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TERRO Liquid Ant Killer ll T200, 2 oz

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TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations

$13.28  in stock
as of May 11, 2024 6:48 am


Product Dimensions1.2 x 6.6 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight4.3 ounces
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numberT300B
Best Sellers Rank#1 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #1 in Pest Control Baits & Lures
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Attracts & Kills – Kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don't – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer ll T200, 2 oz

 in stock
as of May 11, 2024 6:48 am


Product Dimensions5.5 x 4.7 x 1 inches
Item Weight2 ounces
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numberT200-12
Best Sellers Rank#103 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #12 in Pest Repellents
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Bait Stations Gravity Display 2 ounce no drips or mess
  • Ants carry bait back to the nest where it destroys the entire colony
  • Active Ingredients: Borax

TERRO T334B Indoor Multi-Surface Liquid Ant Bait and Ant Killer - 4 Discreet Ant Bait Stations - Kills Common Household Ants

$7.58  in stock
as of May 11, 2024 6:48 am


Product Dimensions0.7 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight0.16 ounces
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numbert334
Best Sellers Rank#44 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #4 in Pest Control Baits & Lures
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Attracts & Kills – Kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don't – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Multi-Surface Application – Adhesive strips allow you place the bait stations on walls, under cabinets, and other spots where they won't be in the way
  • Discreet Design – The two-color design easily blends in with your existing décor so you won’t even notice they are there

Raid® Ant & Roach Killer Spray, Fragrance-Free, 17.5 Oz, Pack Of 2

$6.85  in stock
as of May 11, 2024 6:48 am


Product Dimensions2.69 x 5.31 x 10.13 inches
Item Weight2.71 pounds
ManufacturerSC Johnson
Country of OriginUSA
Item model number697322
Best Sellers Rank#68 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #6 in Insect & Pest Repellent Sprays
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Keep your home or office pest free without leaving an unpleasant chemical scent behind. Designed to eliminate ants and roaches, this insecticide is also effective against a variety of other pests, so you can use it throughout the season.
  • Insecticide with residual action kills ants and roaches on contact and keeps them away for up to 4 weeks. Also effective against waterbugs, palmetto bugs, silverfish, carpet beetles, earwigs, spiders, lady beetles, black widow spiders and more.
  • Aerosol spray can enables easy application over a broad area.
  • Outdoor fresh scent leaves a pleasant aroma behind.

Hot Shot Ant Bait, Kills the Queen and Colony, Works for 6 months, Pack of 1, 8 Count

$9.47  in stock
as of May 11, 2024 6:48 am


Product Dimensions2.25 x 5.5 x 4.62 inches
Item Weight1.94 ounces
ManufacturerUnited Industries
Country of OriginUSA
Item model number2048
Best Sellers Rank#88 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #8 in Pest Control Baits & Lures
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • STARTS KILLING ANTS IN HOURS: Hot Shot MaxAttrax Ant Bait provides relief from even tough ant problems – it kills the ants you see and kills the hidden ants you don't see
  • KILLS THE QUEEN COLONY: Works up to 6 months indoors
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Use near walls, in closets and cabinets, under sinks and refrigerators; place one bait station along each ant trail around the outside of homes
  • CHILD RESISTANT: Contains 8 child-resistant bait stations


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  1. the problem with this product is hard to twist that stupid plastick. need to use scissort to cut it. Also the adhesive strip is no last longer.I drop to test and few ants came and this little fella drink them and it doesnt kill instantly ? So does it kill Ants ?

