Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports (4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) - Brian Onuonga Deals

Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports (4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C)

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Amazon Echo Pop | Full sound compact smart speaker with Alexa | Midnight Teal

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as of May 9, 2024 12:50 pm

  • ECHO POP – This compact smart speaker with Alexa features full sound that's great for bedrooms and small spaces. Small enough to blend in and mighty enough to stand out.
  • CONTROL MUSIC WITH YOUR VOICE – Ask Alexa to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts from your favorite providers like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM and more. Connect via Bluetooth to stream throughout your space.
  • MAKE ANY SPACE A SMART SPACE – Easily control compatible smart home devices like smart plugs or smart lights with your voice or the Alexa App.
  • LIFE JUST GOT EASIER – Have Alexa set timers, check the weather, read the news, re-order paper towels, make calls, answer questions, and more.
  • ALEXA HAS SKILLS – With tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa can help you do more or do less - like playing relaxing sounds and testing your music knowledge.
  • ABOUT THE LIGHT BAR – Alexa doesn’t begin listening until your device hears you say “Alexa” and the light bar turns blue.
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic off button.
  • DESIGNED FOR SUSTAINABILITY – This device’s fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled yarn and aluminum is made from 80% recycled aluminum. The device packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • PREMIUM ALEXA FEATURES – Use this device with subscriptions like Amazon Music, Audible, Alexa Emergency Assist, Amazon Kids+, and Hey Disney!. Subscription purchase required.

Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release) | With bigger vibrant sound, helpful routines and Alexa | Charcoal

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as of May 9, 2024 12:50 pm

  • OUR BEST SOUNDING ECHO DOT YET – Enjoy an improved audio experience compared to any previous Echo Dot with Alexa for clearer vocals, deeper bass and vibrant sound in any room.
  • YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC AND CONTENT – Play music, audiobooks, and podcasts from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and others or via Bluetooth throughout your home.
  • ALEXA IS HAPPY TO HELP – Ask Alexa for weather updates and to set hands-free timers, get answers to your questions and even hear jokes. Need a few extra minutes in the morning? Just tap your Echo Dot to snooze your alarm.
  • KEEP YOUR HOME COMFORTABLE – Control compatible smart home devices with your voice and routines triggered by built-in motion or indoor temperature sensors. Create routines to automatically turn on lights when you walk into a room, or start a fan if the inside temperature goes above your comfort zone.
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic off button.
  • DO MORE WITH DEVICE PAIRING – Fill your home with music using compatible Echo devices in different rooms, create a home theatre system with Fire TV, or extend wifi coverage with a compatible eero network so you can say goodbye to drop-offs and buffering.

Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports (4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C)

 in stock
as of May 9, 2024 12:50 pm


Product Dimensions5.46 x 3.77 x 0.01 inches
Item Weight7.8 ounces
Item model numberHR-519D
Best Sellers Rank#19 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #1 in Power Strips #13 in Climate Pledge Friendly: Electronics
Date First AvailableDecember 23, 2020
Country of OriginChina

  • 【 Multi Function USB Outlet】- Securing onto the wall design. Fit duplex outlet perfectly, just plug in to use. You get 5 AC outlet splitter (3 sides) with wide space in between; 4 USB charger ports; using the screw at the middle to secure it onto the wall for duplex outlet, so it is not pulled out when pulling the plugged in devices and loss power. Note: this works on duplex outlet only, other types of outlet like GFCI outlet cannot be secured onto the wall.Best Ideal Stocking Stuffers for Adults.
  • 【The Groove Design on The Back and Wide space 】- 5 AC outlets with 2.1 inches long space in between, larger than standard 1.5-inch socket. Larger spacing makes it easier to use for all kinds of equipment. The groove at the back make it flush against the wall perfectly, good for all Duplex Receptacle Outlet. NOTE: This product can be used on wall outlet with space lager than 1 inches in between ,This product cannot be used on outlets with more than 2 set of parallel sockets.
  • 【 Smart Charge with USB A & USB C 】- 4 USB ports total 4.8 A, each USB A port features 5V/2.4A Max output. USB C charging port features 5V/3A MAX. Built in smart technology, detecting charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed automatically, compatible with Kindle and most USB devices. NOTE: The UCB-C port is not Quick Charger 3.0, doesn't support any other devices which need 9~22V charging voltage.
  • 【 Reliable Surge Protector Circuit 】- 3 level complementary Surge Protector Circuit which composed of TVS, MOV (metal oxide varistor), GDT (gas discharge tube), with minimum 1680J energy absorbing capacity, could protect your devices much more quickly and reliably than other brand’s 1 level MOV(metal oxide varistor) Surge Protection Circuits.
  • 【 Our After Sale Service 】- ETL Certified,Our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence, with our 30-day return and 12-month replacement.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (16 GB) – Now with a larger display, adjustable warm light, increased battery life, and faster page turns – Black

