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Work from home Amazon Book 2: $10,000 per Month from Amazon – 5 Ways: Amazon Affiliate, Work From Home On Amazon, Joining Mechanical Turk, Amazon Handmade, Amazon Merch.

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Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera, 1080p HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, easy set up, Works with Alexa – 1 camera (White)

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as of May 9, 2024 9:49 pm

  • Monitor the inside of your home day and night with our 1080P HD indoor plug-in smart security camera with motion detection and two-way audio.
  • See, hear, and speak to people and pets in your home from your smartphone with Blink Mini’s live view and two-way audio.
  • Get alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected or customize motion detection zones so you can see what matters most.
  • Use Mini as an indoor plug-in chime for Blink Video Doorbell. Hear a real-time alert from Mini when someone presses your Video Doorbell.
  • Choose to save and share clips with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the Sync Module 2 (sold separately).
  • Set up in minutes — plug in the camera, connect it to wifi, and follow the instructions in the free Blink Home Monitor app.
  • Works with Alexa — pair Blink Mini with a supported Alexa-enabled device to engage live view, arm and disarm your camera, and more using your voice.
  • Include 1 Blink Mini camera (white), mounting kit including stand, USB cable, and power adapter.

Amazon Echo Pop | Full sound compact smart speaker with Alexa | Charcoal

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as of May 9, 2024 9:49 pm

  • ECHO POP – This compact smart speaker with Alexa features full sound that's great for bedrooms and small spaces. Small enough to blend in and mighty enough to stand out.
  • CONTROL MUSIC WITH YOUR VOICE – Ask Alexa to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts from your favorite providers like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM and more. Connect via Bluetooth to stream throughout your space.
  • MAKE ANY SPACE A SMART SPACE – Easily control compatible smart home devices like smart plugs or smart lights with your voice or the Alexa App.
  • LIFE JUST GOT EASIER – Have Alexa set timers, check the weather, read the news, re-order paper towels, make calls, answer questions, and more.
  • ALEXA HAS SKILLS – With tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa can help you do more or do less - like playing relaxing sounds and testing your music knowledge.
  • ABOUT THE LIGHT BAR – Alexa doesn’t begin listening until your device hears you say “Alexa” and the light bar turns blue.
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic off button.
  • DESIGNED FOR SUSTAINABILITY – This device’s fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled yarn and aluminum is made from 80% recycled aluminum. The device packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • PREMIUM ALEXA FEATURES – Use this device with subscriptions like Amazon Music, Audible, Alexa Emergency Assist, Amazon Kids+, and Hey Disney!. Subscription purchase required.

Amazon Smart Thermostat – Save money and energy - Works with Alexa and Ring - C-wire required

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as of May 9, 2024 9:49 pm

  • Smart upgrade - Amazon Smart Thermostat is an easy way to switch from a traditional thermostat and help reduce energy usage.
  • Save money - After purchase, Amazon will send you an email with details about rebates that may be available from energy providers in your area. Explore rebates above.
  • Save energy - According to EPA estimates, ENERGY STAR certified thermostats save an average of $50 on yearly energy bills.
  • Automatic comfort - Alexa can do the programming for you, updating the temperature to keep you comfortable.
  • On-the-go control - Let Alexa set the temperature, or set it yourself from anywhere with the Alexa app.
  • You can do it - The Alexa app will guide you through the installation process, but customer service is always available.
  • Reliable - Made with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology and backed by 130 years of experience. Print at Home Gift Card

 in stock
as of May 9, 2024 9:49 pm

Work from home Amazon Book 2: $10,000 per Month from Amazon - 5 Ways: Amazon Affiliate, Work From Home On Amazon, Joining Mechanical Turk, Amazon Handmade, Amazon Merch.

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as of May 9, 2024 9:49 pm


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  1. Me gusta la simplicidad de conexión , no me gusta que no se puede expandir a que grabe en Dvr.