  2. I very rarely write reviews which is kind of stupid because I usually read reviews prior to getting certain products. Therefore I guess I will start now, hoping I can help someone decide wether or not this product is for them. Before you read this long review I want to let you know this is the BEST product I have ever used.Before I tell you about how AMAZING this product was I will tell you what kind of Ant 🐜 problem I had. Maybe someone can relate.I have a parrot and he is in a room that is near a window. With all the different types of food he eats and with the warmer weather that we started having in my area (NJ) I started seeing ants outside. That’s when I started seeing some ants coming in from the bottom left corner of the frame of our window. I have never had an ant issue with the 17 years I live hear. Even having my parrot and all the amounts of food he eats. For some reason last year during the spring time is when I saw these crazy little annoying bugs come in my house.These ants seemed to be a different type of ant. One I have never seen before. They were small but the minute you go near them they would run away or scatter away super fast. I have an exterminator on my block and he told us they were sugar ants. What the hell is a sugar ant? Lol. Well I was told that these ants hide out in your shower and in the kitchen because of the sugary foods around. Why are they found in a bathroom is beyond me. But I looked it up after what he said and everything he told us was what I read on line about “sugar ants”. I mentioned that last year I had this problem and they were found behind the faucet in our shower. That’s another story. Anyway, before having an exterminator come into my house, I figured I would try to resolve the problem myself. So before buying this “AMAZING PRODUCT”, I purchased all the “Raid” products that come in the square plastic containers. The ones that come in white or grey containers. I put the Raid traps by the window and where else I thought they might come in. I actually tried the mixture of vinegar, sugar and water concoction that was told on line to use for these ants. But nothing worked. I doubt an ant even went to these traps because near my window they would go around those traps. I was getting frustrated because I skeeve bugs. And I was afraid of an exterminator coming in with my parrot living here. I wasn’t taken that chance of him dying with the chemicals. Anyway after coming to a dead end with the Raid traps I began reading and reading on so many products just to find a worthy product. That’s when I came across this product. It was very different than the normal products that are used to kill ants. So I figured why not, let me give it a try. I received my order really fast and was anxious to use them. After reading all the directions these baits were very easy to use. It comes in a thick clear rectangular container. To open it, it Reccomended to hold it up right and twist off the plastic top until it snaps off. It was a little tough for me to snap off the top like it says on the package. Therefore I used a pair of scissors to open the trap. Word of advise, if you need a pair of scissors to open your product, just make sure to keep the trap upright so the liquid doesn’t pour out. After opening the trap, I then placed this trap about 3-4 inches away from the bottom corner of the window. Right where I saw the ants coming in. They scurried away from me at first, but the minute I put this trap down it was shocking!! No joke. I was shocked to see all these ants go running toward the opening of this trap. The trap actually attracted more ants to come out of hiding to eat this food (crazy). I actually spilt a little bit on my windowsill and some ran to that and got stuck. But what was amazing to me was after I put the trap down and watching these ants go to it, it was shocking to see them run right back out of the corner of the windowsill. It was crazy. I just watched for a few minutes and to see them either get trapped inside the trap or grab some of the food in the trap and run back outside or wherever they came from. And by the end of the day they were gone. It’s about 2 weeks now since I only used one trap and I have yet to see another NASTY ANT!! Wahooo!!!! They are gone.This product is BY FAR THE BEST ANT PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED IN MY LIFE!! This is noooo joke. Therefore you can count on me to continue to purchase and use this product for any ant problem that might arise again. I will never buy a different type of ant trap again. No matter how popular people feel the “Raid” products might be. The sprays are only wonderful for the outdoors but for the inside the “Raid” products are definitely not as effective as this product is. I actually gave my neighbor 2 traps and after a day or two they were gone by him as well. These traps are crazy how wonderful they work. I swear by this product and I know if you purchase these traps you will too. I will never buy another kind of ant traps again. These are the BEST kind of ant traps on the market by far!!! And mind you, I AM NOT making any kind of commission from this company for this product review. I am just sooo happy my ant issue is gone for now. Sooo, if you want to get rid of these annoying, nasty bugs “FAST,” then purchase these traps. And I promise you, you will be so happy you did.

  3. Been using this for 10 days, adding fresh stuff every day – No decrease in ants, looks like a couple of hundred ants are there all the time eating it. Feel like I’m just feeding them at this point.

  4. Eu tinha uma quantidade absurda de uma formiguinha que chamam de formiga quente, que pica que é uma chaticie só. Não podia fazer nada no quintal que terminava sempre picada por todos lados. Não sei se é por acaso (quero acreditar que não!) mas, desde que comecei pôr umas gotinhas, de tanto em tanto, em algumas áreas estratégicas, a quantidade de formigas diminuiu muito! Tenho posto, por exemplo, numa folha seca, num canto que não pegsaae chuva.