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as of May 9, 2024 12:50 pm

  • Kindle Paperwhite – Now with a 6.8” display and thinner borders, adjustable warm light, up to 10 weeks of battery life, and 20% faster page turns.
  • Purpose-built for reading – With a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.
  • More books in more places – Store thousands of titles, then take them all with you. A single charge via USB-C last weeks, not hours.
  • Easy on the eyes – Now with adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber.
  • Waterproof reading – Built to withstand accidental immersion in water, so you’re good from the beach to the bath.
  • Find new stories – With Kindle Unlimited, get unlimited access to over 2 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and more.
  • Go hands-free – Pair with an Audible subscription and Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.

Wall Outlet Extender with Shelf and Night Light,Surge Protector,USB Wall Charger with 5 AC Outlets and 3 USB Ports 1 USB C Outlet Wide Space 3-Sided Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets…

 in stock
as of May 9, 2024 12:50 pm


Package Dimensions6.65 x 5.04 x 3.03 inches
Item Weight11.7 ounces
Item model numberMFS54CT
Best Sellers Rank#421 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #37 in Power Strips
Date First AvailableMay 23, 2022
Country of OriginChina

  • 9 IN 1 Wall Outlet Extender: Outlet Extenders are designed with 5 USB outlets + 3 USB ports + 1 USB-C port. The 3-sided power strip with LED night light, and Detachable Shelf. Using the screw in the middle to secure it onto the wall for a duplex outlet, you won't risk unplugging the entire unit when you unplug just one cord.
  • Outlet Extender With Soft Smart Night Light: LED light power is 1.5W, automatically turn on the light at dark, and turn off the light at dawn. Built-in touch sensor, you can also directly choose to manually turn on/off the night light. The light is soft and just enough to light the surrounding area, enhancing safety at night.
  • Space Saving & Widened Removable Shelf: Our wall outlet shelf gets your devices off the counter and is able to charge easily too. 3-side design, so that you can use it for the large and odd-shaped plugs that tend to cover up other outlets.
  • 1800 J SURGE PROTECTOR TO PROTECT YOUR EXPENSIVE DEVICES: The power strip has an 1800 Joule energy rating providing a reliable power strip to protect printers, broadband modems, home theater systems, and so on. It secures your electronic devices from overload, short circuits, power spikes, lightning strikes, or fluctuation.
  • What You Save & Get: A 5 outlets power strip, a socket outlet Shelf, 3 USB wall chargers, 1 USB C adapter,night light. Our outlet extender has passed FCC and ETL certification. Friendly Customer Service: You can purchase with confidence, with a 12-month warranty. What could be more cost-effective than this?