  2. En ninguna parte advierte que la compatibilidad con Alexa esté supeditada al país. Por lo que, no cumple con lo que ofrece

  3. I’m a big Nest fan had it on my old house the problem that I have with them it’s the cost, and even with gas company great rebate didn’t justify the cost especially with my new home having a total of 5 thermostats (t-stat). I was excited when I found that Amazon partner with Honeywell to get this t-stat created as Honeywell has been creating t-stat for years which make me feel better when making the purchase.—COST—Now let go over the details for cost it’s good and I got two of them which at the end of the day will be free due to the electric company rebate for a smart t-stat. I didn’t get a C- adapter and I will explain later (INSTALL session) why I purchase a 24-volt transformer for my first-floor unit.—INSTALL—Love the package it reminds me of the NEST when it first starts came with everything that you needed the only additional tools, I need was a harmer, and drill but this is normal for these installations.Now the biggest question that everyone has is the C (common) wire. This is where you need to do your research regardless of what company you go with when upgrading to a smart thermostat, due your homework on what you need. For me I have a spill unit (boiler & A/C) first for my second-floor unit it was super easy I had an extra wire and I use it for Common the t-stat startup and finish within 30 min. Now for my first floor I utilize a 24-volt transformer because I didn’t have spare cables and I didn’t want to run a new cable which drove me to make the purchase again do your homework before and see what option best works for your use case.I connected the transformer to the C wire and the other end to Rc and that works like a champ. This is critical if you have a split unit since Honeywell power their t-stat via Rc only when you have two RED Wire (R (heater) and Rc(cooling)) and the blue tab (internal jumper is down position. If you only have one RED Wire you are fine just keep the blue tab up and your t-stat will turn on without any problems. I did reach out to Honeywell and explain to them they need to explain this on their site and white papers that when you have split units’ power for the t-stat will come from Rc and not from R this is critical because my house previous owner installed a switch to keep the A/C unit down through the winter to avoid accident turning on the unit which is great idea. Please keep in mind this is NOT an Amazon problem that is Honeywell they did acknowledge their mistake and agree to update their site and documentation.Running my transformer cable and installing the unit took me about 60 minutes because I wanted to look perfect with the transformer cable going through the wall this make the installation look cleaner.—-SETUP—-Once all wire were connected the setup of the t-stat was simply and when I say simple it was super didn’t have input the WiFi password or anything else since it automatic joined my account that was amazing and simply just like setting a fire table that was a great experience. Amazon did an amazing job doing this some users this my not be as good, but I look automation the less click I must do the less chances of mistake A+—LOOK—The t-stat looks great after the final install the wall panel (included but optional for install) made it easier for me since I didn’t have to paint (if you had a different color paint I would recommend adjusting before completing the install but that is just me)—Interface (GUI)—-For me the GUI is great for some it my but I’m one of those people that like to have one application on my phone or tablet rather than 2 and this is where Amazon did another amazing job. Please keep in mind that Google who purchase NEST is doing the same thing I see the NEST application going away in the future all new NEST is configure from Google Home and they also did a great job The GUI it’s simple and allows you to setup multiple schedules and copy them to different days or week. Huge plus on my book because for the NEST I had to do manually per day I can setup one day and copy to another. You can setup away and home schedule or utilize your current Amazon device to tell the t-stat that you are home or away. Another item that I love from the Amazon you can setup MAX cooling or heating this allows for mistake not to happen and getting your house too hot or cool really go option to have and you can set filter replacements without your assistance (optional) for me this is great no more remembering air filter as they will show up at my footsteps.Energy saving incentives can also be done via the application. The dashboard its great too it tells you how much energy you utilize each day and where you can save.Now the only downside for that I experience is only scheduling session on Android because it forces close my Alexa application all the time, I don’t have this problem with anything else on the application just the scheduling session. This option works perfect on my wife new iPhone and iPad pro and new Android phone. My old Android is the one with this problem, but I experience this kind of thing on and off since it’s an older device.——-Final judgment —-The device is good option for a smart t-stat and would recommend for anyone some of the problems that were reported it was on day one which is expected with any new launch overall I see this t-stat giving Google (NEST) and others a run for their money as now you have a great option for smart t-stat and you don’t require to break your budget to acquire one. In addition, love the one application for everything as previously mentioned all big companies are doing this model to stop the install of some many other applications. In a scale from 0 -10 this t-stat gets a 9 please note that the NEST 3rd gen got a 9 from me. Hope this helps everyone make the correct decision and I will update this review in a few weeks to report back.