  5. I moved into a new home only to find that as soon as I started using the kitchen I was inundated with ants. I used this product once, leaving small amounts on top of my kitchen counter and allowed the ants to congregate and eat the product (this was hard as I just wanted to spray them). The next morning I cleaned up the sticky half-dried fluid and I have not seen another ant since. Good stuff

  6. How you use this stuff is important.My abbreviated guidance: 1) More small puddles are better than one giant puddle of TERRO stuff 2) Don’t kill, wipe up, or disturb the ants. Use their process to help your process. Find their trails. 3) Trust that this stuff works. 4) You want a good trap at SOURCE, plus a trap or two along their trail you can watch 5) If after you’ve given it a whirl, but you keep seeing ants, you didn’t do your homework correctly. : ) 6) FIND the SOURCE and place your best trap there. 7) Use the stuff WISELY, not WILDLY!! About 30-40 drops of the stuff will kill HUNDREDS of ants!!Now… for a bit more verbose how-to:=================================Instructions on the package and in the product description here say to place drop puddles of the stuff for ants to come and FEED off… I agree with that.. But rather than making ONE GIANT puddle (the size of a coin, for instance, ~20-25mm 3/4″ to 1″), I have found that it’s much more effective to make MULTIPLE SMALL puddles (the size of a hole punch… 5-7mm or ~1/4 in” MAX) with that same distance between puddles… So instead of one big puddle, I’d fit in about 4 to 6 smaller ones in the same space… using less liquid but attracting more ants!When there’s one giant puddle, you can only feed as many ants as can fit around its circumference; but with lots of little puddles, you can feed a whole lot more, because they arrange themselves around the circumference of every smaller puddle, and they eat a lot more efficiently. So… it takes less time for the TERRO to do its thing and get the stuff carried back to their nest.My recommendation is NOT to go wild stomping on or swooping in to wipe up ants when you find them… LEAVE THEM IN PLACE and find their trails. This stuff is effective, so they’ll get “got”, but if you interrupt their flow, you may never really know if you’re placing your traps in reasonable places. So when you see ants, get a powerful flashlight and trace the ant trails back to a WALL or WINDOW or a HEAT VENT or a HOLE in the FLOOR… or wherever they gained entry.Ants are very intelligent and ingenious creatures. There is a logical order to how they got from your window to your desk or bed or table or whatever… but it might take some detective work on your part to find that trail. They often won’t choose the straight line because they don’t want to get steppped on and smashed. They know better. So they’ll go around the edge, or maybe crawl up a table leg, even across the bottom of the table, then back down again at the other side if that’s their best perceived route.Until you find the full trail, from ENTRY SOURCE to the final CRUMB COLLECTION they’re nibbling on, you won’t be able to trap them so well along the way. Be patient and mimic their process. I’ve even gone so far as to take a couple extra days to even start “killing them” because I can’t find how they’re getting from one place to another. So I might lay white paper down on top of carpet or dark-tile floor to let them use it as a “freeway” and speed their transit so I can better find and see their trail! Then, once I have a better idea how they got from one place to another seeming illogical place I found them… I set about to trapping them and poisoning this little freeway trail I just laid for them.We also don’t use the little cardboard squares; we use post-it notes with the non-stick edge folder up as a little handle to lift it back up after all is finished. Just be careful not to place puddles too near the edges (of cardboard or post-it notes). Else, you may have some difficulty cleaning up the sticky stuff left over when the ants finish up.Then plan to place your traps at each end, and a couple test places along the trail, so you get them all. Concentrate the best collection of puddles of the stuff as near as possible to the ENTRY point. Sometimes that may take a few days to get right. But once you think you’ve found their ENTRY point, and have placed the puddle trap… keep an eye on it every day, and drip a few more drops on if they eat it all up.This stuff WORKs, and it WORKS WELL and fairly QUICKLY. (I’ve never had it take the two weeks it says to wait… Usually the way we do it, leaving three or four post-its by the discovered point of entry and several feet apart along their favorite trail… it’s all over within 3-4 days or so, max)I really kind of hate to have to poison these super intelligent creatures. But I also don’t like them taking over my living space, if one of us does something stupid like drop crumbs or sticky sweets somewhere, and the ants show up and illuminate our folly. So, I have to resort to TERRO to take back my space, and then educate the offending crumb-dropper to try and ensure it doesn’t happen again.Still, tho, I’m always fascinated by their persistence and drive to survive! : )

  7. I got this after seeing so many positive reviews. I applied it in 4 total spots around the house, all of them slightly off to the side of the paths of the ants. Slept on it for a day and 90% of the ants were wiped out in a single day. And then on the day after that, they were COMPLETELY wiped out! Not a single and in sight! Great product and highly recommend, especially after I tried several other poison ant bait brands which seem to only briefly reduce ant numbers but they always bounce back. Not this one though, it’s been months and still not a single ant.