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  1. I am someone who believes that there is something profound and special about a physical book. My favorite part about a book is its smell. It’s not wrong to describe the smell of walking into a Barnes & Noble as pure euphoria. New books smell like potential, beginnings, and the possibility of something grand. Old books smell like legends, ancient wisdom, or forgotten secrets. Books have a weight to them as well. It’s reassuring to know that this book you’re holding is real — it takes up physical space in the world and this makes it undeniable. It’s as if the power of the stories and ideas within are so strong that they have materialized into matter out of the aether. It’s hard for me to hold, say, a Bible without a sense of reverence and awe. Even today when I walk into a large library I can’t help but feel like I have walked into a holy place — a place of worship. Being surrounded by books has the same effect on me that a Xanex has on others. Books have an impact on me. I love them.This is why, when I started reading on a Kindle over a year ago, it felt like I was committing adultery. This nasty little plastic screen inspired none of the feelings that books gave me. It took the magic of books and sacrificed it on the altar of consumer electronics. Despite these feelings, I continued to use it.Now I have read a little over fifty books using my Kindle. I still believe that the Kindle kills the magic that physical books have, and it does. But for the first time in a year, I decided to pick up a book in paperback and read it. This experience of going back to real books has made me realize a few things about the Kindle and myself.First off, I realized with horror that I am addicted to my Kindle and its features. The people who designed the Kindle did so with intent. The Kindle’s sole purpose is to read books — there are no other apps on it, there are no intrusive ads, and there is nothing to distract you from reading. Honestly, the device is relatively primitive compared to other consumer electronics, but that is a design choice and not a flaw. I would argue it is even easier to get lost in a book using the Kindle than it is with a physical book.And then there are the features — the glorious features. My favorite feature by far is the built-in dictionary. When reading a physical book and coming across a word I didn’t know the meaning of, assuming I couldn’t intuit the meaning from context, I would have to mark my place in the book, put it to the side, pull out my phone, and Google the word. This is tedious. It also breaks my train of thought and forces me to use my dreadful phone with all of its notifications and apps and stuff that sends me into a panic and introduces into my reading time the potential to sidetrack myself. I hate that. With my Kindle, all I have to do is touch the word and a popup with the definition appears and is dismissed just as easily, and then I’m off reading again — an interruption that is barely even noticed and my attention remains intact. Even better is the fact that my Kindle keeps a list of all these words that I’ve looked up over time, and I can review them anytime. I look at it occasionally and quiz myself — this is my idea of ‘fun’.Now I’m a big fan of writing in my books — I underline, highlight, and write in the margins constantly. If I ever need inspiration or if I’m trying to remember something I’ve read, I will thumb through the book I found it in until I eventually find it. Sometimes when I get bored I will sit in front of my bookshelf and go through the books I’ve read looking at all the passages I highlighted to refresh my memory on all those inspiring things that I read in years past. It’s a little tedious but not too bad. This habit of highlighting is not lost to me while reading on my Kindle. You simply press and drag your finger across the passage which will highlight it. But that’s not the best part: Kindle will keep up with everything I have highlighted and organize it all for me by the book it was found in. So at any given time, I can see all of my highlights in any of the books I have read, and I can even share them to my Goodreads profile! This gets me visibly excited.The last feature I want to talk about is the backlit screen. If you do any of your reading in bed then you probably have a bedside lamp or a flashlight or some other novel light source designed for books. Maybe it’s just me but I find it difficult to get comfortable in bed and read a paperback at the same time. Either my spouse is annoyed by the light while she is trying to sleep or I can’t find the perfect position that makes it both comfortable and easy to read. The Kindle has a backlit screen with adjustable lighting and a “warm” light setting. This means all other light sources in the room can be extinguished and I can still get my reading done. No book-light required. The Kindle is so lightweight that I can lay or recline in any position comfortably. No more fighting with those books whose binding is stiff and unyielding.So now we come to the point of this post. A confession. It’s a confession to myself and the world. As much as this pains me to say: The Kindle offers a far superior reading experience over books. I said it. I don’t like it any more than you do, but it is simply true. The onboard dictionary, the highlights, the backlit screen, the insane battery life (I charge this thing once a month), all of it together creates the most consuming and productive reading experience available. I still feel subtle pangs of guilt when I look at my bookshelf. I don’t think that will ever go away for anyone who truly loves books. But now my bookshelf has become a kind of “greatest hits” display. I still buy all the best books I read, and I now consider my bookshelf as a place of honor for all the greatest books. But I think of my Kindle as another appendage on my body — I never go anywhere without it.I love books. I love my Kindle. To my fellow book lovers out there who are still opposed to the idea of a Kindle, I say that you can love both. It will be okay. The Kindle isn’t evil after all.

