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Westerlund 2 Star disc for The Homestar Flux Home Planetarium

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Sega Toys Homestar Flux (Satin Black) Home Planetarium Star Projector

$259.00  in stock
as of May 9, 2024 1:52 am


Package Dimensions9.13 x 7.76 x 7.6 inches
Item Weight11 ounces
Item model numberSega Toys Homestar Flux
Best Sellers Rank#290 in Camera & Photo Products (See Top 100 in Camera & Photo Products) #36 in Telescopes (Camera & Photo Products) #2,200 in Novelty Lighting
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableOctober 11, 2018
ManufacturerSega Toys

  • Project 60,000 twinkling high definition stars onto your rooms ceiling or wall
  • Christmas 2021: Order till Friday December 17 and usually receive in time.
  • Leading brand with 5-watt warm white LED technology
  • Advanced multilevel glass lenses for brilliant projection
  • Quiet disc rotation, USB cable, 2 discs included and more than 30 optional star discs and all new scenic disc motives available for purchase

Sega Homestar Original Black - Home Planetarium - Star Projector

$149.99  in stock
as of May 9, 2024 1:52 am


Brand Name‎SEGA TOYS
Item Weight‎1.76 pounds
Product Dimensions‎6.26 x 5.94 x 6.57 inches
Item model number‎LYSB016YBU4RW-ELECTRNCS
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No

  • Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium
  • Christmas 2021: Order till Friday December 17 and usually receive in time.
  • Leading brand with 3-watt white LED technology, timer, adjustable angle and focus
  • Attention: Also look for brighter and better Sega Homestar FLUX
  • 2 realistic discs and poster included - 30+ optional discs available for purchase

Sega Homestar Matataki (White) Home Planetarium Star Projector

$109.99  in stock
as of May 9, 2024 1:52 am


Light Source TypeLED
Room TypeUsb
Base MaterialPlastic
Recommended Uses For ProductDecoration
Power SourceCorded Electric
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Included ComponentsCable
Age Range DescriptionBaby
Wattage3 watts
Item Weight0.5 Kilograms
Water Resistance LevelNot Water Resistant
Number of Pieces1
Connectivity ProtocolWi-Fi
Product Dimensions6.3 x 6.5 x 6.38 inches
Item Weight1.1 pounds
Item model numberSega Homestar Matataki Blue
Best Sellers Rank#558 in Video Projectors
Date First AvailableFebruary 2, 2023
ManufacturerSega Toys

  • Project 10,000 twinkling stars or 60,000 solid stars onto your rooms ceiling or wall
  • Speaker with natural sounds for deep sleep
  • Leading brand with 3-watt LED technology
  • Two exchangeable projection discs
  • Disc rotation for diurnal motion

Homestar Classic

$117.00  in stock
as of May 9, 2024 1:52 am


Product Dimensions5.94 x 6.26 x 6.57 inches
Item Weight1.81 pounds
Item model numberKTEC-cTOTC-ds-1498868
Best Sellers Rank#375,363 in Health & Household (See Top 100 in Health & Household) #1,664 in Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea Care
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableMarch 15, 2013
ManufacturerSEGA TOYS

  • W/tracking by Jp post
  • W/ tracking number from JP Post
  • Finally Launched Home Star series optical home planetarium the world's first jointly developed by the creators of planetarium Guinness certification with "Ohira Takayuki" involvement; It was decided that the new companion will be applied this time
  • Homestar Classic Planetarium Experience the world with us!

Westerlund 2 Star disc for The Homestar Flux Home Planetarium

 in stock
as of May 9, 2024 1:52 am


Product Dimensions4 x 4 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight1.76 ounces
Item model numberDS-36
Best Sellers Rank#54,811 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #320 in Photographic Film
Date First AvailableNovember 17, 2020
ManufacturerMiller Engineering

  • Offers a beautiful view of star cluster in Westerlund 2
  • This disc has been designed and produced by Miller Engineering LLC specifically for the Homestar Flux
  • Different parts of the image are displayed as the disc rotates.