  8. I am one of those jerks who relies on other people’s reviews, but hardly ever contribute any myself. I’ve decided to mend my ways and write reviews for products that are exceptionally good- and this is certainly one of those! I am only reviewing the Terro Ant Baits I purchased from Amazon, but I have bought other forms of the product elsewhere with the same EXCELLENT results.Fortunately, we have never had a problem with ants getting into the house- probably because we have so much stuff that they absolutely LOVE outside of the house- berry bushes, fruit trees, a pond, and of course the irresistible food, water, and treats we have outside year-round for the neighborhood stray cats. We had a couple of unseasonably-warm Spring days last week, and sure enough, these pesky pests showed up and SWARMED on the cat treats and kibble. I searched the house for some Terro Ant Bait that I could have sworn we had left from last year, but alas, could not find any. Ants swarming on the bowls of cat food is disgusting, and something we simply don’t put up with any more. I wasn’t even willing to wait one day for a Prime delivery, so I set out looking for Terro in local stores. The first place I looked at didn’t have any in stock, and again- I was not willing to try a different brand, because the Terro works so well.The very first time we tried it last year, my husband and I couldn’t help but ignore the instructions on the packaging that says ‘monitor activity but do not interfere with the ants or baits’ because it was strangely fascinating to watch… the packaging does say that the product is specially formulated so that it is not immediately lethal to the ants, but is designed for a delayed action that allows the worker ants to carry it back to the nest and feed the poison to their compadres. This is certainly true; it took several days, but we saw less and less ant activity as the days went on. However, some ants did die right away… the product we tried first was a clear station filled with clear liquid- ants enter the opening on one end, crawl in and grab some of sweet, thick, liquid, and leave through the same opening. Welp. We still aren’t sure what happened- whether some of the idiots over-indulged in the poison; or lost their senses, became overwhelmed and drowned in the liquid… but like I said, it was strangely fascinating to watch as many ants never made it out of the station alive, or else simply dropped dead a few short inches from the station. We did move the stations around several times after the initial placement, trying to get them closer to the trails, but that wasn’t necessary, as we learned after subsequent placements.Anyway… I can’t say enough good things about this product. Every form it is sold in works exactly as intended- the lawn stakes placed at the holes in the ground where the ants emerge from, the clear stations placed along the wall, the liquid on a square of cardboard laid along the trails- all combined, turned into the perfect perimeter defense AND we are not the slightest bit worried that we are also poisoning our fruit, the neighborhood strays, our pond fish, nor any other local wildlife because we are not. As the title says, if you have been plagued by ants, and think you have tried everything- including the homemade borax-and-sweet-syrup-or-peanut-butter- then you haven’t tried Terro, because once you do, your ant problems will be gone for good!

  9. I had to take the instructions to several people, and all of us were stumped.The instructions tell you that the adhesive strip is one-sided and that only one side is removable. Only one side had printing on it, the other was completely white, and the white side didn’t want to peel off, so we took that to mean that only one side of the peel could be removed. It doesn’t tell you how to affix the adhesive to the trap, it just shows a picture pressing the adhesive square to the back of the trap. Maybe we’re all stupid but “only one side of the adhesive strip is removable” had us all thinking that the non-printed side of the adhesive wasn’t supposed to come off, so I, both of my parents, and several friends on Snapchat all spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how these were supposed to be mounted if the adhesive strip is only removable from one side.Eventually we figured out that the blank side of the adhesive does peel off, just not as easily as the printed side, and the instructions meant that only one side of the strip can be removed from the wall – so if you put it on backwards, you’ll pull the trap off the adhesive, leaving the adhesive on the wall, instead of pulling the trap and the adhesive off the wall together. We all had a big laugh but man do the instructions on these suck.Being able to mount them is nice – I only get ants in my bathroom, and I don’t have to worry about knocking these around or kicking one by accident and the bait going everywhere. Otherwise they’ve worked okay. I only switched to these because my cat kept messing with the regular tray traps. The number of ants has decreased but I still see a few lone ones here and there which doesn’t really happen with the regular flat trays, but this does the job well enough without the risk to my cat.

  10. Yes, it is effective.

  11. Reply
    Good leathery feel. Fits perfectly. Loving it!!
    July 13, 2023 at 12:00 am

    The ants had completely gone a few days after application.The only odd thing I saw was that in some of the packets there were floaty bits and in other they were crystal clear, I’m not sure if this is a defect but I’ll still use the remaining packs in the future.