  2. Alexa Echo SpeakersMulti-room Music issuesI found a solution to not being able to get more than one speaker to work at a time, paired, or set up a “Multi-Room Music” in the Alexa app. This solution also fixed my inability to get Apple enabled devices connected into HomeKit, or even Google Nest Hubs to set up, period.Quick answer: Deselect “Enable Wireless Isolation” when activating your 2.4 Wi-Fi broadcast on your router.I also took all speakers off guest wifi. But I’ll try to put them back to see if that is necessary now.Back story: Months of issues with HomeKit, (only weeks with Echo Multi-Room Music), I gave up trying and decided to try Alexa and Google to replace my Apple smart home efforts. I spent way too much time. After the fix, I’ll live a blended tech life. I’ll give a quick answer, followed by my backstory: Last week I was at my wits end in utter frustration over three major roadblocks. I acquiesced and decided to try Alexa because I couldn’t get almost any of my Apple HomeKit enabled devices into HomeKit, except for new Apple products. I knew it had to be something small I was missing. Alexa was sooooo easy and quick to connect to everything, before I figured out the fix. (I dislike the echo show advertising, their echo speakers are better.) While they seemed a breeze to connect everything, for some reason I couldn’t get more than one echo speaker to work at a time. I was continually blocked from setting up Multi-Room Music or even connect a pair to play together.  Hundreds of tries. I deleted, reset, rebooted, spent over 4 hours with Comcast yesterday (thankfully a Boston native who did not put me on hold every minute like certain countries) getting my internet working again. I had rebooted my modem and router so many times, my computer got molasses slow and I feared I went too farIn interest I also decided to try a few Google nest hub speakers. Black Friday had great sales on all this stuff. Trying to set up googles hub 7 was impossible. It wouldn’t stay connected to the internet for more than a split second before “Something went wrong” message. Probably over 70 tries. (Google is better than Echo Show. Apple HomePod mini sounds crisper and better than Amazon echo 4 and mini 5’s. But Alexa is way friendlier to interact with verbally, and price point, well…)Frustration. Thursday, I broke down and bought my first Apple Homepod Mini to see if I can get that working and see if it works better than the Apple TV 4k Ethernet connection. The HomePod mini gave me a hint how to solve all these l connection and internet blocks. The HomePod mini kept telling me that I don’t have “peer-to-peer connection” allowed on my network.Now, I’m a little techy, but it took three days (ehem, months) to finally take a chance on a for granted setting I always enable on my netgear router. It’s the blasted first Wireless page when enabling a wifi broadcast.I had to deselect “Enable Wireless Isolation.”That was it. It solved every issue I have come across with smart home tech for the last 4 months, ..year.For the months that I could not solve these problems, Amazons Multi-Player Music issue made me dig deeper. I did not find anyone suggesting this particular router setting, so I thought I’d share with ppl. Tonight, I finally am able to simultaneously play music on all of my Echo speakers, connect my HomeKit enabled and Google nest hubs.I’m not sure what this will do for my/your internet security. But I’m going with it for now. And I’ll try to put all devices back onto guest Wi-Fi. I’ll never really leave Apple, but after interacting with other smart speakers, it’s probably not going to be my main go to for speaker or answers to questions. Or I’ll just get too creeped out by Google and Amazon invasiveness and acquiesce with Apple instead. Echo Dot 5 (this is such a sprite, great speaker!)Echo 4are my favorite for Amazon EchoEcho Studioseems the least smart, most deaf, quiet, combative, difficult to interact with, of the three speakers. Hopefully the Multi-Room music fix will improve my experience with itEcho Show 8Meh. Far too much and annoying advertising of non-solicited or wanted advertisements. Least user friendly screen to work with. It sits unplugged for the most part. I mostly got this for a friend who visits who wants a YouTube fireplace playing on the tv.SIDE NOTE on other Smart Home Amazon (online, or physical store) products, related to this topic:I have been pleased with Smartbot plugs, switches and app, the Levoit 600s air purifiers and app (app goes by VeSync), and Lutron Caséta Light Switches and Dimmers, and hub. Lutron has the most stable and reliable app out there. I was fine running their apps separately. They are very nice, better than the big 3 apps. Well, back to listening to music throughout my house instead of one or two rooms. Joy!

  3. Best feature on this multiplug is that it can be mounted into the wall plate of the wall outlet. Which means it fixes securely and doesn’t move when you are plugging and unplugging devices. I love that feature. Also has surge protection which is great. The quality is good and having usb-A and usb-c outlets is very handy and they seem to be efficient at charging devices quicker. All in all, I love this product and highly recommend it.

  4. Experience enhanced power convenience and protection with the QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender equipped with 4 USB Charging Ports. This versatile surge protector is designed to meet your power needs while keeping your devices safe from unexpected electrical surges. With its combination of outlets and USB ports, it’s the perfect solution for home, office, or travel use. Here’s why the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector is an essential addition to your power setup:Expanded Power Outlets and USB Ports (5/5):Enjoy the convenience of five AC outlets and four USB charging ports with the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector. Whether you need to power multiple electronic devices or charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered gadgets, this extender provides ample options for all your power needs in one compact unit.Surge Protection for Peace of Mind (5/5):Protect your valuable electronics from damaging power surges with the built-in surge protection of the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector. Designed to safeguard your devices against voltage spikes and fluctuations, this surge protector provides peace of mind, ensuring that your electronics stay safe and functional.Space-Saving Design (5/5):Maximize your available wall outlet space with the compact and space-saving design of the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector. Its sleek and low-profile design fits flush against the wall, making it ideal for use in tight spaces, behind furniture, or in areas with limited outlet access.Fast and Efficient Charging (5/5):Charge your devices quickly and efficiently with the high-speed USB charging ports of the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector. Equipped with smart charging technology, these ports automatically detect your device’s power requirements and deliver optimal charging speeds for maximum efficiency.Versatile Power Solution (5/5):Experience versatile power solutions for home, office, or travel use with the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector. Whether you’re charging your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or powering your electronic appliances, this extender offers the flexibility and convenience you need to stay connected and productive.Conclusion: Stay Powered and Protected with QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge ProtectorIn conclusion, the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector is the ultimate solution for expanding your power options while ensuring the safety of your devices. With its multiple outlets, USB charging ports, surge protection, space-saving design, and fast charging capabilities, it’s the perfect accessory for any home, office, or travel setup. Stay powered, connected, and protected with the QINLIANF Wall Charger Surge Protector.

