it’s ON!! It’s like whack-a-mole here, I get rid of one & 2 more pop up somewhere else the next day! I used up my other stuff & went looking for more. This product sounded great & I liked the results it promised. Well, the next inevitable anthill burst through my pavers this time & I was ready for them. I followed instructions. Poured the granules over the anthill & then gently watered them in. The next day they were definitely gone from that spot. I’ve looked around my yard to see where they might be but after 4 days, don’t see any new anthills. It is Autumn here, but we’ve had unseasonably warm temps in the mid to high 70’s so they should still be active. I hope this has done the trick, if not, I have plenty left in the bag. I did sweep up & dispose of any granules left on the ground the next day as I didn’t want some critter mistaking it for food.

  5. How you use this stuff is important.My abbreviated guidance: 1) More small puddles are better than one giant puddle of TERRO stuff 2) Don’t kill, wipe up, or disturb the ants. Use their process to help your process. Find their trails. 3) Trust that this stuff works. 4) You want a good trap at SOURCE, plus a trap or two along their trail you can watch 5) If after you’ve given it a whirl, but you keep seeing ants, you didn’t do your homework correctly. : ) 6) FIND the SOURCE and place your best trap there. 7) Use the stuff WISELY, not WILDLY!! About 30-40 drops of the stuff will kill HUNDREDS of ants!!Now… for a bit more verbose how-to:=================================Instructions on the package and in the product description here say to place drop puddles of the stuff for ants to come and FEED off… I agree with that.. But rather than making ONE GIANT puddle (the size of a coin, for instance, ~20-25mm 3/4″ to 1″), I have found that it’s much more effective to make MULTIPLE SMALL puddles (the size of a hole punch… 5-7mm or ~1/4 in” MAX) with that same distance between puddles… So instead of one big puddle, I’d fit in about 4 to 6 smaller ones in the same space… using less liquid but attracting more ants!When there’s one giant puddle, you can only feed as many ants as can fit around its circumference; but with lots of little puddles, you can feed a whole lot more, because they arrange themselves around the circumference of every smaller puddle, and they eat a lot more efficiently. So… it takes less time for the TERRO to do its thing and get the stuff carried back to their nest.My recommendation is NOT to go wild stomping on or swooping in to wipe up ants when you find them… LEAVE THEM IN PLACE and find their trails. This stuff is effective, so they’ll get “got”, but if you interrupt their flow, you may never really know if you’re placing your traps in reasonable places. So when you see ants, get a powerful flashlight and trace the ant trails back to a WALL or WINDOW or a HEAT VENT or a HOLE in the FLOOR… or wherever they gained entry.Ants are very intelligent and ingenious creatures. There is a logical order to how they got from your window to your desk or bed or table or whatever… but it might take some detective work on your part to find that trail. They often won’t choose the straight line because they don’t want to get steppped on and smashed. They know better. So they’ll go around the edge, or maybe crawl up a table leg, even across the bottom of the table, then back down again at the other side if that’s their best perceived route.Until you find the full trail, from ENTRY SOURCE to the final CRUMB COLLECTION they’re nibbling on, you won’t be able to trap them so well along the way. Be patient and mimic their process. I’ve even gone so far as to take a couple extra days to even start “killing them” because I can’t find how they’re getting from one place to another. So I might lay white paper down on top of carpet or dark-tile floor to let them use it as a “freeway” and speed their transit so I can better find and see their trail! Then, once I have a better idea how they got from one place to another seeming illogical place I found them… I set about to trapping them and poisoning this little freeway trail I just laid for them.We also don’t use the little cardboard squares; we use post-it notes with the non-stick edge folder up as a little handle to lift it back up after all is finished. Just be careful not to place puddles too near the edges (of cardboard or post-it notes). Else, you may have some difficulty cleaning up the sticky stuff left over when the ants finish up.Then plan to place your traps at each end, and a couple test places along the trail, so you get them all. Concentrate the best collection of puddles of the stuff as near as possible to the ENTRY point. Sometimes that may take a few days to get right. But once you think you’ve found their ENTRY point, and have placed the puddle trap… keep an eye on it every day, and drip a few more drops on if they eat it all up.This stuff WORKs, and it WORKS WELL and fairly QUICKLY. (I’ve never had it take the two weeks it says to wait… Usually the way we do it, leaving three or four post-its by the discovered point of entry and several feet apart along their favorite trail… it’s all over within 3-4 days or so, max)I really kind of hate to have to poison these super intelligent creatures. But I also don’t like them taking over my living space, if one of us does something stupid like drop crumbs or sticky sweets somewhere, and the ants show up and illuminate our folly. So, I have to resort to TERRO to take back my space, and then educate the offending crumb-dropper to try and ensure it doesn’t happen again.Still, tho, I’m always fascinated by their persistence and drive to survive! : )

