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Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap – 2 Pack M023 – Wood Mouse Trap, Brown

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Feeke Mouse Traps, Mice Traps for House, Small Mice Trap Indoor Quick Effective Sanitary Safe Mousetrap Catcher for Family and Pet - 6 Pack, (M01-6Pack)

$10.19  in stock
as of May 2, 2024 11:59 pm


StyleMouse Traps
Product Dimensions3.9"L x 1.93"W x 2"H
Item Weight0.08 Pounds
Number of Pieces6
Is ElectricNo
Target SpeciesMouse
Item Weight1.28 ounces
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberM01-6Pack
Best Sellers Rank#86 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #10 in Pest Control Traps

  • Safe to use - No glue, no touch design, very safe to use and no more worrying of snapping fingers. Easy to clean odors and blood.
  • Easy to use and set - Just put a bait in the cup, and put it back to the mouse trap, keep the trap clamp open, you can place the mouse traps both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Efficient and high sensitivity - These mouse traps are more effective and safe compared to traditional wood or metal traps. Only 0.025 lbs of weight can trigger the trap. With powerful stainless steel spring, these traps are suitable to catch small mice.
  • Completely eliminate mouse - Using electronic ultrasonic equipment just let the mouse escape temporarily, they will no longer afraid and return after a period of time. With our best mouse trap, catch the mouse to avoid mice come again.
  • Friendly Customer Support - If you are not satisfied with our product, we will try our best to help you!

Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap - 2 Pack M023 - Wood Mouse Trap, Brown

$1.87  in stock
as of May 2, 2024 11:59 pm


Product Dimensions6.32"L x 4.19"W x 0.64"H
Item Weight0.8 Ounces
Number of Pieces1
Is ElectricYes
Target SpeciesMouse
Item Weight0.8 ounces
DepartmentAnimal & Rodent Control
Country of OriginUSA
Item model number100061101
Best Sellers Rank#1,619 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #110 in Pest Control Traps
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • Original wood-based wired snap trap with metal trip petal
  • For clean and quick trapping; ideal for runway trapping
  • Reusable or disposable
  • Can be used around children and pets
  • No chemicals or poisons

Pest Glue Trap by Catchmaster - 36 Boards Pre-Baited, Ready to Use Indoors. Rodent Mouse Rat Insect Sticky Adhesive Simple Easy Simple Non-Toxic - Made in the USA

$17.09  in stock
as of May 2, 2024 11:59 pm


Product Dimensions8.5"L x 5.25"W x 0.16"H
Item Weight11.2 Ounces
Number of Pieces36
Is ElectricNo
Target SpeciesRodent, Mouse, Insect
Item Weight11.2 ounces
Item model number72MAX
Best Sellers Rank#15 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #3 in Pest Control Traps
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

  • READY TO USE: Spider, Rodent and Insect glue traps are pre-scented and are intended for use without additional bait. For best use, leave trap with paper on so pests can acclimate to the trap, then place glue boards along known or suspected rodent pathways. Our glue boards peanut scent is non-allergenic!
  • YEAR ROUND PROTECTION: Catchmaster glue traps are safe, non-toxic and no-mess. An effective alternative to standalone glue boards that may not hold up as well in damp or humid areas like basements or bathrooms. When placed in an area with normal conditions, glue traps can last up to one full year. Our products are tested under the harshest field conditions to ensure maximum reliability for any level of pest control expert.
  • SAFE FOR THE FAMILY: Designed to help you keep your family protected and safe from unwanted pests in your home, Catchmaster's glue traps are intuitive, secure and effective. Our pest glue traps are easy to place, simply put the trap against walls & along pathways to catch unwanted pests and insects, if using in an area with dust or other debris, fold the trap into a tunnel to protect the glue.
  • TOTAL COVERAGE: Can be used indoors in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, and sensitive areas where rodenticides or snap traps are undesirable or prohibited. Our glue boards are proudly made in the USA, fast acting and non-toxic, keeping your family and home safe from pests!
  • INTELLIGENT PEST MANAGEMENT: At our core, we are dedicated pest detectives. We believe in utilizing a science-based approach to integrated pest management. We call this approach Intelligent Pest Management. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to pests and we have unwavering conviction in our products.

OWLTRA Indoor Electric Mouse Trap, Instant Kill Rodent Zapper with Pet Safe Trigger, Black, Small

 in stock
as of May 2, 2024 11:59 pm


StyleElectric Mouse Trap 1 Pack
Product Dimensions0.31"L x 0.12"W x 0.12"H
Item Weight12 Ounces
Number of Pieces1
Is ElectricYes
Target SpeciesRat, Mouse
Item Weight12 ounces
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberEMZ30
Batteries4 AA batteries required.
Best Sellers Rank#172 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #16 in Pest Control Traps

  • The Humane Solution - Owltra is the humane solution for getting rid of large populations of rodents, as one set of 4AA batteries is enough to exterminate 60 rats. Featuring improved dual infrared sensors to protect kids and pets, Owltra ensures no false zaps. The no-escape design keeps the rodent in place while generating 6,000-9,000 of high-voltage shock for quick elimination.
  • Quick-Zap System - Our unique zap system guarantees 100% elimination without causing the rodent to suffer. It’s also a safer alternative to using poison and chemicals and can be placed anywhere inside your home or business.
  • Pet-safe Dual Infrared Sensor - The chamber is designed with two infrared sensors, one at the entrance and one at the back. Owltra only activates when it detects a rodent inside the trap—preventing false zaps while protecting children and small pets.
  • No-Mess Disposal - With magnetic latches, you’ll never have to touch or see the rodent. Simply pull off the trap's lid and empty the rodent in the trash. Owltra deactivates automatically when the the top is removed, allowing for safe and secure cleaning.
  • Convenient Bait Area - Lure rodents in by placing a pea-sized amount of bait at the back of the trap. Simply lift open the bait door and use a toothpick or cotton swab to apply bait on the trap's floor, opposite of the entrance. Baits high in protein, such as peanut butter, are recommended.