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  1. Okay so im not sure if this was the intention of the creator for this, but i discovered something that makes this product a GEM!! first off, like most i bought this because i wanted a ‘regular planetarium’ to “look at the night sky” on my ceiling.. well its not.. the only pattern it ships with looks a bit like splattered paint. some of the stars on this will be the size of a golf ball on your ceiling. stars are not this big in real life.. so you will be disappointed if you want something that looks like “the night sky” but, and i mean as BIG BUT, this is where it gets interesting…As most reviewers her have said, some of these stars look blurry or dull, and there might be a reason.. when you project this on the ceiling in the dark and lay under it, the “stars” have an uncanny effect of looking like they are 3D. i have never seen anything like this. Im not sure how to explain it, because it looks more like you are laying under some kind of crystal cave with a 500 foot ceiling and different layers of “glowing things”… not sure they look like stars, sometimes it does, but in this sense it would be a DENSE star field, something you would see from the movies, not in your night sky.. this view of the stars has never been seen on earth so its not a familiar thing.. but the 3D effect I’m describing is BRILLIANT!! as i said, if it was designed this way, then this designer is a GENIUS!! if it was a mistake, then its a beautiful mistake.. I’m not quite sure how this is happening, I’m assuming its because some of the stars are blurry, some are a tad bit darker, some are a bit larger, and this combination gives us the illusion of depth (which is NOT something you get with the regular star fields, since they are mostly all at the same distance i.e. infinity) but THIS planetarium (and i use the term loosely) is more like an effect generator.. at face value it looks like glow in the dark paint splattered on your ceiling.. but when you stare at it for a few minutes it all shifts into focus and the 3D effect is STUNNING!!!! I’m really floored if this was the intention by the creators, and the more i look at it the more I’m convinced this was the intent for this device, as its REALLY easy to just make a “pinprick pattern” into a small disc.. this looks more like an engineered effect.. anyway, its cool.. and it rotated the disc so the pattern moves (and it has a shooting star which is a nice effect once in a while)..one last thing to mention, if you DO want something that looks more like a night sky, may i suggest adding another “effect device” into the mix.. perhaps buy an “aurora” or some other type of light device that projects could like images on the ceiling, it helps to break up the mix and add another layer of effects into it.. if you are just buying this because you want a realistic star field on your ceiling, like you would find out on a dark night on your favorite hill, then look elsewhere. this won’t give you that.. you need a real planetarium, but that might cost you closer to the 500 mark… good luck..

  2. Reply
    Sir Charles Panther
    May 13, 2016 at 12:00 am

    I would love to have a custom-designed starry-sky bedroom ceiling, but just don’t have the tens of thousands of dollars to have one put in right this minute… So I got this product, and could not be happier. This is a fantastic little device for a child’s or adult bedroom.I wouldn’t really call this an educational device. Yeah, you can sit under it and point out constellations and such, but it’s much more of a relaxation/decoration item. That is its sole use in my home.Do not be influenced by the “Sega” product name; this is not some flimsy, toy-like star projector. Although small, this is a sophisticated (and expensive) device. As such, small children probably should not be allowed to operate it. Older kids, after sufficient supervised training, can understand the controls and functions, and should be able to use it properly.It is not very big, so takes up little space. The power cord is relatively long (could be a foot or two longer) to support your optimal placement in the room. It has a small fan for cooling as well as the rotation motor, and both are very quiet, supporting this as a go-to-sleep device. There is a sleep timer which you can set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The rotation option is very nice as it presents an ever-changing view of the star field. It rotates quickly enough that you can discern the rotation readily, but not so fast that you get the spins from staring up into it.As noted by a couple other reviewers, on first use it seems that the device is not focusing properly, and it appears that the focus ring is literally unscrewing from the housing. Not quite so. Be patient and slowly bring that focus ring out and the stars will come into perfect focus.This item is best used in a very dark room, so douse all lights and night lights. If being used in a child’s room, the light from this device, if left on all night, serves as a night light on its own. That being said, the light is not harsh, and provides a nice soft glow throughout the room.The shooting star function is a nice little addition, but is kind of a letdown. The product photo appearing to show a shooting star looks a lot more like a comet, but either way, know that this is NOT how shooting star function appears. It’s a purely optical effect using the lens, so the shooting star is always the same; it is in the exact same position on the ceiling every time, and its path and appearance are always the same.I recommend purchasing the optional discs as well, as they are a nice change-up to your standard view.Bottom line: I wanted a detailed and diverse starry sky on my bedroom ceiling, and this device has delivered well beyond my expectations.