  6. I got this after seeing so many positive reviews. I applied it in 4 total spots around the house, all of them slightly off to the side of the paths of the ants. Slept on it for a day and 90% of the ants were wiped out in a single day. And then on the day after that, they were COMPLETELY wiped out! Not a single and in sight! Great product and highly recommend, especially after I tried several other poison ant bait brands which seem to only briefly reduce ant numbers but they always bounce back. Not this one though, it’s been months and still not a single ant.

  7. Yes, it is effective.

  8. Have used this product before in the Caribbean. No roaches or the like for 5 years so I know it works. Pretty hefty price tag though for shipment to the UK when much lower price on the other side of the pond. But the heart wants what the heart wants…

  9. The ants had completely gone a few days after application.The only odd thing I saw was that in some of the packets there were floaty bits and in other they were crystal clear, I’m not sure if this is a defect but I’ll still use the remaining packs in the future.

  10. This worked for about 3 days and then they were back. So not worth it even though it only cost me 5 bucks. Having to do this every couple days makes it not even worth it.

  11. Reply
    Good leathery feel. Fits perfectly. Loving it!!
    January 10, 2024 at 12:00 am

    No traces of ants within 3 days of application.

  12. I tried so many different ant killers throughout the years, this is by far the most effective one. Only a few days you can’t see ants anymore- pricy but worth it. highly recommended!

  13. Got red ants? Look no further this does the trick!

  14. Haven’t been bit by fire ants this year, so it is working 😉

  15. I started using the Terro liquid about a month ago. Small ants (1/8th – 1/4 inch long) have been showing up next to my pellet stove insert. I’ve been using the product as directed, plus some extra, and ant activity has been reduced by a lot. But there are still a few coming around. Great reduction, but not yet elimination. I pulled out the pellet stove about 30 days after starting the Terro treatment for a maintenance/cleaning and do not see any ants behind the pellet stove. I don’t know where the little stinkers are hiding, where the nest is. But I’m hoping the Terro will finish them off soon. Next move is to spray the outside of the masonry chimney plus the ground a few feet out/around the chimney. Maybe I’ll win, maybe not.

  16. Unfortunately, mechanical issues in the wand degrade this product from 5-star to 3. What you’ll encounter: 1) Bad suction on tube joints, so no product flows, 2) Electrical cut-outs, so motor doesn’t turn, 3) Pump sometimes needs to prime before product flows, 4) Nozzle clogs. You must be handy with mechanical and electrical tinkering or you’ll have a jug of product and no means to dispense it. Fortunately, I am handy. My best solution is to connect the curly white hose directly to the hard plastic straw, and place it in the jug with no top. This allows direct suction, bypassing the faulty connections at the jug top. Those plastic parts are too low-quality to form an air-tight seal necessary for suction. Electrical is another issue. Batteries, connections, etc. Fight those battles as they come. Good luck.

  17. Kills my fire ants. This is my go to product

  18. I like how easy this was to use with the wand attachment, I recommend purchasing that one. I just used it a couple days ago so hard to say how well it works but I live in an area with tons of bugs this time of year and haven’t seen one in the house since I sprayed. We tend to get spiders and centipedes, with the centipedes specially being my arch nemesis and ultimate fear. So far so good. I bought this insect killer because I have dogs and heard this one isn’t toxic like say, Raid. The dogs will sometimes eat the grass outside so I wanted to be sure I used something that won’t hurt them. Even still, I really tried to only spray the cement and walls around the doorways just in case. Everything has been fine, just less bugs. I still have a ton left too and the price isn’t bad. Yay!