Mouse Traps, Humane Mouse Trap, Easy to Set, Mouse Catcher Quick Effective Reusable and Safe for Families -2 Pack

$13,997.00  in stock
as of May 2, 2024 11:59 pm


Product Dimensions6.7"L x 2.4"W x 2.5"H
Item Weight0.6 Pounds
Number of Pieces2
Is ElectricNo
Target SpeciesMouse
Item Weight9.6 ounces
ManufacturerDR CATCH
Best Sellers Rank#6,532 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #285 in Pest Control Traps

  • HUMANE - Grab & release the mouse causing no pain or harm. It is suitable for people who don't wish to harm whatever kind of animal
  • SMART DESIGN - We improve the product based on the original, used a more stronger ABS material, and added a few air holes on the product to prevent rats from suffocating
  • SAFE PROVEN MOUSE TRAP - Compared with traditional mouse traps, this humane mouse trap is very safe for children and pets without any risk
  • EASY TO USE AND SET - With a simple bait compartment and a touch sensitive lever, these live mouse traps are simple to set up and effective to catch
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN & REUSE - The compartments of mouse traps are removable and easy to clean


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  1. I had to bend the tab so that it would hold when set.

  2. Mäuse zerstören die Auslösevorrichtung. Kappt Schwanzspitzen, und Mäuse reißen sich den schwanz ganz ab.

  3. I was skeptical as there are always people who give bad reviews. But I was also desperate. I live in the country so occasional mice are an issue but this seems to be an infestation larger than normal. Poison wasn’t working – probably poisoning one mouse but not the batch. I liked the look of these for easy set up and because they were re-usable. The traps came this afternoon. I only set up 2 of the 6 from the pack. Super easy. Within one hour of setting it up (while I was sitting in the same room!) the trap went off and I had my first mouse. Disposed of it in 2 seconds and took another 2 seconds to re-set the same trap. I didn’t even need to rebait it. Within another hour and a half (still sitting in same room) I had my second mouse (same trap). These do the job and even if they do konk out after a few uses it will be worth the money as they are cheap for the price. One note – I used a VERY tiny amount of peanut butter (like half a pinky nail in size and put it down deep in the bait bowl. Don’t pile it up or use a lot as it gives the mouse the ability to possibly eat and retreat without setting anything off. By putting it down in the cup he has to reach his head in there for it. Likewise, don’t avoid the cup and put it back further in the trap….the bait bowl seems designed to make sure their neck is in line when it closes. If you put the bait too far back in the trap you may not catch its neck so use as directed, I will definitely buy these again if I need them!!!!Update – still working great. Still using same 2 traps. 4 mice caught so far by these traps (3 in one trap, 1 in another) and I haven’t had to re-bait either trap yet. I don’t know why I wasn’t using these all along so much faster and more effective than poison!Update 4/16 – 1 year later and still going GREAT! I have still only used 2 traps out of the entire pack. The springs are still working fantastic and they are just as lethal as when I bought them a year ago so WELL worth the price!!! They continue to work after more than a year, and I still have spares if/when I need them. There is no blood or mess so the traps don’t get gross. This is a clean kill to the skull or neck. I just toss the dead mice out and reset – and occasionally refill the little bait cup with fresh peanut butter. If these are not working for you then you are not setting them in the right place. I have two different types of mice getting in because I’m in the country. Normal “house” mice and lighter brown field mice. These traps have long since exterminated the regular house mice so they worked to get rid of this type 100%….but then I started getting field mice. I think they found a way into my sunroom from the outside wall. At any rate. At first, the traps would not catch them, and were even going off at times w/o catching anything. The trap would be snapped closed – but no mouse. I quickly realized these new mice were coming and going in a different part of the room. The place I had set the traps that worked on the house mice was not ideal anymore because the paths they were moving along were different. So I moved the traps to where I saw and heard the activity. Now these same two traps are catching field mice like gangbusters. I went from catching 2 mice a day to every other day to now only once every 1-2 weeks so I am sure I’m getting this infestation under control as well. If you know you have mice but are not catching anything try these tips: 1. Put the trap against something like a box or a baseboard so that it is parallel to that object. Do not set them out in the open. Mice like to keep to the walls for safety and feel exposed if they are in the open. The traps that do best for me are always the ones where the trap is set right against a vertical surface like a wall or a box so that the mice encounter it while running along their “safe” paths. 2. If the traps keep going off but you are not catching anything there are two possibilities. One – you have rats not mice and the traps are too small. Two – they are not getting far enough into the trap and are able to jump free when it triggers. One solution to try is to only put a tiny bit of peanut butter way down inside the bait cup rather than over-filling the cup with a huge hunk of peanut butter. Using less makes them have to reach further in to get the bait. Less is more. Also…remember to refresh the peanut butter occasionally. It gets dry and crumbly and fresh stuff works best. My mice don’t last long enough to eat the bait so I eventually have to clean out the crusty peanut butter and put in new stuff. Then the traps start catching mice again. 3. TIP: Remove all sources of food from the area or put it in plastic bins. I figured out what caused my two infestations. I had a bag of granola bars that had fallen behind something and was attracting them. Even if food is in a bag like pretzels etc…they can still smell it and will keep coming back.