  3. nice product.I like it.

  4. This is a great projector! It makes no sound when turned on, and only makes a soft white noise (much like a humidifier) when the motion function is turned on – great for falling asleep to. The light is very bright and projects very strongly onto the ceiling and the focus ring works well if the stars look blurry to you, or if you see some light rings in the projection.Only issue (which is a non issue for me) is the shooting star function. It only works when the motion control is on, and it’s quite a fat streak of light (doesn’t match the stars) and is always in the same spot. However I did not buy this for the shooting star function, so it’s a null point for me.My boyfriend and I love this! Projects clean and clear in the dark with a ton of stars!

  5. Pricey little unit but oh so cool. Stars are really something. I’ve found that it works best in the middle of the room as opposed to a side table or dresser. Room i have it in is about 12×14 and it fits the ceiling very nicely. OUtter edges are still somewhat blurry but its not bad. Timer is a nice addition for children at night, can set it to run for 15, 30 or 60 mins. Can also have it rotate too. Shooting start function is pretty useless though i must say. Overall, good buy!

  6. Ignore all the negativity! This product was better than I expected due to all the negativity! I wanted to write this review for all the people questioning this product because of the negativity.This projector is so worth it! Yes the edges are blurry but it still looks so amazing! From my observation, I’m assuming in order to have perfect focused edges, you have to have a dome shaped ceiling which no one has. Due to it’s round projected imagery then it causes the edges to blurry but I still think it looks amazing. I feel this product was made in the best way it could in this price range. Clearly work and detail is shown in this.It’s not too bright but bright and vivid enough, soothing to fall asleep, makes you think of the beauty around us, stars appear closer and further due to its amazing detail, rotation function is very close to how stars orbit, shooting star is alright but still nice to look at it, gives a great sense of imagination (at least to me), max 1 hour auto shut off.I feel you will get best maximum experience if you place the projector as close to the middle of the room that you can but I don’t feel it’s necessary. I feel it may reduce SOME of the the appearance of blurry edges as well.This product really give its value and it shows in the way it was made. When I googled best star projectors of all time, this was in the top 3. If people want to say this product is worth 30$ then please find me a projector in that price range that’s better than this.If you’re looking for “perfect” no matter how much money you spend then don’t buy this. If you’re looking for something that’s closest to beauty of our stars, then get this. Ignore the negativity!Have an open mind if you’re a real star gazer lover!

  7. I haven’t fully seen its work during night but during day it has perfect image quality with the focus lens and the discs it comes with are good enough to last a long while before we need a different vibe! I recommend to anyone looking to spend an extra dime on this one over the original and it is incredibly quiet! Turn on some soothing music and get ready for a trip to the stars! Just position it properly and make sure the display doesn’t cut off edges of the ceiling (as it could ruin the immersion)!

  8. Purchased for: 13 year oldPrimary Use: Night lite in bedroomEnjoyed by: everyone in familyBest Features: structure to star patterns, constellations (and option to see just points in N or S hemisphere) or with constellation patterns connected – good for learning and the switch disks to try to find in night sky. AND – no batteries!! Plug in. Timer feature is great.CONS: price; and comet feature. The comet feature is great, but not randomized enough. Always shows in same spot. No mystery as to when or where it will appear.Overall, the family has and still is enjoying this device every night, as 13 year old likes to go to sleep with it on in room. Timer has 3 time settings which is also great.A bonus was that our ceiling has the older ceiling which was a California style stucco pattern. This feature gives the stars a 3D like pattern on the ceiling. It was a surprise, but the effect is a bonus.We had a battery powered version with just random points of light simulating stars before. This is a huge jump forward in home use. There are real star patterns and constellations which is fun and visually pleasing. For the price, more should be included, but it does exactly what is says it will. So nice ‘home’ version of a starry night. Relaxing to watch, fun to learn constellation locations and shapes (with change of disk). Over all – happy with purchase, and we still use it every night.Enjoyable by kids, teens and adults.I’m sure future models will continue to improve the few cons previously mentioned.