  5. This will cover up TWO electrical outlets, stacked vertically. Which is the typical configuration in most American homes. However, due to manufacturing defects sometimes the prongs on this won’t line up exactly with the holes in the outlet. Fortunately, one of the sets of prongs on this unit is FAKE, made of plastic, so you can use a razor knife and just cut them off if you have trouble making the unit fit on your outlet.It has SIX power outlets, all grounded. All tied to a single wall outlet. DO NOT use this for any high-power devices or you might blow out a fuse in your house, if you connect too many high-power devices to the same outlet! Use common sense please! Ask an electrician if you’re not sure what I mean.The tray on top of this unit is nice for setting your cell phone down, so you can plug it into the unit to charge it up. The unit does have some USB ports built in. They seem to work as expected. But the tray sticks out pretty far, be careful that it doesn’t become a tripping hazard if your outlets are close to the floor. And remember it’s only meant to hold your phone. It’s not a book shelf. Don’t put a lot of weight on it.The tray MIGHT interfere with the geometry of your plugs, too… depending how fat your device’s power plugs are. But the tray is removable if you want it out of the way.The unit is pretty fat. It’s not a 90-degree angle on all three sides, it’s not a rectangle. The sides sort of slope, so the unit is wider at the back than at the front. This also means that any plugs on the SIDE of the unit MIGHT interfere with trying to plug other things into the front of the unit, depending just how thick your device’s plugs are.So yeah, it’s nifty for turning ONE power outlet into SIX, and the phone-charging tray is a nice touch. But once you get it home and start plugging things in, you may find some weird problems with the basic geometry involved. Other than that, if you have NORMAL sized device plugs, it works great.

  6. I bought this because it fit simply into an existing double outlet, provide 5 places to plug things into AND has 4 USB ports (1 a C port), and a little shelf at the top to put your phone while charging. Perfect for plugging in a table lamp, CPAP machine and laptop. I also bought it because of the nightlight facing down which can easily be turned on when you want, or set to turn on automatically at dark. Or you can set it for automatic lighting then turn it off when you sleep if light bothers you. Very easy.Think about what outlet to use for installation as being right close to the floor may result in dust ending up in the various holes (electrical and USB) and the nightlight being useless. This wall outlet extender is Easy to install. You’ll need a phillips-head screwdriver. First remove the existing grounded wall double outlet face plate and screw on a grounded double US-style outlet (requires a small, regular screw driver). Insert the charging tray into the slot at the top, then carefully align the two long prongs into the grounding holes of the wall double outlet. Be ready to engage the screw as you go. (Don’t remove the tiny piece of paper on the back of the unit holding the screw from falling out.) When you go slowly, it’s slick as a whistle! Takes only a few minutes.It is good to know the capacity of item you’re plugging into this extended wall outlet as electricity flows only from one outlet on the wall to the five outlets on the extended wall outlet. You’ll also want to think about which outlet to use as being right close to the floor may result in dust ending up in the various holes (electrical and USB).Although I bought this for home use, it’s small enough to bring traveling so long as the outlets where you’re traveling to are the US-style and you’ll have access to a philips-head screw driver (remember the screwdriver probably won’t be allowed on any carry-on luggage.)And the price is great.

  7. So earlier I wrote a nasty review below with one star. I then left feedback directly through my Alexa echo that was just about as nasty. A support rep reached out by phone the next day as a result and then sent me an email with instructions how to resolve problem below. I should have just asked for help before losing it lol. But thin skin these days like a lot of us dealing with issues in world right now. Anyway problem is fixed and wanted to give a big shout out to the support team for their quick help and having to deal with me! 😌Orig FeedbackAt some point I had about 50 different devices associated with insteon. That company went out of business and then came back but logins don’t work anymore etc… I made the unfortunate mistake sometime back of linking Alexa to insteon. Alexa is too stupid to completely unlink from the app on their end. I can delete one by one each of the 50 devices but every time I want to add a new device it auto discovers all of them again. And then tells me to fully unlink I need to also go to the manufacturer site which is not possible. Without being able to go back to the manufacturer insteon and complete the unlinking from there side they will never go away. This is making the experience, the management of devices, and the display of devices a big sloppy mess for my end. Used to be a website associated with Alexa but that’s also gone. And clearly the app is only there for the most basic scenarios. So if you want to avoid my mistake it’s simple don’t buy Alexa. It’s one of those situations where it works great until it absolutely takes a nosedive and doesn’t for ever more. Probably has a lot to do with layoffs and lack of investments in this area which I heard is going the wrong direction AKA downhill for Alexa. I guess if people want it to turn on their Philips colored light in their bedroom more power to you. But if you want to use it as a more serious home automation tool ,whole house, then understand this type of limitation is devastating. Even my Google devices can be permanently unlinked without me having to go back to the manufacturer. But I’ve come to hate Google for similar reasons because they also are de-investing and now I have to deal with other problems including saying hey Google multiple times before it actually responds. So disappointed in these companies and this field of work. They both promised so much for the next decade and have woefully undelivered on those promises. Guess I will wait until a more AI capable unit becomes affordable because they are out there but not yet mainstream enough. Good luck everyone.