  4. Esto es para ratones y no para ratas. Usé mantequilla de maní para cebar la trampa. El roedor tomó la mantequilla de maní sin romper la trampa.

  5. Excelente producto. Atrapa animales rastreros indeseables. Desde cucarachas hasta arañas. Muy recomendable. No contiene veneno, Solo Pegamento. Llego en tiempo y forma y sin fallas.

  6. I happened to see a mouse in my apartment on Sunday, ordered these the same day. They arrived on Tuesday, I set them up, and on Wednesday morning I had TWO dead mice in my kitchen… Holy cow, talk about effective!I’ve bought mousetraps like this before, but that one was (a) more expensive, and (b) a lot heavier-duty. Taking them out of the package, they seemed to be made of plastic and a lot lighter duty than the old metal ones I bought and have since lost. I thought for a moment that they wouldn’t even be able to kill a mouse!BOY WAS I WRONG.A six-pack for this price is FANTASTIC. What a deal! The traps clearly work — no muss, no fuss, no mousey guts to clean up — and they have some nice features to them too.Reading other reviews, I did exactly as others did. I took out the little bait compartments — how handy is not having to put your fingers INSIDE the trap to load it up? — put in a little bit of peanut butter — the little barrel takes very little, something I was ALSO worried about for NO GOOD REASON — and added a piece of cereal (Tim Horton’s Apple Fritter to be specific). I had to break the pieces into quarters to get them to fit, but that’s another point in the product’s favour, if you ask me: you don’t have to use very much bait at all…Squeeze the back to prime the trap and put it on the floor facing the wall or a junction between counter and major appliance (oven and fridge in this case) and away you go. Set it and forget it. I woke up to TWO dead mice in the morning when I thought there’d only be one! One of the traps had flipped over so I was staring at Mickey’s belly while Minnie was showing me her back, but they were dead as doornails.Hold the trap over a garbage bag, squeeze the back, and out fall the mice. RIP little guys (or gals). I thought about adding photos of the late rodents to the collection of other images other reviewers have posted, but I wanted those little squeakers GONE so I didn’t bother. Into the trash they went.The traps are currently reset and once again in the kitchen — and with six of them, I’ve got more than enough if a whole gang decides to drop in — and while I hope I don’t see another mouse, I’m fully confident that these traps will take care of ’em.The choice couldn’t be simpler: buy these traps if you need to kill some mice. You won’t regret it. Just remember that peanut butter helps hold the solid bait in place so the poor mouse HAS to really get in there to get their last meal, and the smell probably invites them in.

  7. Update: At first I gave the Victor traps 3 stars before I used them, see review below. I have now used the traps for 2 days. One trap caught one mouse. The other trap blew apart the first time I set it and it could not catch the mouse because it was broken apart. As I said below Victor has a quality control issue. Since I have used these Victor traps for 75 years without any problems ever, I suggest the Victor company call back some of the old time employees to teach the current generation how to build a working mouse trap. This is not rocket science, just a mouse trap! Victor could build a better mouse trap long ago, but somewhere along the line they began to build junk similar to the stuff that comes from China. Perhaps Victor now makes their mouse traps in China? It is not worth my time to return this junk to Amazon for a refund. Caveat emptorI have been using Victor mouse traps for 75 years, ever since I was 8 years old and my father taught me how to trap mice. As a kid that was considered fun in that long ago time and I became the family mouse catcher. Obviously, my father was smart to give me that job. I know something about Victor traps after using countless Victor traps to catch mice. I read reviews about Victor traps not having the same quality as they did years ago. My old Victor traps needed to be replaced after years of reliable use. I ordered one pack of two traps to see if Victor traps were still the same quality as I came to expect. One trap was fine and worked when I set it. The other trap had the trigger mechanism badly bent up. It was something quality control should have detected at the factory unless the quality control person is blind. I was able to bend the trigger mechanism back to working order and it worked when tested. I have not yet baited the traps to catch mice, but I expect they will work. The staples that hold the spring mechanism to the wood base would be more secure if the staples went through the wood and were bent over to prevent them from eventually pulling out. Just a suggestion to the Victor company. I’m willing to pay more for a quality mouse trap that has been proven to work. Of all the types of traps that I’ve tested over the years, only the Victor traps consistantly catch mice. The rest are worthless!