  12. I had to use this in our newly rented apartment’s kitchen over the course of 2-3 months as ants started to show up. Over time they were significantly reduced in numbers and no ants in sight for almost five months now.

  13. We’ve had several of those big, giant, disgusting “water beatles”. They’re just roaches that come up through the pipes in sinks, tubs & other drains. Getting rid of them is a process, but if he walks into my bathroom while I’m in it, he will not be going home to his family. We’ve tried several sprays. Not many things have any affect at all on these. They are 2-3” long, 1/2” wide & a suit of armor that keeps most liquids from getting in. Which means you need to have something handy & sturdy enough to squish him. You’ve also have to be quick, get a good shot & keep him away from any hole or crevice. If you don’t have every single one ready to go in seconds, he’s home free. Frustrating. You know he’ll be back, too. I’d much rather keep my distance & use spray. But it’s gotta work. Well this stuff does. You need to soak them with it. After 2-3 seconds, they start to stagger, but still can get away. A few more sprays & they’re on their backs. Still quite alive, so a good spray on their underside & they’re done. Much less disgusting than chasing them all over taking multiple swings & missing & eventually having to smash him up close & personal. It’s bad, no matter how you slice it. I’d rather use a reliable spray with a solid stream that gets across the room. This is the stuff. And you get 2! One in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom. 1 can goes a long way. I’ve eliminated 3 with the same can & it’s still over 1/2 full. Great deal, great product.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your bug swatters because the Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26 is here to unleash a bug-zapping extravaganza! It’s like having a miniature superhero squad in a can, ready to protect your home from those unwanted creepy-crawlies.First of all, the fragrance-free aspect is a blessing. It means you can go on a bug-hunting spree without smelling like a walking insect repellent factory. No more awkward encounters with friends who think you’ve bathed in bug spray.But let’s talk about the real action here: the bugs don’t stand a chance! I’m convinced that this stuff has secret ninja training because it annihilates those pesky critters on contact. I half expect to hear tiny bug battle cries when I spray it.The 17.5-ounce size is like having a bug-killing bazooka in your hands. You can cover a lot of ground and take out armies of ants and roaches with a single spray. It’s like you’re the commander of your own bug-killing army, and you’ve got the ultimate weapon.And here’s the kicker—the comedy factor. Ever seen a roach do a somersault after a Raid encounter? Well, I have, and it’s the funniest bug gymnastics show you’ll ever witness. It’s like they’re auditioning for Bug’s Got Talent, and Raid is the Simon Cowell of the bug world.In conclusion, the Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26 is not just a bug killer; it’s a bug-busting superstar! Fragrance-free, action-packed, and ready to take on the insect horde in your home. Five stars for turning bug-killing into a comedy show and making our homes a bug-free haven! 💥🐜🏡🌟

  15. This spray does not, as claimed, keep on working for weeks. It is water-based, and only kills as long as it is wet; pretty much only when sprayed directly on insects. On the positive side, this makes it safer than oil-based sprays for toddlers and pets. I use it because it controls the roach population and is relatively affordable.

  16. No traces of ants within 3 days of application.

  17. I tried so many different ant killers throughout the years, this is by far the most effective one. Only a few days you can’t see ants anymore- pricy but worth it. highly recommended!

  18. I started using the Terro liquid about a month ago. Small ants (1/8th – 1/4 inch long) have been showing up next to my pellet stove insert. I’ve been using the product as directed, plus some extra, and ant activity has been reduced by a lot. But there are still a few coming around. Great reduction, but not yet elimination. I pulled out the pellet stove about 30 days after starting the Terro treatment for a maintenance/cleaning and do not see any ants behind the pellet stove. I don’t know where the little stinkers are hiding, where the nest is. But I’m hoping the Terro will finish them off soon. Next move is to spray the outside of the masonry chimney plus the ground a few feet out/around the chimney. Maybe I’ll win, maybe not.

  19. The traps are amazing! But one thing you must remember is that once you set them up, YOU MUST NOT KILL THE ANTS YOURSELF!! I recently put one in a bathroom where ants were marching. I guess I forgot to tell my husband to leave the ants alone. In a few days, I noticed the traps weren’t working the way they have in the past. I added a second trap. Soon there were more ants than ever! When my husband happened to mention that he’d been killing them, I told him about the direction to let them travel back where they came from. It’s now a couple of days later and the ants are nearly all gone. This stuff works like magic, but you have to follow the directions!