  4. Update 2023: here we go again. Another winter and the Amazon thermostat is cooling when it thinks it’s heating. It’s setup exactly how other working systems are setup. These thermostats are simply broken. Don’t get baited by the low prices. They are unusable.You couldn’t pay me to take one of these. Unfortunately I bought 8 for an apartment complex I manage to upgrade to “smart home.” The hours spent trying to get it to work and then troubleshoot are not worth it. If you set it up wrong the app just says “error”. They give you know actual troubleshooting steps or way to reset the device and start over. You’ll just get into an endless loop of resetting your device and trying the poorly written app-only setup instructions over and over. I have brand new Rheem HVAC systems on a new construction home. There is nothing unusual about my setup.The app told me to not connect the O/B wire I had connected on my old thermostat, now Amazon one won’t cool. I called their customer service (I ONLY found from their reply to this review, apparently the only way to get it is to write a 1 start review), and they had me reset the device a couple times then change the wiring recommendation the app provided. Each configuration you select causes the thermostat to function differently even if you have the same wires connected in the end result, so the selection of the prior thermostat config is critical and not intuitive – is W1/E just W/E or is it W or E? For a wire that is Orange that is connected to B that goes to O/B selected as O or B? I selected B but the thermostat assumes the wrong O configuration and thus heats instead of cooling. I left it this way for a day as I went out of town and thankfully checked in later the next day – my house was 113 degrees and the heat was still pumping!! This thermostat is so low budget it can’t even determine that it’s on a runaway heating/cooling expedition even though it’s 113 degrees in the house?! Had I not caught this my heating coils would be dead and I’d have a nice 4k replacement bill to take care of. Nice job Amazon.App:The Alexa app control is very low feature and low budget. It takes a long time to load the information for your thermostat and if you have multiple thermostats, good luck! You have to navigate back to Devices -> Thermostats, Select the Thermostat, then the options are all buried in pages of options. Setting a schedule is a real pain – they make you enter a single thermostat at a time, select each day at a time and select each schedule type at a time to edit. Good luck if you own a vacation rental and have to adjust automation for dates.It does not show the current state of the system whether it’s on cooling or heating. It only gives you the temp reading and hot/cool settings. It doesn’t show you temperature history or any important information one might want to glean about their home HVAC usage and is typical from any other wifi thermostat on the market. That’s indeed the entire point of a thermostat, to monitor your temperature. What a major miss. The app also will not show you usage history. I want to know when and how long I’ve been cooling and heating to adjust my set points or see if the thermostat is being left on in poor settings. Give me a chart of the temp reading and temp settings over time. Not that hard people.Separate zone reading is also not supported.I have not yet found a device that will work with routines to automate setting this thermostat to away mode. This is not smart like the Nest or other brands where it detects your presence on its own. Now it can use Alexa to make “hunches” about if you’re away. But if guests do not have the Alexa connected or you don’t have enough Alexa’s, you cannot trust this to automate.I recommend just buying a quality branded thermostat that will save you a ton of hassle and prevent you from destroying your A/C system. I have spent over a dozen hours dealing with multiple identical systems to get them working or get them back online after they randomly fail to connect to the internet for some reason.Comparison: I had previously purchased Sensi for just a few bucks more than this, it plugged right in, connected, and worked immediately, the app interface is intuitive and I have not had to touch it in 3 years. It automates with Ring away settings through SmartThings to adjust temp.Wall Device:Also annoying is when you press the control, you have to first cycle through the different modes to change the set point. Normally you just select the high or low set point on other units and adjust from there. It’s confusing to the user. If you just press the arrows it defaults to the cooling settings when you’re currently in heating mode. But to activate the device, you press the center button it will change your cooling mode.In addition, several of these devices keep disconnecting from wifi randomly and show the “!” symbol. I lose control over the app and can’t figure out how to get it back on. The support line has me walk through the setup steps over and over again. If you reconnect to the same wifi you select wifi setting in the app and follow the instructions to reset, which appear to only work if you’re connecting to the same wifi router.You might think you’re saving money here, but you aren’t. Save yourself the hassle and buy a reputable brand that won’t accidentally cook your home like an oven and actually shows you temperature and usage history.