  8. I was over run with mice, and I think I saw a couple rats as well. I couldn’t be sure, because I read that rats and mice don’t mix. But, I do think that a couple of rats got in there. This caused me to order the rat sized trap, because, what if Mama Rat showed up? It was like a horror show.In the past, I have tried snap traps. These will get you one or two, until the rest learn how to steal bait without getting caught. This time, I didn’t start with snaps. I just jumped to glue traps. Glue traps work for the most part, if you buy ones with the strongest glue. But if any part of the mouse can catch a solid edge, then they can pull out of it. In addition to this draw back, they don’t die right away, but linger for a couple of days. You have to bash them inside of a bag to avoid this grisly detail. And that is just as bad as having them sitting there suffering for days.I moved on to electric mouse traps. Yes, this is a successful solution. The trap I bought is only meant for indoors. I was very careful with it, not wanting to get zapped myself. The directions are well written and easy to understand, except it is not clear which way to push the slide button to turn it on. Slide the toggle toward the back door to turn it off, and towards the opening to turn it on. The green light signaling it is on only flashes once for about 5 seconds. If you don’t see it, just repeat the steps. Turn it off, then back on.The back door is vented. I once saw a mouse attempt to open this door, but he couldn’t. Don’t waste your time thinking that you add the bait here. I think that’s what it’s for, because the bait tray is right there. But, I didn’t use peanut butter, and my bait wouldn’t fit through the opening. It was much easier to add bait through the top. I do not think human scent ever deterred those guys from going for the bait.Let’s say you’re all set up. This trap takes 4 C batteries. 1. You turn off the trap. 2. You take the battery door off. 3. You take out one or two of the batteries (I always took out two.) 4. You take the trap top off. It comes apart using two hands, but so easy! 5. You put the bait in the bin. 6. You put the top back on. This can be done with one hand. This trap is well made and the plastic parts are thick and sturdy. 7. You put the two batteries back in. Put the battery compartment door back on. 8. Turn on the trap and watch for the green light to flash. Bingo, you’re ready to go. You can do all these steps very quickly.I use a green pellet poison bait, the kind you buy in a bag. They love this stuff. I have one pellet in the trap. For some reason, this trap worked better when the pellet was not in the middle but on the left of the bin. I don’t know why. Maybe they could smell it better. I always put another pellet right in front of the open entry way. The height of my trap kept me from seeing the alert flashing light, so whenever I saw this green pellet was gone, then I looked for the flashing light, which meant that one of them had entered the trap and tripped the circuit. I caught 12 of them in a row, one by one.The first one I ever caught scared me really bad. The trap set off with a sizzling sound, and the terrible smell of burning fur. It scared me so bad that I brought a fire blanket out to keep near the trap. I didn’t need it except for peace of mind. I don’t always hear the sizzle, but you can. The mice don’t make any noise, because they are dead. When you go to dispose of them, all you have to do is go through the steps above and take the top off. The body can be dumped into a bag without any mess. If you smelled burning fur, you might see that left over, but no body mess at all.I had one incident of the trap being tripped without a mouse in there. Then again I saw this once: A mouse came flying out of the entrance, hit the side of the phone sitting there, and fell off the bookcase all the way to the floor. He disappeared somewhere, not dead. He did learn to fly. So, I think there’s something about the mechanism that scared them so bad that they jumped out, avoiding getting fried. That only happened twice. I dunno. I’m not sticking my fingers in there! The bodies are always near the bait bin. The bodies are bloated immediately, like kernals of corn popping. But, they are intact.The difference, I think, between the mouse-sized trap and the rat-sized trap, except for size, is the length of time the circuit remains on. Mice get one-half the amount that rats get. I can’t remember how long the rats get zapped for, except I remember that it’s twice as long as for mice, which is 90 seconds?. This could account for the burning fur. There were no flames or char marks or anything like that. Nor was the mouse stuck to the floor. So, although it is disconcerting, I think it is safe. It also could be that the batteries were new, and now they are worn down a bit, although still working well. Less sizzling, but effective.I was surprised this trap worked so well. I think I got them all, but I’m keeping the trap ready to work just in case. Always wash your hands well, although you never have to touch the rodent. I’d buy this again. It’s us against them, and I am not living with mice in my kitchen and walls. This is my home, and I’m protecting it.

  9. I live in a large complex, and have had issues of rodents traveling in between the apartments in my building since I moved in. They travel in between the gas line for the stove. Management has been largely ineffective at eliminating or controlling the rodents. I have an extreme phobia of rodents. A couple of months ago, I saw five mice in my apartment at the same time scurrying across my floor, so I knew that I had to take matters into my own hands. I immediately went on line to search for a solution.Before purchasing this brand, I was not familiar with this brand. I settled on this brand based on the number of positive reviews along with photos of snakes and other critters that were caught using these traps. These glue trapped seemed to be promising based on product reviews and photos.Because the only place they are entering and exiting my apartment is through the gas line to my stove, I decided to create a mega glue trap. I cut the excess paper from the traps and glued 3 traps together. I then proceeded to attach another row of 3, and yet another row of 3, and then I slid the super wide and long trap under my stove. I immediately caught 2. I called maintenance and had them remove the trap with the rodents on them, and glued 9 traps again in the same manner as before. This method has been very effective for me. This is the only way I intend to use this product.I can say for the first time in over ten years, I am no longer terrorized by rodents. Before I took matters into my own hands, they were making nightly appearances almost every night without fail. And, every time I saw them, I would scream at the top of my voice and run.Management was putting down traps similar to these that they assembled into boxes. They were also using the black plastic traps with the bait openings. The mice would just avoid those traps. They were 100% ineffective and I could not get their exterminators to purchase the large rat glue traps. Creating a wide glue trap was more effective for me given how they were entering my apartment. The odds were 100% that when they entered through the gas pipe, I would catch them because my glue trap covered almost the entire surface area under my stove.But in addition to that, these traps have a strong off-putting smell that, I believe, is deterring the mice from entering my apartment through the pipes. They have an over-powering smell that I find to be nauseating. I notice it every time I enter the kitchen. Fewer mice are entering my kitchen, which I believe is due to this smell. These have been 100% effective for me when glued together to create a large glue trap.The only downside for me is that I no longer have access to my stove for baking, and I am an avid cook. Because I have a counter convection oven, I have other baking options. However, I miss cooking in my oven. But for now, this is the best option for me. I am no longer terrorized by the rodents in my apartment.