  19. Every spring to fall I get ant problem in the garden level apartment my family lives in. I’ve been using different products and none have compared to this product. Well this year, it got so bad that the ants explored the whole apartment and all of us especially the baby has been bitten. So I needed something fast, this was recommended by my co-workers and I quickly purchased it. As soon as it arrived, I sprayed down the area where the ants are usually found. After a few hours, I found hundreds of dead ants. vacuumed and re-sprayed again, just for extra measures. A week passes by and no ants. Just last week, I re-checked and found a few hundred more dead ants. This product kills and makes a barrier so that the ants will not go pass. Will be buying this again next springtime.

  20. We used these to get rid of the small black kitchen ants that we found crawling all over our countertops and they work!Caveat, as previous reviewers said, we did receive one damaged in the box and the bait inside these is messy and sticky so take care when opening and moving around. Also, as mentioned, cut the tab off with scissors as the twist method is difficult and when done is even more messy.As far as the process and working, we set them out on the kitchen counters where we saw ants as directed. After a while the visible ants began to line up and go back and forth from the bait to their entry point (under the counter). A couple hours later there were LOTS of ants now in the line moving from bait to entry to bait to entry, presumably taking the bait back to the nest.We left them out overnight and I was envisioning waking up the next morning with my kitchen engulfed in ants, but when we came down in the morning the ants were gone! We cleaned up the area (sticky bait and dead ants) and left the clean traps on the counter (we tossed the ones full of ants). For the next few days there were a few straggler ants to be seen, but the nothing on par with before we started or during the first day.I was skeptical, but these traps did exactly what they said they would do. Bear in mind, as I and others said, they may arrive damaged and the liquid inside the traps is sticky as all get out, but it’s worth it for the elimination these traps performed, seen and unseen.

  21. I’ll start by saying this stuff does work. Most ant colonies are gone the next day. I’ve experienced some that take up to two weeks to eliminate! The last bad one was in my bedroom all over my computer & printer where there’s absolutely no food! Freaked me out. Any ways I’m dumbfounded by this 2oz product for the price & the previous 1oz at $16 for a 4 pack! Do the math folks! It’s not even algebra! Lol. This 2oz for $3.97 is slightly better than double the deal! Wow. Shop around! Boom. Highly recommend.

  22. If you blipper the vast ploober with ALL of your wicky wacky then rest assured that your fancy zippity zappity po plippity will be cohipulated!! 👉🥴👈 However don’t be fooled by the great plippy nester, you’ll understand when the clappinschmacker makes EVERYTHING more better!! 🤜🤪🤛

  23. Easy to open the bag and works as easy as advertised, was enough go around entire house with a good 1-1.5 foot band. Always have lots ants hoping this and home defense I spray do the trick. Home defense seems to kill on contact but doesn’t last too long. I think rains wash that stuff away pretty quickly so hopefully this takes care of the nests.

  24. Is not too much strong for the insects

  25. I’ve been having ant problem every spring. I’ve used terro ant bait and it had kill of a carpenter ant colony before but the years after I’ve been getting sparse ants and cant seem to find where they are coming from. They also haven’t taken any of the Terro bait so I was really desperate to find another way to kill the ants. I remember I bought this and started spraying outside and inside. The ants been dying around the areas I spray and i still see a few around but it’s a start. I wish I could completely eradicate their source with bait cause they reproduce quite quickly. I’m just hoping this will deter them in the future from entering my house!

  26. Highly recommend this product. Easy to apply and affordable.

  27. I am pregnant, had shingles and was exhausted, tossing and turning all night. When I finally fell asleep as the lidocaine kicked in, I heard a sound like a broken ceiling fan squeaking in my dream. I awoke to realize it wasn’t my ceiling fan but some kind of noise outside my window. There I am, 4AM, walking around my garden trying to find the cricket with the awful song somewhere in the darkness below my bedroom window. I couldn’t find him and was kept awake until dawn when he finally quieted down. Unfortunately for that cricket, I was up ordering this product on Amazon. 2PM the next day, I was spraying the area around my house, and guess who emerged as the insecticide did its work – that evil cricket. Needless to say, its been very quiet outside my home and the front and back porch aren’t littered with beetles and ants like they normally are. This stuff works and I only needed half a bottle to get around the perimeter of our ranch style 3 bedroom. And I really went to town by my bedroom window in the back yard. Nozzle was fine for the size of my hand (petite woman) and seemed sturdy. Product did not smell like anything and dried quickly. I would say this is a good product!