  5. I got a 2-pak of Blink Minis on sale and I am happy with my purchase. Will you be? Read on.They work great, stand alone, as a drop-in viewport with echo show devices using voice commands, fire TV sticks using voice commands and the Blink app on the phone. If you want more than that then factor in the cost of a subscription to the Blink cloud service because it is more than just a cloud storage service, it unlocks all of the Blink Mini features except the ability to drop-in and view a live video feed via those three methods I just mentioned.You can not use the Alexa app on your phone, tablet, etc. with the camera at all without a Blink subscription plan active. Here is what Blink says about it: Even without a Blink Subscription owners of Blink Video Doorbell, Outdoor, Indoor (gen 2), or Mini cameras receive Motion Alerts in the Blink app that you tap to enter the camera’s Live View. No clips are saved. That is straight from the manufacturer’s website. Heads up, adding the Sync Module 2 does not add that functionality.Considering using local storage by purchasing a Sync Module 2 to use with your Minis? The primary function of the Sync Module 2 is as a wifi booster for the low power Blink Outdoor cams running off only battery power. The Minis do not need this since they run off AC power. The Blink Outdoor cams offload the wifi video upload for the cloud onto the Sync Module 2 because it has an ac power source and so sending the video from the Sync Module 2 instead of directly from the outdoor cams saves battery life in the cams. Now you know the true purpose of the Sync Module 2. No, it won’t give you recording and motion detection functionality in place of a subscription. To further confuse things, if you have an active subscription, including the free trial that is automatically started when you setup your first Blink device, the module functions only as a once a day backup device and can not function as a local storage device for videos. Once your free 30 day trial subscription runs out, the Sync Module 2 is remotely reconfigured by Blink to become a limited functionality storage device instead of a backup device. Understand the difference. And your Blink app on your phone is automatically remotely reconfigured to remove functionality you had with the free trial subscription. So don’t buy the Sync Module 2 thinking it will provide the functionality you lose with an expired subscription. And don’t think you will be able to purchase a Sync Module 2 right up front with your Blink Minis and start using it for local storage when you setup the cams instead of cloud storage because the trial subscription is automatic and prevents the Sync Module 2 from functioning as a local storage device. It only functions as a once a day backup device. Like you need to backup the web to your local device. I always thought it was the other way around, backup your local devices to the web. So you have to keep the cams and module for over 30 days before you can even check out the Sync Module 2 to see what it does and how it works. I purchased a Sync Module 2 and a 128 GB USB stick to use with it for my Minis and it was for nothing – no added functionality at all. My Minis are sending the motion triggered recordings to the trial subscription cloud storage for the next 27 days whether I want it or not.I’m not happy about the Sync Module 2 but the Mini does do what I wanted for a minimal cost even without it. My goal with the Blink minis was to be able to check in on my other place when I’m not there during the winter months just to see that its still standing and my cars are still in the garage. I wasn’t looking for a constant viewport that is always recording in an endless loop nor did I think I was buying a serious thief catching security system. For that I have a professional security service with expensive overpriced equipment for all doors and windows, smoke, fire, CO2, detectors, etc. and high monthly fees so that someone somewhere receives all the alarms 24/7 and calls the police immediately. That is a real security system. For me these Blink cams are a peace-of-mind curiosity system. In that respect I think its going to serve me well.Your satisfaction will vary greatly according to your expectations for the Blink Mini cam and also the Blink Home app and also the Blink options for functionality, from 1. its the worst piece of crap ever made with the primary objective being to upsell amazon Alexa video devices and cloud video storage plans (oh, and unlocking almost all of the cam’s functionality) to 2. its a really great product definitely worth the price so I want to get more. Are you expecting a serious security system with unlimited live viewing and local storage of video with all the features they list for the system with a subscription and cameras with the latest, greatest resolution and features? You will be in the first, very disappointed, category. Are you looking for a curiosity cam that lets you check in on your place once in a while via your voice controlled echo, fire-tv stick or the Blink phone app for minimal cost? You will be in the latter category, I love the Minis. Are you looking for an inexpensive cam with off-site cloud storage and added, some might say needed, functionality provided by a low cost subscription? You should be happy with the Blink Mini.ProEasy to setup and use with Blink app and Echo Show devices (although android app has some known issues that might cause some frustration during setup)When I had to call tech support because of an issue with the Blink app on Android, the wait was not too long and the rep was helpful and pleasantVery inexpensive way to drop in and check on a place momentarilyNo subscription or anything else needed for this basic functionalityWith or without a subscription these have good valueConAll features beyond live video feed require a subscriptionNo documentation included at all, you must search the web for everything you need help with or info aboutNo clear explanation of what you get without a subscription, in fact, purposely obfuscated as a marketing planNo clear explanation of what adding a sync module 2 will do for you if you only have Minis – not muchCheap 1080p video – its ok, it works, but we are going into 2023 so how about an upgrade to 2k this yearCheap minimal mounts that are intended for mounting on horizontal surfaces like a shelf and deficient adjustment for vertical surfaces like a wall (curiously the exact opposite of the outdoor cams that are intended to be mounted on a vertical wall and not good for horizontal mounting like under a soffit). Had they made the mount a little longer it would have been so much better but it probably would’ve cost a couple cents more.To get the features you think you are getting you need the subscription. In Blink’s defense, the subscription is currently reasonably priced and any serious security must include off-site storage of data (to prevent loss by fire or theft) or its just a curiosity system anyway. Their marketing approach for it is very poor though.Blink needs to step up to the same level of customer experience as Alexa devices provide. And I think if you pay for prime it should include the Blink cloud subscription for up to 4 devices and only pay if you have more devices than that. How about Bezos holding off giving away some of those billions and put it towards excellent customer satisfaction with its products and services.It should not be so purposely confusing as to what you actually get WITHOUT a subscription. Starting an automatic subscription upon setup of a camera to conceal the lack of functionality without out one until the 30 days has passed is a pretty shady business practice. Internet based tech companies get away with unchecked deception and shady practices as standard operating procedure, and its not just Blink, its all of them. Its too bad because for people who know exactly what they are getting, the Blink Minis are a great product even despite this. I think it backfires on Blink by raising people’s expectations very high only to find out 30 days later that they now have to start paying a fee to keep those features they thought were included with the purchase of the device. And so they become haters of the product and company. You can see this in many reviews. This does not seem like a good long-term marketing plan to me.I hope this helps you make an informed decision whether to purchase the Blink Mini cams. Now if you purchase them you can be very happy with them based upon your correct expectations of the product.