  10. (This review is for the mouse version not the larger rodent or rat versions.)You can buy a bunch of cheap snap traps for the price of just one of these electronic traps. I bought those cheap ones first but there were so many drawbacks to them I switched to these and I’m happy I did.The first reason I didn’t like the snap traps is that when they work you’ve got a (hopefully) dead mouse in plain view. I don’t like walking into my kitchen and seeing a mouse carcass. With these traps everything is covered and out of sight until you’re ready to deal with it. Yes the dead mouse is still there with these but I don’t have to look at it until I’m ready.Another reason I don’t like the cheap snap traps is that you have to arrange barriers so that the mouse can get to them but pets can’t. I have two cats and quickly found out the barriers need to be pretty big and heavy to keep the cats away from the trap and the caught mouse. Kind of a hassle when I needed to place the traps around my kitchen. ButBut the biggest reason I switched from the cheap traps is that they don’t always kill the mouse. Unfortunately, they sometimes just crush part of the mouse without killing it leaving it alive but suffering in pain in the trap until you notice it (which could be hours if you’re away or asleep). I don’t want mice in my house or garage but I also don’t want fellow mammals to suffer needlessly.These traps worked great for me and eliminated the mice that had infiltrated my house within 3 days. They are easy to empty—just lift off the lid and dump into a trash can. You don’t need to touch the carcass, pry it out of the trap or even look at it. Quick and convenient and the trap is ready to go for the next mouse as soon as you put the lid back on and flip the switch.I happened to be nearby when one of the traps caught a mouse. The trap emits a low whine or buzzing sound when it’s activated. It’s pretty quiet but I was able to notice it in a silent room. It stays activated for a while (I’d guess about a minute) to make sure the job is done. When it stops making noise after a short wait the light starts to flash to let you know it’s caught a mouse. A previous reviewer mentioned a smell but fortunately there was no smell at all that I could detect.I had no issues with non-kills; when the light was flashing on my traps there was always a dead mouse inside. I’d guess an issue some other reviewer may have had is if the contacts that connect the top to the bottom get dirty or corroded. The trap likely won’t work properly if it can’t make a solid electrical connection.I have two cats and I wanted to make sure these traps would be safe around them. Fortunately, the way these traps are designed with the location of the opening and the internal barriers there is absolutely no way even the most inquisitive cat is going to be able to get a paw in there let alone have two different paws touch the two metal plates. (Without going into the details on how this type of trap works a mouse would need to contact one of the metal plates with a front foot and the other with a back foot in order to be dispatched.) There is no way even a small cat or dog could do that and the voltage and current likely wouldn’t be enough even if they could. You don’t need to worry about your cats with this trap. Obviously, though, if you have rodent-sized pets such as hamsters you’ll want to make sure they can’t get near these.One thing I would change about this trap is to make the bait cup removable for easier cleaning and changing of the bait. What I did is put my bait peanut butter on a small scrap of paper and then put that down in the bait cup so that the peanut butter didn’t stick to the trap itself. Another thing I would change is to have the trap self-test the connection to the bottom part when turned on. It should flash or something to let you know if the contacts are not making an adequate connection.I’m very happy with these traps and definitely recommend them despite the high price.

  11. The media could not be loaded.  We have not had a problem with mice in 20 years in this house. This year, we started seeing signs they might be in our basement furnace/utility room. I researched how to trap mice and new style traps. I believe this 12 pack was a GREAT investment. I got 12 thinking they wouldn’t last long. I WAS WRONG. These are tough little things. We have shelves with extra pantry items in there. It has not ever been a problem with canned goods, chips, cookies, boxed cereal etc.Apparently mice like peanut butter crackers in the 6 cracker snack packs. They snacked on multiple packages of crackers in a large open box 32 packages with about 8 packs left. Several packages were chewed open with one or two crackers partially eaten and the box littered with their tell tale poop.I removed one chewed on cracker package and put it beside the box. I set one trap outside the box by that cracker package leaving 4 partially eaten packages in the box. I put 2 traps inside the box. All traps had peanut butter in the bait tray. They are like a big clothespin about 1.5 inches wide with teeth on the top and bottom like a big rectangular open mouth. see pictureFirst night all three traps had mice. Second night night one inside and one outside the box.The traps were VERY easy to set. I worried they weren’t as strong as the wooden spring traps. However, I tripped one when I dropped it into the cracker box and it snapped so hard it “jumped” off the pile of cracker packages I set it on. It’ clearly was powerful enough to get the mice from any angle they entered…most often it looked like they entered from the side.In the AM when I checked the traps I just had to pick them up like a clothespin, took them outside in the woods, squeezed the clothespin like trap open and dropped them there. I just set them again with the same peanut butter in the bait trap.They are easy to bait and wash. The bait tray comes out to fill and to clean without having to set the trap and you can open them like a clothespin without “setting” them so you can easily wash them without risking your fingers.One warning. They almost look like toys. While a young child couldn’t squeeze them enough to set them, our 8 year old great grandson could easily do it and immediately started clipping them together like clothespins when we were unpacking them. He quickly discovered they clicked open and wondered why. Thankfully we were unpackaging them together so we demonstrated how they work together with a piece of paper as a mouse. The tooth marks in the paper were a visual warning of their power. See picture & videoI’ll be setting them all over to see what happens. I’m hoping we run out of mice SOON. REMEMBER to set them in the expected runways of the mice and they can be triggered easily from 3 sides! This really is a BETTER MOUSETRAP! Well worth the $$$. I think the only way I’ll lose one is if (when) the kids and grandkids want to try them….they won’t come back. Good Luck.