  8. This is a great piece of kit!This actually replaced two extension cords.What makes this so good, in my opinion, is that there are 4 USB ports (3 USB A, 1 USB C). That means you won’t be taking up valuable plug space with your devices using a cube charger.That gives you 5 empty plugs to use plus 4 other connectable devices all in a very compact solution.So saving cord space looks a lot nicer and cleaner.

  9. My father grew up with those big old European radios with the dials that were like BERLIN … ROME … BUCHAREST … and as long as the atmosphere and the authorities cooperated, you could always find something to listen to. After immigrating to the US he recreated that experience with a shortwave radio and then a succession of internet radios, but now his gear is breaking or being bricked at just the point in his life when he can’t seek out repairs or workarounds. I got him the Echo on a whim and he is delighted. He is mainly (perhaps exclusively) using it to listen to CBC Music, and I’m thrilled that he again has something to listen to other than cable news.The sound quality isn’t ever going to match the now-dormant Bang & Olufsen system gathering dust, but for a device of this size, it is remarkable. This is my first experience with a smart speaker too and I’m a little perplexed that the voice commands are less AI-y than one might have expected. I think you need to utter a precise phrase in order to bring in a radio station. For example, “Alexa, play Australian Broadcasting Corporation Classical” won’t work; it has to be “Alexa, play ABC Classic One” or “Alexa, play ABC Classic Two.” And listening to the CBC involved verbally navigating a hierarchy that I can’t quite remember now, but it makes the difference between pulling in a local on-air station or a national internet station. This may have something to do with “Alexa skills,” which I haven’t fully comprehended yet. Is, for example, CBC a “skill” and the CBC’s various feeds fall beneath this skill? And if so, what is the correct way to activate them?So, I have some learning to do, but in the meantime the Pop has been a smashing success in bringing music back into my father’s house.

  10. I have been looking for a charger like this for a long time. One that doesn’t crowd the plug-in ports because so many plugs today have the big head, or the cord that hangs down so it’s impossible to use it on a strip without losing 1 or 2 neighboring outlet ports. That crowding also makes it difficult to use the USB ports when they are located in the middle between 2 other plug-ins. This is well thought out in that respect. Also with an indented back to allow it to sit flush against the wall even if you don’t remove the face plate on existing socket. I didn’t think about the USB-C wattage required to properly charge my iPhone, but that was my own ignorance as it is mentioned in the details. I have a work around for that though, so not a big deal, just thought I should mention in case someone else is ignorant as I was! ;-). Nice that it comes in either black or white, I got one of each and when my husband saw them he proclaimed that he needed a couple as well! Happy.

  11. I have had this Kindle for a month now and this is so much better than my 2018 Kindle Paperwhite. My 2018 Kindle had a problem not going into Sleep Mode properly and being able to wake it back up. It would not give me the “Swipe to Unlock” screen and the on/off button did not work very well. I would have to press super hard (trying several times) and holding it to finally get it to restart so I could actually use my Kindle plus the long wait for it to restart. Before shutting the cover, I had to press the button twice to get the “Swipe to Unlock” screen before I could close the cover or else it would be frozen again when I opened the cover.This new Kindle goes to sleep with I close the cover (I bought the RSAquar Kindle Paperwhite Case for 11th Generation 6.8″ and Signature Edition 2021) and gives me “Swipe to Unlock” screen when I open the cover. I really like the adjustable light settings – one for Brightness and one for Warmth – it makes it much easier to read on the eyes – I keep a light brown tint to the screen so it is not so bright and harsh.- Brightness 18 and Warmth 19.Before with the 2018 Kindle, I use the Dark mode all the time to so it was not so bright. The Dark mode on this new Kindle is easier to access to switch on for Night reading from the pull down menu.I have not had a problem of multiple pages being skipped like I had with the 2018 Kindle.Even though I am a very good Amazon shopper, I tend not to buy replacement items until my previous item is broken or lost as was in the case of the 2018 Kindle. Even though I did finally find my 2018 Kindle that had fallen behind and underneath my chair after I had bought this new Kindle, I am super happy with the new version of the Kindle Paperwhite. It makes reading so much easier on the eyes with the Brightness and Warmth settings, the Kindle wakes up and goes to Sleep Mode like it is supposed to, the button works as it should, and I no longer have to find my place when my Kindle skips forward any more.If you have an older Kindle, this was a worthwhile upgrade.