  6. The Blink Mini Compact Indoor Plug-In Smart Security Camera has seamlessly integrated into my home security setup, offering a compact yet robust solution for indoor surveillance. This smart camera impresses with its easy installation, reliable performance, and a range of intelligent features that elevate home monitoring to new heights.The compact design of the Blink Mini is a standout feature, allowing it to discreetly blend into any indoor space. Its unobtrusive presence doesn’t compromise its capabilities, as this camera packs a punch in terms of functionality. The plug-in design eliminates the need for batteries, providing uninterrupted surveillance for added peace of mind.Setting up the Blink Mini was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly Blink Home Monitor app. The step-by-step instructions and intuitive interface guide users through the pairing process with remarkable ease. Within minutes, the camera was up and running, connected to my home Wi-Fi network and ready to provide real-time monitoring.Video quality is a strong suit of the Blink Mini, capturing clear and sharp 1080p HD footage. The wide-angle lens ensures comprehensive coverage of the room, minimizing blind spots. The camera’s infrared night vision capability guarantees visibility even in low-light conditions, delivering around-the-clock surveillance for enhanced security.Motion detection is a key feature that sets the Blink Mini apart. The camera’s sensitivity can be customized through the app, allowing users to tailor the monitoring to their specific needs. When motion is detected, the camera instantly records a short clip and sends a notification to the connected device, ensuring timely awareness of any activity.Two-way audio functionality adds an interactive element to the Blink Mini. The ability to both hear and speak through the camera facilitates communication with family members, pets, or even potential intruders. This feature enhances the camera’s utility beyond mere surveillance, providing an extra layer of engagement.Cloud storage options offer flexibility for storing and reviewing recorded footage. The Blink subscription plans come with varying storage capacities and additional features, allowing users to choose a plan that suits their needs. The free cloud storage option for two hours of footage is a thoughtful inclusion for users with basic monitoring requirements.The Blink Mini seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa. This compatibility enables voice commands for tasks like arming or disarming the camera, adding to the convenience of managing the security system.The purchase experience was smooth, with the Blink Mini arriving securely packaged and including all necessary components for installation. The thoughtful inclusion of a mounting bracket and adhesive strips provided versatile options for camera placement.In conclusion, the Blink Mini Compact Indoor Plug-In Smart Security Camera stands out as a reliable and user-friendly solution for indoor surveillance. Its compact design, high-quality video, customizable features, and seamless integration with smart home ecosystems make it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free and effective security camera. The Blink Mini offers a sense of confidence and control over indoor security, proving that robust home monitoring doesn’t have to be complicated.