  12. it caught the mouse in three days; the mouse was super healthy, so I released it in the wild.N.B. You need to be patient to catch the mouse, and it will be better to put the trap in front of the mouse’s hiding spot

  13. I’ve never really had mice until this past year. Originally there was one that moved in last year (that I knew of) and I just let the little dude do his thing, he was never really a bother. This winter however they’ve been popping up all over and, well let’s just say I’ve killed somewhere around 40 and I’m still reaping souls daily.. :_( Anyways, the traps I’ve used thus far in order of affectivity least to best.Humane traps- I laid four of these out last year and only one ever got set off. I used the blue little plastic ones. Anyways, it took nearly 9 months before I ever caught one and.. it being so long I kinda forgot about it, so he didn’t make it.Vectors electric trap- just got this guy and I gotta say, I’m loving it. Catches one nearly daily, often two or three. It does take 4 AA batteries and I have seen one come bolting out screaming. This is still newer to me so, I’m putting it lower, but may be my top in time.This Glue Trap- mine are scented, which is useless for mice. Maybe scented for bugs? Anyways about half of my catches has been these. I find it best used around known nest areas and under doorways. I don’t think I’ve caught any along the wall. These ones require constant checking, unless you’re okay with them suffering, ripping off limbs, fur and skin to escape or just eventually suffocating or dying out of fear. A lot of the time you will hear them screaming.. especially babies. You can catch and release them with a little bit of oil dripped onto it, but I’m at the point all must die.. plastic bag drop a hammer, weight or stomp it.. They really take nothing to crush and end quickly. They’re incredibly soft.. I hate using these, I’ve only ever harmed anything as a mercy.. until now. These are the most effective way to catch, but they’re far too wrong for me to put at one and they don’t kill. They torcher to death. Best for those without love or sympathy for other animals.Good ol Snap- sometimes you have to adjust the clip to increase sensitivity, but these are always reliable so long as you test and set them right. I’ve yet to find a brand that kills 100% of the time immediately, but they all usually do. Sadly some still suffer and you’ll have to hunt them down as they drag themselves off with it.(I’ve recently gotten a poison from Walmart that’s supposed to be fast and reduce the smell of corpses by 95%. I’ll put these on here in a week or two as I’ve just picked them up today.)

  14. The media could not be loaded.  I have to say this product is very good, I wish they came in round pieces to and half or and option to make them half. Once something lands that’s it nothing is getting through. Please keep the product tightly, I did have to cut a lot of extra over hang. U don’t want to give this bugs a millimeter. It is an amazing product. One of the best I found, I had to get the glue off the floor with paint thinner. Paint thinner N vinegar kills. Also spreading diatomaceous earth on my entire floor N the pads it did its job. One request is to add more for the price specifically for round sections. Please keep this pads and diatomaceous earth for 2 months minimum so u can make sure they die within 10 days or depending on how much diatomaceous earth u added. The pads and the powder it does and amazing job saving your furniture but u must take action asap. I like this because It doesn’t attract much dust like some and is thick glue. U can rip it off the floor n it will still be reusable. Again in a different ares where don’t play with your beds, n quality furniture. If you keep the pads and shake furniture ect everything will drop and it will all stick. Not allowing the bugs and inch. U must keep on vacuuming. Note not to vacuum diatomaceous earth with ur vacuum can get plugged, I washed my filters with boiling water every single time. Bisel $20 dollar vacuum was amazing N u can wash the plastic hepa filter. Bag it N put it outside. Please spend the money on the pads are worth every penny. Put the diatomaceous earth in every Crack ect of your furniture. U must bag all your close and to make sure no transfers strip outside before your vehicle. I also had the sticky pads in closets anywhere where is going towards your room, keep on checking the pads, don’t by pads with design. Plain white is the best, you can spread the powder all over the entire, covet the floors in case one is hidden, remember this bugs can live a long time.

  15. I live in a new construction community that was build on the site of a former dump yard and many of the neighbors including us noticed droppings in and around the hole where our HVAC connects to our house. We bought these and while I have been annoyed by it a couple of times because of how absolutely sticky it is if you accidentally touch an unwanted surface with it (such as the bottom of a cabinet, your nails…), it has been effective in catching a couple of small mice when we’ve left these traps by that HVAC hole. I am most impressed by the value – great price for the quantity and we’ve had enough to share with a couple of our neighbor friends.

  16. This is the best mouse trap!It’s easy to use – we use dog food kibble for the bait. It works great and no mess. Just add kibble to the back chamber, click the little front lever and you’re all set. Check daily. When we catch a mouse, we just open the back chamber and set them free outside.Easy to clean – typically we just rinse out with water, add kibble and reset.And, it’s easier emotionally to capture and release. I don’t know what happens to them outside. I like to believe they find a nest or home, but they probably die or come right back in. Ha! But setting traps that break their neck, or worse not quite break their neck, well, it’s just really hard. I don’t like killing, if I can help it.But if you have a mouse, they become mice, and you can’t live with them. So that’s why this is the best mouse trap.