  9. Es un buen proyector pero le falta potencia a la lámpara para que pueda proyectarse en una superficie clara ya que normalmente las paredes y/o techos son de color blanco. También la proyección debería estar adaptada a una superficie plana porque parece que el proyector está diseñado para un domo o superficie semi-esférica, los bordes y alguna zonas no son muy nítidas como las del centro, ni haciendo ajustes.

  10. It worked so will but it started to clinch and it started to jog the kind now it allwese jogs I want My money back

  11. At first I wanted to paint a night sky scenery on my bed room’s roof and add tiny leds by myself. But I decided to give a try to this product. On first try I couldn’t see any star until I adjusted the focus knob (it comes with the worst bluring settings; you have to turn the knob completely to the opposite to start seeing some focus).The imagery is neet and clear (at night of course). When set to rotate, the rotation is faster than expected and surprisingly silent. I don’t expect the real-time thing either but it should rotate slower (1 rotation by the hour). The shooting star is a joke.The technology is disappointing wrt the price: It’s a light source behind a disk. Don’t expect sparkling and twinkling dots; there just holes (and lines) on a disk plate. But the final result is better than if I had to paint a night sky scenery and add the circuitry for leds by myself.The product still works as expected. I recommend it.

  12. Being someone who is fascinated by the stars and grew up watching science fiction alot, I always wanted my own Planetarium and never dreamed one could be mine. I saw this and was heavily skeptical… I am pleasantly in awe of what i now own.This is the BEST home planetarium on the market, the flux is compatable with all other sega Homestar discs. The design is straight out of Star Wars, it is sharp, and matte finish is nice touch. I watched videos comparing the quality of build and the bulbs brightness, the flux is the new gen homestar that outclasses itself. The competitions home planetariums are far inferrior spec wise and with the available products of backwards compatibility, it is only planatarium worth getting. Sega is such an underrated company and has won my heart (with this and their videogame system Genesis Classic that is completely hackable using Project Lunar to add more games, they are on a winning streak a mile wide)Back to the review! The brightness still isnt anything that can show up on a white ceiling during even low lighting, but if you wait until dark it becomes as bright as real stars, if not more and blew my high expectations away.There was alotta fear when I bought in being afraid of negative reviews being right. Reviewers said: The discs were cheap, bad image quality, wont focus etc… This DOES focus on even low ceilings, I use on a textured ceiling and though you have ALOT of focal adjustment to dial it in, once you do, image is very crisp and the rotation is nice and slow giving realistic immersive experience. I believe other reviewers didnt take effort of properly experimenting with focal ring dial.The shooting star is a joke, it looks nice but stays in same location so can spoil the mood so I dont turn it on. That is where my major hit of minus 1 star comes from, clearly false advertising including wording of “random” with it. This criticism is the only accurate thing I’ve found from negative reviewers.I bought a bunch of discs seperately because system only comes with 2, people may expect the images to have some multi wheels within wheels of rotation and 3d effects, but it is a suspended single photo only, despite that it still manages to provide alot of depth and appears some stars are back further then others when rotating so it isnt disappointing.The included disks though aren’t doing the hardware justice and they’re identical and black and white (one has stars in North America as seen from naked eye, other has astrology lines drawn over same field and is eyesore) and I highly recommend imvesting in these, as they’re so good and amazing in color, I hardly ever even use the others…1. Jabbah and Associates. Its a colorful nebulae, oranges, greens and blues, looks like a picture from Guardians of the Galaxy in best way possible.2. Disappearing Continent. A mostly blue and black beauty with translucent stark webbing throughout. Unlike the others this takes up whole field with hardly any regular starfield visable.3. Immersive Paranal World. A striped celestial formation that is illuminated in a really pretty way. The normal starfield with this dividing it, it’s really appealing composition.The box it comes in is flat out amazing, it’s great for storing it and looks so presentable I keep my homestar atop it when not in use.The cord is plenty long, the adjustability is above and beyond, you can aim it anywhere, even wall mount it. I put mine in center of room and multi focus on wall and ceiling above my bed with little difficulty. The focusing dial feels a little loose but doesnt automatically fall out of focus in use and offers a extreme amount of zooming in and out to match your ceiling in focus.Loading the discs is a bit intense, the drawer comes out loose, I recomend placing it down on clean surface, acting with intent in good lighting prior to being sleepy and carefully handling discs with these two considerations…A. You dont want to scratch them, they’re hd images from NASA suspended in acrylic, i wish it was in glass so I could polish without fear, but for 25 dollars a pop, they make a great value for image quality alone, but they appear like the surface is fragile so handle with care (and put in text side down for best clarity)B. Keep them dust free, because lemme tell you, you see a single damn speck of lint or dust, it shows up starkly as a blacked out spot and rotates with image. When you do clean them, I blow on them first to knock dust off then use a eyeglass cloth gently to do the job.The sleep timers I dont even need but are nice, when i wake up its always automatically off already and has never turned off when I am awake to see.Luckily they come with great cases reminescent of cassette tape cases design (technically more like the Jazz floppies, if you remember those i am impressed!). The included borders are just junk and interfere with coloring as well as they’re all light blue so I disrecomend using them, luckily you dont pay for them, so just consider them bonus cases for your real discs should you ever break one.In summation, highly recomended this, I had hopes and expectations with such a pricey investment as a nerd who has Aspergers and needs a routine because I have allota trouble sleeping at night that this would incorporate well into my self soothing and it delivered. I now utilyze every night, I recomend a white noise machine, gentle fan, oil diffuser, gentle mood music (I use Star Trek 1st movie soundtrack on shuffle and low) and a weighted blanket (that is 10% bodyweight) to feel incredible and have amazingly achievable and pleasant sleep.I am including pictures of every angle, and videos of each disc