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    Belle from the South
    April 3, 2024 at 12:00 am

    I got this Qinlianf HR-519D outlet device for my bedside night table, to allow me to plug in a light, clock and other device, as well as a cell phone, Fitbit and whatever may come in the future. I had a decor outlet in that location (see my photo to learn what a decor outlet is) and the Qinlianf HR-519D did not fit well over the decor outlet. I tried it both with the trim plate on the decor outlet, as well as the trim plate off. It did not fit well either way — the blades on the back of the Qinlianf HR-519D did not insert fully into the decor receptacle. The first couple times I tried it, the Qinlianf HR-519D worked its way loose and the devices I had plugged into it lost power.To make the Qinlianf HR-519D work reliably, I had to replace the decor outlet with a standard outlet. That way, I could use the long screw that comes with the Qinlianf HR-519D to hold it into the outlet firmly. Now that there is no possibility of the Qinlianf HR-519D pulling out of the socket, it works really well. I like having all the standard AC sockets, as well as the USB ports.I got the Qinlianf HR-519D for a great price, and I like having the convenience of multiple AC receptacles and USB ports in a handy location. I have not had it in service very long, but it seems well built — assuming it lasts, it is a good product.

  13. But It turned out that it is a MAJOR improvement for how I charge my cellphone and Kindle. I only use it for those two, but it’s very nice that there are more for friends and family who are over at my home.It took a little getting used to the night light, and I worried that it’s activated whenever there’s any exterior light at all, like from the hallway. I thought, too, that the light itself might not last, and couldn’t be replaced.

  14. Very useful and good quality

  15. My Google mini used to sit on the kitchen window sill. A kitchen plug used to have an ugly adapter for USB charging appliances. Now I have this beautifully neat hub! The Google mini sits on the shelf, there are 5 outlets and plenty of USB ports to charge frothers, lights, salt & pepper mills and other items.

  16. This little guy has saved my sanity! Holds my speaker up for better sound, has a night light that works great, I can plug a TON of stuff into it! Phone, computer, flat iron, makeup mirror-and more. I wish I knew about this sooner.Christmas is 8 months away, but that’s what everyone is getting! 🤣

  17. This would have been perfect for the coffee station in my kitchen. I have several small appliances near each other that need to share an outlet, I have a gadget that charges with USB, I got my smart speaker off the counter, and the nightlight could lead me to the coffee in the morning without turning on the bright overhead lights in the kitchen. Except the nightlight doesn’t work right. Sometimes I’ll be in the kitchen and I’ll see it come on for a minute or two and then shut off, but it’s never been on when I come into the kitchen in the dark. So it’d be perfect if all the features worked! But having bought it for this specific combination of features means it’s pretty disappointing that the one feature is non-functional.

  18. This wall outlet insert turns your two plug wall outlet into five grounded wall outlets plus four USB outlets (one C type and three original USB A’s). I love how the grounding screw secures the product to the wall. The screw is about three inches, so there’s no pulling the whole thing out of the wall while trying to unplug something. I’d give this thing more stars if I could. I love it! I could have paid 40% extra to get black, but they both put out the same amperage, voltage, ⚡ and wattage, so I opted for the cheaper white. I am happy with it and am going to buy another. I’ll opt for white, this time because it matches my bathroom.

  19. I needed to get something new to plug into my wall outlet so I can have USB plugs and 5 outlets for electric cords in my bedroom. This fit the bill and I received it next day. It was very easy to get installed and I like how it fit perfectly over my existing outlet cover, Using the long screw was easy to do and did great at securing it to the wall,. Not having a nite lite is no big deal to me as now I can see that it has a green lite to tell me the surge protector is functioning properly. Very handy to have and I would recommend this to all. Thanks amazon.com

  20. Love these things. layout give you more available plugs because there is less chance of one plug fouling another all while reducing clutter.If you have to use one of these things then this is a great choice.Plus: it claims to be a surge protector and it allows direct plug in of USB charging cables.Works for me

  21. This is very handy for adding a surge protector, extra outlets, shelf for your device while it is being charged and a nightlight. The only “wish it had” comment was a way to control the level of the nightlight. Other than that this is a handy product and definitely value for money.