  17. Easy to bait easy to set goes off when needed. Great product.

  18. Work really well, much better than anything else I have used. Convinced a neighbour to use and caught two in the one trap. Easy to set up (no fiddling around) and removable bait section great idea. Easy to release mouse and easy to clean if you wish to reuse.

  19. Tenia mis serias dudas… pero en verdad lleva 7 amiguitos muertos… solo abres la tapa y lo tiras.Yo use crema de cacahuate y funciona muy bienRecomendable

  20. I had a rat in my house after my sewer pipes burst and it gave him access to my basement. I put a camera in front of the trap and some peanut butter as bait. Took 6 hours; rat is now in the garbage and very dead. I saw the zap and it’s awesome; like Frankenstein when he becomes alive in the movies. I have the mouse and the rat traps and both work really well. Forget rodents not triggering cheap snap traps; this is instant and effective and no way they can avoid the zap. Sure it’s ten times more expensive than a snap trap or glue trap, but it works everytime, all the time. For the peace of mind and reusability this is the bees knees. So long Ratatouille.


  22. They work very well and traps the mouse very quickly. I have used them many times and was able catch the mouse within a couple of hours every time. The trick is to place piece of cheese it and not anything else. I had tried putting candies or other sweet stuff but that didn’t work. Cheese worked every time.It is easy to setup and open to release the mouse.I definitely recommend it.

  23. I love these traps. Simple and easy to set. Just squeeze like a cloths pin and you are ready to go. I use a dab of peanut butter in the little bait cup. Works on even the smallest mice. Would give 5 stars, ut the only problem is that after a few mice the trigger becomes too sensitive and it needs tweaking before it will set again. And then they don’t set any more and to the trash with them. If they could figure out a way to make the internals more durable, these would be 10 stars

  24. Reply
    Ricardo Olea González
    March 12, 2024 at 12:00 am

    The media could not be loaded.  He seguido las instrucciones al pie de la letra, dice que es muy importante que la carnada no toque las plaquitas de metal para su buen funcionamiento así que solo puse puse una cucharadita de crema de cacahuate. La puse a media noche, hoy antes de las 11 am cayó el primero, así que inmediatamente lo lleve al patio y en menos d media hora cayó el segundo, aun estoy cazando al tercero. Funciona a la perfección, antes que nada pones el interrupción en apagado, colocas 4 baterías tamaño C (recomiendo usar baterías recargables) y cuando lo enciendes prende la luz verde una únicamente vez y se apaga de inmediato, quiere decir que el sistema está activo. Tuve la suerte de presenciarlo, cuando entra el invitado no deseado hay un muy ligero zumbido que no espanta al raton y cuando el sistema detecta que ya entró le da la descarga eléctrica, a continuación vuelve a hacer el zumbido un poco más intenso pero repito no es ruidoso, es lo suficiente para que sepas que esta trabajando el dispositivo, no tarda más de 15 segundos, acto seguido parpadea el led verde aprox cada 8 o 10 segundos hasta que lo apagas, quiere decir que ya no tienes más problemas no deseados. Estoy muy contento con los resultados, 5 estrellas 😁*Actualizacion* En un día cayeron 3 pequeños más una grande, totalmente satisfecho con mi compra, recomendado al 200%!!!!!

  25. The mice that needed to be removed were eating dry cat food so that is what I used for bait, and also added a bit of bread, using two traps. I kept an eye on the traps looking for the green flashing light (it flashes every 10 seconds) that indicated that a mouse had been zapped. Each time I checked and saw the green light flashing, I opened the trap and a mouse was inside, having been instantly killed, no suffering, no blood, easy to pick up by the tail and remove and then just close the trap and put it back. I caught a total of 5 mice in 5 hours. As for the bait… I doubt that in nature, or in your home, that mice have access to peanut butter or the other suggested baits so I think it may be more effective to use what the mice are actually already getting into. Bread crumbs in probably pretty common and it is also easy to put in the bait area and easy to clean. I had also bought a couple of old fashion mouse traps in case these traps didn’t work but envisioned having to mercy smash any mice not fully killed. Thankfully, these traps worked as well as they did. The mice are truly zapped dead instantly with no bloody mess.

  26. Put these out at work and within less than 8 hours I caught 2 mice! Used cat food as bait and have caught a total of 6 mice now. So much cleaner than peanut butter or fat and works without fail! I take the mice far away to release and let nature take its course, whether they survive or get eaten. Much nicer than the idea of smashing it’s body or it getting stuck and starving to death on a glue trap. These traps are humane, easy to clean, and easy to reset.

  27. Wow! Super easy to use and more humane that the sticky traps, which are a problem for my cats that would sure walk over them and get stuck anyways. Yes, I have 2 cats and still have mice! I have caught 2 mice so far in the first week. Not sure how to clean the trap but it came with a special sponge that looks like it’s for cleaning. Great price, love how easy this is to use, trap and release.