  13. Today is finally the day I found the most perfect thing I’ve ever bought. This projector is amazing! It took me awhile to focus it (just keep spinning it) but once I did it was perfectly beautiful! One of my photos shows a bit of light in the room with the northern hemisphere, the other is complete darkness looking up at my roof. My room is small but I managed squeeze it in nicely. Fills my entire roof.

  14. EXTREMLEY DISSAPOINTED. I purchased this for my partner as a christmas gift after a reviewing many different night sky projectors I chose this one because the homestar flux is allegedly better than the original. First of all it was expensive for what I recieved and to not have a tracking number was anxiety producing, wondering if it would show up while I was out and be stolen. I tested it as soon as I could ,excited about surprising my partner at Christmas. It took me awhile to focus the projector and W.T.F. it looks like little white paint splats! Not stars! I turned on the shooting star and rotating sky , shooting star is nothing more than a unrealistic sliver of light and the rotating sky setting was quiet for about eight minutes and then this irritating tapping sound started . As I said before; I feel completely disappointed and ripped off in hoping to give my partner ( someone who loves astronomy) a health care worker something to enjoy and take their mind off this horrific pandemic if for a few moments . Also the seller doesn’t make it easy to communicate. It says you can expect up to two days before getting a response from an email query.

  15. Mine had some scuffs on the plastic that are visible when projected. There’s also a black hairline steak in the print which also shows up on projection. Otherwise, it’s stunning. Wish I could have a better quality one.

  16. This is amazing and worth the money. I’ve bought the Bliss, the Smithsonian and they all left us wanting. The customer service was AMAZING as there were a few feedback saying otherwise, but obviously there are people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own mistakes. My daughter and I love watching the night sky on her ceiling. It’s crystal clear and rotating and we love catching the random shooting star. This is exactly what I wanted. I just wish I hadn’t hesitated and bought it earlier and didn’t mess with “trying to save money with lesser models”. Beautiful! 10/10

  17. El producto es tal cual la publicidad lo dice, excelente, solo si que tiene que estar en un lugar central, ya que conforme se va extendiendo la imagen, se pierde el foco de la misma. Ademas no trae instrucciones como para saber que se puede enfocar el lente en la rosca alrededor del proyector

  18. Excellent product, not a toy, vivid image, very realistic. Seller is a 5 star, too ! To those having any difficulty using it, read manual, do not place projector far from surface, it will look fantastic if it is pitch dark, the shooting star effect, one of the features of the projector, adds charm to the sky as well as the movement, which makes it even more realistic. Remember, the REAL sky is not like a video game, don’t expect it to be like a movie or have any aditional special effects as a real sky would not. For an astronomy enthusiast it feels real and beautiful. If you wish to improve the experience try to add some pleasant and meaningful soundtrack that you enjoy, sit back and relax. Other buyers mentioned their pictures don’t do it justice and I agree, reason why I did not add any. Again, it is not a video game, you will see a realistic picture of a starry sky, with realistic motion, plus optional shooting star effect. I got the following discs : Northern Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere with Constellations, Dissapearing Continent, Southern Constellations, and the Flowers and Butterflies. Seller shipped fast, answered my questions very quicly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND SELLER AND THEIR PRODUCTS.