  22. As a seasoned audiophile constantly on the quest for sonic perfection, I recently had the privilege of immersing myself in the transcendent realm of the Echo Pop Speaker. Allow me to articulate the sheer brilliance encapsulated within this audio masterpiece.At first glance, the Echo Pop exudes an aura of elegance, with its minimalist design and impeccable craftsmanship. Its sleek contours and premium finishes seamlessly integrate into any living space, epitomizing a harmonious fusion of form and function.Yet, it’s upon pressing play that the true magic unfolds. The Echo Pop unleashes an auditory symphony that transcends the boundaries of conventional sound reproduction. With unparalleled clarity and precision, every note resonates with breathtaking authenticity, captivating the soul and igniting a profound connection to the music.What sets the Echo Pop apart is its ability to deliver a truly immersive listening experience. Equipped with advanced audio technologies, including custom-tuned drivers and precision-engineered enclosures, it effortlessly navigates the intricate nuances of each composition, unveiling layers of detail previously obscured.Whether you’re delving into the intricate melodies of classical orchestras or surrendering to the pulsating rhythms of contemporary beats, the Echo Pop adapts with unparalleled versatility, ensuring an enthralling encounter with every genre and musical preference.Furthermore, the Echo Pop’s dynamic range is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From the gentle whisper of a violin to the thunderous roar of a bass drum, it effortlessly traverses the entire spectrum of frequencies, delivering a sonic experience that transcends mere listening and evolves into a visceral journey through the essence of sound.But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Echo Pop is its ability to evoke emotion. Beyond its technical prowess lies an intangible quality—a soulful resonance that stirs the heart and awakens the senses. Each listening session becomes a transformative experience, imbued with the power to uplift, inspire, and transport you to realms unknown.In conclusion, the Echo Pop Speaker stands as a testament to the pursuit of sonic perfection. With its captivating design, unparalleled performance, and soul-stirring resonance, it transcends the realm of mere audio equipment to become a gateway to musical enlightenment. Embrace the journey, and let the symphony of life unfold before you.

  23. Nice product installed easily with center screw shelf on top is nice. The nightlight is soft and it really cleaned up a mess. I might order a couple more.

  24. This product is extremely handy for the serg protection but now that everything comes with a USB cable it’s got it, and I find it extremely useful and I never have to worry about cords everywhere 😀.

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    francis a benning jr
    May 6, 2024 at 12:00 am

    Transform your living space with the latest release of the Amazon Echo Dot, your ultimate home assistant designed to deliver big, vibrant sound and crystal-clear vocals. With an array of innovative features and improved audio performance, this Echo Dot takes your smart home experience to new heights.One of the most notable upgrades of the latest Echo Dot is its enhanced audio quality. Compared to previous models, this iteration offers clearer vocals, deeper bass, and vibrant sound, ensuring an immersive listening experience in any room of your home. Whether you’re streaming music, audiobooks, podcasts, or your favorite playlists, you’ll enjoy unparalleled sound quality that fills your space with rich, dynamic audio.But the Amazon Echo Dot is more than just a speaker – it’s your personal assistant at home. With Alexa at your command, you can access a world of information, entertainment, and convenience with just your voice. From checking the weather and setting hands-free timers to getting answers to your questions and hearing jokes, Alexa is always ready to help, making your daily tasks easier and more enjoyable.Moreover, the Echo Dot empowers you to control compatible smart home devices effortlessly. Whether you want to adjust the thermostat, turn on the lights, or start your coffee maker, simply use your voice to command Alexa and watch as your home responds to your needs. With routines triggered by built-in motion or indoor temperature sensors, you can create personalized automation to enhance your comfort and convenience.Concerned about privacy? Rest assured that the Amazon Echo Dot is designed with your privacy in mind. With multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic off button, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your personal information is secure and protected.Plus, with device pairing capabilities, you can seamlessly integrate the Echo Dot into your home ecosystem. Pair it with compatible Echo devices in different rooms to fill your home with music, create a home theater system with Fire TV, or extend Wi-Fi coverage with a compatible eero network for uninterrupted connectivity.In conclusion, the latest Amazon Echo Dot is more than just a smart speaker – it’s a versatile and indispensable addition to your home. With its exceptional sound quality, intelligent features, and commitment to privacy, it’s the perfect companion for enhancing your daily life. Experience the future of smart home technology with the Amazon Echo Dot today!

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