  28. A few days ago one of my security cameras filmed a rat climbing our security screen on the front door in the middle of the night.So, I thought I’d better do something about it.Have had a family of rats years ago living in the walls and crevices of the house which I managed to exterminate.So I looked on ebay and Amazon for a solution.Found a good deal with this six pack and thought ” what a bargain “.They arrived within a couple of days and that night I set them up and placed them in areas that I thought the little critters might wander.NO LUCK. BOO HOO!!So the next night ( last night )I set them up again using peanut butter and cheese ( I used just peanut butter the first time ).I also moved some of them into different positions.Remembering that it’s not only how you set the trap, but where you put them.Well, that did the trick and I caught one!!!I also caught a cane toad in one.How the hell that happened I’ll never know!!!These traps are really sensitive and can be put in the weather outside.Made of tough plastic with a very strong spring incorporated into it.I was hopeful and sceptical all at the same time.But my worries have been answered.At the moment I’d recommend these traps to anyone with the same problem.I’ll be setting them again tonight. The hunt is on.Cheers

  29. Easy to set and operate. Make sure you put the bait on the pedal before setting the lever to make sure you don’t get your fingers! Clear video instructions of how to set the trap can be found online.

  30. Great Value for Glue Traps as they work out for a little over a dollar/trap. Shawn Woods’ Youtube channel has good things to say about it as well. Also, this is great for catching flies as well as I’ve caught more flies with those glue traps than mice.

  31. Works really well and by the condition of the ‘guests’ it appears to be fast and painless. Easy to clean out. But after a couple of weeks something stole it. Left the cover and I’m pretty sure the thief was a quadroped. Should be sold attached to a big rock.

  32. Needed something dog safe for Voles in the backyard. The dog tried to eat the bait, trap went off and the dog wasn’t harmed.Caught a vole within 24 hours using peanut butter bait.Decent product.

  33. It is a classic, inexpensive and effective. Exactly what I was looking for and for the right price.

  34. Ok, I hate mice. They’re some of the worst vermin and one can easily turn into 20 give or take a few weeks. These traps were awesome. I set them and managed to catch 3 of them. I was worried that they were not going to work seeing as the mice are so small and these depend on the weight setting them off but they are super effective. They come with a brush for you to clean them. I will say that you should make sure you tap all the poop out before washing them so that way none of it gets stuck in crevices. I did not do that and when I was washing them I was too rough and broke one 🤦🏻‍♀️ totally my fault though and not a defect on them. I will be buying more if I need them though because they worked fast and were easy to bait and I didn’t have to deal with killing anything

  35. I like the ease of adding the bait and setting the trap. Disposing of the carcass was very easy as well. I didn’t even really have to look at it.

  36. Have used glue traps before, they are hit or miss. But this time the glue traps weren’t working. They were managing to get out of them. So I was looking for a mechanical trap that was EASY to set up, one that definitely WORKS, and had EASY disposal of the mouse.THIS IS IT! Small, compact, easy to set, works perfectly and easy disposal!I LOVE THIS TRAP! I bought the 2-pack and only used one of them, and overnight…BOOM!UPDATE (next day): I set the trap again right after catching the first mouse, just in case there were more. BOOM! Next day….. another mouse caught! Of course I set it again….. looks like I got the 2 that were in my shop as its clean (no mice) and no more new droppings. I LOVE THIS TRAP!!

  37. This trap worked really well with peanut butter as a bait. We caught the unwanted mouse on the first night we used it. It offed the critter immediately, so it’s as humane as a trap can inherently be. It was really easy to empty as well – just pick up by the claw clip and squeeze to release. The bait was not even eaten, so I just reset it and put it back in case there are more.The only thing is, it came with no instructions. But the amazon listing has them, so refer to that if you need help.This was a good deal and we will reuse these whenever we need them again.

  38. nice old fashion traps

  39. These work much better than the newer yellow plastic ones. Much easier to keep cheese on, catches mice quick! When on sale, this is a nice price point, too!

  40. These are a good price. They are effective although now that I see some people say these could be more sensitive I think that could be valid. These are easy to set and there is low risk of accidentally catching your own finger. I’ve had a few of these break (the spring) after one or a few catches. However, I still think these are a good value and I’ll be buying these again when I get low. These are SO much better than the old school wooden traps

  41. Very strong mouse trap & GREAT PRICE.

  42. Wife saw a mouse. Baited with Wowbutter. Caught the mouse three hours later. Not the mouse’s fault we didn’t want it inside. Took it out and let it go.The bait chamber has a sticker and ridges on the end, so the opening directions aren’t that obscure.Someone mentioned cheese – I’ve never seen a mouse touch cheese, and I used to breed them.Nut butter is the way to go. Mice like to travel along walls, and be inconspicuous, so place these eg behind a curtain or furniture.

  43. It caught the mice first day, easy to use and works. I took the captured mice to a better location for them than my house.

  44. We had mice that escaped from traditional snapping traps. But this trap works great. Easy to bait, empty, and clean.

  45. Ordered these and they came within 5 hours, set the traps out at night and by the next morning, the mouse I had seen had been caught! Fantastic product and super easy to use.

  46. It does what it is supposed to do. It’s sticky and catches pests. I use it with lure as a fly trap, with excellent results. Just put a little piece of fish, meat, or whatever, and flies will come and sit on it – forever. Up to over 100 flies per day.

  47. Been using these for years, they do the job they are designed for. I got them to deal with mice but bugs seem to love them alot as well. Only issue i have is mice sometimes get off them easier then the sticky traps that have the slightly walled sides. Overall great product(and usually wait for sale).

  48. These are fantastic. Easy to fill with bait. Much safer to set and handle compared to spring loaded wooden traps. Once they have done their deed they are simple to empty and reset.

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