  19. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. I’ve previously had an uncle milton star theater pro but it eventually died. The image on the sega is very good but very dim. The theater pro was brighter. The shooting star function is fun and looks ok. I wish it were more comet shaped. I also wish it could appear in different parts of the sky. The ring around the lens can adjust the focus and does a good job of it. The discs are easy to replace. The timer function is nice to have. I do think the motor for the rotation is a bit noisier than the theater pro. All in all it does an ok job. It really needs to be brighter and cheaper. It’s not really worth $149. I’d gladly pay $60-$80 for it though. I wish there were other alternatives for less money.

  20. It arrived 3 days early and it was everything that was suppose to be delivered. I really appreciate that it was a great deal for the price. I purchased the Sega Homestar Classic it was the cheapest one tha t was offered. I read the instructions and had a simple setup you have to be turn the focus alot to get a clear image. I have set it up in my living room and my bedroom which is a lot smaller but it works for small or large rooms it’s a great item for viewing the nights stars I am going to purchase more disks for the Home star unit. I enjoy and use it as much as I can. I plan on buying my youngest daughter a unit for her birthday she loves the stars. I’m very impressed by the Sega homestat Classic and all the features if you like looking at the stars in your own home and forget about the weather and enjoy it in your home without any weather or clouds. I suggest you get yourself one too.

  21. We agonized over which star projector to buy for our 11-year-old, who is very interested in real-world astronomy. This time of year it’s so cold and cloudy, so we thought we’d bring the stars inside.We read so many reviews and wondered whether we could find a high-quality projector in our price range. Our son didn’t just want a bunch of cool space images on his ceiling — he wanted actual stars and constellations.It took a few attempts to configure the projector in the best possible way — where to set it and which way to point it. But once we figured out the tilt feature, we eventually ended up with near perfection on the very first night.The stars are crisp and bright. Star patterns are accurate. The “move” feature rotates the stars very slowly — which is fine because real stars move so subtly. The meteors aren’t very realistic, but at least they look cool. The only real nitpick is a small one: the focus feature is too granular; you can barely tell that the focus is changing at all, so you have to spin the dial quite a ways to make a difference.So it’s a little pricey. We were able to get grandma to chip in to make this a bit more affordable for us. I’m always willing to pay a little more for quality, and the fact that this item is legitimately educational makes me a very satisfied customer.Our son’s reaction made it all very much worth it.

  22. This star projector is quite the bang for your buck! I recently had an attic fire, forcing me to repaint my living room (and everything else soon) so I went dark this time, painted the whole thing ceiling too Dard Hunter Green, very cool looking. The rest of the rooms are still primed with an unbelievably white PVA primer product. The Sega in the dark living room is like being outdoors in a fantastic star viewing location..super realistic, and the shooting stars are very accurate. When I moved it to my bedroom, still painted the awful white primer, well, it seems too bright, like..couldn’t go to sleep bright, believe it or not! I prefer the look of it in the dark living room. I think ppl don’t realize how important the reflectivity of their ceilings influences the way the projector works. You can place the projector quite low to the ground, I have mine behind my couch, tv wall opposite, and the lens still somehow fills the ceiling. I included a picture from just my phone from the bedroom ceiling, I didn’t alter the exposure or anything. It’s actually way brighter than that in person, you know how hard it is to photo dark things at night on your phone! When I see ppl writing “bad” reviews about this complaining they are not bright enough, I don’t know what they’re expecting, their paint must have a low reflectivity, because on a super white ceiling, I think it’s too bright, but that PVA stuff is so white it hurts your eyes. Its like a spray primer for drywall, awful stuff. I can’t wait to get more discs for it..I think this is an amazing product!

  23. いつもの天井が別世界になって楽しめました。

  24. I ordered this and the estimated time was over a month for delivery. They got it to me in less than a week. I was very happy with the product.