  28. About 2 hours after placing bait down, i saw alot of ants eating it. The 3rd hour, the rest of the trails they had were gone, and the ant were at the bait stations. And staying there have to see how long it takes for them to be gone. They are very easy to use just cut top off, i put a few drops around to speed up them finding it, but they will crawl in the trap itself. Yeah you want to crush them, but just let them eat it and bring it home. Theres no real smell to it when it out. All the tubes made it sealed to my delivery. There just over a dollar a tube so a good value. Will update in a few days on how it worked. About 36 hours and see it cutting down the number of ants and keeping them by the bait. There hooked on it.UPDATE:4 Days later seems about 90% or better less ants. The trails the ants had were gone in the 1st 24 hours. Keeping them on the bait. At first it looks like it doesn’t work the ants just sit around and eat, but just wait and it will make them go away.

  29. It works, if you want to know if it works, it does. Knocked out three ant piles in a few days and disrupted an active any line trying to go to my trash can outside.

  30. Ants disappear in one day!!! It’s really amazing!!I just followed direction.At the beginning there’s a few ants and they didn’t seem curious about it. But about 3~4 hours later I saw a very creepy sight. Ants stuck to the “Ant killer”. I thought they were dead but they weren’t. They were eating it. And many ants come and eat and leave. They never went other spot, just for “Ant Killer”. I Just refill “Ant killer” once because ants ate it all. Next morning I couldn’t find any ants, till now.

  31. This is the same product as the bait stations, but per volume of liquid this is a fraction of the cost. I just put several drops spread out around a wax-coated paper plate. The ants love this over any other foods in the house and they even stop swarming out sinks for water. I guess they’re getting enough water from the liquid? It takes a few days to stop the ants, and they will eventually come back, but you just put out more bait again. You’ll know its working when you start to see smaller and smaller ants. I guess the youngest ants don’t go out to search for food unless they’re desperate.

  32. I love this product. What more can I ask for? I used this last week and have not seen 1 ant since.I highly recommend this product.

  33. So I originally bought this for the spiders in my garage, I would spray and they would still show up, I even sprayed it directly onto a spider 🕷️ and he just kept crawling through I then went 4 rooms away and grabbed the raid came back and he was still alive and crawling in my bathroom, of course I sprayed the raid and he instantly was over, I did have a water issue with something in the home that started attracting other bugs like water bugs, beetles, cockroaches and they were dead as soon as they came into the area I sprayed, it didn’t help with mosquitos but I did spray where there was wasp and hornets and they actually calmed down for a bit until it rained and they came back, so I gave it four stars because it did help keep some bugs out, but the ones I was aiming for was spider and mosquitoes, and it also seems not to hold up after the rain or if the area gets wet.

  34. Can’t go wrong with this product. Does exactly what you expect. However, I have only have 1 complaint…..the sprayer. The batteries were included in the sprayer, however, the “tab” you remove to get the sprayer to work was gone & the batteries were in wrong!! Not sure how it happened seeing how it was all packaged together under a seal of plastic.Once I got the battery situation corrected, the sprayer worked with no issues.

  35. Reply
    kathleen bacheller
    May 3, 2024 at 12:00 am

    This is the only ant killer that works on all the different types of ants in my yard! The packaging is so easy to apply, just shake where you want it. Yes they move and come back but I’ll get them all eventually.