  7. So earlier I wrote a nasty review below with one star. I then left feedback directly through my Alexa echo that was just about as nasty. A support rep reached out by phone the next day as a result and then sent me an email with instructions how to resolve problem below. I should have just asked for help before losing it lol. But thin skin these days like a lot of us dealing with issues in world right now. Anyway problem is fixed and wanted to give a big shout out to the support team for their quick help and having to deal with me! 😌Orig FeedbackAt some point I had about 50 different devices associated with insteon. That company went out of business and then came back but logins don’t work anymore etc… I made the unfortunate mistake sometime back of linking Alexa to insteon. Alexa is too stupid to completely unlink from the app on their end. I can delete one by one each of the 50 devices but every time I want to add a new device it auto discovers all of them again. And then tells me to fully unlink I need to also go to the manufacturer site which is not possible. Without being able to go back to the manufacturer insteon and complete the unlinking from there side they will never go away. This is making the experience, the management of devices, and the display of devices a big sloppy mess for my end. Used to be a website associated with Alexa but that’s also gone. And clearly the app is only there for the most basic scenarios. So if you want to avoid my mistake it’s simple don’t buy Alexa. It’s one of those situations where it works great until it absolutely takes a nosedive and doesn’t for ever more. Probably has a lot to do with layoffs and lack of investments in this area which I heard is going the wrong direction AKA downhill for Alexa. I guess if people want it to turn on their Philips colored light in their bedroom more power to you. But if you want to use it as a more serious home automation tool ,whole house, then understand this type of limitation is devastating. Even my Google devices can be permanently unlinked without me having to go back to the manufacturer. But I’ve come to hate Google for similar reasons because they also are de-investing and now I have to deal with other problems including saying hey Google multiple times before it actually responds. So disappointed in these companies and this field of work. They both promised so much for the next decade and have woefully undelivered on those promises. Guess I will wait until a more AI capable unit becomes affordable because they are out there but not yet mainstream enough. Good luck everyone.

  8. My father grew up with those big old European radios with the dials that were like BERLIN … ROME … BUCHAREST … and as long as the atmosphere and the authorities cooperated, you could always find something to listen to. After immigrating to the US he recreated that experience with a shortwave radio and then a succession of internet radios, but now his gear is breaking or being bricked at just the point in his life when he can’t seek out repairs or workarounds. I got him the Echo on a whim and he is delighted. He is mainly (perhaps exclusively) using it to listen to CBC Music, and I’m thrilled that he again has something to listen to other than cable news.The sound quality isn’t ever going to match the now-dormant Bang & Olufsen system gathering dust, but for a device of this size, it is remarkable. This is my first experience with a smart speaker too and I’m a little perplexed that the voice commands are less AI-y than one might have expected. I think you need to utter a precise phrase in order to bring in a radio station. For example, “Alexa, play Australian Broadcasting Corporation Classical” won’t work; it has to be “Alexa, play ABC Classic One” or “Alexa, play ABC Classic Two.” And listening to the CBC involved verbally navigating a hierarchy that I can’t quite remember now, but it makes the difference between pulling in a local on-air station or a national internet station. This may have something to do with “Alexa skills,” which I haven’t fully comprehended yet. Is, for example, CBC a “skill” and the CBC’s various feeds fall beneath this skill? And if so, what is the correct way to activate them?So, I have some learning to do, but in the meantime the Pop has been a smashing success in bringing music back into my father’s house.

  9. Excellent product quality: easy to deliver with customized words in the delivery, everybody loves to shop on Amazon so it’s easy to use. I also track the gift cards in the past to remember who I sent to. Hope to have more variety of pictures, esp. can customize the picture in the future.

  10. I needed a little something extra for a gift for a teacher. We don’t have a local place to buy gift cards so this was very handy! I purchased the gift card and was able to print to my home printer and put in the gift bag all withing a matter of minutes! The black and white print was absolutely adorable and can be used for so many themes!

  11. Did a secret Santa at work (I know super late to making this review) and the number one thing they requested was an Amazon gift card! It’s hard to find an actual one in the stores during the holidays, but I love this one so much more! Yes it’s just paper but at least it can easily be recycled afterwards! I loved the little print out image and made the perfect gift! Thank you Amazon!!!

  12. We had to purchase a last minute gift for a teenager. It’s so tricky to buy gifts for teens. So this Amazon gift card was the perfect and practical gift!