  25. Reply
    Christopher Wittman
    April 8, 2023 at 12:00 am

    The Sega Homestar Matataki Home Planetarium Star Projector is better than I ever imagined. It is very well made and has lots of features that are easy to use. The many additional imagery disks available (30) add to the wide range of entertainment options.

  26. This version is just like the original but with the addition of 2 plates (9k stars) that cause a twinkling effect that looks great. It still includes the original 60k star plate and works with other Sega plates. Since this version currently sells for cheaper than the original but is the same in every way it’s worth getting. Of course you can spend more and get the flux (5 watt led) version. While also really good I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra $

  27. Sega Planetarium, used for but had dust and fingerprints on it, supposed to be new!!!

  28. This is a $10 toy and not worth the $130. I was hoping for something of a better quality with this price tag. I will be returning.

  29. Great starter star gazer. The stars could be a lot nicer. As its kinda fuzzy. Like stargazing without your glasses. Or with someone else’s if you don’t need them.

  30. Qualité du rendu est ok mais, c’est trop chère payé. L’annonce n’indique pas qu’il y a des frais de douane.

  31. Coming before Christmas and it wasn’t expected to, so I’m super happy about that. I did the reviews, this is the best quality version of Planetarium Projectors before you get into the $500-$600 category. Picture quality very good and that’s all I really care about. Want to feel like I’m up there. 🙂

  32. This product is not worth the price even when discounted. We could barely see the star patterns unless the room was perfectly dark and the stars were blurry (even after focusing). Furthermore, none of the celestial objects were colored or twinkling as might be expected. At the time of purchase, there were plenty of devices that beamed stars on the wall for much less. While most were inaccurate representations, at least they could be viewed in a less than perfectly black room.

  33. This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She was very excited to receive it. However, it was defective and did not work. Because of the great reviews, we decided that we would re-purchase the item after the return was completed.However, we changed our minds after Sega charged us a $45.31 restocking fee. This was appealed to Amazon who wrote to Sega on our behalf requesting the restocking fee be returned. Sega replied by asking us if the product was damaged, which both Amazon and I had already told them. Amazon again requested the restocking fee be returned. Sega then asked if we wanted another one. This issue is now going on a third request for the fee to be refunded and has been escalated to the next level at Amazon.Had they just refunded the entire amount at the first request, we would have been happy to re-purchase. Unfortunately, at this point, we can’t take the chance of receiving a second damaged product and be charged a second restocking fee for a product that never worked.Sega needs better customer service and needs to stand behind their products.

  34. I’ve had the Homestar classic for 15 years now and I’m happy to have this as my night light. Though as mentioned by many others, the projector does have its short comings and the sky disc, though accurate, is rather sparse and the bright stars are oddly large, almost the size of golf balls on a tall ceiling. The Matataki is pretty much the same thing as classic but with sound.I just found out that a company called Dark Skys had released much better quality discs for the Homestar, and I was excited to try one out. But then I also found out that they have their own projectors too, with the equivalent model (named DS-FX) costing $110, which is the same as the newer Homestar model.The Dark Skys projector uses its own discs so they’re not compatible with the array of existing HomeStar discs, but if all you want is an accurate, stunning night sky, this model is perfect. I’m very happy with my Dark Skys DS-FX.If you’re like me and want the highest quality night sky projection, then the Dark Skys projector is the way to go. If you don’t care about accuracy and just want something fun to set the mood, many of the Chinese knock off brands are very economical. The HomeStar does have a large array of discs available, so there’s still that aspect to keep in mind. If you’re in doubt, there are many YouTube videos outlining their differences. Be sure to check those out.

  35. Colors are very nice

  36. Now putting children to sleep is a much simpler task

  37. I received a returned item which is defective. The quality of the picture is not attractive at all. It’s just a toy, not worth 199 but 30 dollars at most. I returned to the seller and the seller deducted 40 dollars shipping fee without telling me.

  38. The media could not be loaded.  My husband and I love this! It works great and is a clear image on the ceiling. I bought the Flame Nebula image in addition to what this comes with, and we love it. I can’t say positive things.

  39. I wanted to like this but it was so dim that it was useless. This unit is 3 or 5 watts. I ended up getting a different brand that was 53 watts and it was enough power.

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