  36. Reply
    leroy d gilliam jr
    May 3, 2024 at 12:00 am

    Works great,

  37. I had a bedroom infestation of sugar and carpenter ants (yes, the winged variety of the latter), and had tried some DIY bait (borax w/ honey or sugar) for about a month with limited results. So eventually decided to search Amazon for ant bait products and was a bit discouraged to find that most had the “does not work on carpenter ants” disclaimer.The Terro T300B baits never spelled that out on their packaging so I said WTH and bought a box with honestly low expectations. The result? Laid three traps the first day and within a few days did not see a single ant (either sugar or carpenter), and it has now been roughly a week or more and still … no ants. So fingers crossed. So far so good.Btw, like others I didn’t have much luck with the snap off instructions to activate the traps, so I just used a pair of scissors. Just make sure you cut low enough of the throat of the traps that their is a space for the ants to access the bait. Too high and, I believe, the plastic remains closed.

  38. We HAD black ants on the side of our walkways, front and back. The first afternoon I sprinkled a fair amount of TERRO killer over and around the holes. I didn’t use a lot, perhaps three or four tablespoons for each area. I didn’t water them, just wanted to see how good the product worked. The next morning, the ants were gone. Oh, two or three roamed around for a couple of days but then they were gone. I’ll be using the product all around the house. Very, very pleased.

  39. This stuff seems to work. Granted, we also used an exterminator, but exterminator services weren’t enough to stop the ants last spring and summer. So was the difference this spring using the Terro ant killer shaker around the perimeter of our house? I can’t say for certain, but I know we’ll use it again. Two skaker bags were enough to quickly put a band of protection around our 2500 sq ft house plus garage. Easy!

  40. he TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer not only annihilates ants but also prioritizes safety, making it suitable for placement even in the kitchen near food. This remarkable feature sets it apart as a top choice for households concerned about both pest control and safety.You can confidently position the bait stations near food storage areas or countertops, knowing that the formula is entirely safe for humans and pets. The design of the bait stations ensures that the sweet liquid bait is contained within, preventing any spills or messes that could potentially contaminate food preparation surfaces.This aspect of safety is crucial, especially in areas where food is handled regularly. Unlike harsh chemical sprays or powders that can leave residue and pose health risks, the TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer offers a non-toxic solution that effectively targets ants while ensuring the well-being of your family.With this product, you can tackle ant infestations in the heart of your home without compromising on safety. It’s a testament to TERRO’s commitment to providing effective pest control solutions that prioritize the health and safety of its users. Say goodbye to ants with confidence, knowing that TERRO has you covered with a safe and reliable solution for your kitchen and beyond.

  41. I don’t know how effective this product is at killing ants but man it sure draws them. It’s super easy to use. Just drop some where you see ants congregating and they will congregate around it more and then take it back to the nest (theoretically). I suspect we had a HUGE nest because they kept coming. It’s finally slowed down so I’m hoping it’s killed them.Now I did find the bottle leaked some when I was just storing it in the box and the box got run over with ants even with me washing the bottle off every time and keeping it upright. I have started keeping it in a zipper baggie so it’s close but sealed better.The size of the bottle seems to be a good amount. I’ve just it a lot and still have PLENTY to go.It did spread some and caused sticking of nearby cardboard boxes. I know it SAYS to put it on paper or foil but I just have dropped it on a cleanable surface so I wasn’t concerned, but you may want to follow the directions to avoid damaging some surfaces.Over all I probably would recommend it. Hopefully it’s down there killing then.

  42. This stuff is great. It takes a little sleuthing to figure out the source of the ants and then it takes day or so to work… the ants have to find it, eat it, bring it back to the nest. And then the poison affects the whole colony. Every summer I reuse it, and it takes care of the season.

  43. I have been using this product for years inside and outside to keep spiders, roaches, ants, and bugs away. It is pet friendly and does not have a terrible odor like some sprays. Just spray all along the baseboards in each room in front of the garage door and around the inside of your garage. Then your home will be bug free for up to one month. I usually spray about once a month and this keeps all of those pesky bugs away.Highly recommend!

  44. Out of the blue my front yard was infested with two very large mound of very large red fire ants. The mounds were near the driveway where I park my car. The least disturbance resulted in hundreds of red ants headed for my feet and legs. I applied an entire bag of this wonderful product over both ant mounds. Every red ant was killed and never returned. I have another bag in reserve and would not be without this product.

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