  20. These are the only ant baits I’ve found that work so they are the only ones I’ll buy. My only issue is that is seems like the don’t work as fast as they used to that or that their is less product in them as I’ve noticed I have to replace them a couple of times before the hoard of ants walking on the back of my sink stop returning, a few years ago this was not the case but it seems to be the standard now.

  21. I have been battling an ant problem and was skeptical when buying this product, but this product is super easy to use, effective and quick! Within minutes of placing it near the ants, they were very intrigued with it. I left it overnight and in the morning, they were all over the bait. The number of them had also decreased. By that night (night 2), most of the ants were gone and by morning 2, there were no ants! I highly recommend!

  22. Every year we have an ant problem, and have tried many different things. With kids and dogs r can’t use anything they can get into or anything toxic, so it’s been hard to get rid of them. This worked great. They were easy to hide in places I had seen ants but that the dogs couldn’t reach. The first day, the ants swarmed the trap and it was really gross but none of the other traps I’ve used every worked like that. After a few days, no sign of ants. It also helped me set where they were coming from (my vent) . Which is why I couldn’t find the issue area at first. The only negative is they are hard to open at first, without spilling. Overall so happy I tried this product it had worked so far, and it’s been a few weeks.

  23. Let me tell you something! Im not even a write a review kinda girl but I had to come give this company their props. When I said i had an invasion!!!!! I literally woke up and saw ant everywhereeee even in my purse! I panicked and brought these off amazon they came quickly and baby when i say i havent seen an ant since!!!!! Not even a ONE. I laid down some boric acid cause im extra but I feel like THIS is what really did the trick. Looking forward to this summer ant free!!!!! Thanks yall!

  24. Thought this was a good idea but ants wouldn’t go in it, just around. It’s hard to open without the juice flying out and it’s just a mess overall. The sticky part will take the paint off wherever you stick it to. The bait inside is good but the contraception it’s in doesn’t work here.

  25. We have ant problems every spring. We’ve stuck with Terro for many years because it’s pet and kid safe. Once ants find it, they tell their friends and you can end up with a boatload eating it up and taking it back to the nest. Soon enough you don’t see many, if any ants in that area again for a while. It works well and I don’t have to worry if my big dog decides to have one as a snack. I’d recommend these to others with indoor ant problems like me.

  26. Super easy to use, not messy at all & haven’t had the ants all over since I put it down. It does take a few times before the ants are gone, but they tend to stay near this stuff so it’s less annoying.

  27. Bye bye to tiny brown ants that once a year come in around my brick fireplace. As soon as they discovered the bait there was a steady stream of them going in and out of the “dome of death” ( a glass bowl over the ant bait). After a couple days they didn’t came back. I want to add that I like ants…outside…and never even step on an ant on purpose in his proper environment. And I don’t kill spiders, either. But I just can’t stand ants getting into the cat food dish and anything else they take a fancy to. I recommend Hot Shot ant baits for ant incursions and will purchase again as necessary.

  28. I used every single trap and the ants literally walked around them. I used terro in the past and it always worked but I figured I’d try hot shot because it was slightly cheaper which I dunno why I cared to save a few bucks but I did it anyway. I ended up buying terro anyway and just like that, the ants are back in it and will be gone tomorrow as they always are. I don’t like giving bad reviews or giving a company a bad reputation so maybe it will work for you, but I can say it definitely didn’t work for me and like I said the ants walked around it to go to the cat food but now they’re all over the terro traps. Spend the extra $2 or whatever and get terro.

  29. Ants disappear in one day!!! It’s really amazing!!I just followed direction.At the beginning there’s a few ants and they didn’t seem curious about it. But about 3~4 hours later I saw a very creepy sight. Ants stuck to the “Ant killer”. I thought they were dead but they weren’t. They were eating it. And many ants come and eat and leave. They never went other spot, just for “Ant Killer”. I Just refill “Ant killer” once because ants ate it all. Next morning I couldn’t find any ants, till now.

  30. Every March/April I see a few scout ants in the kitchen. I know to clean everything well, sweep and vacuum the floors, etc. But it freaks me out to see ants on the counters etc. Each year I try something new….THESE Terro Bait traps are amazing. I laid 4 of them out. One by window, one on counter, two on floor. Came home that night to see ants FEASTING, hundreds of them by each trap….the next morning….GONE! No ants in the traps – as they took the treat back to their home and DIED!!! I haven’t seen any in 3 weeks and the traps are still out, half filled from their earlier banquet. I will definitely purchase again. Instead of several weeks long battle they were gone in a day!!! I will put these out each year, thank you TERRO!!!