  13. My friend had this product at his home and showed us the camera on his phone live and the pre-recorded. I purchased 3 for inside the home and the sound is great, the hook up was simple and I can allow how many people I want to have access to the cameras. I forget that I have it so I don’t always delete the clips but stores A LOT. You can even download the little clips onto your phone because you will catch funny stuff all of the time. The video quality is great. You can zoom in recorded videos as well as live videos. $10 a month for how ever many cameras you have in your house is a DEAL!!! You won’t regret this buy I promise you!!! Must have wifi

  14. As a seasoned audiophile constantly on the quest for sonic perfection, I recently had the privilege of immersing myself in the transcendent realm of the Echo Pop Speaker. Allow me to articulate the sheer brilliance encapsulated within this audio masterpiece.At first glance, the Echo Pop exudes an aura of elegance, with its minimalist design and impeccable craftsmanship. Its sleek contours and premium finishes seamlessly integrate into any living space, epitomizing a harmonious fusion of form and function.Yet, it’s upon pressing play that the true magic unfolds. The Echo Pop unleashes an auditory symphony that transcends the boundaries of conventional sound reproduction. With unparalleled clarity and precision, every note resonates with breathtaking authenticity, captivating the soul and igniting a profound connection to the music.What sets the Echo Pop apart is its ability to deliver a truly immersive listening experience. Equipped with advanced audio technologies, including custom-tuned drivers and precision-engineered enclosures, it effortlessly navigates the intricate nuances of each composition, unveiling layers of detail previously obscured.Whether you’re delving into the intricate melodies of classical orchestras or surrendering to the pulsating rhythms of contemporary beats, the Echo Pop adapts with unparalleled versatility, ensuring an enthralling encounter with every genre and musical preference.Furthermore, the Echo Pop’s dynamic range is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From the gentle whisper of a violin to the thunderous roar of a bass drum, it effortlessly traverses the entire spectrum of frequencies, delivering a sonic experience that transcends mere listening and evolves into a visceral journey through the essence of sound.But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Echo Pop is its ability to evoke emotion. Beyond its technical prowess lies an intangible quality—a soulful resonance that stirs the heart and awakens the senses. Each listening session becomes a transformative experience, imbued with the power to uplift, inspire, and transport you to realms unknown.In conclusion, the Echo Pop Speaker stands as a testament to the pursuit of sonic perfection. With its captivating design, unparalleled performance, and soul-stirring resonance, it transcends the realm of mere audio equipment to become a gateway to musical enlightenment. Embrace the journey, and let the symphony of life unfold before you.

  15. Bought this due to price and that fact that it’s an Alexa beard on a Honeywell T-stat. You can go step by step with your phone as a guide like I did or just pull your old unit, string the wire from the wall though the provided faceplate. Attach the faceplate to the wall. match the color of the wire to the initialed insert hole on the. Snap it in place and you’re ready to rock.Connecting the product to your Amazon account is very simple, like plug and play using your phone. Setting the temps is also easy. Next thing you know it’s working! It’s really no harder that what I just laid out. Oh and BTW, I paid 60 something and my electric company rebated me $50 back!In the end, this thing works like a champ. I can talk to it through an Alexa speaker or adjust it on my phone and it is a really good looking device to have on your wall. Don’t know why you’d pay more.

  16. This is a great option if you want a gift card right away, and you want a physical thing to give someone, rather than just an email. It is quick and easy to print it out. I love that you can customize the picture on the gift card.

  17. Works great for watching our new dog while we are away. It gives us peace of mind, knowing exactly what he is doing. Picture is clear and sound is crisp. Night vision is as expected, not the best view but that’s night vision. You still see what’s going on. Setup was easy, took 5-10 mins. One of the steps, tells you to press the reset button on the camera, most likely user error but I couldn’t locate it. (There is no manual) However on the app, there is a “Discover/Locate camera” option and that worked for me. There is some sound inference, a high pitch ringing that increases when testing it out. I assume this is bc I am near or next to the camera. Checking on footage away from home, there is no inference at all. Would def recommend for your peace of mind.

  18. These are great for last minute gifts, and because you can customize the photo it’s a great option for a gift. Love it!

  19. I just rely on amazon gift cards when I’m need of a gift! Very quick and easy and can get the gift card within no time

  20. Very easy to buy and print this quickly for a gift.

  21. When we went on our vacation to Florida, I set two of these up to keep an eye on the beardie and the cat; this camera did not let us down! We were able to check in on the babies and talk to them and have reassurance they were doing okay. It was also nice to talk to those coming in and out to check on them and feed them so I love this product and will use again in the future.

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