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Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email

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Total Security - 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email

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as of April 24, 2024 2:48 pm

  • Speed-optimized, cross-platform protection for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • NEW: Microphone Monitor – know when apps have access; Anti-tracker – keep browsing data private, view and manage which sites can collect your data
  • IMPROVED: Parental Controls – filter content, limit screen time, and track location; Safe Online Banking – a unique, dedicated browser secures your transactions; Advanced Threat Defense – uses smart behavioral detection to monitor apps in real-time; Wi-Fi Security Advisor – access the security of your Wi-Fi network and router from anywhere
  • Also includes: Real-Time Data Protection, Network Threat Prevention, Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection, Social Network Protection, Webcam Protection, Game/Movie/Work Modes, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Spam, Rescue Mode, Bitdefender VPN (200 MB/day), File Encryption, Password Manager, File Shredder, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Autopilot, and much more


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  1. I been using this for 2 years and it has stopped over 21,000 incomming threats i have a business at home and this has protected me And my family and i havent had one issue with any device appleOr android and its absolute incredible it gives android phone security like apple meaning locking and wiping your phone from a distance remotely to even tracking which it which is amazing and u can ping your phone if it was stolen and the user who stoleIt would have no idea your tracking it which is amazing on top of that or can be used for a parent tracking a child or a woman tracking a jelous husband overall out standing product.The software overall is better then norton and other top leading virus protection services and yes it is based in russia but its paritally american owned and only operate in russia for user rights which are challenged in the united statesThe software dose give android and pc users more features but manily in the security area because that what they truly lack and because there also not apple which is monitored 24/7Overall the geolocation tracking for any device u install it is worth it in my opinion!!!it even takes photo and record audio with out the user knowing soo u can catch the person who stole it and absolute take themDown which is amazing so they cant say im holding it for a friend or i found itAnother great feature with this software they have hands down the best encryptions software i installed it on my girl friend mac pro and she had a issue and had to send it to apple support they called us asking us for the password to unlock the device because they had absolute no access to the device it self and couldnt even force it open which was impressive in my opinion so u know for a fact if u loose your device or exspensive computer u can turn it into a paper weight there absolute no way in hell anyone can download anything from those devices if its locked with this softwareAnother thing i love about this software is that when its running on the background it dosnt change my computer performance what so ever and not even on my iphone or android it dosnt DRAIN BATTERY not like other security apps i usedHands down best software for 2022And recommend by most ethical hackers and security engineers this the only way to stay protected online

  2. I liked that I could buy this code on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of a years subscription and thanks to another reviewer, it was smooth and easy to do and on my account it is acknowledged as my subscription ending a year from the date my original subscription was going to end. (you have to select that in the process). One point to be sure is that you really should disable auto-renewal before you use these codes. I had already done that as the firewall on this software is aggressive which is good but I have one program that it took quite a bit of trying to get the upgrade executable for that program to cooperate with Bitdefender’s firewall and I tried Tech support from both companies and the only solution was to uninstall Bitdefender. I found a workaround myself so all things considered in my case. It was a no brainer to buy a code for a years subscription.

  3. I tried to activate the code and got the following“This code is restricted in your region and can’t be used to activate a subscription on your account. Please contact your vendor for more information.”It appears that after purchasing it for 3+ years now it is IP/Geo-restricted

  4. I took advantage of a special and picked this up. It had all the features I wanted, VPN, multiple device installs.VPN helps protect your computer from intruders on the internet. It helps you surf undetected, sort of, if that helps explain. The feature is fairly premium and usually you’re paying extra for it. So, I was happy about that.You get several downloads and also for mobile. I took it off my mobile because I don’t feel that I need antivirus on my phone. I also felt like the app was slowing me down, but it was probably just my paranoia.The PC app is not intrusive. Unlike many, you don’t get a lot of reminders or notifications. I actually don’t get any. That is probably good! I also don’t think it is slowing down my PC. So not having something to complain about when it comes to antivirus usually means it is good!Comparing it to other antivirus I have used, the others send you nagging messages to run this, buy that. This does none of that.I don’t use it’s web browser but I think it adequately stalks my surfing in my preferred browser, Chrome. Many legit web pages are blocked at times, so that frustrates me, but I can get around it by opening the app and whitelisting the pages. Whitelisting means to add the website name once so it is remembered by the app. You just open BitDefender, then look for the trusted websites, and Add a website name to that. Then every time you go to the website in the future, Bit won’t block it.I am happy with my purchase. I don’t think I would like to pay full price for it. But as far as ones I have used, it is the best. I would get it again on sale and recommend to a friend. It also could be a good gift to someone not so savvy with computers because there’s not really any setup unless you want to micromanage things, so it is easy for non computer geek people.

  5. Great value for top PC Security Suite!

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