  31. No fragrance is a huge plus as it does not irritate nose, sense, or give me a headache. Additionally no smells makes it appear you haven’t sprayed insecticide in your home which is great if you have people over and don’t want to let them know you have a bug problem. Plus it keeps killing bugs for weeks.

  32. Kills on contact and seems to keep ants away for a while. I’d recommend!

  33. Day1: Put the bait station on my Kitchen Counter. I did not use the adhesive. Just sat it there. That evening I saw an increase in ants.Day 2: There was a noticeable increase in ant activity on my counter.Day 3: ANTS ARE COMPLETELY GONE!!*** A couple things to note: This bait does NOT kill ants on contact! You don’t want it to! The ants take it back to their colony & share it w/ the whole bunch so they all die off.Also, it looked like they were not going into the bait station so I was skeptical that it would even work but I left it alone & on day 3, the ants were GONE!This bait station is the best I’ve ever used! Quick & easy. Now I’m ant free! Highly recommend!! 🙂


  35. This worked indoors and outdoors! Indoor the ants fled to it right away.. it was gross but they were gone in 2 days!! And we had a lot indoors coming from our crawl space.. outdoors we had even more! I mean it was a huge black spot outside, so gross. Those were gone in about a week. I’ll purchase it again!

  36. Baits were not working for me but the spray did.

  37. My pets were attracted to these bait stations. That’s a problem so you have to place them where it’s not accessible to them. Otherwise, I believe they work. I detest ants, etc. So, I purchase these in early Spring before the weather warms and put them throughout the house. Before the professionals come around. I hope these help in some way – I want to believe it.

  38. he TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer not only annihilates ants but also prioritizes safety, making it suitable for placement even in the kitchen near food. This remarkable feature sets it apart as a top choice for households concerned about both pest control and safety.You can confidently position the bait stations near food storage areas or countertops, knowing that the formula is entirely safe for humans and pets. The design of the bait stations ensures that the sweet liquid bait is contained within, preventing any spills or messes that could potentially contaminate food preparation surfaces.This aspect of safety is crucial, especially in areas where food is handled regularly. Unlike harsh chemical sprays or powders that can leave residue and pose health risks, the TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer offers a non-toxic solution that effectively targets ants while ensuring the well-being of your family.With this product, you can tackle ant infestations in the heart of your home without compromising on safety. It’s a testament to TERRO’s commitment to providing effective pest control solutions that prioritize the health and safety of its users. Say goodbye to ants with confidence, knowing that TERRO has you covered with a safe and reliable solution for your kitchen and beyond.

  39. Hoping for a nice, enclosed “box” to hold the ant poison, this product was a total disappointment. Firstly, the little clear plastic container that comes inside of the enclosed “box” does not open easily, rather needing a sharp object to open it – causing it to spill. I had wanted it to lay on flat surfaces but the design of the clear plastic container inside the “box” doesn’t accomodate that option well. I found that with a small pointy knife I could poke a couple of holes in the extruding part of the clear plastic poison container without spilling more than half of the poison.But I wanted the little brown and white “boxes” to use as bait dispensers. I had hoped that I could separate the bottom from the top of the little box, insert more liquid bait drops then reuse it. But the top and bottom are permanently glued together which means that after using the bait included inside the box, the box itself becomes un-reusable garbage. Doesn’t it make more sense to be able to reuse it by adding more Terro drops inside? This notion would be ineffective for wall applications – though that seems like a poor idea to begin with due to having the adhesive permanently stick to the vertical surface.I’m going to try to SAW this little box in half, put drops inside, and hold it closed with rubber bands. Sound tacky? You betcha. But what’s the option? I am tired of using soda bottle caps!! I need effective BAIT DISPENSERS.

  40. This product worked perfectly! Spray nosel is easy to use and direct product where you need it.

  41. Discovered a family of ants that moved into my basement overnight lol. No matter how much vacuuming I did, they kept multiplying. I bought 2 packs and used all of them, placing two outside near some ant hills in my driveway and rest throughout the basement walls and corners. Just a few hours later, I watched these ants have a feeding frenzy lol with a trail coming in and out. By day 3, I already have noticed significantly less ants!! Very happy with these!

  42. Will just use honey mixed with baking soda

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